The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 44: A Sandy Adventure

Waking up the next morning I found everyone had slept naked due to the abnormal hot evening. I wasn’t complaining in the slightest as I was in heaven. Throwing a light robe on I went out to the kitchen where the staff we brought with us were busy making coffee for us as well as breakfast. Sitting down with the local news paper the four women were smiling very happily.

“Something good happen?”, I asked looking at them.

“Just being on vacation with our beloved master is very nice. There isn’t as much work for us as the cleaning crew from the main office here cleans the rooms nightly.”, Silvia the wolf tribe woman said, “It means we get to relax a bit more.”

“Well I am glad to hear it. The four of you look like you could use the break.”, I said noticing how fatigued they were as of late.

“Well whose fault is it they knocked us up?”, Entia the cow tribe woman said.

“I didn’t hear anyone say they wanted me to pull out.”, I reminded her, “Regretting the decision now?”

“Of course not!”, the four of them said, “Like we said before, it is very nice to be able to have our own families with a gentle man. We almost were forced into by our last abusive master.”

“It was kind of you to adopt them.”, Stenia the cat sith girl said.

“They deserve a father the same as my own children. You four will be joining us soon so it was only right.”, I said taking a bite of my toast.

The four of them smiled hearing me say it again. As the other’s started joining us in the dinning room I went over the agenda for the day.

“As they have put up a wall twenty feet out into the ocean I was thinking we could be a bit lax today.”, I said with a smile, “The children will obviously need bathing suits for their own protection, but everyone else I think is fine as we were last night.”

“A full body tan does sound nice.”, Susan said, “We have had to bundle up the last few weeks so I think we can make do with that.”

Everyone was in agreement. Grabbing my sword the women asked what that was for.

“In case the neighbors decided to sneak a peek I will promptly execute them…”, I said with a cold smile, “No one is allowed to see my beautiful fiancée’s naked, but me.”

They laughed nodded with approval. After letting our meal sit for an hour we hit the beach. Dola lead us all in some stretches before we dove in. The older women, and the Lioness women decided to take this time to soak up the sun while the rest of us played with the children in the water. Splashing around having a very good time things were going nicely till I sensed an unwelcome entity enter the area. Walking out into deeper I snuck up on the idiot from next knocking him out. Dragging his sorry ass back to his rental home his very beautiful merwoman opened the door. Wrapped in my towel I informed her of the man’s crime.

“I’d appreciate it if you kept him on a leash. My family, and I don’t like people trying to sneak into our private beach.”, I said, “Next time I will be bringing you’re a corpse.”

Glaring at him the man quickly regained consciousness with a shiver. Looking at the woman he gave her a sketchy smile.

“You, and I are going to have some strong words.”, she said grabbing him by the neck, “Weren’t you just saying not more than fifteen minutes ago how stunning I was? Now the neighbor is dragging you back here after you tried to sneak a peek at his woman.”

“Women.”, I corrected her, “Actually more like my harem.”

“Harem?”, she said a bit confused, “Like three or four women?”

“No, thirty currently.”, I said.

“Over Thirty!!”, she said, “Are you wealthy or something?”

“Most people know me as the Rogue Hero.”, I stated, “Anyways just keep your man under control. Like I said if he comes around again I will bring only a corpse next time.”

Promising to watch him closely moving forward I left them. After I left we could hear the sounds of a man screaming as he was getting his ass beat. As to be expected of my harem they brushed off the noise without a second thought. Around noon we took a break as the sun was now at its strongest. Letting everyone take a nap with a cool breeze blowing through our rented home I sipped on a Blue Lagoon mixed drink I made myself.

“I could get used to living like this. I wonder if I could just buy it outright.”, I thought to myself.

As I was relaxing a knock came at the front door. Opening the door the woman from before was waiting outside.

“Has that idiot come back over here?”, she asked.

“No, we are all inside relaxing. I thought you murdered him.”. I joked.

“I wish I had. He ran off forgetting he had the key to our house.”, she said, “Mind helping me track him down?”

Telling her to wait one moment I ran it past everyone. Getting the thumbs up I ran out with her looking for the perv. Going to ask the nearby houses if they noticed a pervert swimming in their private beaches we found aside from us no one was nearby. We were about to give up when the woman remembered something.

“I bet he snuck over to the model’s private beach.”, she said grabbing my hand, “Lets go ask her.”

Tagging along with her we went the opposite direction this time ending up fosixteen houses down from mine. Just as we were about to knock on the door four burly security guards were dragging the man out the side entrance. Thoroughly beaten up he looked like he was ready for Halloween. Shaking my head in disappointment his woman walked over to him.

“Babe, I am glad to see-“, he managed to say before she kicked him where the sun don’t shine.

We five men nearby heard something pop, and instinctively grabbed our balls. That popping noise couldn’t have been good for him so we secretly said a prayer for him.

“This happens every time we leave home! All you do is eye any pretty woman you fancy, and then attempt to sleep with them!”, she said grabbing her key, “I don’t want to see you again ever!!”

Grabbing my hand she pulled me along leaving the man foaming at the mouth. Outside me home she thanked me for helping her before returning to her house. Returning myself the women were ready again for some sun. Running out onto our private beach this time all of us were in the water enjoying ourselves. Joining them promptly we enjoyed the rest of our afternoon splashing around in the water.

As the sun started to set we returned into our home for the night. Taking a nice bath to warm us up we cooked a meal for the first time as a family. It was a bit cramped in the kitchen, but no one really minded. Eating our hand cooked meal we settled down the children, and put them to bed. Thoroughly exhausted from all the excitement today they gave us no resistance. Sitting on the couch together the women looked exhausted as well. The combination of sun, playing around, and the heat had worn them out.

“I wish everyday could be like this.”, Ruby said, “It is nice to relax every now, and then. I see why you wanted to retire so badly.”

Everyone nodded in agreement with sleepy eyes. Suggesting we go to bed I brought out an experimental air conditioner I had made a few years back. Tonight was much hotter than the night before so that was why I brought it out. Feeling the cool air blow throughout the room the girls drifted off to sleep quickly. Even the staff who I had forced to sleep with us were also very comfortable.

“You all deserve a break.”, I said with a warm smile.

Walking into the kitchen I cleaned all of our dishes, and put them back in there place. As I was about to go back to bed when I noticed some lights out on the water. Thinking that it was way to late for a moonlight boat ride I walked to the window to investigate. As the moon came out from behind the clouds I spotted several large ships off the coast. Straining my eyes I noticed the one sign that gave their identity away, the pirate flag.

“You have got to be kidding me…”, I said with a sigh.

I had roughly ten minutes before they reached the coast. Going to the kids room I silently transferred them to our room, and put down a barrier talisman. With all of them safe in the barrier I put my equipment on.

“Some days I think I will never retire…”, I said walking out the back door.

By now the pirates were very visible only a few yards from shore. Without a care in the world I drew my rifle, and started picking them off.

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