The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 45: Pirate Storm

“Son of a bitch!”, the pirates shouted, “What the fuck is this sorcery!!”

Scrambling around like idiots the pirates struggled to make it to shore. In the water they were easy pickings for me even at night. Thanks to the moonlight it was as simple as point, and shoot. The pirates were close enough I didn’t need to take into account bullet drop which was nice. By the time I visited off the boarding party I counted at least twenty dead, but given the fact that there were at least twenty ships out there I figured the other parties would land on other private beaches.

“Well damn it.”, I mumbled, “Better let security know.”

Not making it further than the front yard I heard screams coming from our neighbors home. Kicking the door in I caught some of the pirates mid capture of the residents. Reaching for their swords I shot them away from their hips.

“Gentlemen, I think there has been a misunderstanding. These are fit graves for you. Let’s turn you into fish bait for the sharks. Your comrades that tried coming into my home were very happy about it.”, I said with a blood thirsty smile.

Hearing that the nearest man to me tried to grab a nearby chair only to end up beheaded. Watching their buddy’s head roll across the floor the pirates dropped the women, and made a break for it. Jumping over the women I blasted the pirates with a Fireball before they made it off the porch. Scorched beyond recognition the men were dead before they hit the ground. Turning around to speak to the three women they looked at me on the verge of tears.

“Thank you!!”, the woman from earlier said, “They were going to take us back to their ship to have their way with us. Where did they come from, and why are they here?!”

“Calm down, your home isn’t the only one to be invaded. I killed a party of twenty before I heard you lot scream.”, I said, “I will take you to my house for now where you will be safe.”

The three women didn’t have a word of complaint so I escorted them to my home. By now the women were wide awake after all the gun fire. Seeing me with three new women they thought I killed someone for them.

“Don’t be ridiculous!”, I said with a sigh, “We have some unwelcome guests who want to play pirate.”

“Where is the Navy!”, Diana said, “They should be regularly patrol for pirates. Have you not seen any of them?”

“I think someone paid them off.”, I said, “I can’t be sure, but I am going to the rest of the other houses to check. Where is the next occupied house?”

“It’s the model’s home. This area is reserved for the wealthy clients.”, the merwoman explained.

“Alright, stay in the barrier. It is set up so only people I allow can enter it.”, I said.

The three women nodded as I ran off into the night. Running down the street I could definitely hear the sounds of a struggle going on. Jumping the side gate I found the guards desperately fighting back against forty pirates. The pirates had the number advantage, but the guards definitely had the knowledge over them.

“Who are you!?”, the guards said on edge.

“I am your neighbor down the street. I figured you could use a hand!”, I said launching a flurry of slashes into the pirates.

Each slash may not of killed them instantly, but the enchantment wrecked havoc with them. Dropping like flies the five of us started pushing them back. When they were far enough back I let loose my strongest fire spell.

“Fire Tempest!”, I said casting the spell.

A few moments later the pirates found themselves enveloped by a squall of fire. Screaming out they were quickly silenced as they turned to ash. With a sigh I looked back at the guards.

“I apologize for jumping the fence to get back here, but I figured you needed help.”, I said.

Catching their breath the four guards nodded. Telling me that in this case they weren’t going to complain I went to leave when a beautiful Rabbit tribe woman walked out of the home. Looking closely at her she seemed different from our maid who was also a rabbit tribe member. Noticing my stare she smiled waving me inside. Sitting down at her table she thanked me for the assistance.

“I humbly apologize if this is cross the line, but are you from the Rabbit tribe?”, I asked.

“Haha, that isn’t offensive at all.”, she said with a smile, “Even those among beastmen sometimes get that wrong. I am a Warrior Bunny, and among the strongest of my tribe.”

“Oh, I see. What brings you out here?”, I asked.

“I am here to partake in the tournament in two weeks.”, she said, “I have a request that can only be granted as the winner of the fight. What brings a human out here?”

“Well, I am out here for the tournament as well. I have four beastmen in my care as hired staff that I want to make my brides. Sadly they refused saying they are outside the marrying age. So I intend to win the tournament to make them my brides.”, I said, “I know it must sound weird to you, but I really do cherish them.”

“You must be the Hero everyone around here has been talking about.”, she smiled, “The one with over thirty women in his harem.”

“Haha…that’s me.”, I said with a cramped smile, “When you say it makes it sound like I am two timing them.”

“Not at all. You are the talk of the town you know. Apparently some housewives are secretly plotting to weasel their way into your group.”, she laughed.

“Please don’t laugh.”, I said, “I have nine pregnant women carrying children with me. Last thing I need is to add more for the sake of it.”

“I bet.”, she said with a grin, “Anyways you must be tired. If you want you are welcome to stay-”

“Actually I need to figure out where the rest of the pirates are.”, I said.

“Meaning?”, she asked.

“There is roughly twenty ships out there. I had twelve men rush my home, five rush our neighbor, and forty rush you here. That doesn’t add up to twenty ships worth of men.”, I said, “Plus I think you can figure out the numbers are strange. It’s like they knew which homes were the most defended, and which had no defense.”

“Are you suggesting someone sold them the information?”, the guards asked.

“Tell me why my neighbors who had no fighting experience were attack by five men while you, who had experienced guards, had forty show up? How else would they know how many men to send?”, I pointed out.

“That’s a valid point.”, the Warrior Bunny said, “There is a high chance they will return in greater numbers. We should condense down to one home. Do you mind if we stay the night?”

“Not that they would, but could you ensure they don’t flirt with my girls?”, I asked.

“Oh that won’t be an issue. They are married.”, she said.

“Still though-“, I started to say.

“They are gay.”, she said, “It is the only reason I let them guard me is because they don’t have an interest in me.”

Looking at the men the four were split in half holding hands. A shiver ran down my spine as they looked like they were eyeing me. Promptly agreeing that they could stay with us we went to my home. Seeing even more guests in the room the girls weren’t happy.

“It’s only till the morning when we can get a grasp of the situation.”, I said taking my armor off.

Falling into bed the women buried me from the prying eyes of the other two groups. When dawn broke Ruby woke me up to say the local guards were at the door. Together the four men, and I cautiously walked to the door. Opening it the guards were indeed there somewhat surprised to see us.

“I’m begging your pardon. Would you happen to of seen three merwomen from next door?”, they asked.

“Yes, they are with me.”, I said.

“We will be needing to take them-“, they said before I put a sword to the captain’s throat.

“How much did they pay you?”, I asked glaring at them.

“Assaulting a guard is a punishable offense you know!”, he said.

“Sadly for you corrupt guards don’t count. I think Darius will want to know why some of the guards in one of his biggest cities are selling beastmen into slavery.”, I said.

“Are you sure they are really corrupt?”, the Warrior Bunny’s guards asked.

“Who reported an assault last night?”, I asked looking back at them, “The three groups of people in this area have been here all night. The only reason guards would patrol here is if they already knew something was supposed to of happened.”

Remember that they glared at the guards. Cracking their knuckles the local guards swallowed loudly before taking off. Switching to Druid I locked their movement with tree roots. Leaving the Warrior Bunny’s guards to report the incident to the proper authorities I returned to the room.

“Your men went to take out the trash.”, I said, “They will be back shortly.”

“I understand.”, she said with a beautiful smile, “So are these the women you were talking about?”

Looking over the staff, and my harem confirmed it.

“Impregnating the former Queen, and four of the princesses. You certainly have a pair, don’t you?”, she laughed, “Your children are quite adorable by the way.”

“Thank you!”, the women said smiling happily.

“Yes, thank you very much.”, I said.

“You know what, after the tournament want to go on a date with you.”, she said.

“What…”, I said with a cramped smile.

“You seem to be a nice guy, and your women after well taken care of. If you can impress me with your skill in combat I want your kids.”, she said with a smile, “I want a man I can spar with on equal footing who isn’t a dick about everything. So far you met the requirements, so now all that is left is to fight you one on one.”

“Do I get a choice?”, I asked.

“No.”, she said with a smile.

“I want the same, but I don’t want to fight!”, the merwoman said standing up.

“Wow wow there!”, I said, “I can kind of get the Warrior Bunny on the fight part, but what about me do you fancy?”

“I had kind of hoped you take me yesterday.”, she said with a grin, “I was so frustrated at my ex that I would have welcomed it.”

“Oh…”, I said looking at the other two.

Shaking their heads they said they were spoken for. They were only here for their best friend who was having a difficult time with her now ex boyfriend. With a sigh I nodded satisfy both women.

“By the way, my name is Ulthar.”, the merwoman said, “I look forward to being in your harem.”

“My name is Jessica.”, the Warrior Bunny said, “Though I’d like you to call me Jess. I look forward to our fight.”

“Nice to meet you both, the names James. Most people though call me the Rogue Hero.”, I said.

Walking out to the kitchen to get some coffee Ulthar came out with her friends to assist me. Making enough coffee for everyone we sat back till Jess’s guards returned. With their return Jessica left after a fond farewell. The four guards gave me a thumbs up before walking out with her.

“You know…she might not fit in…”, I said.

“Oh?”, Amber said, “Have something to do with her guards?”

“Exactly…”, I said with a sigh.

“All the more reason to have her!”, the women laughed.

Letting my face hit the table I got up, and went back to bed in one of the spare rooms. Locking the door I enjoyed having a big bed all to myself for once in a long time.

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