The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 32: The Road…To Hell

The next morning the heroines, and I left the inn. Loading into the van we left the city behind taking the road northward toward the border. Looking back at them from the rearview mirror I asked how the other two heroes were doing. With a sigh they informed me the drama that was unfolding. Currently expecting their first child the father decided he could pull off the multiple women like me. At first his fiancée wasn’t against it till he continuously brought new women home every night. The first few women were decent people, but then his standards fell sharply leaning more towards looks alone.

“The manwhore then started bringing home thieves, hookers, and corrupt noblewomen.”, Ruby said.

“It got to the point where those women were restricting his time with the more wholesome women. When she entered her last three months she really wanted him around, but the others kept him away.”, Circius said with a sad expression, “She has been coming over a lot to speak with Sapphire, and Lucilla.”

“Why?”, I asked, “Seeking other pregnant women to socialize with?”

“Yes, she asked them how they were holding up.”, Lilian said, “When they informed her that you made regular calls to us since you couldn’t come home she seemed quite distressed.”

“…the waiting staff are one thing. I am not going to take care of the women he is discarding.”, I said firmly, “I will beat his ass like a drum before letting that happen.”

“Then please do it!”, they said, “She is our friend, and it hurts to see her suffer like this.”

With a sigh I told them I would handle it. They needed to get him in a public place though so I could make an example out of him. Nodding they sent her the message which she quickly responded too.

“She said he will be out shopping tomorrow afternoon.”, she said.

“Okay.”, I said.

Reaching the edge of the warm climate now we were shocked to find how dramatic the change was. The snow was now piling up along the edge of the warm area like it had a force field on it. Stopping here for the night the four of them wanted to have a snowball fight. Getting out I suggested splitting teams, but the suggestion fell on deaf ears. The four of them started pegging with snowballs laughing their butts off. Diving into the snow I made a wall for defense. Making several snowballs I started returning fire at them. We played around for a few hours till we were exhausted.

Climbing into the van I locked the doors falling asleep with them. The next day I opted to remain here since once I was in the snow again I wasn’t going to want to stop. Agreeing with me we got ready, and returned home. Since it was still nighttime we climbed into bed for a bit more sleep. Waking up again between Sapphire, and Lucilla gave them both a kiss on the cheek to wake them up. Smiling brightly they kissed me back asking if I wanted breakfast.

“Might as well. I assume Ruby, and company told you what we are doing today?”, I asked.

“Yes, it will be nice for Janice to get her man back.”, they said.

Sitting down for a meal with everyone I gave them a rundown of today event. Everyone seemed to know Janice’s situation so they were more than happy to help her. Asking what they could do to help I suggested they have a conversation with the poor decisions he made. Cracking their knuckles the women smiled thinking of ways to handle them. Looking at Dola I told her she would have the important task of watching their backs. Since I knew they had a bad habit of getting overly into things I was afraid someone may jump them. Leaving Dola on guard duty meant they could beat them to their heart’s content.

“Alright then. Are we ready to get this day rolling?”, I asked.

With a nod from everyone at the table they went to prepare themselves for the assault. Walking into the kitchen I greeted the staff with my normal manner. They gave me the typical servant reply before I gave them each a quick rub down. The four women enjoyed it grinning ear to ear. Informing them that we may end up with a few guests this afternoon they asked what they needed to serve.

“I guess you four wouldn’t get that reference.”, I said, “The guests we may receive are scumbags that the idiot hero is courting. I am sure the women upstairs told you all about them.”

“We knew even before that.”, they said, “Is there something you need from us?”

Wrapping my arms around the wolf tribe woman I asked them to assist the women in giving them a beat down should they step out of line. Asking if it was really alright to do so I nodded my head.

“Listen, I will allow it this time since I hear they are quite trashy people.”, I said, “Make sure they learn their lesson well.”

Smiling they each grabbed a cleaning, or cooking tool spinning it around skillfully. Tell me that they would follow my order they went to the market to get some things for this evenings dinner. Content with that I spoke with Ruby briefly about a timeframe for his arrival. Saying he would be leaving in a short time I made my way to the shopping district. Sitting outside a cafe sipping on coffee I watched as his crew approached. Sure enough you could tell he was picking favorites currently. Pressed up against him several noblewomen were pestering him for attention. In the back Janice, and five other women were watching from the back hesitating to speak to him. Spotting me I gave Janice a nod so she gathered up her courage to speak with him.

“Darren, we need to talk!”, she said.

“I told you not to call me that…my hero name is much cooler!”, he said.

“Haha! He was using a false name this whole time!”, I laughed in my head, “What an idiot!”

“Our baby is due in a month, and a half. Can’t you spend a bit of time with so we can prepare for her arrival?”, Janice asked.

“Listen tramp!”, the noblewomen said, “He doesn’t have a need for spoiled goods like you! All you are is a walking babymaker!”

Backing up Janice was visibly upset. Begging for Darren to give her some of his time he was about to turn away when my fist collide with face. Rolling across the ground he held his face looking up at me.

“You piece of shit!”, I shouted, “You call yourself a man yet when a woman deeply in love with you who would give her everything to you wants a bit of your time you just walk away? Don’t make me laugh by calling yourself a man. Your nothing more than dirt if you’d walk away from her!”

“You have more women than I do!”, he snapped, “Are you saying you treat them better than I treat-”

“YES!”, my harem shouted, “He isn’t trash like you!”

“He cares about each of us, and doesn’t hesitate when we need him.”, Strella said holding my son.

“He may sleep with women outside his harem on occasion, but when I told him we had a daughter he came running to me.”, Clarissa said, “He took us in without a single word of complaint, and has done nothing but work his butt off to keep us all happy.”

“That’s a lie!”, Darren said, “There is no way he would go so far for you! He must see you as playthings!”

“Look at the two of us, and then look at Janice!”, Sapphire said getting emotional, “Do we look like we have been discarded! When he got back the first thing he did was cuddle with Lucilla, and I rubbing our sore shoulders! The experience may be painful, and stressful at times, but he has stood by us the whole way through this process!”

Looking up at Darren Janice looked up at him pleading for their daughter’s sake. Seeing the crowd look down at him with scornful eyes his anger snapped. Throwing all sorts of insults at me he turned to Janice.

“You brought them here to mock me, didn’t you!?”, he said.

Realizing what he was about to do I tried to stop him, but couldn’t make it in time. Kicking Janice in the stomach as hard as he could I watched her face cramp up in pain. Sliding across the ground she coughed up a large amount of blood holding her stomach.

“You stupid woman!”, he snapped, “Take that rotten child, and your worn out body away from my sight.”

Shaking in anger I started seeing red. Before I realized it my God of War blessing activated on its own as I stared him down.

“You bastard…do you think I’d stand by, and let you harm an innocent woman…”, I said as the flames coming off my armor turned black, “Men like you make me sick! Casually tossing women aside for the next one leaving them with broken hearts! Those six women stuck with you even though you treated them like garbage, and you go crossing the line in the sand!”

The street started cracking as onlookers started to panic. Janice’s crew, and mine watched Darren drew his sword.

“Don’t think I am afraid of you…”, he said shaking in his armor.

“You just killed an unborn child…your child…you don’t deserve the title of hero nor man!!”, I said vanishing from his field of view.

Next thing he realized his face collided with the pavement. Pain rushed through his body as his jaw shattered into powder. Grabbing him by his expensive cloak I dragged his face through the pavement for several feet before pinning his head under my boot. Grabbing his ankle I spun it around like a propeller. Screaming out in pain the women he been lovey with fainted on the spot. Taking my War Hammer I began smashing him into the ground with all my hatred. By the time I had finished I sunk us twenty feet into the ground. No more than a bloody mess now I jumped out of the crater. Releasing my blessing I ran over to the bleeding Janice. Looking up at me Amber told me the child was dead.

Kneeling down I switched jobs to Healer, and then began the process of healing her wounds. When I finished I carried her to our mansion. The others dragged the scumbags back with us for interrogation. Laying Janice on the couch I asked the staff to fetch a towel, and a bowl of cool water. Returning quickly with the items Almina told them what happened. Having seen her before, and then looking at her now they were horrified. Waking up a short time later Janice looked at her comrades asking what became of Darren. Telling her the truth she teared up looking at me. I figured that I was going to get an earful so I braced myself. Strangely that never happened though, and instead I received a hug from her.

“Thank…you…”, she managed to say.

Laying her back down again I asked what the six of them had in mind moving forward. The five companions of hers said they wanted to stay with Janice as they had no where else to go. Having thrown their lives away for Darren they had no family to go home too. Looking at Janice she looked up at me with pleading eyes.

“Please…I know I don’t have any right to ask…but please take me into your harem.”, she said, “The way that Lucilla, and Sapphire spoke of your kindness it made me so jealous. I wanted Darren to snuggle with me to tell me how much he loved me…all I got was cast aside like a used toy.”

“Why don’t you think about it before making that call?”, I asked, “You are badly injured, and it will be a while before your able to move around freely. After you have recovered the seven of us will sit down to discuss things. Till then you are welcome to stay here. I have no intention of making you girls starve to death out there.”

Thanking me I asked the staff to fetch a light snack for them while the rest of us went to beat some information out of the women who started this. Walking down to the small dungeon under the house we entered the cell where were holding the five women. Throwing themselves at me Marianne stepped up, and uncharacteristically beat them with broom.

“You aren’t needed by him!”, she said.

Placing my hand on her shoulder I reminded her that we needed them alive to give us the information we needed. Bringing out a new invention she had made Lucilla decided to use them as test subjects. Blood curdling screams from the five of them filled the air, but never left the dungeon.

“Alright. Who hired you to get in between Janice, and him?”, I said, “You either spill your guts now, or I will step up the pain.”

“Are parents told us too!”, they screamed out, “They wanted the Heroes blood in our family so we were sent to have his children! The six women where getting in our way so we had to separate them from him!”

“Haha!”, I said, “Go figure political marriage would come into this. I should have known better.”

“You are the last male Hero so you can have us, right?”, they said looking at me.

“Like my beautiful fiancée said I have no need for you…however I know a group of people who do.”, I said snapping my fingers.

Emerging from a secret door my Black Market contact entered the room. Looking them over he said he’d pay one hundred gold per girl. Panicking the five women desperately tried to stop me. Telling him I wanted one hundred, and ten gold since they were nobles he agreed to my price. Handing me the five hundred, and fifty gold he slapped slave collars on them. Guiding them through the door he thanked me for my business. Disappearing into the darkness I smiled at the wall. Returning upstairs I tossed the coin to the six women. Looking at me confused I told them that the five women responsible felt bad, and had pooled some money together for them. Trying to hand me the money back I firmly refused.

“I couldn’t take that money. It belongs to the one’s he hurt.”, I said, “You six need it more than me.”

Thanking me they helped Janice up to the room we had lent to the six of them. Once they were out of sight I walked up to Marianne, and gave her a big kiss. Turning bright red she seemed to be embarrassed by the action. Hugging her tightly I told her she had every right to be angry when those women made advances on me. Burying her face in my chest she calmed down. I knew the reaction was out of fear that her past would repeat itself so I wanted her to know I wasn’t upset with her.

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