The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 20: A Woman of Science

Waking up early the next morning in bed I found a very unhappy Amber. Pointing to the door she said to see who it was. Amber hated being woken up before sunrise so she was delegating the task to me. Stumbling to the door I opened it casually only to get thrown across the room by the door.

“Darling, I am here!”, the woman from last night said with a cheerful smile.

Currently in daze I was starting to regret my choice of words last night. At forty women I may die from crap like that.

“Lucilla, please quiet down.”, I said picking myself off the floor, “You know what time it is?”

“Yes, it’s time to celebrate.”, she said presenting some paperwork to me.

Reading over the few papers apparently she forced her husband to divorce her. Freed from him she came straight here without thinking. When I pointed out that people would think of her as a tramp she asked me if that group included me. Telling her I frankly didn’t care she said that it was fine then. No longer wearing her fancy clothing she was now in a short skirt, t-shirt, and lab coat. She pulled off the nurse look quite well which I made sure to compliment her on.

“So what has you so energetic this morning?”, I asked, “Can it wait till later this morning?”

“I suppose so. Sorry for waking you it was just I didn’t have a place to go at the moment.”, she said.

“That’s fine.”, I said with a yawn, “You are welcome to join-”

I didn’t get the words out before her clothing came off, and she was asleep in the bed. Looking at her I thought that I had managed to find quite an energetic woman who may, or may not accidentally kill me one day. Falling into bed myself I pulled Dola into my arms before passing out again. When I awoke later the women had already introduced themselves. Having learned from Amber about my technology from another world she wanted to take them apart. Forbidding it as I wouldn’t be able to fix them if something broke she sighed in defeat.

“I can share the information I have on the phone though. It isn’t much, but it may help you.”, I said.

“Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated.”, she said with a smile.

Sitting down at the small table in the room I went over the small amount of science knowledge I had on my electronic devices. Eagerly writing everything down she seemed incredibly happy. When it was all said, and done Susan was curious about something.

“Just how old are you?”, she asked.

“It’s rude to ask a womans age!”, Lucilla said.

“Only if it’s a man asking!”, Susan said slamming her hands on the table, “I am a woman so answer the question!”

“Why does it matter?”, I asked.

“Because the only older women allowed in your life are Sapphire, and I!”, Susan said firmly.

“Since when was that a rule!”, I said.

“Since now!”, she snapped.

Looking at the others for back up they weren’t interest in the argument. As they were all my age or young, prospectively, they were safe. With a sigh I turned back to the two quarreling women.

“I am thirty-seven.”, Lucilla said.

“Then you aren’t welcome!”, Susan said.

“Now hold the phone!”, I said putting my foot down, “Age isn’t something I will let all of you fight over! If it was a personal issue, or even a moral one I would take it into consideration. This, however is solely about age so this conversation is over!”

“But…”, Susan said.

“No buts!”, I said, “I love each of you equally regardless of age, looks, or personal tastes. The women I choose to sleep with I full intend to take responsiblity for! It is my obligation to the woman who trusted me with her everything! No amount of money, power, or sex can replace the trust I have in each of you, and you in me! I have said it before, and I will say it again…if it came between the world, and any of you I would choose you without hesitation. Money, power, and fame aren’t worth a damn to me. The smiles I wake up to, the moments we share, and the happiness I want to give you is all that matters to me.”

Turning red everyone wouldn’t look at me. Giving up on her argument against my decision Susan allowed Lucilla into my harem. Gingerly putting their hands on my chest each of them asked if I really meant it. That even if the world was against us I wouldn’t turn my back on them. Swearing on my life to the current twelve women in my harem, plus any future ones, that I would always be their knight in shining armor I found myself thrown onto the bed. Dola had to sit out on this adult fun, but I cuddle with her once everyone was satisfied. She was content with being spoiled, according to her, till she was old enough to be seen as a woman by me. Telling me that when I saw her as a woman to take her I promised to do just that.

By midafternoon the women were lounging around in room casually relaxing. A message came in via Air Mail from the Heroines. It was quite humorous in this world how mail was delivered. A special race of monkey’s that had actual wings took the mail around so to me I found the whole thing hilarious. It was as if the dancing monkey’s that used to collect change in the old US were now reincarnated here as postmen.

Reading the letter the four of them were ready to be picked up by me. Looking at Amber she understood what was going on. Telling me to hurry back I made the round trip in three days. Returning with the Heroines in tow they introduced themselves to Lucilla. Amber asked me why it had taken three days when it should have only taken two. Telling her Sapphire was feeling a bit clingy she understood. With my party up to twelve people now I feeling quite good. As I was about to go to the bar though my plans changed on a dime. Pulling me into the room Ruby, and everyone else looked at me expectantly.

“I think you are forgetting you owe us a shopping trip.”, Ruby said.

“I haven’t forgotten!”, I said, “I was figuring you would want to be in a capital city where stores were more abundant. That is where we are going next regardless of the information I get about the sword.”

“About that…”, Lucilla said with an apologetic smile, “My lab is in this town, and frankly I can’t just up and move it around. I hope you understand that until we have a permanent residence I will have to remain here.”

“Oh I understand. Like I said before two of the other women in my harem still maintain their normal jobs. If you wish to stay here I have no problem with it. I am still looking for a place to call our home anyways. I haven’t found a good place on this continent so I am looking to other ones to make a home.”, I said.

“I thank you for being an understanding future husband.”, she said with a smile, “When the baby comes be sure you visit.”

“I intend to frequent my wives to be as often as I can. Maybe you could make a device to allow me to teleport to each of them.”, I said with a smile.

“I think I will begin work on it right away.”, she said with excitement.

“What’s this about a baby?!”, Ruby asked.

Explaining things to her the four Heroines seemed to be upset that they, and the others had been overlooked. Explaining that I absolutely refused to let the women I constantly travel with to get pregnant they got upset. I calmed them by saying once I could retire I fully intend to have kids with all of them. Seemingly understand that I would be overprotective of them they let it slide. Having gotten her information for future projects she gave me a kiss before starting to leave for her lab. Handing her some gold for the child, and her research she gave me another kiss.

“I like a man who has a firm, but gentle hand. I can’t wait for you to find all of us a good home.”, she said kissing me one last time.

With Lucilla staying behind to do research, and develop new technology it would be back to the ten of us as usual. The day before our departure a messenger came for me. Deliver a note from the Black Market Dealer I promptly went to see him that night. Sitting down to talk we went over his findings.

“After reaching out to my contacts I found out the sword was broken into seven pieces by a demigod like you said.”, he read, “Currently one piece is on this continent, but the other fragments are off this continent.”

“Okay, did you get any exact locations?”, I asked.

“Thanks to this bloody war communications between continents has been all, but impossible. I was able to get you information on the fragment here on this continent, however…I think you will find it a bit difficult.”, he said.

“How so?”, I asked.

“It is currently in the King’s treasure room in Atlas.”, he said with a cramped expression.

“I understand it’s difficult for me, but why that expression?”, I asked.

“Normally we Black Market merchants can get along with anyone provided they pay dues for services, and items.”, he said, “For example, you are in good standings with me because you paid fifty percent up front. Most people don’t do that because they are to untrusting of us merchants.”

“I don’t mind getting my hands dirty to protect what’s important to me.”, I said narrowing my eyes, “Whatever it takes to do that I will do without a second thought…even if it kills me.”

“Which is why you, and I can be frank about this.”, he said, “The King of Atlas…do you know how many children he has?”

“Hmm…if memory serves he had seven. One of them is in my care so six now.”, I said.

“If it were only that simple.”, he said, “I am sure you have heard that some noble couples are just unable to have children with their spouse due to an infertile female, or a sterile male.”

“Yes, I know that happens quite often because they interbreed fair to much.”, I said.

“Well while the King of Atlas may have seven children publically…he has fair more on the side.”, he said, “Having taken a good number of them females available at the Black Market in the Atlas capital most of them are having his children. On top of that any who haven’t bore boys are killed with the child.”

“That’s horrible!”, I said standing up, “Just how fucked up is that man!”

“He is trying to make a demigod.”, he said with a sigh, “Roughly six generations back the Queen was the Goddess of Light. His line has the possibility of making a demigod, but so far he hasn’t made one.”

“So how does this effect you?”, I asked.

“Well, due to him having no luck he hasn’t paid for a single one of the children.”, he said looking at the ground, “Normally even we in the Black Market don’t dabble in the auctioning of infants. It’s further than most of us are willing to go.”

“I respect that. I take it the cut off is when they are mature enough to make offspring?”, I said a bit disgusted saying it.

“Correct.”, he said, “His actions though caused more issues than that…”

Explaining to me that because the other nobles saw the King get away with it they have force the merchants to give them free things as well. The Black Market in the capital was apparently a mess because of all the issues the King started. While I didn’t agree with the whole Black Market thing I understood it had its place in this world. A lot of people here would have starved to death long ago if not for this place. Even though the women were forced to have offspring they did get treated quite well by the owners during the process. Apparently some of the nobles went as far as to buy them outright because they fell in love. It was rare, but it did happen.

“Long story short I have a request.”, he said, “The Board came to me with contract they want you to take. Atlas’s capital city is a major hub for the Black Markets on the continent. With all the chaos their supply lines have been exposed, and we need that fixed.”

“You want me to kill the nobles, and King…don’t you?”, I asked.

“Yes, I have a list of the ones that have been causing us issues. No need to beat up the ones that pay their debts after all.”, he said.

“What’s the payment?”, I asked.

“What would you like?”, he asked.

“Since I have to go off the continent to get these pieces a letter of introduction to people that can help me is what I ask.”, I said, “I am sure I will have issues if I don’t have one.”

“I understand.”, he said with a smile, “If that is all you need the Board can deliver on that.”

Handing him the remaining payment we shook hands ending our original deal. With information in hand I decided to call together all of my harem members because the job I was taking on would reshape this continent for years to come.

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