The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 23: The End of Terror

Walking in through the front gate we found the guards more than willing to let us in. Slowly entering the main hall the women asked if I was really okay.

“Yeah, still a bit stiff from using my blessing, but otherwise okay.”, I said cracking my neck.

Starting with the treasure room we were all blown away by the sheer number of gems, coin, and precious items in here. Telling them that we would take three percent of everything in here as a reward I then said fifty percent would go back to the people. Almina asked why we didn’t give everything back.

“In reality some of the items in here are meant to be here. George won’t be able to run a country without money after all.”, I reminded her.

Speaking of George when I offered him the job he readily accepted as it meant he could be with his family. Currently in the process of restore public order in town I decided to take the people’s money back when he became free. Turning our sights towards the armory since the fragment had apparently been moved we thought it might be there. Sadly that was a bust as well so we checked the throne room, study, library, and lastly his bed chambers.

Casually walking into his former bedroom we found all of his wives inside. Catching them at an awkward time I quickly ran out of the room leaving the women to speak with them. I wandered around the nearby rooms. Stumbling across my Black Market contact in one of the rooms he was looking at the paintings. Handing him an item to pay for the children the former King made he said he would pass it along.

“I hear you had some competition.”, he said.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle.”, I said, “Three demigods have been dealt with.”

“So twenty-one left, huh? That must make you all giddy.”, he laughed.

“Either way do you have my payment.”, I said reaching my hand out.

“As promised here is your official letter of introduction for overseas.”, he said, “Now then, what do you have planned for the former King’s children.”

“Slavers.”, I said without hesitation, “Aside from his daughter that is my lover the other six had bad habits of getting commoners killed for the hell of it. Do you have room for three women down there?”

“Always looking for beautiful women for our clients.”, he said rubbing his hands, “How much would you like for the six children?”

“Give the going rate to the local orphanages. Many of those children ended up there because their parents upset someone in the royal family.”, I said, “Seems fair that their sale value gets given back to the one’s they hurt.”

“Very well.”, he said with a bow, “And the wives?”

“I won’t make a decision on that as most were forced into marriage.”, I said, “If they are horrible people I will be in contact with you.”

“You have our thanks once again for restoring order.”, he said before disappearing behind a sliding panel.

“So they made a tunnel all the way here, huh?”, I thought to myself.

Returning to the bed chambers I knocked on the door asking for permission to enter. Saying I was allowed to enter I calmly walked in apologising for my mistake earlier. Handing me the fragment Amber said the King had apparently moved it since he felt safer with it around. Turning my attention to the three remaining wives the King had I asked Susan how to deal with them.

“They aren’t bad women. Like me they were forced here against their wills.”, she said, “If you would allow them to return to their families that will be enough.”

“I see no issue with that. Have the guards escort you home.”, I said with a courteous bow.

Leaving the room peacefully the three women left the castle returning to the loving arms of their families. Noticing that the bed had clean sheets I looked at the women. Even though I was sore I was still ready to go. Smiles all around Dola took a nap while I made love to everyone. With everyone sound asleep I decided to go to the last place in the castle we hadn’t explored, the Dungeon. Walking down the dimly lit passages I was surprised to find no one here.

“Figures he’d just kill them instead of keeping them alive.”, I said with a sigh.

After checking all the cells I returned to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. Eating some saltines crackers, and cheese I enjoyed my alone time. As I was cleaning up I realized someone was watching me. Turning around I found the maids, and kitchen cook all looking at me.

“May I ask who you are?”, the chef asked holding her butcher’s knife.

As they were only peeking their heads in I assumed that each had a weapon on them.

“They call me the Rogue Hero though you can call me James.”, I said, “You must be the employees here.”

“Yes, does the King know your here?”, they asked.

“He is dead. Died last night when he tried fleeing the city.”, I said.

“Really!”, they said stumbling into the room with smiles.

As soon as I saw them completely I realized he had gotten to them as well. The Cat Sith Tribe maid, the Wolf Tribe maid, the Rabbit Tribe maid, and the Cow Tribe chef were all clearly swollen. Noticing my stare each of them confirmed the father. Apologizing for not helping them sooner they told me not to worry about it. They only blamed the King for this. The children they carried to them were innocent from their father’s crime.

“Well I am glad you don’t blame them.”, I said with a warm smile, “The new King will be instated in a few days. Till then I guess you have a short vacation.”

Leaving them to relax I returned to the room where the women were lounging around in silk robes. Asking them if they cared about me going out for a while they said it was fine. Heading through the sliding panel in the adjacent room I went down to the Black Market. Sitting down in the only open auction house I watched as the former royal children were sold off eagerly buy the three former princes an older nobleman stated what he had in mind for them.

“You bastards had your way with my daughter, and refused to speak to her afterwards. I am sure she has few pointed remarks for you…”, he said glaring them down.

Unable to speak thanks to the collars they three of them were sweating like pigs. Hauled out of the auction house I watched as the princesses price shot through the roof as I shouted out that they hadn’t been with a man yet. The three of them went to some of the Black Marketers down here for new stock. Pulled away since they refused to walk the three of them looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Remember how you used to abuse Hesta by offering her to the staff in the castle…”, I said narrowing my eyes, “Consider this your punishment from me for hurting her…”

Following behind them I walked into the shops to see what they were like. Obviously I had no need for a child as Strella, and Sapphire were both pregnant. Lucilla was too early to see, but she seemed to think the signs were good. Looking at the despair on their faces I left the shop after saying farewell. With the six of them dealt with I decided to return to the castle for the night. Finding that I had spent quite a lot more time down there than I thought it was already nighttime. Poking my head into our temporary room I found everyone sound asleep with a spot for in the center. Going back to the kitchen for a snack I found the staff sipping on tea.

“Back again?”, the chef teased.

“I am a big boy, and I need my food.”, I said with a grin.

“Oh my!”, they said in a flirty tone.

Raising their skirts slight I looked a them with a smile. Asking if they needed something they feinted ignorance. Walking over to them I placed my hand on the chef’s shoulders. That night I sampled some of the fine women here in the castle. I was extra gently as they hadn’t been touched since they knew they were pregnant. After relieving them I took a bath, and returned to our room. Finding Dola awake I chose her for my snuggle buddy tonight. Kissing her several times on the cheek she looked me in the eyes with a big smile. Falling asleep together I didn’t wake till the midmorning hours. Awakening to the smiling faces of me harem I gave everyone a kiss on the cheek.

Today was a big day because Strella’s father would be arriving to set up shop, funds would be given back to the citizens, George would be taking a look at the current situation of the country with the ministers, and we would be having diplomatic envoys arriving. As this was a special occasion the royal families from the four neighboring countries would be showing up. Making ourselves presentable we ate breakfast, and head out to meet the diplomats. Sadly for me the only one that would arrive, unknown to me, was Darius and company.

“Hey!!”, Darius said in a cheerful mood, “Glad to see you in good health.”

Smacking my back I let out a groan. Dola informed him that I had used my blessing two days ago so he quickly apologized for the blow. Telling him that is was fine I asked why he was in a chipper mood.

“After their participation in the fighting became well-known marriage candidates come out of the woodwork. My boys are all engaged now.”, he said with a proud smile.

Hearing his excitement I felt bad that Darvain wouldn’t be able to get married, or become an uncle. Seeing me slip into sadness Darius said that Darvain knew full well that he may die in that battle. For him there was no higher honor than dying in combat, and not a single man in their army had anything bad to say about it. Each of them felt proud having fought alongside him, and they respected his parting by calling him a war hero.

Bringing up the rear the Queen, and princesses joined us. Quietly asking him if he had any luck with them he shook his head. Apparently no one had yet earn that privilege yet. Darius explained that in his country after a man is proven to be strong, and capable of fighting he is allowed to marry. The woman had the choice of deciding what factors they would base their potential suitors on. Fortunately for the princes becoming war heroes, and showing their talents in fighting that was enough to meet many beautiful women. Looking at him I prayed that it didn’t include me. With a nod from him I sigh in defeat.

“Who…?”, I asked knowing full well who.

“My wife wants you to take all five.”, he whispered.

“HAHA!!”, I laughed pulling him aside, “Are you trying to kill me!! If that happened I may end up dead on a full moon. Darvain told me just how crazy they get. I am thankful Dola isn’t to bad.”

“Just wait till she gets of age. Though the fact she already found her partner may mellow her.”, he said, “Just remember your promise!”

“I won’t touch her sexually till she is sixteen.”, I said.

“Good.”, he said with a smile, “So think about it would you? The other four are just old enough for marriage.”

“You know that is a horrible thing for a father to say about his daughters…”, I said with a blank expression.

“I don’t want them living with me forever!”, he said, “They are in sync with my wife so every month I feel like killing myself for five days.”

“And you want to hand that off to me!! Do you realize I have that already with twelve women!!”, I said.

“Fine…”, I said with a sigh, “Three of the four are possibilities. Brittany is still a definite no.”

“Give her a chance.”, he begged, “Just one chance.”

With a sigh I recalled owing Darvain a favor. Deciding to return the favor now I agreed to at least think about it. Thanking me he understood it was still undecided if I was going to take her. Deciding to take them with us out to the market the test began for the four beastman princesses.

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