The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 47: No Pain No Gain

“Enough…I will talk!!”, he screamed as I finished hitting with a million volts.

Bleeding from every part of his body I yanked him out of the pool.

“Start talking, or I will double to the voltage!”, I snapped.

“Canary Island!”, he screamed, “Canary Island is where the pirates take their prisoners! I don’t know where they go after that because I only get them product! Please make this stop!!”

Looking back at Jessica I asked him if this was sufficient torment for him. Nodding her head in satisfaction I looked back him.


Before he finished his head flew into the pool. Bobbing up, and down in the water with a relieved expression his head floated around.

“That’s for everyone’s lives you ruined that are to far gone for help.”, I said, “May your soul rot in hell!”

Looking at the girls they all nodded with satisfaction. With that we burned the building to the ground, and returned to the condo. Informing everyone of the information we found Ulthar didn’t seem surprised. According from her a small tribe of merfolk in that area had disappeared so they may have ended up being the first victims. Hearing the development everyone started making suggestions. Eventually it was agreed upon that we would attempt a rescue once King Darius had been informed. Sending a Messenger Pigeon to his castle to inform him of the situation.

“Alright then, who is going-“, I started to say.

“ME!”, all the women said raising their hands.

With a sigh I shook my head with a smile.

“I am glad all of you are wanting to help, but some of us have to stay behind to take care of the kids. Leaving the staff to do it would be a bit cruel. That is a lot of children to watch after all, and they are carrying some as well.”, I pointed out, “In addition, five of you are very far along yourselves.”

With all of this pointed out the hands dropped to Ulthar, Jessica, and the Heroines. The others looked upset, but I told them something that would perk them up.

“It is safe to assume that some of their men will be back as we are doing a night raid on them.”, I said, “That being the case there will be plenty of skulls to crush here at home. I would think that would suffice to vent some frustration.”

Hearing that their moods improved as they went off to prepare for a fight. Seeing their enthusiasm I was reminded of exactly why I loved each of them so much. Turning back to the assault party we relied heavily on Ulthar for local knowledge of the area in question. Though she knew only a little it was certainly better than our knowledge which was nothing. Gearing up for the raid we set out an hour before sunset in a magic powered boat headed for the island which was a few miles away. Reaching the shoreline thirty minutes after darkness feel we were on high alert.

Stealthily making our way through the woods we followed the smell of smoke into a massive cove. Peeking inside several ships were docked in a makeshift port. Flags from nations of this continent, and from the neighboring continent flew around the small town they had built around the port. Making sure no one was around we hid behind some rocks as we discussed our options.

“I wasn’t planning on them having support from within the government.”, I muttered, “I wonder who exactly it is they have support from.”

“No idea, but that town used to be the merfolk village. The fact the pirates run it now means they are either prisoners, or sold already.”, Ulthar said.

“I say we bust in there, and take them head on.”, Ruby said.

“That could get the prisoners, and the slaves killed in the crossfire.”, Lilian reminded her.

“Why not stick to the shadows, and have the slaves help us fight back?”, Cindy asked softly, “James can remove the collars after all.”

Her plan was the best so far, and Jessica liked the plan so she pleaded with everyone to follow it. I was onboard so it didn’t take much to convince everyone else to go with it. Working our way around town we passed several pirate groups drinking themselves silly. Seeing some of the females slaves in there with them their expression were anything, but happy. Several of them were covered in bruises, cuts, and were holding their arms as if they had been severely injured. Pulling the women over they forced themselves on the girls without a second thought. The women cried out with tear filled eyes as they suffered. Clenching my fist I almost went in to massacre the pirates, but Jessica stopped me.

“We need back up before you go on a rampage.”, she reminded me, “If you kill these one’s the other pirates will hear the fighting, and know something is wrong.”

With a forced nod I agreed, and continued on till we found the slave pens. Sticking to the shadows we found no guards so we almost left cover. As if she had a sixth sense Jessica stopped us as a nobleman with some pirates in tow walked into view. Seeing his crest just above his pocket on his left side I knew he was from Atlas. He was one of Earl Grandmoat’s children, David I believed his name was.

“I hear you have some very fine women in stock.”, he said, “My slave’s have been under performing lately so I had to put a few of them down. I want some new blood in my sex corps.”

“We have plenty of missing noblewomen, and model’s you may be interested in.”, the pirates said.

Looking at me Jessica nodded happily thinking that her friends may be safe. Before she ran out I pulled her back.

“The pirates more than likely have guards nearby. To them this is their livelihood so with a customer around they will have extra security.”, I whispered, “If he attempts to take one of your friends we will take them on. Till then we risk injuring them by charging in now. One missed shot at us from an arrow could hit them after all.”

Nodding she reluctantly remained hidden as the pirates dragged some people out. Recognizing several of them as noblewomen from Atlas the Heroines were very disturbed.

“Some of them were reported missing by their husbands. You don’t think…”, Janice said with a grim expression.

“What would a nobleman gain from selling his wife to pirates aside from not having a wife any longer?”, I asked.

“Many of those husbands remarried a mere few months later.”, Ruby said.

“Do you think all of them were sold?”, Cindy asked.

“No, some of their husbands spent their entire fortune looking for their wives. Some of them were probably captured, and sold off. Those numbers would be few though.”, Ruby said.

The last remaining two perked up Jessica’s mood.

“That’s Ariel, and Cynthia!”, she whispered in excitement.

Ariel was a young green haired mermaid who just looking at her could tell why she was a model. Blemish free skin, a nice rack, and a down right amazing smile made her quite a catch for any man. Sadly though captivity had taken a toll on her. While her skin remained blemish free her body was half-starved probably to keep her from swimming off should she manage to escape. Cynthia was in even worse shape.

A lioness like the one’s in my harem she was covered in a thin layer of black fur instead of the normal tan color. Looking at her it was clear she had fought back unlike Ariel, and paid the price. Currently hunched over it appeared she had several broken ribs, a swollen eye, and several lashing marks on her back. The one good eye she had gave the impression of just how far her spirit had broken.

“I can’t have any noblewomen from Atlas, if the new King found out my family would be executed.”, David said, “Bring me some from your country.”

Nodding they dragged the women back who were glaring at him full of hatred. They must have realized as well who he was. Bringing out several people he went around feeling each of them up as if trying to weigh his options. Stopping in front of Ariel he looked her over carefully.

“Have here defensive weapons been removed?”, he asked.

“Of course, she’d cut her bindings otherwise.”, one of the pirates said.

Looking at Ulthar, and Jessica they explained that mermaids had retractable teeth behind their normal ones. Being razor-sharp they were originally used as tools for eating fish with tough skin, but in the case of sexual assault one could imagine how they would be quite effective. Grabbing her breast firmly she didn’t react only glaring at him. Sighing he didn’t even give Cynthia a glance thanks to her state. Deciding on three women the pirates started dragging them away.

“Please don’t take Momma!!”, a young child called out desperately.

“Quiet brat!”, the pirates said.

“Hold on.”, he said as if he was interested, “Who was that?”

“This flea bag wolf’s child. We thought you wouldn’t have an interest in her seeing as she was only eight.”, they replied.

“Bring her over.”, he said.

“You have to be kidding me…”, I muttered.

Bringing the child out she ran to her mother who was adamantly shaking her trying to tell her to go back. Sadly that message didn’t register with a child who wanted her mother. Looking the child over I saw a nasty grin run across his face. Seeing it the women also became quite angry.

“She is still good?”, he asked.

“We may be pirates, but there are things even we don’t do!”, they said disgusted with him, “Once she was sixteen though we would have been okay with it.”

“Pirates with a code…how ironic.”, I thought.

“I will take her.”, he said, “I am sure she will make excellent company on the way back.”

The terror in the mother’s eyes was gut wrenching. Thinking that her daughter was going to be raped in front of her was too much for her to bear. All the slave women also started trying to attack him, but being chained up they were helpless to do anything.

“Haha, I can’t wait too-“, he said before a loud bang rang out.

Everyone in the area froze as the nobles head exploded. Looking at me the seven women thought I shot him, however it wasn’t me who shot him. Coming from the town area a woman wearing a captain’s hat walked in carrying a flintlock pistol. Wearing quite the revealing underwear under her jet black coat she wore a disgusted face.

“Get rid of him.”, she order, “I don’t sell to perverted people. Put the slaves back in their pens, and throw his body in the lagoon. The sharks will dispose of his body.”

Looking our way she pointed directly at me.

“Get out of the shadows.”, she said, “I hate cowardly men.”

“Shut the heck up!”, I snapped, “Some of us don’t want unarmed, and defenseless people getting harmed.”

Walking out of the shadows with the girls in tow the pirates started drooling. Sending a bullet flying past their captains head they quickly stopped.

“Touch one of them, and your dead.”, I said narrowing my eyes.

“What brings the Heroes of Atlas all the way to my humble abode?”, the captain asked.

“Do you not practice the common courtesy of introductions?”, I said.

“Oh, my apologies.”, she said with a bow, “My name is Robin, and I am the leader of the Hooded Robin’s Pirate Guild.”

“Wait…”, I said, “Like Robin Hood?”

“Who?”, she asked.

The six of us from earth looked relieved as she asked us who he was.

“He is a legend from our world known for stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor.”, Ruby said.

“I see. I do steal from the rich, but I don’t give to the poor.”, she said, “No money in that.”

Introducing ourselves we returned back to the original question.

“We came here to rescue the captured souls you have taken.”, I said.

“Oh, so you aren’t here to buy?”, she asked.

“…why would I buy kidnapped women..? They have been kidnapped after all, and are considered missing.”, I said with a sigh, “What your doing is illegal.”

“So?”, she asked, “Plenty of nobles turn a blind eye to get their hands on beautiful women.”

“Yes, but as a woman don’t you feel bad for them?”, I asked motioning at the slaves.

“I’d sell myself if the right offer was made.”, she laughed, “No one can afford me.”

“…wow…”, the women said.

“If you aren’t here to buy, then you will need to leave.”, she said.

“That’s where you are wrong.”, I said putting my hand on my sword, “I owe you such a marvelous favor for keeping me up the other night. I hardly got any sleep thanks to your raiding parties so I owe you personally…with interest.”

“So that’s why the men never returned.”, she said drawing two more pistols from within her coat, “Makes sense if they ran into you.”

“I have over thirty women I am charged with defending, and I intend to ensure we have no more problems.”, I said with an evil smile.

“We will see how far that gets you.”, she said returning the same smile.

A few moments later we exchanged blows starting a fight that would envelope the town.

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