The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 29: The Ice Queen

Getting only a few hours of sleep I set off at first light partially exhausted. Grabbing a few frozen blueberries on route I pasted several more destroy villages. Realizing that it wasn’t avalanches causing the villages to be destroyed I kept myself on alert. A monster of some sort had to have leveled all these villages. Reaching the edge of the treeline I saw what the city lord had mentioned. A few feet from me was a giant storm wall that when I used a branch to test the harshness tore the branch to shreds.

“I wonder if it’s to late to switch jobs….”, I said forcing my way into the storm.

Keeping up a strong magic barrier I wandered through the pitch black storm for what seemed an eternity. Just as I was about to turn back the storm started lighten up. Continuing forward I came out on the other side of the stormwall. Wiping the snow off my body I found myself standing in what appeared to be the garden of eden in this world. The sun shone brightly on the flowers, and grass that filled my eyes. Rabbits hopped along through the grass chased by foxes. The birds were singing in the trees which set me at peace. Remembering my goal I pushed on towards the fort that was on the summit. Reaching it after an hour-long climb I sat by the door catching my breath. Just as I was about to knock on the door two women walked out of the fort only to find me sitting there.

“Hey…”, I said, “You wouldn’t happen to have a place that I could crash for the night. Climbing up the mountain was exhausting, and that stormwall was brutal.”

Looking at me without saying a word we stayed there for a few moments. The first to speak was Marianne.

“You…are you from down below…?”, she asked.

“I hate to be that guy, but aren’t their normal curtesies that are given to guests.”, I said.

“Oh my! I am sorry please come in!”, she said motioning me inside.

Collapsing back into a rather comfy sofa I sipped on some warm tea. Knowing full well they had drugged it I broke the capsule in the back of my mouth to block it from taking effect. Relaxing now that I had finished their tea they asked me about myself. Going through the same lengthy story again the two of them listened intently. Showing them some of the devices from my world they believed me right away.

“So you came up here to stop the winter?”, they both asked.

“If possible, yes.”, I said, “Like I said children are dying down there who have yet to even reach a full year of life.”

“I am afraid we can’t do that…”, Marianne said twiddling her fingers.

“Why not?”, I asked.

“It is probably best to just show you.”, her friend said.

Leading me to the basement of the fort I was amazed to find a large magic circle glowing brightly. Judging from the surroundings one of them had gotten angry, and had thrown things around.

“Is this a defensive barrier circle?”, I asked.

“Yes, both of us met on the mountain. We moved in here to practice our craft because the world below hated us. One evening we were digging in the storage area looking for supplies, and accidentally triggered the barrier spell. Throwing random potions at it we hoped to stop it, but nothing happened.”, her comrade said.

“You happen to remember what you through in…”, I asked.

“No, it was stuff they had in that storage room. We don’t know what it was as the people who originally built this place died out thousands of years ago.”, Marianne said opening the storage room door.

Reading the label my face became cramped.

“Do you know what it is?”, they asked.

“This is Ice Dragon Blood!”, I said, “You threw Ice magic booster ingredients into the barrier! No wonder the hold continent is frozen solid!”

“The whole continent!!”, they said falling to their knees, “WE DIDN’T KNOW YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE US!! PLEASE DON’T KILL US!!”

“I don’t have any intention of killing you. Did this place happen to have a library?”, I asked.

“Yes, would you like to see it?”, they asked.

“Please, and if its alright with you could I stay in that room till I figure a way to stop the barrier?”, I asked.

“By all means, please do. We don’t use the library anyways.”, they said.

Leading me to the library I started ready the builder notes that had been left behind. Looking over my shoulder both women wore confused expression watching me. Knowing that they were wondering why the drugs hadn’t taken effect they were stressing out.

“Listen, I know the tea you gave me was drugged. I took an antidote to block it.”, I said focusing on the notes.

“You did!”, they said stepping back.

“Believe me I understand why you did it. I read all about your history, Marianne. I can only assume your situation is the same miss?”, I asked hinting that I wanted to learn her name.

“I am Laura.”, she said the blue haired goddess said with gentle smile.

Looking identical to Marianne aside from the blue eyes, and hair I asked if they were related. Shaking their heads they said there were some differences between them that couldn’t be seen just looking at them normally. Getting the hint it was under their clothing I didn’t force them to tell.

“You aren’t going to force yourself on us?”, they asked.

“Listen…I have fifteen women that would kick my ass if I forced myself on a woman. I only pursue women who show interest in me. I am not a rapist after all.”, I said.

Both women were still skeptical about me given that both had a strong distrust for men. Asking them why this area hadn’t been effected by the weather they said they weren’t sure either. With a sigh I returned to the notes looking for any sign of a way to break the spell. As darkness fell I told them that I was going to bed. Nodding they left the room silently leaving me to sleep like a baby on the sofa in the room. When I woke up the next morning, and went to the kitchen to make myself breakfast the two women stumbled in exhausted.

“Not sleep well?”, I asked.

“We stayed up thinking you were going to assault us in our sleep…”, they said nervously.

“If that were the case why didn’t you two share a room, and take watch in shifts?”, I asked.

Collapsing onto the ground realizing their blunder both of them broke into tears. Freaking out I apologized several times before they would quite down. Asking them if they wanted to eat breakfast with me they nodded. Having made bacon, eggs, and toast I split the servings between us. Watching me eat before they tried my food they found my cooking to their liking. Happily eating their meal with me we hit the books again looking for any solution. This cycle continued for five days before we had thoroughly searched every avenue we could find.

“This isn’t going to be easy.”, I said, “We may have to go with plan B.”

“Which is?”, Laura asked.

“Both of you wait outside the fort, and I try to destroy the magic circle.”, I said, “I have a few spells that could do it, but if they have protection magic in place it blow this place up.”

“Oh!”, they said shaking their heads, “That is far to dangerous!”

“That’s why I suggested both of you stand outside.”, I said.

“No, if your going to do it we are going to stay with you. It is our fault after all.”, Marianne said.

Over the past five days the two of them had grown accustom to me. Not fully letting their guard down, but enough that they weren’t trying to drug me anymore. Before taking steps for plan B there was two places left to look: the command center, and a religious area that was on the south side of the fort. Leading me to the command quarters first we examined the room for hidden areas. Both of them were going to give up when I grew tired of screwing around blasting a hole in the wall with my fist. The wall behind the commanders desk gave way revealing the hidden room I figured was here.

“We have been here forever, and never knew this existed till now!”, Laura said.

“I didn’t figure you’d punch a hole in the wall.”, I teased.

“We are two delicate flowers not a meathead like you!”, Laura teased back.

“Oh my aching heart!”, I said pretending to be hurt.

With the discovery of many new documents we spent the evening flipping through files before passing out reading them. Waking up the next morning with a soft sensation on my back I tried to move around only to meet some resistance. Opening my eyes I found Marianne staring back at me with a bright red face.

“Um…”, I said turning red as well, “Do you mind, I can’t move.”

“Neither can I. Laura is on me.”, she said, “I am so sorry I must be heavy.”

“Not at all. Under different circumstances this would be enjoyable.”, I said with a smile.

Hiding her face from me it was obvious that I hit her with an embarrassing comment. Looking up at me after a few minutes she asked if I genuinely meant that. Nodding with a big grin I swore on my life that I meant it. Feeling the smooth sensation increase on my back I let out a sigh of happiness. Turning red she scooted a little closer to me, and as she gathered her bravery to kiss me we heard someone start to chuckle. Looking up Laura was watching both of us.

“So your finally being honest.”, Laura said, “It’s about time.”

“No need to be cruel about it!”, Marianne said, “It took me a lot of time to get comfortable enough around him to let my guard down.”

“So now that she has definetly shown interest in you, what will you do?”, Laura asked.

Feeling Laura’s hand grab my dear friend I tensed up. Feeling her smooth hand motion it was evident she was for it no matter what Marianne thought. Being a man I took the leads, and stole Marianne’s lips. At first there was a bit of resistance, but it was short-lived. In short bursts she would kiss me while crying. Seeing that she still was afraid I stopped with that much. Parting lips I smiled at her.

“You don’t have to force yourself into this. If that is as far as you’re comfortable with than please don’t push yourself.”, I said.

“No, I am ready.”, she said putting her forehead to mine, “Just please…be gentle with me…I don’t want my heart to be broken again.”

Carrying them to the former captains quarters both women got undressed. Seeing what the report meant by used her body for their pleasure I found Marianne covered in scars while Laura was without a single one. Laying them gently on the bed I started with Marianne who nervously put me in. Moving slowly I slid my arms under her back gingerly holding the back of her head. Never taking her eyes off of me we continued at the slow pace for a short time.

“Do you find me unattractive?”, she asked me shyly, “I am a little overweight not the ideal girl at all.”

Kissing her several times I told her she was perfect the way she was. Looking up at me with her pleading eyes I started picking up the pace.

“Being an eligible bachelor I will admit I want you, and Laura in my harem. If you say no because of what the men before have done to you I will understand.”, I said.

Feeling her legs wrap around me she asked if that was really alright. Ramming her hard now I told her that I was serious about them, and wanted to give them happiness. Tearing up she nodded asking to join my harem, and for me to love her always. Stealing her lips poured my love into her beautiful body. Not skipping a beat I pulled Laura on to her, and popped in her. I didn’t need to be as gentle with her as she was already on board with it. Taking her from behind was quite a magical experience. Watching her tight hole beg me to stay in her she was letting off all sorts of moans. As I was digging deeper into her hair fell to the side revealing a pointed ear.

“Are you a Snow Elf?”, I asked.

“…oh…yes!…I am…a princess!”, she said just as I came in her.

With both of them having sampled my love they looked at me demanding more. Bouncing Marianne on my lap I massaged her breasts which tightened her up quite a bit. Telling her it was okay to let loose she told me to make her a happy mother so seeding her very fertile hole I made sure to shower her with affection, and love. Satisfied I returned to Laura who was eagerly waiting for me. Teasing her I told her that her royal body should bear a few children for me. Nodding she told me that she could live with it I started to pull out. Pulling me back in she was honest saying that she wanted to very badly. Taking all she could get she told me to swear that I was her man. Doing so for the both of them I ended up going all night with both of them.


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