The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 19: The Fragments of God

“So a weapon with a lot of power, and simple to wield…”, the Dwarf blacksmith said, “You’ll have to forgive me, but I don’t know one-off the top of my head. I will do some research for you though.”

Having left the Heroines at the fort in Flamoria to train Amber, Almina, Hesta, Susan, Dola, and I had returned to the blacksmith shop were we had the van made. Asking him if he knew of any legendary weapons we could try to collect he didn’t know of any off-hand that were actually real. Saying it would take him a week to do the research I had the five women go book us a room at a local inn for two weeks. Interested in seeing my lover in the shop I went up to see her. Seeing me her attitude from before had completely changed. Running up to me I noticed she was a bit rounder than before. Asking her about it she gave me a beaming smile.

“I am expecting.”, she said rubbing her belly.

“Is it…”, I hesitated to ask.

“Yours you mean?”, she said shaking her head, “This was a stupid decision on my part. Getting to drunk at a party, sleeping with a stranger, he disappeared, and now I am pregnant.”

“A party?”, I asked.

“The cities birthday was two months ago. It was during that celebration that it happened.”, she said.

“I see. How is your dad taking it?”, I asked.

“Better than expected. He is in the same boat as me with another woman.”, she said with a chuckle, “Fortunately for him they both liked each other before hand.”

“Well that’s good.”, I said closing the blinds.

She knew what was coming next, and readily made herself available. Being gentle since she had a passenger onboard she became much more aggressive than prior. Chalking it up to hormones it was actually a pretty enjoyable experience. During a break I asked her the same question I asked her father. Thinking for a moment she remembered something.

“I’d have to find the book, but I remember reading something a few years ago. A sword crafted by an Ancient Dwarf blacksmith, and enchanted by a powerful High Elf. I don’t remember any details though.”, she said, “By the way, why is your left shoulder bandaged up.”

Telling her what had occurred she understood why I wanted the sword. Hatching a plan she made an offer.

“How about you let me into your harem when you settle down? If you do that I will help you research the sword, and its current location.”, she said with a smile.

“I expected that as it’s my child.”, I said with a grin.

“What!?”, she said in a panic, “I told you it was at a…”

“No need to hide it.”, I said holding her tightly, “The celebration is this week. I saw the flyers when we came into town.”

Looking at me she asked if I was really not mad at her. She was afraid I was going to abandon her like most men would. Kissing her on the lips I said that she is more than welcome in my harem. Telling her the current plans she said she wanted to stay here so our child could learn blacksmithing from her father. Asking her if he knew it was mine she nodded.

“I was so happy when I found out.”, she said with a smile, “You were so very nice, and gentle with me that I welcomed it. When I heard that you were the real Rogue Hero I thought that the rumors of you being a player were true.”

“Who is spreading those lies!!”, I said, “I check on all the women I have slept with. If nothing came of it I leave them be though if something did happen I take responsibility.”

“How many have there been?”, she asked.

“Just you.”, I said with a smile, “Maybe more in the future.”

At first he wanted to beat my ass, but she talked him out of it. There was no reason for it since I fully intended to take care of my children, and wives. Getting dressed I spoke with her father. Satisfied that I swore to both of them that I accepted responsiblity for both her, and the child he welcomed me with open arms.

“I glad you found yer self a husband!”, the workers congratulated her.

Speaking with them about the sword her father seemed to remember the same legend. Taking both of us to the library in his office he pulled down a book. According to him Dwarves kept detailed records of the weapons they made. While it wasn’t one he made himself a distant relative of his apparently made it. Turning to the page to where the sword description was. Examining the drawings I discovered the legendary sword looked like a Zweihänder except much thicker. Made to be seven-foot long it looked unusable for anyone, however the description said the sword was actually lightweight. The enchantments made it less than five pounds to the user, but the full weight of the sword without enchantments would be felt on the target.

“What’s this bit about it being self-aware?”, I asked.

“Ah…due to certain circumstances the sword was infused with a soul.”, the blacksmith said, “Strella knows more about it as she has worked with enchanters in the past.”

Looking at his daughter he waited for her to explain things. With a sigh she informed me that on occasion the soul of a recently departed person can get accidentally fused with the item. Hearing this I made a mental note not to enchant anything. It would be weird if I infused a pervert, or pedobear to an item of mine. The experience may drive me insane. Asking them about the last known location of the sword they both cramped up.

“What’s wrong?”, I asked.

“It is in the shattered section of the book. That means it’s currently in pieces so I couldn’t tell you were to start looking.”, he said, “Apparently a demigod attempted to destroy it, but could only shatter it. The pieces are most likely all over the world by now. The sword was shattered nearly seven hundred years ago.”

“Hold up…you said a demigod did it?”, I asked, “I thought they were just myth.”

“No, the gods do come down from time to time only to mess with us mortals.”, he said, “Most of the time they have a few kids, and leave. That being the case there are currently twenty-four demigods throughout the world. Not all of them are very nice.”

Clenching my fist I knew now who was responsible for Lagas, and Darvain’s death. It would make sense that the demigods would feel closer to the Decay than us. One of them probably went rogue, and joined the Decay. If a demigod wasn’t even able to destroy the sword I was betting they couldn’t stop it if someone swung it at them. Smiling I asked them both if there was a way to track the fragments.

“Black Market is the best place to look for something like that…”, he replied.

“What’s the matter?”, I asked.

“The Black Market is a place I’d prefer you not take my daughter. They are the lowest of scum selling anyone, and anything with a price.”, he said.

“I understand. I won’t take any of my companions there even if you hadn’t asked.”, I said, “So what is the best way to determine if the fragments are legitimate, or not?”

“Now that is a dwarf secret…”, he said, “However you are my daughters husband to be so I am alright giving you the details.”

After a two-hour crash course on determining an items origin, and what the sword would be like he gave me a passing score. I understood very little of what he told me, but I at least had information on how to find the pieces. Giving my fiancée a big kiss I left her some money for our child’s care. Telling her that I would visit daily when in the area she happily saw me off.

After having my ears almost ripped off by the five angry women I explained what we were up against while I was visibly angry. Understanding that they were beings that surpassed me in every way they knew why I was upset. Not only had I lost two dear friends I now had an enemy that could kill me very easily.

“James, you don’t have to blame yourself for their deaths.”, Amber said, “Neither of them would want you to get revenge for them. They were there fighting for their people right alongside their best friend.”

“It isn’t about that!”, I said hitting the wall, “Had I brought any of you with me I couldn’t have done a damn thing to protect you! He could have had his way with you while I lay on the ground unconscious! I can’t bear the thought of him hurting any of you, and so I have to get that sword!! I can’t beat him on my own no matter what I do…he is the child of a god after all.”

Smiling at me the five of them hugged me tightly. They hadn’t realized I was genuinely concerned about their safety. Having been under the impression this was out of revenge they were happy it is just me worried about them. Explaining the task at hand now they gave me permission to move as I needed too. Handing them a tracking device I told them should I not be back by morning to have the dwarves from the workshop come get me. Thanking me for putting some thought into my own life that would be put at risk they sent me off.

Walking to the end of a dark alley at the edge of the slums I knocked on the wall. Repeating the password I had learned from a beggar I was able to enter the marketplace. Led down flight of stairs to the cities underground I found the entire place a buzz. Looking around this place looked more like Las Vegas than a Black Market. Vendors lined the entire street, hookers tried to get patrons by showing some skin, and people were being sold like candy.

“I guess this is where the nobles come to do their thing…”, I thought, “I wonder if there is a Black Market in every major city like this?”

Walking around I found a weapons merchant, and entered the building. The place was relatively empty so I managed to get help right away. Sitting down to talk the merchant asked if I wanted something to drink. Politely declining his offer I causally asked about the market. The tense atmosphere that he had been giving off relaxed quite a bit.

“So you aren’t here to level the place?”, he asked.

“Listen, this was going on in my world. I don’t like it, but I can’t change it.”, I said firmly.

“Very well. So what brings the Rogue Hero down to my humble shop?”, he asked.

“I have need of some information regarding a particular weapon…it happens to be one that demigod’s don’t like.”, I said narrowing my eyes.

“Oh, why would you have need of that?”, he asked.

“I am sure you heard that two men named Lagas, and Darvain died in battle a short time ago?”, I said, “I was there when they were killed. The person responsible easily kicked our asses, and I have reason to believe he was a demigod.”

“Oh, revenge is it?”, he said with a smile.

“No, it is common knowledge that I travel with many women. I assume I don’t need to tell you anymore than that.”, I said with a grin.

“Defending your lovers, I can relate to that. If my wife was threatened by a demigod I would want it as well.”, he said, “What is the swords name?”

“It was called the Fragments of God.”, I said, “Apparently they used the blood of a slain god to make. That is why I want it.”

“I see. I am afraid I don’t know anyone with a sword named that.”, he shrugged.

“Of course they wouldn’t. The sword was shattered by a demigod seven hundred years ago. What I need information on is where the fragments are.”, I stated.

“I understand now. It will take some time to find that information. Will you be staying in town for a while?”, he asked.

“For two weeks, yes.”, I said, “Here is half of the payment for your services.”

Dropping a bag of twenty gold on his desk he gave me a happy smile. He said he would get the information I wanted in a week, and that he would send someone to get me when he had it. Parting ways I decided to check out the rest of the Black Market. Walking around with a beer in hand I stumbled into a robbery. Currently a green haired woman in her early thirties was being held up by a few crooks. With a dagger to her throat she wasn’t able to fight them. Looking at the way they were eyeing her their intent to rape her was clear.

“Hey, you keep your hands off of her if you know what’s good for you.”, I said with an evil smile, “I won’t allow the five molemen here to taint such a beautiful woman.”

“You won’t let us!”, they laughed, “You, and what-”

Before they finished their words their heads were sent flying into the air. Helping the woman up I told her that being out here with protection was a fool hearty decision. Dusting herself off she thanked me for my help before asking me to be her escort. Not to be the guy to turn a beautiful woman down I took her to her meeting point. On arrival I realized her destination was an auction house. Like all the auction houses I had seen down here they were selling anything, and anyone they had in stock.

“What is a beautiful woman doing at a place like this?”, I asked.

“I come here to escape my husband…every night I get dragged down here so he can go off to do this thing.”, she said, “I come here to get away from it all.”

“I see.”, I replied.

“What brings a young man like you down here? Sex, or maybe the whores that sell their bodies to men needing an heir to their families?”, she asked hiding her white skin behind a decorative fan.

“No, I came down here tonight looking for information on an ancient sword.”, I said, “It was called the Fragments of God. I have a merchant currently doing the leg work for me.”

“Oh, do you swing the other way then?”, she asked, “I mean almost all the men that come down here for something usually also do one of the girls here.”

“I currently have eleven women I call my lovers. Currently two maintain their normal lives, four are in combat training, and the last five are at an inn in town.”, I said.

“I see. You must be content to have so many.”, she said.

“Haha.”, I said with a smile, “Not nearly enough in my opinion. I am a man with a dream of building a harem of beautiful women. Where I am from that is normally between forty to hundred women. It actually works out well because the war has decreased the male population by a lot in part due them being the ones fighting. This leaves many women to go without a partner. Since I want a harem I will gladly accept them so long as they met my requirements.”

“What, like have big breast or be able to bear children?”, she pressed me.

“No, they have to be honest, loyal, hard-working, and above all capable of getting along with the other women in my harem.”, I said, “Other than that I want to actually have more that a physical attraction to them. I want it to be like I am marrying each of them separately like I could only marry one woman. They deserve to be treated with respect, love, and affection. I would be a shitty partner if I didn’t do at least that much for them.”

“Many men could learn a thing or two from you.”, she said with a sigh, “You have standards unlike most men…all they care about is if the woman has a pulse.”

“I get that a lot.”, I said with a nod taking a seat next to her.

Chatting with her for a bit we seemed to have quite good chemistry. After learning that she was this world equivalent of a scientist she caught my attention. Going over some of her inventions that she had drawings of I felt like I was talking to Thomas Edison if he were a busty woman. Pointing out a few flaws in her designs she was surprised I understood the complex designs so easily. When I broke the news that I was the Rogue Hero she understood now why I was so accepting of her ideas.

“You don’t have an age cap on your harem, do you?”, she asked.

“No, like I said I have standards.”, I said, “Age doesn’t count up to a point at least if the partner is human.”

Smiling she dragged me to one of the many love hotels. Caught off guard a bit she easily dragged me into a room, and told me she wanted me. The fact she was married though would normally through a flag in the air for me, but watching her toss her ring away easily I gave in. While smashing her in her happy place I asked what made her want me.

“Simple, you didn’t laugh at a woman who was working her ass off! All my husband ever does is belittle my work, and tell me to bear him an heir! The nerve of him to insult my work before demanding I allow him to impregnate me! I refuse to bear an idiots child!”, she said, “You understand my work thanks to you being from another world, and you even helped me with my work.”

“Well, I actually enjoy inventing things with people. Not much I can build on my own, but with a team I great.”, I said.

Locking her legs around me she told me to impregnate her. Looking at her a bit weird I realized she had a much more dominant personality than the other girls. While they would scold me for my behaviour they never demand things from me like that. To keep my place at the top of this relationship I teased her a bit much to her dissatisfaction. When it came time I made her lay on her back. Watching with a joyful expression she screamed in pleasure. Passing out afterwards I left her my information before returning to me inn.

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