The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 34: The Druid Tablet

With the choice made for me I ended up in our bath with everyone. At this time I was enjoying the scenery of beautiful women. Thinking it wasn’t so bad that quickly went down the drain. Hoping on me like she was attacking her prey Brittany was all over me. Calling out for help everyone just relaxed ignoring me. Grabbing her firmly I caved in deciding to give her what she wanted. Beating her hole into submission when I finished the first time she was gasping for air trying to tap out.

“No more! You win!”, she said between breaths.

“Sadly, that isn’t your call to make! You did nothing, but taunt with your body before so this is payback!”, I said.

Swearing off any men besides me by the time she was slipping mentally I decided to seal the deal so to speak. Bouncing her on my lap on the edge of the bath she wrapped her legs around me she smiled happily at me. Catching her off guard at that point I seeded her. Feeling it happen she started to panic, but I wasn’t about to let her go. Waiting till I finished I then released her. Standing up right away she looked down with a frightened expression. Running off none of us were quite sure why she was in shock.

Taking the other three without issue they took the gesture with pleasant smiles. Getting out of the tub after we finished we found Brittany on the bed. Selecting her as the partner for the night everyone else passed out on the bed after tucking the kids in who had been with staff making cookies. Pulling her close I slide in her again asking her about the reaction earlier.

“My former fiancée abandoned me after doing that.”, she said, “In the moment I freaked out thinking it was going to happen to me again.”

“If that is all then I am relieved. I was worried I had upset you.”, I said rubbing her chest.

“No, after I calmed down I realized it was kind of nice.”, she said lifting her leg for me.

Taking her out of the bed quietly I brought us to a spare room. Taking her missionary style she acted all shy like. Stealing her lips she wrapped her legs around me. Keep us tied together we went on like this for a few hours. Putting everything I had in her she seemed to be very happy cleaning me off she thanked me with a seductive smile. Sitting on my lap she leaned into my chest purring happily. Grabbing her breast firmly I told her no man was allowed to see her naked from this point on. Straddling she looked me in the eyes with her golden eyes.

“You already claimed your territory.”, she said licking her lips, “I am already yours alone.”

“I just wanted to hear you say that was all.”, I said with grin.

The next day Darius showed up with his wife who was grinning in victory. Sitting down they congratulated me before Darius had to leave. There had been a break through with locating the tablet so he was needed to help with the translating. Talking to her daughters about the experience the four gave me high marks on all categories. Smiling their mother started to strip. With the others gone on a shopping trip it was just Brittany, her sisters(Excluding Dola), their mother, and I here. Scooting back in my seat I asked her what she thought she was doing.

“As their mother do you think I would just accept their opinion?”, she asked.

On me in a flash I found myself in a very…very uncomfortable situation. Bouncing on my lap without a care in the world she was starting to irritate me. Hitting her wasn’t an option as that would be cruel of me as a man to do. Grabbing her waist I went for the next best thing. With one big push I put a load in her baby room. Not stopping just once I did it four times. Panting heavily afterwards she looked down to find she was leaking some out. With a sigh she continued till she was a mess. Putting another three shots in she got off me leaking heavily. Cleaning herself up I looked at her like she was insane.

“Don’t get the wrong idea. I enjoyed this quite a bit, and understand why my daughters gave you such a high score. This is payback against my husband for going down to the Black Market. I found it strange that he has been turning me down recently, and after doing some digging I found he is using the three former princesses of this country for fun!”, she said.

“I was told it was one of your sons.”, I said.

“My husband, and third son look very similar. The only difference is one is starting to grey.”, she said.

“Oh…wait! WHY INVOLVE ME IN YOUR MARRIAGE DISPUTE!!”, I demanded to know.

“Name another man who could fight my husband toe to toe?”, she pointed out.

Thinking about it except for me no one had ever beaten him to my knowledge.

“Having someone elses child will show him what he is missing out on!”, she said crossing her arms with satisfaction.

“I feel like this is a horrible idea.”, I said.

“Don’t worry. He will either have to accept it as his own or throw me out. To keep his image he will accept it no matter what.”, she said.

A messenger arrived with a summons for me to the castle. Leaving the family there I met up with Darius, and George who were examining a sheet of paper.

“Find something?”, I asked.

“Yes, we may have actually found a second stone here on our continent.”, George said, “However like the other one it is in quite a dangerous spot.”

“Where at?”, I asked.

“The former capital of Flamoria in the cities treasure vault.”, Darius said.

“What’s it doing there?”, I asked.

“Well I had a thought about something. If druids from your world came here sharing their knowledge this was the continent they would have arrived on first.”, George said, “After doing some research into family histories we found the royal family in Flamoria have druid blood in them.”

“Ah! So the family would have a stone if they ever need it!”, I said realizing his point.

“Exactly!”, George said, “Getting a hold of an inventory list for the vault was a pain in the ass! Do you know how difficult it was for the Historical Minister to actually do his job? He sat there for three days before doing anything!”

Switching gears I looked at Darius.

“So I hear you have been in the Black Market recently.”, I said.

“Yeah, been hooking up with the former princesses.”, he said with a straight face.

“What!!”, I said in shock, “Your supposed to try, and deny it!”

“Why? No point if you already had it figured out.”, he said.

“What about your wife?”, I asked.

“She has done nothing, but speak of plans for adding you into the family for the past two years.”, he said with a sigh, “I am done listening to her. I respect you as a friend, a warrior, and as a man. My main issue was her obsession with you. Now that it is settled I figure its time I let her go.”

“Why?!”, I said confused, “She should be satisfied now right?!”

“No, all I heard after dropping the girls off with you was about you you you!”, he said punching the table.

“Darius, your wife knew about your cheating!”, I told him, “She forced herself on me this afternoon, and things happened!”

Bowing my head I was honest with him. With an uncaring expression he wasn’t to upset. In fact, he seemed grateful to me saying that this meant he was free to take the three women as his own now. Falling to the ground I was starting to get a better picture of why this world was so messed up.

“It’s not that big of a deal.”, George said, “Do you think nobles don’t do it on a regular basis?”

“I was hoping they didn’t…”, I said with a sigh.

“Haha!!”, both of them said, “Your fiancée’s are the odd ones not letting another man touch them.”

“No, I told them that was the rule.”, I said.

“Oh, then they are doing a good job!”, they said with a thumbs up.

“Anyways, I am off to purchase them off the man’s hands completely.”, Darius said before running off.

Returning home I buried my face in the master bed. Asking me what was wrong I told them I was disappointed in the world. Not understanding what I meant I told them that Darius had abandoned the Queen for three younger women. Hearing that she started twitching in anger.

“That man…always looking at the young maids, and noblewomen while I was stuck carrying ten children over twenty years!!”, she said hitting the wall, “To drop me off like that without so much as a thanks pisses me off!”

“Why does that matter?”, Almina asked.

“Because…she forced herself on me today…”, I said weakly.

Looking at her she nodded with a firm expression.

“I see why your upset about this.”, Janice said.

“This is really making me rethink adding more members now. I think two more, and that’s it.”, I said.

“That’s oddly specific.”, they said.

“It will end up being three.”, Joan said with a grin.

“Make it stop!!”, I said.

“Haha!”, Joan laughed, “Don’t worry. Looking into your future they appear to be the last three.”

“Thank you!!”, I said.

“I can only see a year into the future so I will keep any eye open.”, she said.

Thanking her I didn’t waste my breath arguing with Diana. Inducting her before she could say anything she silently accepted the offer. With things simmering down, and a second tablet located I decided to remain her for the night before leaving in the morning. Still intending to get the Dragon Fall’s tablet I told the five heroines to be ready to leave in the morning. Nodding all of us ate our dinner together before taking a bath, and then going to bed.

Getting up the next morning I felt like a train wreck. Climbing out of bed I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and went down to get a cup of coffee. Sitting down in morning sunshine I enjoyed the birds singing for the first time ever. Enjoying the first half an hour of my morning alone the women started coming down afterwards. They way they were acting I have thought they were looking for me to be with another woman. Finding me outside with a cup of coffee they looked happy.

“Maybe I have been pushing the harem a bit too much.”, I thought, “I feel bad I am kind of making them get along.”

Grabbing some coffee everyone called me into the sitting room. Getting up I walked into the room taking my seat behind my oak desk. Looking at me they apologized for their behavior.

“Oh shit!”, I quickly thought, “I broke them!”

Stopping them midway I apologized as well.

“Its my fault for getting carried away with things.”, I said, “Truthfully I should have stayed with a single woman.”

All of them sat up in their seats start sweating.

“Calm down, I said I should have. I have no intention of backing out now.”, I said, “A word once given must be honor plus…I love all of you too much.”

Sitting back in their seats they sighed with relief. With everyone gathered children, and all we discussed the plans for getting into Dragon Falls. Raising her hand Brittany asked why we were looking to get into the Flamoria capital. Having mentioned it to them last night I informed them why.

“Currently the largest Decay nest is smack in the middle of the capital. As it stands not all the nations on the continent want to risk their men for another continent.”, I said folding my hands together, “George, and Darius are onboard…however that is where the support ends.”

“Why?!”, Almina asked, “My people would surely not back out of aiding our allies!”

“Truthfully they are afraid…”, I said, “I am sure you haven’t forgotten that the demigods may be involved in this.”

Retracting her statement she sat down again.

“As it stands I can fight them, but I doubt I can fight the higher ranked ones…especially if that one shows up…”, I said grinding my teeth.

“So what’s your plan?”, Susan asked.

“Well I hate to say it, but only the human women here can help at this point. Bringing the rest of you would be endangering your lives. You saw the five children those nutjob’s are ruthless.”, I said.

Everyone agreed to this so I turned to the five heroines. Informing them that I would be relying on them heavily for their assistance. Smiling the five girls gave me a salute saying they’d give me one hundred percent effort. Looking at Marianne I said she would also be needed to which she happily agreed to do.

“Alright then. Operation Tablet Theft will start today!”, I said with a grin.

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