The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 27: Don’t Mess with a Snow Woman

Having already come to terms with me adding more women to the harem they were unsurprised when I showed up with Crystal. Showing me the updated map they had we looked over it. Altimaria Continent

“Are you originally from Dredmoria?”, I asked Crystal.

“Yes, it is the only Demon country on the continent…I will pretend you didn’t assume that just by the name.”, she said crossing her arms.

Apologizing I asked her about the Federation of Glenmore on the top of the continent. Stating that a year after winter came the royal families were executed in favor of a united government currently the six former countries were now each run by a lord which voted on behalf of the entire country. It was a crappy system, but it was what they had to do. The smaller countries couldn’t sustain themselves without joining together. Blackrock was a Dwarven country from what I had gathered from Strella, Frostmore was home to the Snow Elves, and Rainford was the human Kingdom we were in currently.

“So who runs Tumolgia?”, I asked, “Humans, demihumans, or demons?”

“None, it is regard as no mans land used solely for farming the food the continent need…or should I say used to farm. With this weather most people have abandoned the area.”, she said.

Writing that down in my phone Amber asked if it was important. Explaining that I believed the source of this bad weather was either high in a mountain range, or in that area she asked why I thought that way.

“Think about it. If I wanted to change the weather to make everyone miserable I would step up shop far away from everyone.”, I pointed out.

Realizing that it made sense in her mind as well we asked about the mountains in the area. Asking for a mountain range centrally located in the continent she mentioned the Pheon Mountains near the border of her home country. Pointing to it on our map I asked if we would be able to cross into the country without any issue. Stating that normally there would be issues if one came from Rainford she would have to vouch for us.

“I don’t mind covering for my future husband, and comrades in marriage.”, she said.

“…thanks…”, we said with a slight chuckle.

“So when do we leave?”, she asked.

“Well, we have to clear the road from beasts, and bandits. I was thinking of just doing that tomorrow, and then leaving the following morning.”, I said.

The three of them backed my plan so the following morning after breakfast the four of us were at the gate that lead out of town. Cautiously walking down the road we encountered a few wild dogs which I put down with my rifle. After finishing them I realized I had made a big mistake.

“Shit…it’s a good thing we aren’t in the mountains. The sound of my rifle firing could trigger an avalanche. I guess I have to stick to magic, and swords for now.”, I said.

Knowing all to well the dangers of avalanche’s the three of them nodded keeping that in mind. Continuing down the path Almina stopped us saying she could hear voices in the forest. As quietly as possible we crept into the forest sneaking up on the bandits from behind. Currently the men were sating their lust with women from the village. Looking at things though I’d have to say it was consensual as they seemed very into it.

“Are they savages!”, Amber said in a low voice, “It is freezing out here, and they are making love in the snow.”

Looking at Crystal we asked if it was common for any race to do this. Shaking her head she said not even demons would stoop this low. Asking them for their opinion on things they said that we should just execute all of them. If these women were helping the bandits they were a threat to the town. Drawing her bow Almina readied an explosive arrow that would extinguish their fire. Telling her to hold off on firing till the rest of us were in position we encircled the camp. Drawing my sword I readied myself to charge in. Giving Almina the signal she fired her arrow into the fire.

Hitting it dead on a massive explosion shook their camp. Taking advantage of the situation Crystal, and Amber unleashed their magics on the bandits. Pulverizing them into nothing, but a blood mess I approached the fleeing bandit leader. Only seeing me after the sword had been rammed into his chest he fell to his knees.

“Who the fuck are you people…”, he said coughing up a mouthful of blood.

“We were hired by some people to get rid of you.”, I said drawing the sword from his chest.

In one sweeping motion I severed his head letting it roll across the ground. With the bandits thoroughly beaten we searched the camp for valuables that would now belong to us. Sifting through the broken items we found three sacks of gold coins, a few barrels of preserved food, a keg of beer, and a few pieces of jewelry. Storing the items in my storage we were about to leave when we heard someone moaning. Looking behind us one of the women had apparently survived the assault by using a few dead bodies as shields. Looking at each other we walked over to investigate. Rolling the bodies off of her we found a woman in her late thirties buck naked looking at us.

“Why were you villagers out here? You did realize that those men were bandits, right?”, I said.

“We did it because we wanted too!!”, she said looking up at me, “Our husbands died in the war…can you blame us for wanting some companionship?”

“I get that, why bandits?”, I asked, “Especially in this freezing weather.”

“It was exciting for us to do it with them. At first they thought it was a trap, but after a few times they were having fun like us.”, she said.

“So…the fact that they were making everyone’s lives in town hell meant nothing to you?”, I said clenching my fists, “The fact that no supplies have reached this town in months means nothing to you? There are families in desperate need of supplies, and all you could think about was enjoying yourselves!”

Looking away so she didn’t have to answer I looked at Crystal.

“I know you have your grievances with the people of this town. Is she one of them?”, I asked.

“Yes, she runs one of the general stores in town with her son and daughter.”, Crystal said rubbing her arm.

“Young children or young adult?”, I asked.

“Both are in their mid teens. They basically run the store now that their mother is gone all the time.”, she said, “Secretly they are-”

“Hold up! I don’t want to know about their personal lives.”, I said in a panic, “If they are able to maintain their lives without her than I think you know what to do.”

Nodding she approached the woman. As she drew closer she knew what was about to happen.

“Please wait! I am still good enough to be a sex slave for you. Let me show you how good I can be! These three slaves won’t hold a candle to me!”, she said attempting to play on my male side.

Staring her down she shut her mouth. Crystal placed her hand on the woman’s face before pausing to let me speak.

“These three plus the eleven back home aren’t my slaves! I consider them all my irreplaceable companions whom I want to cherish for all my days. I love each of them completely, and trust them one hundred percent. For you to insult them as such I hope Crystal makes you suffer.”, I said.

Looking at Crystal with a terrified expression her body slowly started to freeze. As blood vessels, and other liquids shot out from her body Crystal kept glaring at her.

“This is for the horrible things you called me. All the times I helped you out only to not have you hold up your end of the bargain!”, Crystal said shaking in anger, “For getting me thrown from my small house on the edge of town because I talked to a man you wanted. Your children are much nicer than you, and sadly for them their mother won’t be there when the child is born.”

“Wait, what-!”, she managed to say before being completely frozen.

Looking back at me I was bright red.

“Something the matter?”, she asked.

“Were you being serious?”, I asked.

“Yes, the siblings aren’t actually related. The woman was barren so they adopted two kids several years ago.”, Crystal explained, “It turned out that the two of them were in love.”

“Lead the story with the fact that they weren’t blood related!”, I said with a sigh of relief.

Laughing she agreed to keep that in mind. Leaving the scene we returned to town with the bandit leader’s head. Going down to the Black Market arms dealer who hired me I handed him the sack. Peeking inside he thanked me for my services. Looking at Crystal he informed her that the bar owner had released her she thanked him for everything.

“It ain’t nothing special.”, he said rubbing the back of his head.

“I wish you luck!”, Crystal said with a smile.

“Same to you! Good luck getting twelve kids out of him!”, the bartender said.

My face started twitching at the number of kids she wanted. Looking at her once we left the building I asked if the bartender had been telling the truth.

“Yes, I wanted twelve children when I arrived here. Now though I want you to give me a lot of children, and you can try starting tonight.”, she said with a wink.

Checking out of our room the next morning we headed off down the road towards the border with Dredmoria. Taking in the wonderful ice formation, and the beautiful white scenery the three women lounged around in the back as we plowed through the snow. Reaching the border four days later, thanks to having to make our own path, Crystal informed the guards that I was her husband, and the other two were my wives as well. Shaking the guards hand myself with a big smile they let us go without issue.

“That was smart showing them that you aren’t a racist against demons.”, she said.

“I was just trying to be friendly.”, I said.

Staying the night in a nearby town the women opted to go clothing shopping for warmer clothes. Giving them money to buy as much as they need they ran off while I sat down at the bar in our inn. Sitting off by myself on the edge of the bar I seemed to be drawing a lot of attention. Wandering over a waitress asked about my jacket.

“That wouldn’t happen to be an Ancient Dragon leather coat, would it?”, she asked.

“Yes, I killed the dragon myself in the Array Mountains on the west side of Atlas.”, I said.

“You mean Atlas as in the kingdom on the neighboring continent?”, she asked in a slightly raised tone.

“Yes, I arrived here close to a week ago.”, I said.

“A week ago!”, she said almost dropping her tray, “You mean you crossed the ocean to get here?!”

“Yes, my two companions and I did it. We came here looking for some items, and to help find the source of this shitty weather.”, I said.

“I see.”, she said, “If that is the case there is someone you need to meet. Please follow me.”

“Uh, can I bring my drink?”, I asked.

With a nod from her I brought my drink along into the back part of the inn. Leading me to a private suite the waitress knocked on the door.

“Excuse me ma’am. The man you described has arrived here, and I brought him as you requested.”, she said.

“Oh! Please show him in!”, a young female voice replied.

Opening the door I was allowed into the massive private room. Turning the corner I found a light grey skinned woman in an all red robe casually reading a book. Putting the book down she looked at me with her blood-red eyes with a friendly smile. Her white hair was very well-kept so I got the impression she was quite well off.

“Well I have been waiting for you Hero from another world. I foresaw your arrival a year ago, and have been waiting for you here since.”, she said closing the door with magic, “However we need to mingle a bit before discussing that.”

“Uh, I don’t even know you. I literally just walked into the room.”, I said sipping on my beer.

“Like I said I foresaw your arrival, and watched the future for several days afterwards.”, she said, “In two days time I was already in your bed so there is no harm in jumping the gun. Please be gentle with me it is my first time after all.”

Removing her robe she was already on me before I could blink. Realizing what she was instantly I set my beer down. Undressing she led me to her bed like she had been waiting for this for a long time. Having been expecting this she needed no warm up, and thus I immediately took her. Clamping down on my neck with her sharp teeth she began drinking my blood. Holding her tightly we continued on like this for hours before we both had our fill.

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