The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 35: Double O Nice Guy

The seven of us emerged from the van making our way towards the temple. Bundled up tightly I looked like a pimp walking around with the six beautiful women behind me. Having discussed the plan earlier we were putting it into motion now.

“For this operation the quickest way to get the information we need is to steal it from a temple. If it is such a dangerous place it makes sense they would have done research on it.”, I said, “What better group to do it than a religious one under the guise of cleansing the land.”

“So what do you need from us?”, they asked.

“I need you to attract as much attention as possible. Between the six of you no man will be able to ignore you.”, I said, “While they are distracted I will sneak into the back to search the private library.”

“What if they try to force themselves on us?”, Lilian asked.

“Simple…break their hand.”, I said, “No one is going to fault you for defending yourself. If worse comes to worse I will massacre the bastards.”

Nodding we had left the house after donning winter clothes. Hiding weapons under their coats I made sure they wore some form of armor underneath. Casually walking into the temple we immediately drew everyone’s attention. Who could blame the men in the temple from eyeing six beautiful curvy women. Giving a polite bow to the head priest I made my way to the altar. After confirming no one was looking I switched my job to Ninja. Vanishing from their sight the girls made sure the men didn’t notice my disappearance.

Making my way down the hall behind the altar I made sure I wasn’t being followed. Sticking to the shadows I silently snuck past the guards. Making my way to the library I started sifting through all the files. Sorting through each file I finally found the report I was looking for with an old map. Taking photos of the items I put them back into their proper places before removing my fingerprints with a cloth. Stealthily returning to the front of the temple I gave the women the signal. Assuming the most humble position I could in front of the altar so when the priests looked back he only found me praying.

Getting up from the ground I calmly walked back to the six women who looked ready to burst. Once we left the temple, and were back in the van they clung to me teary eyed.

“Those dirty men were disrobing us in their minds.”, they said, “We wanted to breakdown crying from their disgusting looks.”

“You girls did a great job!”, I said giving them a kiss on the lips, “We got the information, and then some!”

Smiling they demanded I treat them to something for their hardship. Promising to take them out for dinner their moods improved quite a bit. Parking the van outside the city walls I teleported us back home to go over the information. Gathering all the women again I wanted everyone’s opinion on this.

“Three Ice Dragons!!”, Brittany said in shock, “It takes an army of several thousand to take one down! The risk is far to high for you to risk your life!!”

“I know, that’s why I wanted to talk with you about it. Even I recognize this is out of my scope of power.”, I said, “We are stuck now because both locations are dangerous.”

“Do we really need the stone? I mean you destroyed the one in the fortress we were at.”, Laura pointed out.

“True, however trekking to the locations, getting through the storm wall, and then destroying the magic circle could end up killing me. In the fortresses case I knew to continue hiking upwards. What if one location was in a plains area? I could end up walking blindly till I drop dead.”, I said.

“Why not take the van?”, Ruby said, “You’d be safe enough in there.”

“It may work, however what is the freezing point for dragon’s blood?”, I asked.

“That’s true the wind chill, and the cold may exceed the limit for it.”, Lucilla said, “We’d have to do some research into finding alternative means of lubricating the van. That would require bringing it back as well…”

“Why not make a weapon from our world…”, Cindy suggested softly.

Looking at her I asked what she had in mind.

“A bomber?”, she said, “We could fly about the snowstorm, and drop bombs on the circles.”

“I hadn’t thought of that.”, I said liking her idea, “Who would fly it though? None of us have flown a plane before.”

“I have.”, she said.

“You have!”, the other heroines, and I said in shock.

“Yes, if we made a small bomber I could fly it.”, she said fidgeting around in her seat.

Looking to Strella, and Lucilla I asked them if they could help us with the project. Lucilla was excited to work in a new field of study, and Strella was eager to have our son watch some blacksmithing. Drawing up a design for a wind tunnel our first goal was to come up with an efficient wing design. All of them eager to assist us made different designs to test in the tunnel. Sadly, the stress of pregnancy was getting to Sapphire and Lucilla. Having to sit down during the testing I ran over to them.

“Is everything alright? Do I need to get you something?”, I said worrying about both of them.

They held my hand trying to tell me they were find when their expressions changed. Clamping down on my wrist like an alligator I dropped to my knees in pain. Seeing us all in pain everyone jumped into action. Having never gone through the birthing process I hadn’t realized my mistake of holding their hand while they were contracting. Releasing my wrist I quickly carried both women to a spare room laying them down on the bed. Having already called the doctor I sat in our room having a beer trying to calm myself down. Sapphire and Lucilla were both giving birth a month, and two months early relatively. I was very worried about the children’s safety, and health. Fortunately I was worrying for nothing. Coming out a few minutes later the doctor left us alone. Smiling cradling two baby girls in their arms they handed them to me. Breaking into a joyful smile I held both of them gingerly in my arms.

“They are both beautiful like their mothers.”, I said kissing both of them on the forehead.

Wiggling around like worms I smiled at them. Looking at Sapphire’s child she looked up at me with her emerald-green eyes. Having a little bit of green hair on her head I knew what I wanted to name her.

“What do you think about, Savannah?”, I asked Sapphire.

“I like it.”, she said receiving Savannah.

Looking at Lucilla’s baby she definitely inherited my hair, and eyes. With a light dusting of wavy white hair on her head she looked up at me with her golden eyes. Sitting on the edge of the bed next to Lucilla I gave her my name suggestion.

“What do you think of, Winter?”, I asked.

“Hmm, I don’t know…”, she said.

Thinking about another name another one came to me.

“Serria!”, I said energetically.

“Who?”, Lucilla asked.

“What about Serria? It was the name of a beautiful mountain range back in my world.”, I said, “With wind-swept peaks, and snow-covered ridges the location was stunning.”

“Then I think that is a great name!”, she said, “Serria…”

Holding her first child tightly she was smiling like I had never seen before. Getting out of bed while holding the babies I about had a heart attack. Laughing the two of them said the doctor used healing magic on them so they were fine to move around. Watching them walk around normally with the babies in their arms I calmed down a bit, but was still nervous about the whole thing. Returning to our testing while they fed the babies we came to the conclusion that Clarissa was the one who came up with the best design. Altering it slightly to suit our needs Strella called her father over so I could explain things to him.

“Light and flexible, but rigid enough to not break in the air.”, Strella’s father said, “Mythril or Aluminum is the best choice for that. Obviously Aluminum is the way to go due to cost.”

“I’d have to agree with you. Getting Mythril would be a pain as it is.”, I said.

Going over the prints with his men Strella made sure Orega was able to see us work. Look back at his grandson he asked to hold him so he could get a better look. Holding him gently the grizzled old man showed his soft side for his grandson. Smiling at her father she gave him a kiss on the cheek for being such a good grandfather. I figured if I did the same he’d punch me so I didn’t.

“What’s with all these air pockets?”, the dwarves asked.

“It will make the wings even lighter.”, I explained, “It also means we need less holding the wings to the plane.”

“Ah!”, they said understanding it now.

“I am estimating it will take us roughly a week to do both wings plus putting your fuel tanks in the wings.”, her father said, “Would you mind if I borrowed Orega for the job?”

Neither of us had a complaint as long as he didn’t let anything happen to him. Grinning away like a spoiled child he grabbed Orega a few changes of clothes before taking off with the prints, and his men. Watching him runaway with his grandson Strella seemed very happy. Returning to our work we rejoined the others in Lucilla’s lab. Currently in the process of designing a bomb Lucilla had just put Serria down for a nap.

“Who knew having a child would be so much work.”, she laughed looking over some papers.

Not knowing how to respond I looked around for someone to say something. Seeing me in a panic Lucilla laughed saying it was a joke. Informing me that she genuinely happy to have a child of her own I sighed with relief.

“Don’t get to comfortable. You have many other women here who want babies, and will want more than one. I am included in that.”, she said.

Nodding I walked over to look at some designs she, and the heroines had made. Surprised by how detailed they were I came to find out Ruby was actually an engineering student before being brought here. Make a test bomb we used a large slingshot to launch it. On impact it exploded wonderfully satisfying our requirements. Now all that was left was waiting on the bomber to be completed.

Sitting back in our sitting room the women were relaxing with me after working hard the past few days. Everyone had definitely pulled their share of the work which was great for all of us. The maids were busy making this evenings dinner. Having asked the six women who assisted in getting the information when they wanted to get dinner they said tomorrow worked for them. Nodding I put it in my calendar just to be safe. With a few hours to kill I decided a bit of payback was in order.

“Alright, miss former beast queen you, and I have an engagement.”, I said.

“We do?”, she said confused.

“Oh yes, on the corner of payback and just desserts.”, I said grabbing her hand.

Pulling her away everyone wished her luck while waving at her. Seeing her daughters smiling with evil intent she started to panic. I didn’t let her get away as I carried her into a spare room. Locking the door behind me I cracked my neck, and fingers. Taking my shirt off she seemed to get the idea finally. Helping her remove her nice dress I put it aside. Even I wasn’t crazy enough to rip up a five thousand gold dress. Getting her ready with some skillful hand movements she was ready in no time. Licking my close friend with a lustful expression she told me to give it to her. Rolling her on to her back I slid into her very ready hole.

Tightening down on me she started panting with excitement. Matching my rhythm perfectly she came several times making a mess of the spare bed. Basically begging now she was telling me to give her a baby. Locking my waist to her she squeezed me tightly with her thighs. Smacking her butt for misbehaving she started screaming loudly in pleasure which was a bit weird to me. Looking at the door I could see her four eldest daughters were watching her with bright red faces. Listening to her beg for it they must have felt a bit embarrassed. Sitting her on my lap she grinded away with my tip at the bottom of her baby room.

Not caring that her daughters were watching she gave them a dreamy smile. Spreading her legs wide I asked her if she was ready. Moaning loudly I took that as a yes. With a big push I clapped the nuts against her as I let loose a big shot in her greedily her hole drank it all down. Watching it all happen from the mirror in the room her body came from the experience. Shaking her hips begging for more we went three more times. Panting uncontrollably by that point I decided to stop for fear she may have a heart attack. Separating from her she snuggled up to me like there had never been bad blood between us in the past. Laying on me she kissed me passionately as she gave me quite a good handjob.

“I will have to reconsider my wardrobe now.”, she purred, “I have to look my best for my husband now.”

Pressing her chest against me she said that she enjoyed it quite a lot. Kissing me again she lightly ran her hand down my chest never looking away from my eyes. Promising to play nice from now on she told me to always do her the way I just did. Proceeding to clean me off thoroughly with her tongue she swallowed all of it. Throwing a robe on she strut out of the room like some sort of high-class woman headed for the bath. Walking past her daughters with a passing smile they looked at me in disbelief.

“I don’t think we have ever seen her act this way!”, the four women said looking at their mother, “What did you do?!”

“Hell if I know. I thought I would tease her a bit for all the crap she did to me in the past, but this happened. I think I like this her far better than the other way. Think maybe you four would turn into that if I did it that way with you?”, I teased.

“Please don’t!”, they said, “Don’t you like us the way we are?”

“Yes, it was just a joke.”, I said kissing them on the cheeks, “Lets all take a bath before dinner tonight. I am in the mood for some of Clarissa’s home-brewed sake.”

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