The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 31: A Formal Request

After picking out some clothing for everyone we returned to the inn where I was told we would spend the night back home. Not having an issue with it we teleported home where I sent a report to Darius, and George about the state of the neighboring continent. With that taken care of I had sixteen women demanding that I spend some time with them. Laying down in our giant bed everyone was content to lay in bed watching me play with my son. Strella warned me that he came out much stronger than expected I didn’t believe her. Letting him rest on my chest when I went to stroke his hair he grabbed my right index finger. The pain that shot through my hand was incredible. Getting kneed by Amber the first we met hurt less than this.

“Sweet lord!!”, I said in pain.

The women started laughing at me before putting him down for bed. Looking into the nursery I saw the four other newborns sound asleep in bed.

“Are they yours as well?”, Crystal asked.

Having Susan, and Hesta explain to them about the four babies I went to check on the staff who were surprised to see me.

“My lord you returned quite quickly!”, the rabbit tribe woman said.

“Lucilla made a device that I can use to teleport back here when I want too.”, I said with a smile.

Asking them how their newborns were they said they were little angels. It was fortunate that their beastman traits overwhelmed anything the former king would have left them with. Sitting down with them they eagerly told me everything the babies were already doing. Watching them light up with happiness as they told me everything I was happy for them. Glad that the babies were happy, healthy, and well-loved the four of them asked me to give them several. As they were passed the general marrying age I, being their master, was given the option to make offspring with them. Telling them that I would be honored to I suggested waiting till their current children were potty trained. Explaining my thought process they agree that to many children close together would cause issues. Sadly, that only stopped them for a moment. Before I realized it they were servicing me with their mouths.

Selecting the Cow Tribe woman as the sacrifice for the process I made merry with her before taking a shower. Returning to the room the women were sounded asleep in the room, but when I climbed into bed I found myself buried under them. The next morning I was summoned to the castle to speak with George, and Darius who was visiting on official business. After giving them a verbal update both of them were convinced that something needed to be done.

“Having a weapon like that should be banned.”, George said firmly, “We need to find out if one is here on our continent, and destroy it.”

“Agreed.”, Darius said, “James, what can you tell us specifically about the spell?”

Presenting my notes to them they handed them off to a research team to investigate it. Turning to me again they informed me that someone had been looking for me. Giving me the name of a city near the border with the Iron Mountains I was to head there immediately. Informing the women they said to hurry back so taking a horse I took the three-day trip to the village where I remembered Amber, Almina, and I had stayed before meeting the dwarves to build our van. Going to the inn like I was told a familiar face greeted me along with a young child. Taking to the back I was formally introduced to my daughter.

“This is Summer.”, the innkeeper said, “Your one night stand with me ended up getting me pregnant.”

“I understand.”, I said hugging my daughter tightly, “So then what would you ask of me?”

“To be the father she needs you to be.”, she said.

“You are aware who I am, and where I currently live, right?”, I asked.

“Yes, and I am willing to move there.”, she said.

Sending the young child off to see her aunt both of us discussed things. I was happy to bring them along with me as it was my responsibility to take care of them. After reintroduction with her fresh hole I discussed things with her family. Expressing my desire to take care of their niece, and my child they gave their blessing.

“See I told you she wouldn’t sleep with a scumbag!”, her uncle said, “He can’t help it if he was called off to fight. The fact he came back for her is satisfactory enough for me.”

Spending the night with her we returned back to the mansion where I had already filled everyone in on the situation. Asking if I had slept with anyone outside the group I gave them a firm no.

“It was generally just Almina, and Amber. Sadly the potions we used to use had effects that would draw the partners together.”, I explained, “Henceforth how Clarissa came to end up with my child.”

Letting everyone get acquainted I took some time to read up on druids from books we had on hand. Ruby, and the other Heroines end up in the study with me. Feeling lonely without me around they were enjoying my company as we read through the books. Around dinner time we all gathered around the dinner table as a family to eat dinner. Sitting at the head of the table we discussed the idea of Clarissa opening an inn here in town. Seeing only benefits from having a steady income for the mansion I agreed to it.

That night I bedded all the women, Dola aside, before passing out. Enjoying themselves Sapphire appeared to be in heaven. She was enjoying being a grandmother, and an expectant mother at the same time. With everyone in a happy mood now we passed out from exhaustion. Getting ready to leave the next morning I got up early to have a peaceful breakfast. Stuffing the cook as she made breakfast she was happy to be of service. Quietly doing the same to the other staff they wished me the best of luck in ending the winter on the other continent. Feeling bad because I thought I was taking advantage of them.

“Don’t mind it a bit.”, the rabbit tribe woman said, “We couldn’t put you out like that…the former king spoiled our chances at having a normal life a long time ago.”

Hearing that they had been abducted from their villages by slavers I felt bad for them. Seeing as we were all around the same age it wasn’t a stretch for me to consider them as candidates for my harem. The four were good-looking so I ran it past the others. Ruby, and the other Heroines thought it was fair, but the others didn’t.

“I understand your trying to be nice, but think about it. Its one thing to marry another man if your husband dies, but it’s another thing when they were just servants.”, Amber said, “In beastman society the weak don’t get the opportunity to have families like normal people. Our ancestors started that trend as to promote strong growth in our people. The mere fact that you see them as people worth spending time with most likely means the world to them.”

“There isn’t anything I can do?”, I asked.

“You’d have to hold some status in our society to do something. At that point you could forcibly make them yours though from what I hear you wouldn’t have any issues.”, she said with a grin.

“So how do I do that?”, I asked.

“There is a competition you could enter in eight months. The competition is basically a tournament of strength.”, Amber said with sparkling eyes, “If you win it you will gain a lot of status in beastman society. More than enough to make the four submit.”

“When you say it that way its weird…”, I said, “First things first though. We need to find away to destroy that weapon.”

“Speaking of which I found something interesting about that.”, she said showing me her notes, “According to legend there is a stone tablet in the possession of a royal family that can translate the symbols to something similar to our language. I can’t tell you which family exactly just that it was last seen in the hands of Darius ancestor some five hundred years ago. It’s unlikely they kept it that long.”

“I see. So if we can find one of his relatives we might find where it went?”, I asked.

“Exactly.”, Lucilla said with a smile.

“Alright…I guess its time we break the bad news to Darius.”, I said.

“You didn’t tell him?”, Cirius asked.

“No, I figured it was best to tell him in person with his family present. I know beastmen value family above all else.”, I said picking up Dola, “Come on my beautiful fiancée let’s go see your family.”

Heading back to the castle I asked for a private room to speak with Darius, and his family. Explaining to Dola that it wasn’t anything involving our engagement she relaxed. I could tell she was worried that I was turning her away now. With everyone present his wife asked if I had finally come to my senses about taking the other girls. Darius told her to stop because he could tell I had some important news.

“Darius…its about the nation your brother was a noble in…”, I said looking at him, “I have to be honest with you…”

The color from his families faces faded away when I told them that the country had collapsed early on after the weapon was activated. Nervously asking me what became of him I broke the news that I wished I didn’t have to tell them.

“Due to food shortages the public, best I could tell, blamed the nobles for not saving enough food. In the end, the royal families and their allies were executed. The women were sold off as slaves, or executed as well.”, I said.

Looking down at the floor he fell to his knees. It was the worst possible news he could have received from me, and it weighed heavily on his heart. His family broke down into tears weeping for the loss of family members even though they were only distantly related. Dola curled up in my chest crying as well with her family. Silently sitting there letting them cry their hearts out I gathered my thoughts. Once they had settled down I asked him an important question.

“I know you are already aware that our neighbors are still mostly stuck in winter. Your relatives back in the distant past happened to have a tablet rumored to have the means to translate the druid language.”, I said, “As it stands if he had any remaining family there they are suffering. If you have any ideas on how to locate that tablet I will do my best to bring your family from over there here.”

Looking up at me with a firm expression he told me what he knew. His father had mentioned something about an important tablet hidden away on the northern end of the Atlimaria continent in a passing conversation. Thanking him he gave me a word warning though.

“The area in question is called Dragon Falls.”, he said, “It’s a dragon graveyard where dragons go to die. It isn’t a place that you should casually walk into unprepared. Even you would have issues if several dragons were there at once.”

“Thanks for the warning. I will have Lucilla look into something to combat them.”, I said.

With that Dola, and I returned to our mansion. Informing them of the location of the tablet Joan gave a complicated look. Asking her what the issue was she said that it was located in a very heavily religious part of the federation.

“Just walking around with a beastman, or demon would be a grave offense.”, she said, “Not only that, but our magics won’t be much help against a dragon. You will be the only one able to fight them. They aren’t considered the toughest living beings for nothing.”

Taking those facts into consideration I looked at the four heroines. If anyone was going to be able to fight alongside me it was these four women. Asking them if they would help me the four of them gave me a firm nodded.

“It’s about time I show you just how tough I are.”, Ruby said.

“You haven’t done much except complain about James being gone.”, Lilian said teasing her.

“I told you not to bring it up!”, Ruby said.

“Who was riding a body pillow every night?”, Cirius asked.

“Stop it!”, Ruby said turning red.

“Or should we talk about your talks when you were asleep?”, Cindy asked with a red face.

Falling to her knees she begged them to stop. Once we calmed her down I asked Lucilla to look into the means to take down a dragon. She smiled like a giddy schoolgirl saying she would love too. After swapping luggage I brought the heroines to the room we would spend the night in before leaving. That plan was scrapped when I got yanked back home for the night.

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