The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 46: Investigating the Disappearance of A Friend

Waking up later on that day I found the door to the room open, and several of the women asleep on the bed with me. With a sigh I shook my head before taking getting out of bed. As of late the time I was getting to myself just to lounge in the house was getting less, and less. I figured it would happen so I was at least ready for it. Crawling, and walking around in the living room the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“Hey.”, Ruby said waving at me.

“What’s up?”, I asked.

“The Captain of the Guard stopped by earlier. When you get a chance he said to swing by his office.”, she said.

“Alright.”, I said.

Taking a swig of the remaining coffee I put on my armor, and with Hesta, Ulthar, Ruby, and Dola in tow we went to see the man in question. Along the way we decided on a few items to pick up in the local market on the way back. Entering the barracks which was in the center of the complex we sat down with the captain.

“I am extremely sorry for the actions of my men!”, he said bowing his head, “It is inexcusable that they were acting in unison with those pirates! To think they were the cause of-”

“Cut the bull crap.”, I said narrowing my eyes, “I can smell a rat a mile away.”

“Agreed, you knew about their behavior.”, Ruby said glaring at him, “This is just the first time someone stopped them.”

The captain started twitching.

“I know what your thinking…try it, and your as good as dead.”, I said putting my hand on my rifle, “You won’t get your sword out of its sheath before I put two bullets in you.”

“What do you want…”, he said placing both hands on the desk.

“You do this to keep the business afloat, don’t you?”, I asked, “I thought it was strange that not many people book rooms here.”

“Yes, I can’t deny that.”, he said disappointed, “I don’t like it, but I have a family to feed. Without this job we’d be on the street. I owe so much money to different people who it isn’t even funny.”

“Do you realize how many lives you’ve ruined?”, I said, “I am ashamed to even call you a guard.”

“Say what you want, but not all of us are famous like you.”, he said.

“Well let me make this clear…”, I said reaching over his desk to grab him by the collar, “You lay a hand on any of them I will massacre this place. That goes for Jessica, and Ulthar. Both of them are my women, and I don’t take kindly to sharing with shitbags or anyone for that matter.”

Nodding his head he said they would leave us alone. Sitting him back down we left in disgust.

“How did you know?”, Ulthar and Hesta asked.

“When do normal guards wear solid gold chains?”, I asked, “I knew the moment we saw him he was in on the arrangement.”

“It was also the picture of his family. Did you see his wife?”, Ruby pointed out, “I can’t imagine a model like that Fox Tribe woman marrying an ordinary guard captain. He had to be making a lot of money to attract her attention.”

“Oh.”, the other three said nodding their heads.

“Anyways, we should pick up some fruit for dinner tonight.”, I suggested, “You girls seemed interested in that Star Fruit.”

“Yes!”, they said with excitement.

After buying several baskets of oranges, apples, star fruit, and bananas we returned home only to find Jessica waiting for us.

“Yeah…I am moving in sooner than expected…”, she said, “We had a few visitors waiting for us when we returned.”

“Oh, I assume they weren’t too much to handle.”, I said.

“No, but they blew the house to pieces. They must have panicked, and casted an explosive spell before they remembered how dangerous it was.”, she said with a sigh, “All our clothing, food, and belongings went up in smoke.”

“Where are the guards?”, I asked.

“They were paid daily. Seeing as how my stuff got blown up.”, she said hinting at the rest.

“Ah no more cash on hand.”, I said.

“Exactly, and there isn’t a guild nearby as the one in town is in the middle of renovations.”, she said with a sigh, “I was hoping you’d let me stay with you.”

“Looks like a full evening then.”, I said with a grin.

“This bunny doesn’t just lie down, and take it.”, she said, “You going to have to make me submit. If you can do that you can do whatever you want.”

With that my evening was decided. Sitting down for a dinner of smoothies made by the Heroines I enjoyed my fruit beverage. When bedtime came I helped put the kids down after putting up barrier talisman’s. With our home secure the women told me to come to bed when I finished. Jessica and I went to another room on the other end of the home. Laying down a few ground rules before hand I wanted to make sure she agreed.

“As this is a rental try not to break anything when trying to put up a fight. Secondly, weapons, magic, and any other form of external devices aren’t allowed. Only what is naturally on your body can be used. Finally, what is the condition for submission?”, I said.

“I think if we can hold the other down for ten seconds that should be sufficient. No need to get to rough as it is a rental.”, she said removing her clothing, “I recommend no clothing as I’d hate to rip our nice clothes.”

Nodding I took mine off in a flash. Waiting a few seconds we sprung into action. Moving around trying to out run me she must have forgotten who she was dealing with. In the blink of an eye she was knocked into the air. Unable to do anything in the air she was easy pickings. Slamming her onto the bed I was on her instantly sealing her moves. True to her word she struggled trying to get away. Stealing her lips though her movements became sluggish. Feeling her soft, but muscular hands guide me to her hole I went right in. She stopped her fight, and instead kept kissing me. Feeling her toned body up I was turning her one as I ran my hands down her back.

“I think you were going easy.”, I said with a grin.

“You fought dirty kissing me like that.”, she said, “What’s a girl to do with a strong man kissing her, and ready to fuck her? This girl decided to just let you breed her. Give me some of your manly baby juice.”

“Oh my someone likes talking dirty.”, I said, “You are really a sex addict, aren’t you?”

“This is actually my first time.”, she said, “Do you know how many of my fans are going to flip when they hear I am no longer a virgin?”

“If you think that is bad, wait till they see you having kids.”, I said.

“Oh, I didn’t think of that!”, she said, “My agent is going to be furious. Oh well.”

Taking that was a go ahead gave her a big load. Scooping it up like it was candy she shook her butt asking for more. Kissing her again I told her she couldn’t do any nude modeling anymore. Smiling she said she could live with that before burying my face in her soft chest. Making merry with her till 1am when I finished her lower half was covered in semen.

“You are certainly a compatible spouse.”, she said panting, “If you hadn’t noticed me tapping out I may have gone to heaven.”

“Haha, you are certainly energetic yourself.”, I said, “Sometime in the middle you were all about me breeding you.”

“Kind of hard not to get that way when your man is repeatedly making love to you.”, she said kissing me, “I got carried away in the moment, but I am glad it was with you. I can’t see myself with anyone, but you.”

“I am glad I left you with a good impression. I look forward to a lifetime with you.”, I said kissing her neck.

“Now then for the final event.”, she said pushing me back on the bed, “I have some cleaning to do.”

Swallowing me in a single go she cleaned me off before licking it teasing me. Pushing her off for being a tease I lightly slapped her cheek with my buddy. Taking him in her mouth she let me cream her face making her lose her mind a little. Spreading her legs again she practically begged for it. Giving her a kiss on the forehead I told her I wanted to cuddle instead now. Taking a quick bath with her I carried her into our room laying with her in the center of the bed. Enveloped by the others we fell asleep quickly only waking once when she almost strangled me in my sleep.

Waking up the next morning I found a note on my doorstep from the management of the suites. Reading it over I found out they were kicking us out for causing them so much grief. Walking back to the room I asked Jessica if she had a copy of her rent agreement.

“Yeah, why do you ask?”, she said a bit puzzled.

“The management people want us out of this one. Apparently we have trashed the place.”, I said.

“Well that sucks.”, Ulthar said.

Asking her for her rent agreement I made sure what I was about to do wasn’t listed as violating the rules. Grabbing my rifle I handed her the paper back I looked at the Heroine, and Jessica.

“Do the six of you feel like helping me out with something?”, I asked.

The six women nodded so together we walked over to the office. Before the Captain of the Guard, or the manager could react I smashed the manager’s hand with the butt of my rifle. Decking him the same way the women started beating the crap out of the guard captain. Smashing his balls into paste the man passed out from shock. Seeing his only guard in the build disabled he started sweating. Grabbing him by the collar I sat him in his chair while the seven of us sat opposite of on the couch. Ruby sat on my right leg, and Jessica on my left. The other four sat two on each side making me look kind of like a mob boss.

“We paid for two weeks…Jessica paid for two weeks…and Ulthar paid for a week…”, I said crossing my arms, “Strange how we get kicked out because we fought back against some pirates. You wouldn’t happen to be on their payroll?”

“That’s slander!”, he said before I pointed the muzzle of my rifle in his face.

“Listen very carefully…we are staying in the one condo I rented. If I catch anyone trying to break into my home…”, I said narrowing my eyes, “I will turn you in chum for the sharks.”

He gulped loudly.

“Peeping will get you, and all of your men executed on the spot…”, I said watching him reach for his drawer.

“Have they been watching us?”, Ruby asked.

“There is a reason we have used certain parts of the condo.”, I said.

“Was that why you checked the home entirely when we arrived?”, Janice asked.

“Yes, I almost guarantee they use the photos as blackmail.”, I said, “That is more than likely why the Navy turns a blind eye to the pirates.”

The six women looked at him in disgust.

“What are you looking at, Rabbit!”, the manager said, “You’re a model! It is normal for you to have people eyeing you!”

“I never do nude photos! Even I have standards!”, she said.

“Well I have-“, he started to say before his desk exploded.

Having shot the drawer thousands of photos scattered around the room as he froze in place. Walking around to pick some of them up the women were sickened by the manager for his activities. Picking up a few Jessica froze in place. Shaking with rage she grabbed the manager by the collar, and threw him into the wall. Proceeding to beat him to within an inch of his life she lifted him off the floor.

“Where are they!!”, she said showing him the pictures, “If they were here they must have been taken by the pirates!! So where are they!! If you don’t tell me I will break every bone in your bone till you tell me!!”

“Jessica, what’s wrong?”, I asked, “Who are you talking about?”

Handing me the photos I flipped through them recognizing the five women. These five had presumably ran off with men to end their career’s as models. I figured models had a strong bond, but to the extent they’d beat people to death for them was quite a nice thing to see. Seeing as the manager adamantly refusing to spill the beans Jessica was about to start beating on him. Grabbing her wrist I looked her in the eyes.

“Why don’t you let your fiancée handle this?”, I said with a smile, “The world we come from has very good means of getting the information we want from people. I would gladly apply some of them on him.”

“If you promise he will suffer for this!”, she said releasing him.

“You won’t get anything from me!”, he said.

“Ruby, fetch me a chair, some rope, and some metal wire.”, I said glaring at him.

“What do you intend to do?”, Circius asked.

“Since I don’t have a car battery Lightning Magic will have to do.”, I said, “Sadly, I haven’t used all that much so he may end up with permanent scars…or worse. If he dies though I will bring him back with necromancy. Hopefully it won’t come to that though as he won’t be able to pass on to the afterlife.”

Gulping he started to sweat a lot looking at me nervously. Switching jobs I let off a slight bit of lightning to scare him. Bring the items I requested to the indoor pool we tied him up, and set him in the pool. Screaming for help in vain I started hitting him with increasing voltages as we waited for him to crack.

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