The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 39: The Weight of Debt

Seeing a black armored man with pitch black flames barreling up the street everyone stayed away thankfully. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with idiots, and might kill them without thinking. Figuring that the Duke’s were at the palace discussing things with the King I decided to march in uninvited.

“So what do you both think?”, King Drakken asked his brothers.

“I am on the fence.”, the second brother said, “I can’t trust someone who is completely civil with us. It is unnatural, and makes me suspect that he is after more than what he is letting on.”

“I am against it!!”, the third brother said, “No human should ever be allowed to marry our kind! You should have separated the two he had with him from him. To think such scum could be allowed to share a bed with one of us is ridiculous!”

Born to their father, and a vampire the second brother looked similar to Jona as far as skin tone went. He stood six-foot tall, lanky, bald, and appeared to not be physically strong. If one saw him in a dark alley they wouldn’t be afraid, but they would be sorely mistaken. His yellow slatted eyes were those of an experienced killer. Having racked up more kills than his brothers Duke Marigold was a warrior to his bone. While being a bloodthirsty man he wasn’t a serial killer. He only killed when it was the only choice. Given the chance he would rather settle things with words, and action rather than violence. His younger brother Duke Redmond was another story.

Born to their father, and a Dragonewt he had a strong dislike for the other races. In this world his mother’s kind were considered demons by almost everyone. As such as a child his mother was beaten regularly before being meeting her future husband. Standing six-foot tall he was a much more muscular build than Marigold, but in terms of fighting power was weaker than both his older brothers. His strength was the pitch-black scales that covered his body. Harder than tungsten steel there was very little that could harm him normally. As such his usual manner of fighting was to let the enemy wear themselves out before he’d overpower them. Looking at his brothers with angry slatted brown eyes he was going to voice his opinion more when they heard the guards shouting.

“He’s a monster!!! We can’t hold back sir!!! He walked right through us like was nothing more than blades of grass!!!”, the guards were shouting.


The throne room doors burst from their hinges as dozens of guards flew through the air colliding with the pillars lining the room. Seeing the men tossed like rag dolls the three families tensed up. The guards here were no push overs. Easily weighing at least four hundred pounds each they were skilled fighters who had proven their metal in combat. To see them thrown around like mere children struck some fear into the families. Walking into the room I spotted them instantly.

“WHICH ONE OF YOU TWO IS DUKE REDMOND!!”, I said as the black flames poured from me.

King Drakken, and Queen Esteria stepped back with Duke Marigold and his wife. Having singled him out I started walking over towards him as I shouted at him.


Before he could respond I sunk if five feet into the floor causing the surrounding area to crack like it had been hit by a bomb. Moaning from the impact I grabbed him, and dragged his face through the floor. Watching the seen Drakken leaned over, and asked his brother how he felt now.

“Seeing as how he went for him specifically I am much more trusting. If he saw what Redmond had been organizing the past few months it’s understandable why he is angry with him.”, he said, “I am onboard with your plan as he apparently has no issue beating people regardless of their status.”

“I think that there is more than that behind your reasoning.”, Drakken teased.

“Okay, it is also very funny watching Redmond get his ass beat. He is always so smug about his scales, but I bet he never thought the day would come when some would break them like glass.”, his brother laughed.

Both Esteria, and Duchess Marigold were both shaking their heads at their husbands while Duchess Redmond watched in horror as her husband couldn’t even put a scratch on the human beating him. Looking over at the entry way a group of women watched the scene unfold like it was a normal day.

“He is really going at it…”, Susan said.

“Well if he didn’t he wouldn’t be the man we all love.”, Amber said.

“Yeah, I have to agree with you Amber.”, Ruby said nodding her head, “If he wasn’t upset about the way those people were being treated I’d have slapped him for being a cruel man.”

“I am sure thinking about his children.”, Strella said pampering Orega.

“I’d have to agree.”, Jona said, “His facial expression said it all.”

Walking over the King, and Queen asked who the other people were. Joan explained that they were the other women in the harem. Wide-eyed both men were in disbelief. They thought I was exaggerating on the number. To see this many women of different races with one man shocked them.

“Aren’t you the least bit worried about him?”, Duke Marigold asked.

“Not at all.”, everyone said, “Once he is finished we will talk to him about this.”

As they said that Redmond came flying past them all bursting through the next four walls, and into the courtyard. Seeing the Duke beaten to near death the surrounding men fled for their lives. As I was about to go out after him Amber grabbed my arm.

“That’s enough.”, she said, “I think he learned his lesson quite well. No need to kill him unless he does it again.”

The other women nodded in agreement with her. With a sigh I released the blessing looking back at them. Considering they had all agreed I had no room to argue. I trusted their judgment, and would go with their suggestion.

“When did you lot get here?”, I asked.

“Crystal called in a panic.”, Brittany said.

“Oh, go figure.”, I joked.

“Hey!”, Crystal said pouting.

“I am kidding.”, I said, “Since your here may as well tell me what you wanted to tell me when I got back.”

Stepping up the four sisters said, “We are pregnant!!”

Turning to the side spit came flying out from shock. Looking at them they nodded excitedly. Hugging the four of them they were all very giddy about the whole thing. Their mother looked at me like she was upset. Leaning over to her I said we would work on. Nodding with a satisfied expression we returned our focus to the King.

“So what’s your decision?”, I asked.

“…really…”, the Duke, and King said before breaking out into laughter, “You’re too much!! We discussed it, and agreed you may do as you see fit to the fortress. There is a bit of requirement though.”

“Meaning?”, I asked.

“You have to marry a noblewoman from our nation.”, he said, “For political reasons I can’t have you destroying it as a person from outside our nation. Things are different though if you were to use your powers to show off to a noblewoman. If that were the case the people wouldn’t bat an eye.”

“Is this part where you tell me you have one in mind?”, I asked.

“We do, but currently she is in dispose.”, the Duke said, “She won’t be free for another few days.”

“Of course not…”, I said with a sigh, “This is why I hate politics…takes to freaking long to do anything.”

“If you want you can go looking for yourself.”, Drakken said.

“Easy for you to say…you only have one wife.”, I said, “I have almost thirty wives.”

“That was your call though.”, Almina pointed out.

“I know I know.”, I said with a chuckle, “Never regretting it!”

The women all nodded with satisfied expressions. Walking out of the palace I spat in the direction of the Duke who was currently in the water fountain in front of the palace.

“I better not hear of any more public executions solely based on race, and false charges. There isn’t a place you can hide from me.”, I said walking passed him.

Once we were back in the tourist district I suggested we all get something to eat. Hearing a few hungry stomachs among us they all agreed it was the best course of action. Renting out a small diner due to our party size we enjoyed a nice meal as a family. After finishing we piled into the inn for the night so the majority of them could return home. Diana remained behind because she wanted me to fix her issue.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but if you are really wanting one you should be taking fertility pills.”, I said.

“I started two days before I rode you.”, she said getting comfy on the bed, “Ever since then I have been taking the regularly. I feel really good about today!”

Stuffing her to the brim I gave her a rub down to relax her. With a relaxed smile she latched on to me sliding me in again. Bouncing her on my lap she was attentive in matching my movements up till the end. Pulling her butt in she kissed me passionately as she took it all in. Staying overnight with us she returned home in the morning freeing Jona, Crystal, and I to leave the capital. I wasn’t about to have a wife handed to me on a plate so I wanted to find her first.

“So, can you two think of anyone that would fit in well with our group?”, I asked.

“Honestly, no.”, they said.

Starting with nobles in the immediate area we found no available women that interested me. Most hated other races with a passion so putting them in our group was a poor idea. The further we got the more promising people we ended up finding, but never one that really caught me eye. Deciding to return to the capital on their own I still kept looking. In a backwater knight territory I ended up meeting a woman who was actually decent with people, however there were issues.

“Ma’am I really don’t want a married woman.”, I said stuck in the study.

“He will never know. He has been in the capital for the last seven months.”, she said.

I ended up running into a siren who was very sexually frustrated. Having made the mistake of following her into the study I was now stuck, and the staff had braced the door. After avoiding her for an hour I ended up tripping over the rug. Pouncing on me like Diana would’ve I had lost. Bouncing around greedily bouncing on me she was hell-bent on having kids. Knowing this would end badly for me either way now I messed her up. Giving her a protection pill once she passed out I sighed with relief. At least she wouldn’t have any kids from this.

“I really need to be careful in this country.”, I said with a sigh.

Leaving the area promptly I continued my search till I finally found someone I liked. The third daughter of the Baron Yager family whom I clicked with right away. Eighteen years of age, a vampiress like Joan she had a strong interest in the literature if this world. Having spend most of her life reading she was extremely intelligent. Standing a mere five foot tall, gray skinned, golden hair, and red eyes she was like the doll of vampires in my mind.

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