The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 42: Some Days You Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed

Returning home from the meeting after the meeting was cut short by the comment Diana gave we promptly set about relaxing. Currently King Drakken was organizing his forces to retake the land they lost. With that being the case he asked for our assistance with attacking the Decay. Agreeing to it we were asked to return in two days so we could join him leading the army. With that agreed upon I decided to relax for the duration we had. Tending to the five pregnant women, aside from the staff, took a lot of energy.

Diana wasn’t to bad having had children prior. She knew all the tricks to make her life, and mine, very easy. The four Lioness though had no prior experience therefore were overworking themselves making them very cranky. In the end I forbid them from doing any hard physical labor. Taking cooking lessons, going out with friends, and other things they did were allowed as they were more relaxing than trying to help around the house. Currently most of the women were helping Clarissa put the finishing touches on her inn. Picking out beds, furniture, and other needed items sparked all of their interests. Diana was the only one that stayed behind because she knew too much walking would leave her sore.

In the weeks after the loss of four women from my harem I had done nothing in my free time, but train harder than I ever had. Pushing myself to the breaking point every day I came home only to bathe, have dinner, and then collapse into bed. Over that time everyone had become quite worried about me. The five Heroines thought I might become suicidal which had never even crossed my mind. The night before the meeting the women had sat me down to talk about it. After explaining what I had been doing they all still were very worried about me. So Diana took this chance to speak with me in private.

“We know you are still upset about their death, James. While it is good to mourn the loss of their lives you can’t blame yourself forever. They made the call themselves to sacrifice their lives for us.”, she said wrapping my arms around her stomach, “You have children, and all of us look to you as our rock to lean on. We aren’t asking you to forget them, but can you at least be open with us about your feelings. Bottling up those emotions isn’t good for your health.”

“I am trying to move past them so please just give me some-“, I said before she turned around to kiss me.

Pressing herself against me she became quite aggressive with me. I was going to push her off because I wasn’t in the mood, but when I looked at her she was crying. I couldn’t understand why she was crying, and before I could ask she told me why.

“We know that you love us all very much, but we really need to hear that from you!”, she said pounding on my chest, “Had we not been so forceful about going with you they might still be alive! We couldn’t do anything to save them instead we cost them their lives!”

Trying to calm her down she refused, and instead continued her rant.

“You running off everyday to train without even a glance at us has weighed heavy on us…we have seen you come home bearly able to stand only to find out you were purposefully doing it to yourself. How could we not blame ourselves for pushing you to the extreme because of our behaviour!!”, she said bawling her eyes out into my chest.

Gently patting her on the back as she cried I realized in my hurry to gain power I ended up causing them to suffer. Holding her tightly I apologized for my actions promising to make it up to everyone. Burying her face in my chest she eventually fell asleep so I rolled her over gently so I could get comfortable snuggling up with her. Wrapping my arms around our baby I kissed her neck softly falling asleep peacefully with her. Waking up a few hours later I decided to let Diana continue to sleep while I went to see the others.

Donning the mythril plate armor Drakken gave me for ending the winter I walked through the streets on a mission. Reaching the inn I found it to be very well-built, and very pleasing to the eye. Walking inside the entire place was clean, smelled nice, and gave a homely feel. Checking behind the counter I found that there were fifty room in the inn making it the third largest in town. Following the sounds of the women I stumbled upon them preparing for the grand opening tomorrow.

“James!!!”, Ruby said in shock, “You weren’t supposed to come till tomorrow.”

“I wanted to speak with…”, I started to say before looking around the corner.

Currently the staff that Clarissa had hired to assist running the inn were putting their outfits on. As soon as our eyes met they screamed covering their chest. Next thing I knew several fists struck me in the head knocking me out cold. Waking up a short time later the assistants had left leaving just us in the entryway. Sitting up I rubbed my cheek due to the pain I felt.

“Jeez!! If you’re gonna show up unannounced tell us first!!”, Clarissa said.

“That kind of defeats the purpose…”, I said with a sigh.

“So what did you want to talk about?”, Amber asked.

“I wanted to apologize for my behaviour the past few weeks.”, I said, “My mind was so focused on getting stronger so I wouldn’t lose anyone again I fail to see I was hurting all of you. For that I am eternally sorry.”

Placing my head to the floor I bowed to them asking for their forgiveness. Looking at each other they nodded saying they forgave me. Picking my head up they made me swear not to go so overboard anymore. They didn’t like me coming home beaten up so badly everyday. Hearing them loud, and clear I promise to keep myself under control.

“So then, after seeing this place what do you think?”, Clarissa asked, “It looks good, right?”

“Yes, the staff…I mean the building looks great!”, I said correcting myself.

All the women narrowed their eyes.

“Just so you know all of them are married.”, Clarissa said, “Most already have children as well.”

“I wasn’t thinking anything of the sort!”, I said trying to deny it.

“Sure…”, Almina said.

“Anyways, this place opens in the afternoon tomorrow, right?”, I asked.

“Yes, the Silver Stable opens at 1pm tomorrow.”, Clarissa said with excitement.

“So we have plenty of time then!”, I said with a grin.

“Plenty of time for what?”, Amber asked.

“Well I haven’t spent very much time with you the last two weeks. We have a lot of catching up to do!”, I said with a big grin.

With a sigh they all readily agreed so after the decorations were finished I shared my love with all of them. Our two new additions, thanks to being lectured by all the women, were very in to the event. Giving me the same treatment Joan had they all seemed very happy. As it was Clarissa’s big day tomorrow being the owner of the inn I made sure she got a lot. Dola once again had to sit it out, but eventually joined in her own way. Now eight years of age she felt old enough to do adult things. Though I wouldn’t do sexual things with her she was adamant about the kissing.

“Why can’t we do it now!?”, Dola said, “I want a baby too!!”

“You’re still to young.”, I told her, “What if something really bad happened to you. I couldn’t handle losing you.”

“Oh…if that is why I guess I can wait…”, she said with redden cheeks, “Promise me though I can make one on my sixteenth birthday.”

“I promise.”, I said, “I promise to make you a mother that day.”

The atmosphere was very nice till Brittany pointed out a crucial fact.

“You mean thirteen, right?”, she said, “I thought it was alright for her once she turned thirteen as you were marrying her then. Is it not okay even if your married?”

“Oh…I hadn’t thought of that.”, I said starting to sweat.

“James….”, she said smiling at me, “I want to start on my 13th birthday!”

“Alright…”, I said unable to argue with that face she was giving me.

Sliding down my chest she sat dangerously close to my assets. Giving her hips a small wiggle I looked her.

“Diana said this would feel nice for you.”, she said.

“Please…stop…”, I said containing myself.

Over the last few months of her being with us her assets had started developing. Currently her boobs were growing fast enough that it seemed every week we were out looking for new bras. Trying to remove her now was impossible as she was stuck on like super glue. Continuing till something touched her hole she froze. There was no teaching someone the sensation. They just instinctively knew what it was she was no different. Trying to pull her off Diana grabbed her which startled her enough to release her grip. Having expected more resistance Diana fell down forever ruining my life.

The instant she fell I looked at everyone as Dola face contorted. The laughter stopped immediately as reality sank in. Realizing what she had done Diana started to panic. Surprisingly Dola didn’t cry, or react. Simply looking down she found I was buried in her to the base. I was to far into shock to register what had happened. Doing what she had seen everyone else do at this point she smiled brightly. Grinding me I snapped back to reality from the feeling.

“Dola, stop it!”, I said in a panic, “You aren’t old enough!”

“I can take the pain.”, she said boldly.

“Please stop it!”, I said, “This isn’t right!!”

Trying to take her off me she latched on like duct tape. As her piping was so small the sensation was too much. Before I knew it I lost it. In a panic I leaned forward only to feel a soft sensation in my face. Thinking something was wrong I came to on the floor in the dining hall.

“What the hell….”, I thought realizing I was buried under the Lioness, and Lucilla.

Squirming my way out from under them I remembered where we were.

“Oh yeah…we opened up a few bottles of alcohol in the bath last night.”, I thought through a pounding headache, “Wonder what that dream was all about. I am definitely not a…”

Looking over I saw Dola completely naked with her mother. I damn near had a heart attack as I realized she was in the same state as her mother.

“No more alcohol…”, I said regretting my decision, “No more, ever!”

When everyone came to they saw Dola. Turning to me they shrugged their shoulders like it was no big deal.

“She’s a child!!!”, I said, “I should have had more control of myself!!”

“Listen James, technically I am a child in my race as I am not a thousand years old yet.”, Almina said, “Is that a problem for you?”

“Same goes for me.”, Laura said.

“No, of course not. In human society you’d be old enough.”, I said.

“We aren’t human though.”, Almina said.

“It was an accident.”, Amber said, “All of us were to smashed to stop it. She was happy you took her, and gave her the same treatment as us. She is just as tough as her mother. You guys went like three rounds.”

“You watched, but did nothing!!”, I snapped.

“I thought I was dreaming from the alcohol.”, Amber said.

“Damn it all.”, I said.

“I suspect she will want more.”, Almina said, “Are you going to turn her down now?”

“I can’t now.”, I said, “It’s to late for that.”

Waking up both Diana, and Dola looked over at me.

“Good morning…”, I said with a sigh.

“Morning.”, Diana said.

“MORNING!!”, Dola said running over to me, “Are you okay? You fell asleep in the bath. Momma said you were drunk so we brought you out here.”

“Thank you Dola.”, I said noticing what I saw earlier was gone, “Did you go to bed recently?”

“I got up a little while ago to take another bath. The stinky alcohol was bothering me.”, she said.

“Did we do anything last night?”, I asked.

“No, you feel asleep.”, she said.

My face started twitching as I turned around. The women were holding back their laughter.

“That’s payback for the last two weeks!”, they laughed.

“Oh…is that so…”, I said as lightning danced across the floor, “Well this is for nearly giving me a heart attack!!!”

Frying everyone aside from Dola I left the room after getting dressed. Stomping out of the inn I went home, and had a drink.

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