The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 11: What Men Do, and Don’t Tell Their Wives

A week after the successful assault on the nests the King, and Royal Family arrived. Sitting down with the recovered George they discussed the current situation in camp. While all of this was going on the girls, and I was lounging around on a shaded hilltop on the outskirts of camp. True to their word the two Heroes, Lilian and Cirius, never came to bother us afterwards. Instead they went back to their normal bitchy selves without skipping a beat. Thankfully though it was only during disagreements, and not every time they saw us. The injured Heroes had changed their opinion of me quite a bit. They were now much more attentive when listening to me.

Thanks to a priest the two of them managed to regrow their lost body parts after a few days of rest. Fully healed now the four women trained daily in swordplay, and in magic. Thomas, and his girl didn’t do anything opting to mess around in bed all day. I was envious of him not because of his lover, but in that I would love to do that with my girls. In talking to them they would enjoy it too though right now due to work we weren’t able to do that. Cuddling up with me currently we were starting to drift off to sleep when George arrived.

“I hate to bother your sweet moment…”, he said pretending to care, “Sadly, the King wanted to speak with all of you, and that is including all the Heroes.”

With a sigh I helped the girls up before heading to the command tent. As we sat down the King stared at me. Knowing full well that I was sleeping with Susan every night with her consent must have made him furious. Clearing his throat as Thomas, and his lover arrived he spoke.

“Currently the offensive is doing quite well.”, he said, “You all have successfully managed to retake more land than I thought you could. I realize one nest remains now that the Decay have gathered in one place after the last few attacks. This being the case I have called for aid from our allies, the Regulos Empire and Everwood.”

Silently looking at Almina she seemed quite excited about her country stepping up to help.

“There is one catch to this whole thing…”, he said with a cramped expression, “Both nations will only allow their men to take orders from James. They feel that my military guidance will only cost them precious soldiers given our current record.”

The four women, and the four female Heroes seemed to smile a bit hearing that. Thomas was obviously against it saying he should lead.

“You couldn’t find your way out of a cereal box let alone lead an army!”, I snapped, “Who lead his men to their death only to go off to make merry with his woman?”

Looking away he, and his lover couldn’t look at anyone. Satisfied I wouldn’t have any issues with those two I turned to the King.

“I take it then you are withdrawing part of your men?”, I said with a sigh.

“Yes, no need to leave you with a good portion of my military if they are coming here.”, he said with a grin.

“If that’s the case take them, and leave the fighting to me.”, I said plainly, “No need for pricks in war.”

“What was that!?”, he snapped.

“Maybe you need to clean the crap out of your ears.”, I laughed, “You could always have that nice women from the Lockwood Forest do it. Unless you already added her to your concubines.”

Freezing stiff he started sweating. Everyone in the room looked at him confused.

“Who?”, they asked.

“Aren’t the only people in that forest orcs?”, George said, “Only sick men would go for a female…”

He stopped as he realized the King was sick enough to do it. As the King attempted to make excuses everyone scooted away from him. Susan shivered just thinking about it. His commanders all looked at him in disgust.

“That is almost as sick as those damn witches on Crackled Island. Damn women selling others like baby makers!”, George said, “Have you no shame man!!”

“Look, none of my wives would do anything with me. I had to take drastic measures to make things work.”, he said.

“DISGUSTING!!”, all the women in the room said, “YOUR AN ANIMAL!!”

Before any of the men could stop them the women started pelting him with everything, but the kitchen sink. We men slowly backed away to the entrance before making our escape. I didn’t make out of them tent before my shirt collar was yanked back into the tent. Next thing I know I was being dragged out of the tent like a rag doll. All the soldiers tried holding back their laughter as I passed by.

“One peep, and I will kick your ass…”, I said.

Keeping their mouths shut they waved me goodbye like smartasses. Flipping them the bird I went airborne into the van hitting the last row of seats face first. Rubbing my face to get the feeling back I counted way to many people in the van. With the four female Heroes in here I jumped up to the driver’s seat.

“Why are you here!?”, I asked.

“Like we were going to stay near him!”, Lilian said, “We may not get along with you, but at least you are normal…right?”

“Monsters don’t fall into my strike zone.”, I said.

“Then we are staying here till he leaves!”, the four of them said.

“Absolutely not!!”, my four women said throwing the first punches.

In a few minutes I was ducking for cover. Female products, daggers, brushes, and any thing else we had in the van was flying around in here. As the van shook side to side from their fighting I knew the men would think something horrible about it. Sitting up to try, and calm them down I quickly wished I hadn’t. Stopping to look at me all I saw was a splendid sight for sore eyes. The moment was short-lived as all eight of them decked me.

“Pervert!!”, the Heroes said.

“Cheater!!”, my women said.

Blacking our as I hit the dashboard I burned the sight into my eyes. Waking up later in the evening I had a terrible headache. Remembering the last thing I saw I smiled pleasantly.

“What are you smiling about pervert…”, Ruby said looking over me.

Scooting back a familiar sensation returned. Lilian was smiling at me which made me jump from fright.

“Shit, did I get summoned into another parallel world!”, I said in a panic.

“No, you didn’t.”, Amber said with a cramped expression, “These hussies want in our group. Meaning our bed.”

“Heck no!”, I said quickly, “Lilian and Circius said it was only for a night!”

“We are allowed to change our minds!”, Lilian said crossing her arms.

Seeing her curves again I came so close to caving. Shaking my head to snap myself back to reality I gave them a firm no. Thinking that they would leave I was shocked when they didn’t flinch even fifteen minutes later. I was about to give them an earful, but Almina stopped me.

“While you were out…things got a bit crazy.”, she said.

“…how crazy…”, I said.

“One by one…”, she said.

“Aren’t you four supposed to not let them do it!”, I said hanging my head in defeat.

“Sorry.”, the four of them said.

“Now that things have been explained we can actually do it instead of just us.”, Ruby said before starting to suck me off.

“Hold the phone!”, I snapped trying to scoot away, “I didn’t say you could…”

Stealing my lips Cindy made the moves on me. As I had already been with her the situation changed momentarily. Looking down at Ruby I sighed with resignation.

“You four can join…”, I said.

They started patting each other on the back as congratulation till I finished my sentence.

“…when you can best those four.”, I said pointing behind me.

The Heroines looked at them like it would be a cake walk. Cracking their knuckles Amber, and crew came forward for a beat down. Leaving the eight of them to sort things out I got dressed, and went to see George. Upon hearing my story his gut reaction was to breakdown laughing. Saying he knew it would happen after saving them several times he said he felt bad for me.

“According to castle staff they can’t even light a candle properly.”, he laughed, “Anyways, what’s what? Come to break the news about something else the King did? Oh! Tell me he slept with his mother, or something! That would be the icing on the cake!”

“You are really messed up…”, I said with a sigh.

“Years of being on the battlefield will do that to you when there isn’t a damn thing to do, but the occasional caravan woman.”, he said.

“Aren’t you married?!”, I said in shock.

“The old bird won’t step within twenty miles of an active fight zone.”, he said with a sigh, “I want to so very badly, but I can’t leave this place even to see my children.”

“Well hopefully that will change you old pervert.”, I said patting him on the shoulder, “Now where is my beer!”

“Damn…I hoped you would forget.”, he said, “And I am not a pervert! Coming from a man like you that will hump any woman who shows interest is almost laughable.”

Laughing we sat back sipping on our cold beer as the sunset. Talking about where the war would head after this George looked at me with a serious expression. In spite of the much-needed food the King had no intention of holding the land I recapture. He wants to make me look like a failure, but with the people who could retake it for him mainly in my bed now he would be stuck. He would now have to rely on Thomas, and his girlfriend for results.

Asking about the new troops arrival he said they were three days out currently. The only hiccup in this whole operation was the King of Atlas. Both of us agreed once he found out about the four Heroines in my group now he would blow his top. Just thinking about it made me want to laugh because out of everyone I have met I hate him the most. Discussing a few more topics I parted ways from him returning to the van. Coming in from the driver door I locked the van up. Peeking into the back the eight women had apparently worn each other down to exhaustion. Climbing into bed they sprung to life like lions attacking their prey. Enveloped in a warm blanket shared by my beautiful companions we fell asleep peacefully after the results were announced.

Giving up after forty minutes Amber, and company gave in letting the Heroines win. The eight of them packed me in like a fish in a canning factory. Pulling Ruby into my arms I decided to give her some payback. Taking her without a fuss she clung to me becoming quite emotional. Looking at her I stopped due to shock because I thought she would trash talk me. Telling me to be gentle I continued for a few hours as she acted all defenseless. Having not been her preference she took it all while begging that I not leave her.

“Are you alright?”, I whispered after the first time, “You have never acted like this before.”

“I cried for the first week we were here because I am terrified of being here. The other three are the same as me in this matter.”, she said shaking, “We had to act tough so the King wouldn’t kill us. When he found out we were cowards he almost forced himself on us. Had you not shown up in the capital again he would have ordered us to be chained up for his pleasure. Rather than that happen the four of us chose to give ourselves to you. We already liked you for a while, but with the King we couldn’t say that.”

Unloading in her again she pulled me in deeper. Without stopping for a break we continued as she rolled onto her back spreading her legs for me. Kissing her neck softly she let out a soft moan. Tightening up as she did so I rammed her letting off another shot. Feeling that she was full I was going to part from her. Quickly grabbing me tightly she shook her head saying she wanted to stay like this. With a naughty smile I threw caution to the wind, and smashed her female parts. When I finished she was a complete mess. Covered in sperm she was smiling lost in pleasure. Giving her a kiss on the lips she passed out from exhaustion.

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