The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 24: Why I Hate Shopping!!

Entering the commercial district the women looked at me. Extending their arms I escorted them like a proper gentleman to the first clothing store. The Pleasant Dreams sold a variety of good mainly women’s undergarments. In a small section though they did sell mens pajamas which was wear I was headed. Before I was permitted to by the women they asked what colors I wouldn’t like. Informing them due to accidents white would probably be a color to stay away from they wandered off to browse the selection. Searching through the mens pajamas for a loose-fitting pair I found myself pulled into a changing room. Fortunately the store was empty, and the shopkeeper had stepped out.

“Brittany, what are you doing!”, I said in a low voice.

“I wanted you opinion!”, she retorted in the same tone.

Currently wearing a deep red pair of making undergarments she bent over giving me a look at the image I may see every morning from now on. Seeing her ever so lightly furred body her tan fur made her very attractive. Looking at me with her fake innocent green I remembered her two perfectly size melons hidden in her bra. Saying she looked stunning I managed to pull myself away before making a rash decision.

Seeing my facial expression coming out of the room everyone peaked their heads in. Turning back to me they narrowed their eyes. The tthirteen of them lectured me on looking at them more than the four others. Nodding my head I made a suggestion purely on my taste. Telling them I like the satin finish Brittany’s clothing had I then said if it were blue that be even better. Disappearing in the blink of an eye they returned shortly afterwards showing me the different choices. Seeing the different shades of blue, green, and red mixed in I thought they looked good. Bringing her choice up Dola presented a very naughty part of undergarments meant for easy removal. Quickly shooting down that idea for my safety I picked out a more moderate panties for her. Going with several different stripped pairs she gladly went with my choice.

Having selected a weeks worth of undergarments I paid for the clothing. Leaving the four princesses to cover their choices we waited for them before heading to the next store. Carrying everyone’s bags the women we passed by start giggling at me. Hearing soft jabs like, “I guess the Rogue Hero has been tamed” or “They have him on a leash”. With a sigh I loaded the bags into our van which I had parked nearby thinking this would happen. The next store, Jane’s Clothing Store, was filled with nothing, but female clothes for most casual occasions which none of them had. Having only high-profile, and pajamas everyone wanted some causal clothes for around town.

Sitting down in the waiting area I kept my eyes to the floor. Trying to keep the twelve of them happy I wanted to make sure I kept myself in control. That run in with Brittany earlier almost caused me to fall due to seeing that toned light tan furred body of hers. The other older sisters were hard on the eyes either. If this was earth the four would have a fan club numbering in the billions. The fact they were interested in me was quite a high honor.

Being called over by the women I walked over finding them in the t-shirt section. Asking me what their limit was per person I looked at them a bit confused. As that had never been a thing in the past I assumed they meant how many shirts they could get. Telling them that seven shirts, and pants would suffice they nodded. Grabbing shirts two sizes bigger they looked content with things. They wanted to be extra comfy they said so that was their reasoning for the larger shirts. Buying comfy stretchable pants they tried a few outfits on. Doing all the girl chat that came with shopping I waited back in the sitting area. Roughly thirty minutes later everyone was satisfied with their selection.

Paying for their clothing, and storing in the van again it was finally time for a lunch break. Finding a nice cafe to eat at where all of us could relax I sat back with a BLT, and a sweet tea taking in the sights. Looking at my beautiful lovers in their new casual clothing made me happy. They didn’t look uncomfortable now, and instead seemed to be much cheerier. The four daughters seemed to be in a decent mood as well. Even Brittany seemed to be enjoying herself. Everything was going smoothly till some idiots showed up. Obviously from out of the country they stumbled in pushing some of the other customers out-of-the-way. The nice atmosphere was gone now replaced by an edgy one.

“Hey! Can we get some service!! We are starving here!!”, the three men shouted.

Handing them a menu they briefly looked it over before placing their order of roast beef sandwiches. Giving them some water the waitress went to the back to give the chef the order. While they waited they looked around spotting our group. Eyeing them one of the men had the guts to walk over to flirt with Amber.

“Hey girl, you free tonight for a bit of fun?”, he asked, “I am sure you want too, right?”

“Not with you swine!”, she said scooting away from him, “I don’t like sleazy men. You also reek of alcohol, and sweat which is disgusting.”

Not finding her comment amusing he attempted to grab her by the neck. Grabbing his wrist before he could I stared him down. Even though I was still sore from using my blessing I wasn’t about to back down from a fight.

“Don’t touch her, and anyone else in my party.”, I said glaring at him, “Go bother someone else.”

Releasing his wrist he stumbled back. Going for his dagger I shot it off his hip with my rifle. Sliding to the back of the cafe the dagger now had a large hole in it.

“Don’t make me repeat myself…”, I said.

Charging at me while swing his fists I side step him, and planted my knee into his gut. Leaning forward out of pain I wrapped my right arm around his neck applying pressure to it. Thrashing around trying to get free I held him in place till he passed out. Letting him drop to the floor I told his buddies to take him. Not giving a crap about him they took his stuff, and threw him out on the street. Sitting back down at the counter they returned to their conversation. Sitting down myself I finished my sandwich before suggesting we leave. With everyone in agreement we returned to our shopping trip. All that was left now was female products which I begged them to spare me from looking at.

“Very well. I suppose you opinion isn’t need in here.”, Amber said agreeing with me, “Is there some place you wanted to go…besides the bar.”

“How about a nearby general store to buy some materials for my bullets? I am running low on ammo after all the fighting recently.”, I suggested.

“That works. We will be ready in an hour. Meet us back here for the last part of the shopping date?”, Amber said with a smile.

With a nod I left them more than enough money for their needs. Heading to the store I picked up some copper, lead, scrape bronze, and black powder. My bullets weren’t necessarily the best compared to modern bullets. Relying on old fashion black powder instead of the newer smokeless powder. Paying the clerk he thanked me for the business since I had spare time to kill I decided to make my bullets using transmutation magic. Switching classes I made all the bullets before storing them in my pouch. Having plenty of ammo now I returned to the shop the women were at. Waiting patiently outside the first thing they did was do an inspection of me. Confirming that nothing was off we continued on to the last part of our date.

“We want to go somewhere romantic!”, Amber said, “As the man you need to decide something for yourself!”

The other twelve women nodded firmly before looking at the four guests. Telling them they were allowed to leave now the four said they were staying. Leaving them to sort it out for themselves I returned to the castle to plan it out. Finding me in the courtyard Darius, and George asked what I was doing. Informing them of my situation both of them patted me on the back saying they felt bad for me.

“My wife does it all the time.”, Darius said.

“Anytime I got to see my wife before now it was always date, date, date for her.”, George said, “Have a plan I assume?”

“Yes, I just need to ensure I can pull it off.”, I said.

Wishing me luck I walked out into town to see if I could make the arrangements. Two hours later I met up with the women who were already in their nice clothing. Sadly we were bringing the four guests with us, and I felt the presence of a few other people in the shadows. Knowing full well it was Darius, and his wife I sat everyone in the van before blindfolding them.

“Under no circumstances are you to remove the blindfolds. They can only be taken off when I tell you too.”, I said, “If you take it off I am ending this date immediately.”

Everyone nodded understanding the rules. Driving the van to the special location I parked the van near by before guiding the women individually to their spots. Helping them sit down once everyone was accounted for I setup the finishing touches. Instructing everyone to remove their blindfolds they found themselves sitting on a picnic blanket out in the middle of a field on the outskirts of town. Seeing the food set out Almina asked where I got the food.

“I made.”, I said.

Everyone stopped, and looked at me confused.

“What? Is a man not allowed to cook once in a while?”, I asked.

“No, we didn’t think you could cook.”, Ruby said.

“Well we all know you can’t drive.”, I teased her.

“That was a simple mistake!”, Ruby said in her defense.

“You’re right. You always supposed to back into things before getting into a chase.”, Lilian said with a giggle.

“You too!”, Ruby said dropping her shoulders.

“Anyways, go ahead and start eating.”, I said with a grin, “The food will get cold if we wait to long.”

Digging into the meal I made everyone’s faces lit up as they savored my food. Making simple pulled pork with the options of putting it on a bun, or tortilla the women added lemon, lime, and other toppings to suit their taste. For the sides I made mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and salad. I also thought ahead to make dessert which was a turtle cheese cake. Having used four pounds of meat we demolished the food quickly satisfying everyones hunger. Sipping on some wine I bought the women smiled happily at my handy work. Putting things away in my void storage I sat next to the women who all leaned into me with pleasant expression. Watching the night sky slowly all of us enjoyed the peace, and quite all of us had been wanting for a long time. Four sets of eyes peeked at us with hesitant expressions. Leaving the decision to Amber she was swift in her delivery.

“Fuck off!”, she said snuggling in with me, “We don’t need four stuck up bitches in our group.”

Their mouths looked like they were about to hit the ground. Trying to defend themselves against the insult Almina put the nail in the coffin.

“The four of you were extremely rude to the owners of the cafe.”, she said, “Not only did you hassle the waitress needlessly you also shot nasty glances at everyone in the room.”

Continuing down the line each woman voiced her complaint. When it was Dola’s turn she didn’t hold back even though she was their youngest sister.

“You kept saying James didn’t want me anymore…”, she said tearing up, “That isn’t true, right James?”

Patting her head I told her that she was very much a part of my harem, and that all of us here liked her very much. The other women confirmed this by smiling, and patting her head gently. Turning to the four of them I told them to go rejoin their parents. Clenching their fists the four of them start cussing us out, but we paid them no mind. Leaving us be for the remainder of the night we returned later that evening to crash into our bed.

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