The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 10: The Revenge of the Shit Bags

As the sun was starting to set the scouts returned with a sad Thomas in tow. We didn’t need to hear from them because we already knew what had occurred. Looking at Thomas he didn’t look us, or the female Heroes in the face. Realizing what this meant he received an earful from the five women. Each of them didn’t hesitate to call him a coward, a poor leader, and a scumbag. Walking away from him he reached out to them only to have his hand smacked away. Leaning over to me George whispered his opinion to me.

“From what my scouts said it appeared Private Davis died due to Thomas.”, he said, “Whether or not it was on purpose I can only speculate. Judging by his expression just a moment ago it was on purpose. Davis had an interest in Ruby, and Thomas may want all five of them as his own.”

Holding back my laughter I looked at George with a smile, “Like he could actually handle those five bitches at once. Unlike most women those five are what we call Mega-Bitches. I am sure he couldn’t even handle one of them.”

“Amen to that!”, the scouts said.

One of the men went so far as to say he couldn’t handle a pure maiden without being beaten to a pulp. Laughing at the joke we got into position for the night raid. Looking at George I made him a wager.

“I bet a mug of beer that Thomas breaks the line before sunset.”, I said.

“I bet you he does it thirty minutes before the agreed upon time.”, George said shaking my hands.

As the sun was halfway below the horizon we watched a group of men break formation running towards the underground nest. Looking at George he said when we made it back to camp he would give me a mug of beer. Calling out to his cannon operators he told them we were switching to Plan B. Looking at us the female Heroes asked what Plan B was.

“Bombard the hell out of the nest till the roof collapses. Once that happens rush in, and incinerate the remaining Decay.”, George said.

“But what about Thomas, and your men?”, Ruby asked.

“They made their choice by breaking the agreed upon plan. If we don’t bombard the nest we are looking at losing around forty percent of the men present here.”, I said.

Gritting their teeth the women gave their blessing. Ordering the cannons to open fire the first volley of cannonballs broke through the nest’s ceiling. Hearing the cannons the Decay obviously started coming out of the nest only to encounter Thomas, and his followers. The female Heroes started to charge forward till they realized Lilian, and Cirius hadn’t moved an inch. Asking what was wrong the two of them looked at me for my opinion.

“Going out now during the bombardment could kill you, or cause you to lose a few limbs.”, I said.

That was enough to make them stay put till the cannons stopped firing. The other two women ran off to fight alongside Thomas. Looking at the two that stayed behind I asked why they had stayed. Informing me that the last time they nearly died when they ignored me they decided to trust me this time. Thanking them for trusting me we waited for the bombardment to end twenty minutes later. As the cannon’s silenced all of us charged the destroyed nest picking off the injured Decay. Getting to where we had spotted the Heroes group before the dust blocked our view we found the carnage they had brought on themselves. Out of the four Heroes that broke ranks only two were present, and barely at that. The Ruby was missing her right leg, and left arm while Cindy was missing both arms and her left foot.

Seeing their comrades in bad shape Lilian, and Cirius asked to haul them back to our line. Giving them permission George sent a medic team with them to help stop the bleeding. Leading the remaining men into the ruined nest we easily overwhelmed the Decay killing them within the hour. Returning to the forest we took a head count to see the damage on our side. Once that was completed George called us into the tent. Carrying their comrades inside they sat the injured Heroes down gently. Sitting next to them they didn’t look anyone in the eye.

“Before we begin I’d like to show you something.”, George said, “Bring them in!”

Four guards dragged the completely uninjured Thomas, and Janice into the tent. Wide-eyed Circius asked where they found them.

“They ran off into the nest to hide.”, George said hiding his face, “My men found them in quite the raunchy moment.”

The four women turned to Thomas glaring at him. If one focused hard enough they would see lightning bolts dart at him. Not saying a word in their defense they four women started laying into both of them. They especially tore the girl a new one for being a slut. While they shouted I heard something outside the tent. It started out very low almost out of my range of hearing. A few seconds later the noise grew loud enough I knew what it was. Quickly switching my job to Earth Mage I dove onto my companions, and the Heroes next to us.

“TAKE COVER!!”, I shouted before putting a thick dome over us.

Before the four women could complain a massive explosion hit the dome. Had I been a second slower we’d have died instantly. Waiting for the explosions to stop I collapsed the barrier. Finding the camp in complete disarray I took charge immediately.

“Men get a hold of yourselves!”, I shouted, “Get the cannons ready, and get me locations of enemy forces! We are dealing with Conventional Type Decay so eliminate them by any means necessary!”

Hearing my orders the men sprung into action. Anyone who wasn’t doing anything I had them gather up the injured, and prep them for evacuation. Looking to where George, Thomas, and Janice had been I found them unconscious on the ground. Calling some men over we got George out first followed by the Heroes. About that time the scouts found the enemy roughly three miles away. They looked like elephants who had cannons for noses. Ordering the men to blast them to hell I had some men escort the injured back to the wall.

“When you get back I want all the cannons in place. We are not going to assume that they won’t follow us.”, I told the men, “Have them ready to fire at a moments notice.”

Nodding the men took the injured out of the area leaving Lilian, and Circius with us. Amber, Almina, and Susan were already assisting the men in getting everything ready to move. Hesta was busy casting Night Vision spells on the scouts so they could give better coordinates to the cannons. While all of this was going on I was hurriedly getting our remaining strength ready to flee.

As I was about to give the order to fall back I noticed the two women looking at me. When I asked what was wrong they didn’t respond. Ignoring them I sounded the retreat as they let off their last rounds. Hitching the cannons up we took off into the night at full speed. Previously we had tried to be stealthy, but now it was a race against the clock. As the wall came into sight the Decay that had followed us started raining down explosives on us.

“Keep going men! We are almost to the wall!”, I said to stir the men, “Archers, release the signal arrows to mark the enemy for the cannons.”

Doing as I ordered they laid down the markers. Moments later our cannons opened fire from the other side of the wall. Blasting the enemy lines to pieces we managed to get through the gate without issue. Quickly getting the twelve cannons into position they opened fire as well. Raising the alarm in camp I gather as many men as possible, and got them mounted on horses. As the nine thousand strong got into position I gave them their marching orders.

“Archers, I want the enemy markered and if possible disabled for the cannon teams! All others are to slay any Decay that survive the bombardment. If the enemy can get close enough to the wall they will blow a hole in it, and let their allies in.”, I said, “The wall will not fall tonight! Your families, friends, and the people of Atlas are depending on you to hold the line! Now ride on for victory, honor, and to show these bastards that they will face hell to take the wall!!”

Rallied by my words the men were filled with vigor as we rode back through the gate onto the battle field. Giving the order to thin out our ranks the men spread out to give the enemy a harder time of taking us out. Racing across the field the archers started marking targets. One by one our cannons took them down as the rest of us finished them off. It took us two hours, but we managed to finish the enemy off. Exhausted we rode back to camp victorious. Though we won the fight it didn’t come without a cost. During the charge, and fighting we lost three hundred men. Though it wasn’t many considering our original number it still was painful to think about. Dismounting my horse I ran to the medical tent to see George.

“You still alive you bastard?”, I said walking inside.

“God damn it, you could have just put a wall up to shield the rest of us!”, he joked, “Of course you only protected the women you want in your bed.”

“I think you need a few more injuries to make it look realistic…”, I said with a twitching smile.

“Hold on!”, he quickly said, “No need to get crazy now!”

Sitting down in a chair next to his bed I filled him in on the events up till now. Taking everything in he nodded satisfied.

“Three hundred men plus the dozen or so from the nest attack isn’t bad.”, he said, “Had the men not had your leadership while I was unconscious we’d have never made it back. Some of the injured here have already said they would gladly follow you into battle again. Apparently you make for quite a dangerous commander, and seem to make the men fight much harder than I have ever been able too.”

“They were just itching for a fight is all.”, I said patting him on the back, “Better report this to capital so you can get reinforcements. By the way, what happened to Thomas, and his girl?”

“They are sleeping in the room next door. I’d recommend not going as they were making the tent move earlier.”, he said with a dirty grin.

Shaking my head at him I left the room. Returning to my tent that George had given me I found my four beautiful women waiting for me in a comfy bed. As I drew near I looked to my left to find Circius, and Lilian looking at me shyly. Looking to Amber for an explanation she said that they were here for one reason, me.

“Look, I get that I saved your lives and all, but please reconsider. We have been at each others throats from day one, and I don’t like you like that. Go cuddle up with Thomas if you want to get laid.”, I said.

“No!”, they both said, “We are asking only for the night. Afterwards things go back to normal like nothing happened.”

Looking at the four women they didn’t seem to care. Asking why the sudden change of heart they said it was a one time deal, and nothing more afterwards. With a sigh I gave in without a complaint. Both of them were attractive without a doubt so it didn’t take much convincing to get me on board. That I broke both of them in without a second glance. Both of became quite demanding as time passed by. Not bothering to ask whether to pull or not I just did the normal routine. Filling their beautiful bodies with my seed they just asked for more without biting my head off. By midnight both of them were stuffed, and now cleaning me off. Both of them had their quirks, but in the end I give them a seven out of ten all around.

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