The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 16: The Queen’s Entrance

Settling on a new plan of attack we set out three days later. Using the beastmen’s senses to our benefit we made our way towards the nest. Having them stay a mile ahead of us we were able to take the Decay out in advanced as to prevent any damage to the cannons. Driving along in the middle of the group I watched the trees pass us by casually. Bouncing on my knee with excitement Dola was steering us along with a big grin on her face. Seeing this her father felt a sense of foreshadowing events around her birthday. As a father he felt satisfied that I would take care of her properly, but being a father he was still genuinely against letting her marry.

“Have issues dear brother?”, Jarvis teased, “Does her expression make you uneasy? Just imagine when she comes to tell you she’s…”

Before finishing his sentence Darius bashed him on the head.

“Silence!”, he said with a shiver, “I don’t want to think about it right now! She is my baby girl, and I don’t want to think about it!”

The brothers rode behind their father, and uncle watching them argue. They were completely for the marriage as they saw it as adding a strong fighter to the family. Not realizing the heartache their father was in they had almost taken a step to far. After watching what happened to their uncle they decided to remain silent for their own safety.

“James, with Dola bringing it up. How many children do you want?”, Amber asked.

Apparently all the women had been wondering this as they perked up immediately.

“Well to be honest, I want a lot of kids.”, I said, “The only way I am going to afford that is to become a King or something. Maybe find a lost treasure, and retire on that as well.”

“How many is a lot? It is a pretty vague number.”, Almina said.

“Honestly, however many kids you each want with me I am fine with.”, I said before looking back at them, “They have to be spaced out so we are changing diapers for an army of children. The smell alone might kill us.”

The women all laughed at my impression of how I would look smelling several stinky diapers. Seeing as they all seemed to be quite happy with my answer I didn’t press them as to how many they wanted. Looking up at me Dola told me her answer without giving it a second thought.

“I want twenty!”, she said with a smile.

Darius, and both choked on air as we started coughing uncontrollably. Looking at her wide-eyed we were lost for words as to how we should respond.

“So give me the babymaker!”, she demanded.

Turning to me Darius started twitching in anger.

“If you give it to her…”, he said clenching his fists.

“I have no intent too!”, I snapped, “She is to young for that!”

“As long as we are on the same page…”, he said eyeing me.

Lagas, and George were on the brink of dying from laughter up ahead of us. Swearing to kick their asses later. Stopping to build a forward base five miles from the nest we began our construction work on a hilltop. Sending messenger to the base at the wall we informed them of the current situation. It took nearly a month to build, but we finished what could only be called a masterpiece in engineering. Built completely out of chiseled stone the stones locked together so they didn’t need mortar. The design looked very close to the Inca from earth so it felt nice to be around familiar buildings. With rooms now available for use I thankfully accepted one laying down our normal bedding. It wasn’t five-star, but it was livable. Pent up for nearly a month the eight of them asked if I would make love to them. Just as we were getting ready we received a knock at the door.

“Yes?”, I called out, “Can I help you?”

“James, can I have moment?”, Darius said.

With a sigh I put my robe on stepping outside. Before he walked in I shut the door. Looking at him gave him a complicated look. Understand he had interrupted something he apologized for it.

“So what’s up?”, I asked.

“Dola wanted to sleep in your room tonight.”, he said.

“Not tonight.”, I said, “For her own purity not tonight.”

“Normally I would agree…”, he said hanging his shoulders.

Walking up the stairs I saw his wife, and five daughters, including Dola, approach.

“Its been a while, James.”, his wife said.

“Your majesty, I had no idea you would humble us with your presence.”, I said giving her a polite bow.

“No need for flattery.”, she said with a smile, “I hear Dola wants you to be her husband, is that correct?”

“Yes, she has already asked me.”, I replied, “I told her I would happily marry her if she still wants me on her sixteenth birthday.”

“I see. Why is now not good?”, she inquired.

Looking at Darius he didn’t look me in the eye.

“Man up would you!!”, I thought staring at him.

Still not speaking up I sighed. Explaining that Dola was far to young for adult activities I hoped her mother would understand. Looking at Dola’s sister Brittany I hoped she would also help back me up. Having had a child out-of-wedlock I was hoping she could give Dola reason’s not to push this now. In the end though I think my gaze had another effect. Winking at me a shiver ran down my spine.

“I don’t see an issue. I agree she is to young to mate with you…yet, but she can do other things. Cooking, cleaning, money managing, and many other tasks I have shown her.”, the Beast Queen said, “She should be ready to accept you by her thirteenth birthday. Darius, and I had Darvain when I was fourteen. There is no reason to make her wait for the man she loves.”

“Dear, that was a separate matter. Our baby Dola doesn’t need too…”, Darius said.

“If she wants him she is allowed to marry him. Father gave his permission after James defeated him.”, the Queen reminded him, “If he took all our daughters I would be satisfied.”

Shaking my head nervously I excused myself from that offer. No matter how chop that one it would make anyone think I was trying to take over the Regulos Empire through political marriage. Looking at Dola she turned to her mother asking how babies were made. Bending down to her Brittany gave her the rundown much to Darius, and I dislike. Upon learning where it was Dola ran up to me with an innocent smile.

“Let’s go Mister James.”, she said pulling me to my room.

“Dola dear, I believe I told you that you are to small right now. You have to wait till you get bigger before you can try.”, the Queen said, “You could really hurt yourself otherwise.”

“Yes Momma.”, said with a smile.

“Well then James, will you take her as your bride?”, the Queen asked.

“If Dola is one hundred percent sure. She won’t be able to change her mind later on after all.”, I said.

“Dola, are sure you really want him as a husband?”, her mother asked, “Once your married you have to stay with him.”

“Yes Momma, I want Mister James.”, she said with a happy grin.

“There you have it.”, the Queen said, “Take her back to your room as your fiance.”

“Uh…not tonight. I kind of have other engagements.”, I said motioning to my room.

“So? She is your fiance. There is no shame in her watching.”, the Queen said.

“There is a whole lot of awkwardness with a small child watching.”, I said.

“That doesn’t matter. She will figure it out one way or another.”, the Queen said.

“I have to put my foot down.”, I said, “If she wants to start staying in my room tomorrow that is fine. Any sooner than that I can’t do.”

“Very well.”, the Queen said, “She will be here in the morning to start her life as your fiance. Come along Dola.”

“Yes Momma.”, Dola said like she had just achieved what she wanted.

Walking away proudly the seven females went back downstairs. Before Darius could make an excuse I knocked him through the floor for being useless. Returning to the room I broke the news to the women. They were fine with it, or at least said they were after I bedded them. Heading to the bathing area after they passed out to wash off I soaked in the hot spring bath. Relaxing peacefully I heard someone come in, and judging by the slight sound of claws I figured it was one of the princesses. Looking back Brittany was staring at me buck naked.

“This is the men’s bath. The women’s bath is next room over.”, I said casually.

“So?”, she asked, “Am I not allowed to be in here?”

Crossing her arms over her breasts she made them look large attempting to attract me.

“Yes, the entrance said Men. You are definetly not a man.”, I said.

“Oh?”, she said with a smile.

“You have two beautiful breasts, and a nice body.”, I said returning to my relaxing.

“Not going to make a move on me?”, she asked.

“Why, you have a kid right?”, I pointed out, “Won’t dear old father be upset with you showing your body too…”

“He left me after having his fill…”, she said sinking into the tub, “I trusted him, and let him have his fun. When first light came he was gone without so much as a word. Coming to find out three days later he was engaged to another woman my heart shattered. Do you know how heart-broken I was because of it. Now I became a single mother of a bastard child. I love my Eva very much, but she doesn’t have a father.”

Thinking back to my high school days that was a common norm at my high school. I had several female friends who ended up carrying a guy’s baby to which he dumped her for another woman. Seeing them go through that, and even two of them committing suicide it really struck home. Looking at her with pity I wished I hadn’t said what I did.

“Its alright though. Mother is looking for a suitable husband for me. Not many men want an already tainted woman.”, she said shrugging it off.

“I figured as much. It’s the same everywhere I guess.”, I replied.

“So I overheard from Darvain that you are making a harem. Why is that?”, she asked.

“In my world only the rich, and powerful could have something like that. For someone like me we were lucky to get a wife at all given how bad of reputation my generation had.”, I said.

“So you want one just because?”, she pressed the topic.

“Not so much that, but I want to enjoy myself. To me any woman who I find attractive, like her personality, and is single I want to claim for myself. Meeting those three qualities may sound easy, but it isn’t.”, I said, “The eight women I am currently with have met the standards…although four of them barely did. Dola I personally think will be a bombshell when she is eighteen. The fact she wants to be my bride is great, but by that time I will be in my thirties. I doubt she will want an old man as a spouse.”

“You don’t know that.”, she said, “I am sure Dola really does love you. She just can express it due to her immaturity.”

Thanking her for the bode of confidence I had another issue currently.

“Why are you on me…”, I asked twitching from anger.

“Do you not find me good enough?”, she asked.

“Judging from your reputation currently…”, I stated.

“It isn’t true! I only slept with Jarrod, Eva’s father, once! I haven’t been with a man since!”, she said desperately.

“Then how did you causally walk in here like it was normal.”, I pointed out.

“Do you think it was easy for me too…”, she said as I gently set her aside.

“I  mean no disrespect, but you aren’t my type.”, I said wrapping a towel around my waist, “You may think you are fooling me with that act, but I am no idiot. You secretly have five lovers behind your parents back. I may not look it, but I have connection everywhere that readily give me such information.”


“But nothing!”, I said glaring at her, “Trying to take Dola’s happiness because you lost your’s is no excuse! Throwing yourself at every man who walks into your life will only give you more children, and no husband!”

Walking out of the bath in a sour mood I returned to my room after changing. On the way back I ran into the Queen who had been listening to my conversation with Brittany from a nearby window. Darius was with him where a depressed expression on his face. I knew I was going to be in for so I prepared myself for the standard parent pleading session that was about to unfold.

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