The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 41: Debate on Fairness

Sitting down in the study at King Drakken’s palace I was currently sitting with my harem, Alivia and her remaining family, the royal family, and the two Dukes with their wives in tow.

“So what do you want to do about this?”, Drakken said, “They are now homeless.”

“Not meaning to be rude it was them who told me they’d take care of it.”, I said.

“I agree.”, Susan said, “It’s not his responsiblity if they take him off the job.”

“They are right.”, Duke Marigold said, “These three don’t deny firing him from the job. As far as I can tell its their own fault.”

“Have you no pity?”, Esteria said, “They are homeless because of him!”

“No, they are homeless due to their pride…”, Redmond said knowing from experience, “Had they let him help they would have seen a rank up as a reward.”

“I am with my wife on this.”, Drakken said, “He did offer to marry her.”

“Are you saying that men don’t retract their offer if something is found to be lacking with the woman? I thought it went both ways.”, I said.

“That…is correct.”, Drakken said, “Can’t you consider them at least enough to give them a home?”

“The aunt is very skilled, and intelligent.”, I said, “She I would consider as a harem candidate in a heart beat. A normal person wouldn’t hide in a death ridden cave for nearly two years. She has guts, and knows her stuff. To me she is a great woman who I would welcome should she want too.”

Looking at her sister, and niece she shook her head.

“I can’t abandon my family.”, she said.

“I respect that.”, I replied, “The option stands for you in the future.”

“Okay, so you’d take the aunt, but not the other two?”, Drakken said.

“The former baroness has made it clear she hates me. It isn’t a flirty hate, but a pure hatred of me.”, I said with a shrug.

The women in my harem all nodded in agreement. They had heard her threaten me the whole way here this morning, and everyone could tell it wasn’t her flirting.

“We’d refuse her.”, Amber stated, “She isn’t even worth hiring as a maid. It would only make our current staff miserable.”

We were going to continue this argument when one of the generals came bursting in.

“Your Highness, we have a major problem…”, he said looking pale.

“Out with it man!”, Drakken said.

“The small sliver of land we are constantly in conflict with has been overrun!”, he replied one of the soldiers made it here as fast as he could on horseback.

“Which nation is responsible!!”, the King said slamming his fist into his chair.

“None, sire! A rift opened up above the Druid Fortress, and they apparently poured out from there. Both Rainford, and Frostmore are scrambling to stop the advancing Decay. The city’s north of the site…I am sorry to say…they couldn’t hold out with the troops we had there…”, he said, “General Brigand reported that a man in black robes broke the walls into the fort nearby, and without the gate it was only a matter of time before they were overrun.”

Standing up immediately I grabbed the general by his collar.

“Where is he!!”, I said, “That bastard is mine to kill you hear me!!”

“James, do you think it is him?”, Amber asked.

“That fits my limited knowledge of him like a glove.”, I said, “If he is involved there will be chaos. You need to get a defensive line ready, and evacuate all the civilians in the area for at least two hundred miles behind the line.”

“You can’t go giving orders!”, Esteria said.

“Do as he says!”, Drakken said, “He knows more about the demigods than we do. There is no harm in evacuating the cities, and villages. It gives us room to breath if we need to fall back. Where is the Federation of Glenmore during this invasion?!”

“They are currently drafting troops as they are already stretched thin fighting on two fronts already. It is safe to assume they won’t be much help.”, the General replied.

“If we can take the magic circle out in the fortress we can ask for aid from the neighboring continent.”, I said, “Atlas is in a good situation to assist you if need be.”

“They won’t make it in time if we call for aid. We have to work with what we got.”, Duke Marigold stated.

Sitting down again my harem started talking about things. Janice informed me that she was confident enough to fly the bomber here to destroy the fortress. She was very confident she could do it so I decided to trust her. Looking at Lucilla she said she was already in the process of having the bombs loaded.

“King Drakken, we can take out the fort spell. We can also provide some support as far as culling the number of Decay.”, I said, “It will take roughly two days for the weapon to get here. Can you hold out that long?”

“Yes, we can hold out for two days. Once this blasted winter is over my troops can move more freely.”, he said, “Do what you need to do.”

Thanking him the women, and I left them. Following after us Alivia, and company were adamant about help. Returning home we completed the fueling, loading of bombs, and stocked up on supplies for the flight. Firing up the four engines I made we tested the controls. Having designed these engines for the plane I had cut the horsepower back quite a bit. Each one was only producing one thousand horsepower which would easily keep us at a steady five hundred miles an hour.

“Is everyone ready…”, I said with a sigh.

All of the women were aggressively pushing me to let them come with me, and Janice in the plane. After some back, and forth arguing I gave in. Buckling everyone down Janice gunned the engines as we took off into the night sky. Sitting next to her in the cockpit Janice noticed something was wrong with me. Asking me what was wrong I explained my fear to her.

“Your worried about him killing us.”, she said, “That is a fair point, and something you should be worried about. Your fear is well founded as most of us have no real combat experience.”

“Then why would they follow me into a situation like this…”, I said.

“Because we love you dearly.”, she said, “From what we heard you could have died the last time. You may not be so lucky next time. If your going to die we don’t want to suffer through the heartache. We will die alongside you as a family.”

“That is foolhardy.”, I said looking out the window, “It’s my job to keep you safe yet I am bring you to a place full of danger.”

“It is our decision.”, Janice said, “So just live with it.”

With a sigh I went to the back of the bomber to check on everyone. Sound asleep strapped in place they looked happy for some strange reason. The only one who was awake was Diana who looked at me like she wanted to talk. Helping her out of her seat we went to the mid section of the plane to talk.

“Under normal circumstances I would tell you at a happy time, but now is definitely not one.”, she said, “However you need to know before going in. We are expecting finally!!”

“So your carrying a life into battle?”, I asked.

“Of course. I have to ensure my partner makes it home alive.”, she said kissing me, “I want to experience having more children with the man I love. No one else will do anymore. You’re the one I want in my bed, and the one I want wrapping his arms around me. All of us feel that way about you, and that’s why we want to fight alongside you.”

“I guess I can’t argue with that logic.”, I said rubbing her belly, “Isn’t it weird to be having kids with the same man your daughters are?”

“I have always been attracted to strong men. It just so happens that you are the strongest man I know. So I don’t mind in the slightest.”, she said.

Kissing her passionately I made love to her as a celebration for a success. Going back to her seat I returned to the cockpit to take over for a bit so Janice could sleep. Keeping the plane level for the next five hours Janice took back over so I could sleep. In two days time we reached our goal by doing this.

“Lucilla, do you know where we are in relation to the fortress in question?”, I asked.

“We should be over here in the next minute.”, she said.

“Ruby, in ten seconds pull the release on the bay doors, and drop the bombs one by one.”, I shouted.

Doing as I asked it wasn’t more than fifteen minutes later the clouds started parting revealing a wonderful world of green. Thinking we had won I looked down below us only to find a fireball flying at us. Banking hard left we avoided the spell only to get hit by lightning from another spell. Stalling the engines Janice desperately tried restarting them as the plan went into a nose dive. At ten thousand feet it was apparent we weren’t going to make the engines work. Ripping her from her seat I huddled them around. Switching to Barrier Master I put a barrier around us moments before the crash. Absorbing the impact, and subsequent fire we were thankful to be a live. Before I could say a word a chill ran down my spine.

“Fancy meeting you here.”, a man’s voice said, “Apparently your lesson wasn’t good enough last time. Three of my comrades were killed by you, weren’t they?”

Turning around I glared at him.

“Consider it payback for killing Darvain, and Lagas.”, I said, “Reap what you made.”

“Oh I agree.”, he said, “It is fair you killed them as revenge, however ruining my plans here are a bit much.”

“Your plans?!”, Marianne said, “You activated the weapon!?”

“Correct, I wanted to wipe the races off this continent yet you couldn’t let that happen.”, he said, “I think a few of the women from your harem dying might be in order.”

Activating my blessing I glared at him.

“You so much as lay a hand on them I will beat you into a pulp.”, I said, “You got me before I could activate my blessing last time. This time I prepared for you.”

“Just for me?”, he laughed, “I feel so special. Why don’t we see who is-”

Before he could finish his sentence I blasted him through the hull, and out on to the field. Rushing him I told the women to stay put. Drawing my God level War Hammer I hit him head on. This time he was ready, but the pained expression on his face meant it certainly was doing damage this time.

“What the hell!”, he said stumbling back, “Your weapon shouldn’t have…you bastard! You infused the fragments you have been looking for into your current weapon haven’t you!!”

“I am glad you noticed!”, I said slamming my fist into his chest, “I won’t let you touch any of them!”

Flying backwards bearly maintaining his balance he launched a volley of spells at me. Dodging them with minimal movement I trapped him in a barrier. Rushing forward I swung at him switching my War Hammer into War Scythe. Destroying the barrier just as I was on him I slammed the tip into his chest. Only going in part of the way he took the rest of the blow head on. Coughing up blood he glared at me.

“Now you have done it!”, he said, “Let’s see how you like my God of Destruction powers! You may survive it with your blessing, but what about your family!! Do you think your barrier will stop a massive God Level explosion?!”

Before I could stop him he knocked me back before slamming his fist into the ground. A brief moment of silence before a massive explosion rocked the surrounding ten-mile area. Once the dust settled, and he was nowhere to be found I rushed to the plane. My barrier had collapsed so I was stressing out about their safety.

“Girls, speak to me!!”, I shouted digging around in the rubble, “If one of you died I swear…I swear…”

“Don’t be so loud…”, Ruby mumbled.

Running over to her I found the majority of the girls in the trench the plane dug when we crashed. Looking around I realized we were missing six people.

“Janice, where are your friends?!”, I asked her looking around.

“They…they are dead…”, she said tearing up, “They pushed us into the ditch as the fireball blew through the barrier.”

Dropping to my knees I shook my head.

“No…you must have seen something wrong…none of you are allowed to die…”, I said scrambling up the side of the trench.

There before me were the charred remains of the four women, and Alivia’s mother who had refused to join us in the barrier. Dropping to my knees again I started crying for the loss of four innocent women who I had come to love quite a lot. I sat there for over an hour bawling my eyes out before I calmed down. Joining the others I pulled them all close regardless if they were in the harem. Amber, and the girls started crying as they thought of the four women as family while Alivia’s family of two were crying for her. Letting them vent their sadness I buried the five of them under an old apple tree. Taking everyone home the staff noticed we were all in a sad mood. After a small meal the women went to bed while I stayed up have some alcohol.

The staff sat with me as I vented how distraught I was about the loss of the four of women. Shaking my head I punched myself for letting them come with me. Had I been more firm in my stance they’d still be alive. Before I could hit myself again the Cow tribe woman tackled me to the floor.

“They wouldn’t want you to beat yourself up over this.”, she said, “They gave their lives so you wouldn’t suffer more than you are now. Had they not save the others they may have all died.”

Before I could argue she stole my lips kissing me repeatedly.

“You have to believe that they died smiling.”, she said, “No woman would give their life for a man they hated.”

“Your right…”, I said, “I just need to get stronger so I don’t let this happen again.”

“Exactly.”, she said with a smile.

“By the way…”, I said looking at her, “Your stomach is getting swollen again.”

“Uh…that isn’t a very sensitive way to ask a woman if she is pregnant.”, she said, “But yes I am very pregnant thanks to a master who regularly filled my babyroom.”

“Are you complaining?”, I said with a weak laugh.

“No, it’s nice that you wanted kids, but is it really alright to have us do it with you when you have so many lovely women?”, she asked.

“I intend to add the four of you to that list.”, I said, “The four of you are beautiful, loving women. Who wouldn’t want you to marry them especially if I am already the one having kids with you.”

“We couldn’t possibly…”, the wolf tribe girl said.

“I have plans to enter a tournament just so I can earn the right to make you listen to me.”, I said, “When I win the fight the four of you are joining the harem, and the other three will have children with me just like you!”

“If you can do it we will gladly listen.”, the rabbit tribe woman said with a smile, “However we are ready now for you! We have been waiting for you for a while now.”

Pulling them over the table I made love to them. Smiling brightly they begged me for children stuffing them full it wasn’t two weeks later before them told me the news. Wagging their tails they were excited about where things were going. The four Lioness women, and their mother were showing now. Showing her belly off to Darius I noticed a slight look of regret on his face. Before I could attempt to cheer him up Diana put the last nail in the coffin.

“He performs much better in bed than you ever did.”, she said crossing her arms with a smug smile.

George, Darius, and I all looked away wanting not to imagine what she had said. George looked at us with pity. Darius looked like he was about to collapse from shock. I on the other hand wanted to disappear from embarrassment. There was an unspoken truce between us after that. The three of swore never to lay a hand on the other’s women even if we had to kill ourselves afterwards.

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