The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 30: A Word of Honor

“So you’re a princess?”, I asked.

“Former now…my country became part of the Federation of Glenmore. While the nobles say we stepped down peacefully it was anything, but peaceful.”, she said, “Almost all of the families were completely executed. I made it out bearly after escaping from the guards.”

“So then is the federation really run by nobles with the people’s best interest in mind?”, I asked.

“Yes and no, while the people’s needs are met there is no chance for people to be successful. Anyone who threatens the government’s position ends up in a coffin.”, she said.

“Is that why your family ended up there?”, I asked.

“Exactly. Many of the beastman nations were also destroyed.”, she said sipping on some coffee I made.

“So basically avoid the federation like the plague.”, I said making a mental note.

“How do you avoid the plague?”, they asked not understanding the expression.

Informing them it was a phrase from my world we set about figuring out the magic circle. Having been curious about my ancestry in the past I learned a small amount about the druid magic my ancestors may have used. Sitting down going over the symbols I realized just how far out of my league I really was. Understanding two of the magic symbols out of the hundred there I learned only that it was in fact part of a series of spells spread out over the continent. Stopping this one would only end the bad weather for maybe a few hundred miles. Informing them of this I told them I believed it was a weapon, and not a defensive barrier.

More than likely the druids set them up to eliminate the natives in the event they attack them. Having never gotten the chance to use it the knowledge was lost to modern people till it was accidentally activated. Thinking that it was their fault I explained that more than likely it mistook their presence as an invasion, and henceforth caused this whole thing.

“There was no way you would have know about it.”, I said comforting them, “If the military came up here it would have been the same.”

Opting to go with plan B now that we knew there might not be an off switch given it was designed to wipe out the natives. Wanting the two of them to wait outside they adamantly refused to part from me saying it wouldn’t be fair if I died, and they didn’t. Getting a dispelling spell ready for use the two women covered their ears, and closed their eyes. Launching the spell I pulled the three of us into the closet getting behind the wall just as the spells collided. A massive explosion happened as the spells collapsed destroying the spell. Poking our heads out we were relieved to find that everything was intact.

Rushing upstairs we found that the storm was falling apart letting the sun break through the clouds. As predicted the backlash was seen immediately as the snow melted away almost instantly causing a massive collapse of the mountain side from the sudden flood of water. Feeling the whole mountain shake I held on to the both of them tightly till the shaking subsided. Once the mountain calmed down we decided to hold off on the descent till tomorrow. So at first light the next day we descended down the mountain finding the devastation the collapse had caused.

“So many people…”, Marianne said looking like she was about to cry.

“Actually no one was in any of these villages aside from the one at the base of the mountain.”, I said.

“Where did they all go?”, Laura asked.

“I would have asked you, but you’d have no way of knowing.”, I said.

Returning to the town where the four women were waiting for me they tackled me when they spotted me. Tears streaming down their faces they started beating me senseless saying I took to long. Watching the scene unfold Marianne, and Laura started laughing at me. Asking me who the two new were the four of them stared me down.

“You weren’t making merry while the rest of us were freezing, were you?”, they asked.

“No!”, I said, “The three of us struggled to find a safe means of stopping the spell, but failed. We ended up dispelling the magic since we couldn’t read the druid symbols.”

Laura, and Marianne nodded backing up my story. They did, however state that we had messed about the night before dispelling the spell.

“You have a lot of catching up to do!”, Joan said licking her lips, “We have been worried sick about you.”

Nodding I said that we had two things to do before that. Informing them of our findings they were frustrated that there were more spells to destroy. Asking if I had any ideas where they could be found my only idea was druid ruins. Meeting with the lord again he seemed quite troubled by this development.

“With the warm weather back again I ordered all available men, women, and children to start planting immediately. The issue now is that the surrounding territories are still under the clouds meaning they will flood here to escape. I will have a proper riot on my hands if that happens.”, he said, “You are sure they would be in druid ruins?”

“Possibly sites that they held in high regard as well.”, I said, “It’s a safe bet to assume that they will be surround by a stormwall. If they happen to send someone it should be someone well armored, and with high endurance. I was exhausted after taking a beating in there. Had it been even a mile deeper I am not sure I would have made it.”

“If you had a hard time it is needless to say a normal person would die.”, he said, “I will reach out to the Snow Elves of Frostmore for assistance as they stand the best chance of entering these places. By the way, I assume these two are to blame for the-”

“I think it be better if we put the blame where it really belongs…”, I said narrowing my eyes, “Or would you rather I not bring that up?”

“Very well. The official statement will be that the Decay trigger an ancient magic weapon.”, he said sweating bullets.

“I can agree to that.”, I said with a smile.

Leaning over Joan asked what I was talking about. Promising to inform her later we left the lord to return to our room in the inn. Picking up the mirror I contact the others who were relieved to see me alive, and in one piece. Taking this opportunity to introduce the two new additions I then spoke about the druid magic we found. Lucilla examined the symbols saying she would look into it so we wouldn’t have to risk our lives too much. Everyone else back home would also assist in this as druids had live on the other continent as well. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think they setup the same weapon there as well. Blowing each of them a kiss Lucilla was excited to inform me that she had successfully made a teleportation device that she had tested nearly three thousand times to ensure it worked flawlessly.

“Alright. Should we clear a spot where a boat can bring it on shore?”, I asked.

“No, we already sent a bird with it to you.”, she said, “It is carrying the device, and a receiver so you can get back after visiting. We got the coordinates from Amber so it should hopefully reach in the next few days.”

“When it arrives we will contact you so we can set it up properly. I can’t wait to see all of you again.”, I said with a warm smile.

The women on the other side were also extremely excited to see me after being gone for what seemed to be an eternity for them. Not more than three days later did the bird arrive with the items in a secure box. Opening it up I could smell the perfume that Lucilla, and the others wore called, Sunrise. Signing off for the package age the general store the women took it back ahead of me. Coming back to the room I was ready to give them a call, but instead they were all ready here. The thought Lucilla had made more than one controller hadn’t crossed my mind. Running up to them I gave them each all the love, and attention I had making sure to get my fill of them. Sitting down over a cup of tea the seventeen women immediately started chatting away about life, and how things were on the two continents. With Dola firmly planted on my lap telling me about everything she was learning I made sure to listen to everything she had to say.

“Is that young girl in the harem as well?”, Laura asked.

“Currently she is in my care till she comes to age. At that point she will be, yes. I don’t make sexual advances on children.”, I made sure say.

The women laughed at me before asking to walk around the city for a bit. They all wanted to spend time with me desperately especially the two pregnant women. Without any plans for the next few days I happily agreed so together the eighteen of us went out for a stroll. Getting a warm reception from the townspeople for freeing them from their icy hell we made it to the shopping district when some men my age started shouting at us.

“Well if it isn’t the udder girl from the academy!”, they laughed, “You didn’t kill yourself already?”

Marianne started shaking as she hid behind me.

“Please…don’t leave me…”, she said terrified of them.

Seeing her on the verge of tears my anger boiled over.

“Amber…Laura…please comfort Marianne for me. I think I need to teach these filth that they pissed off the wrong man…”, I said tightening my muscles.

Nodding they sat her down on a nearby bench trying to calm her down. Walking towards them I cracked my knuckles not taking my eyes off of them.

“Is a human trying to scare-“, the imp said before my fist collided with his face.

Sending him flying through several abandoned shopping stalls, and into the inner wall he died instantly.

“Why you!”, the six other men said rushing me.

Activating my God of War blessing I rammed my fist into their guts breaking several of their ribs. Pinning the leaders head under my boot he was screaming out for assistance. Sadly for him though no one was going to help him. In demon society the God of War is held in high regard. To raise your hand against one with his blessing would be seen as a betrayal to the god himself. This fact had escaped his mind as I was currently applying pressure to his skull.

“Listen up scumbag! Before I kill you I will have you know that Marianne is gentle woman who wouldn’t hurt a fly! The fact that you shitbags used her like a play toy pisses me off to no end!!”, I said sinking the man into a ground, “You will suffer dearly for angering me, and I will ensure that your last moments in this world are nothing short of hell!”

Grabbing him by the ankle I proceed to smash him into the ground like a rag doll causing him to break into many pieces. His comrades tried to flee only to have their brains smashed across the street after my War Hammer had a brief discussion with them. Lighting the corpses all on fire the sounds of the remaining men rang out in the streets as I stood on a crate.

“Hear me well!”, I said, “These women are under my protection! If any of you harm them in any manner I will rip your guts out, and feed it to the starving animals in the forest!”

Like ants the crowd that had formed scattered. Releasing my form I walked back over to Marianne who was crying. Kneeling down I asked her if there was anything I could do to help her. Diving into my arms she cried her heart out in my chest thanking me so much for chasing her nightmares away. Looking up at me with a big smile she told me that she wanted to always be my woman, and one very important thing.

“I love you so much!”, she said.

“I love you just as much!”, I said kissing her on the lips.

With a lovey dovey atmosphere around all of us we proceeded to shop after taking some pain killers to numb my body.

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