The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 48: Unlimited Fighter

Leaving the girls to defend the slaves I engaged the captain. Firing off several flintlock pistols at me I deflected the bullets with the cutlass. Having closed the gap now we clashed swords dancing across the area. Surprisingly she was quite a good fighter when it came to swordplay. Smiling she seemed to be quite into the fight as she started slowly pushing me back. Having figured out before hand she would be this tough I had a plan. The reason I knew she’d be tough was because in order to dress like that she had to constantly be on guard with her men. One slip up, and she could become one of the entertainers around here.

“You aren’t bad Hero!”, she said with a bloodthirsty smile.

“I’d say the same to you, but I think you’d get off to that.”, I said, “Crazy battle junkie!”

Keeping an eye on the girls they were holding out nicely against the pirates. The Heroine’s superior strength, stamina, and skill were the deciding factors for them. Knowing that I had the captain over the barrel in stamina I decided to let her wear herself out. Letting off a flurry of techniques at me it wasn’t more than twenty minutes before her energy started to wane. I had taken a few cuts, but it hadn’t been anything serious. Seeing an opening in her stance I sucker punched her in the face. Normally hitting a woman wouldn’t be acceptable to me, but to disregard other women’s plight for money was disgusting. Knocked out cold now I decided to pat her down for weapons. Surprisingly I found the inside of her coat had no pockets.

“Where the heck was she keeping those pistols!”, I thought imagining hiding places.

A few came to mind, but it wouldn’t have been easy to pull them out. Tying her up with the pirates nearby we made sure our noise hadn’t attracted the other men. Thankfully they were too busy to pay us any attention. Setting the slaves free they started celebrating till I reminded them they needed to keep their voices down. Jessica looked at her two friends asking where the other three were.

“One was already sold.”, they said looking distraught, “The other two were taken by the pirates a few weeks ago. We haven’t seen them since.”

Looking upset at the news she received I felt bad for her.

“By the way, who is that man? Did you get captured, and sold too?”, Ariel said eyeing me down.

“No, he is my fiancée.”, she told them all bashful like.

“FIANCEE!”, they said in shock, “What about your career?!”

“I am in love, too late.”, she shrugged, “Besides he doesn’t mind me keeping my modeling job. I just can’t do nudes which you already know I don’t do.”

The two looked at me to which I just nodded in agreement. Turning to the noblewomen I started getting names, and any family they have left. Sadly, as the women had predicted most of the women had been sold off by their husbands. Only a handful had been snatched from their homes after their husbands had been beaten into unconsciousness.

“This is going to be difficult.”, I said with a sigh, “Aside from the women who were actually kidnapped where will the others go?”

“Are you sure their families won’t take them?”, Janice asked.

“Most are from families that married their daughters off so they didn’t fall with them.”, I said, “Outside of that those who do have family could possibly return home, but there would be an issue.”

“The fact they aren’t suitable for marriage as they are outside the accepted range for marriage candidates.”, Ruby said with a frown.

Looking at me I shook my head.

“I don’t mind saving them, but it’s a bit of a stretch to take them all in.”, I said, “They should be with their loved ones. We will see what we can work out with George, and Darius. Before that, however we have people that need saving.”

Nodding in agreement we focused our efforts on healing those that were in a bad way. Giving them some food the captured pirates started to wake up. Knocking out the men again we left the captain alone to wake up.

“My head…”, she said, “What happened?”

Opening her eyes it all came back to her.

“Wait, why am I not dead?!”, she said looking at us.

“You have crimes to pay for.”, I stated, “Killing you would be the easy way out. I am curious where you kept those pistols though.”

“It’s part of an enchantment on this coat.”, she said without me needing to interrogate her, “Any I have equipped on me I can multiply endlessly so long as I have magic.”

“Ah!”, I said surprised I had never heard of it, “Does that work with enchanted items?”

“Of course not! If it did I would have made my money as a shopkeeper!”, she snapped.

“You ladies stay here. I have an idea.”, I said dragging the captain off.

Making my way to the men who were partying I removed her coat. Wearing pretty much only her underwear I dragged her into the bar. Just as I had thought the men were too drunk to realize I wasn’t a pirate. Playing along with them I slowly gathered the women by the door. Looking at me the captain was a confused why I had taken her coat.

“Boys, the captain wants to personally thank us for our hard work!”, I shout pretending to be drunk, “She said she wants you to enjoy yourselves at her expense…body and all!”

Realizing what I had in store she tried to tell them it wasn’t true, but sadly for her when you tempt men to long they lose control. A mere moment after pushing her forward the men were on her. Reaching out for help the other women only glared at her as the men had their way with her. Looking at me one of the men staggered over asking where I was taking the women.

“We got a nobleman here who wants to look at them. He came on shore with a fat stack of cash! Imagine what we can buy with all that money!! That’s a fuck ton of rum!!”, I said.

“Get them out of here then!”, he said with excitement before joining the party.

Leading the girls out they looked at me nervously.

“Calm down. Are two of you friends with Jessica the Warrior Bunny?”, I asked leading them to the pens.

“Yes! Is she here!!”, two of them asked.

“Quiet down.”, I whispered, “No need to draw their attention here.”

Waking into the safe house the women quickly wiped themselves down as I waited outside. When they were decent I walked in to find them wrapped in towels as they searched for clothing. Jessica had already filled them in on my identity so they were pretty relaxed. Laughing Ruby said she couldn’t believe I used the captain as a distraction.

“We got a sweet piece of gear, and saved the women.”, I said, “Not a bad days work!”

Teleporting all of us back to the mansion in Atlas I took the noblewomen from Atlas to the castle. Upon learning the fate most of the women had endured he called the husbands in question to the castle at once. The few women who had been forcefully taken embraced their husbands who had broken down crying. Seeing their reaction warmed my heart because it showed me that true love was still possible in this world. The remaining husbands who saw their proclaimed dead wives started sweating.

“As King I herby judge you as guilty for lying to the temple, and the kingdom about the deaths of your wives. The punishment will be swift, and harsh.”, George said, “You are hereby sentenced to execution for committing adultery under the temples law! Guards seize these men, and take them to the executioner’s block!”

Promptly seizing them the guards knocked them as they attempted to flee. Hauling them off King George looked at the women.

“I must apologize, but outside of that there isn’t anything I can do.”, he said apologizing.

They thanked him before we took those with families in the capital to see them. Several of them were welcomed home by their parents, but most had no one left thanks to the war. Taking them back with us to our mansion I left them their with some temporary help to figure out their next action. Taking the models, and the Regulos Empire nobles with us to the condo we found a massacre outside the house.

Sure enough the pirates had come back in droves, but thankfully they were no match for the bloodthirsty women I called my lovers. Seeing me they beckoned us all in. Giving them the rundown of how things had happened they excitedly told me the fun they had killing the pirates. They thought it was a great way to vent their anger.

“So are they in the-“, Amber started to say.

“Not right now. That is a discussion for after they see if they have family that will take them in.”, I said.

Nodding satisfied with my answer we set off towards the capital which was a few hours away. Running into Darius halfway there he seemed quite exhausted. When I asked about it he said the three princesses had been running him ragged. Seeing some of his most loyal nobleman’s wives in my company he asked for the details. Letting the women speak for themselves Darius grew a dark expression.

“So the rumors were true then…”, he said clenching his fists, “Selling your spouse off to marry another…such a sickening”

“Didn’t you-”

“She went for you so it was different!”, Darius said in a panic.

Smiling I nodded in agreement. Asking what would become of the women he shook his head.

“We don’t have any laws against it. The only ones I could help are the models who were kidnapped. Outside of that the others were sold by family which is allowed.”, he said, “If their families don’t want them I am afraid they will end up in the same spot. They will all be in attendance at the tournament. If they stay with you till then it will be fine.”

Returning home it was already midnight so the remaining noblewomen when to bed in the spare rooms leaving the models, my harem, and I too chat. Upon suggesting a bath be taken for all of us everyone agreed. Thinking I was going to have to sit out I was surprised that Jessica forcefully pulled me in.

“So how are your injuries?”, I asked trying not to lower my gaze at the models.

I could tell that Ariel was having fun harassing me.

“We should be good after a few days rest.”, Cynthia said rubbing her arm, “It is nice not to have broken bones anymore.”

Being in the tub together was nice till I felt someones foot near my package. Looking at the women in the harem each of them was far to relaxed for it to be them. Looking over at the four models Cynthia was eyeing me intensely. The other three were doing their best not to make it evident.

“So…I didn’t catch the other two model’s names, what are they?”, I asked.

The tan skinned unihorned ogre with silky smooth blonde hair introduced herself as Kate. Out of everyone in the tub she sported the largest rack, but considering she was nine feet tall it wasn’t exactly a surprise. The other model, Catherine, was a Tiger Tribe woman like Diana. Judging by the way they acted when they saw each other they had some history.

“We both attended the same school as children.”, Diana said.

“She went on to marry the King, and I became a model.”, Catherine said, “Still though to think you’d give up your royal status to be in the Hero’s harem is a surprise. You’re even carrying his child.”

“Don’t try, and pull the wool over my eyes.”, Diana said with a grin, “You’re jealous. You have been looking at us, and him since you arrived. The four of you want him, don’t you?”

The models froze trying to dodge the question.

“I figured it would come to this.”, Jessica said with a sigh, “Catherine, and Cynthia, you’d have to give up your nude photo gigs.”

“We can do that. Plenty of other work for us as normal models.”, they said not minding the condition.

Seeing as how the choice was being made for me again I sighed.

“You should just stop saving people if you don’t want this to happen.”, Joan said.

“It’s what I do though.”, I said grabbing the foot that was stretching out for me.

Pulling the owner I found it had been Cynthia so pulling her over she slid me in like clockwork. Taking her lips she kissed me excitedly as I stirred her insides. Thoroughly claiming the four of them they took photos of me screwing them with my phone. It was quite a weird experience, but it made them happy.

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