The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 6: The Queen’s Decision

Before we managed to get out the door we were already getting pulled into another meeting. This one was a bit different though because it was one of the Queen’s who summoned us. Entering her private study we were told to wait for the Queen Susan to arrive. While we waited I explained some things to Almina, and Amber.

“Just as a heads up please try your best not to upset the Queen or Hesta. They have a bit of a temper.”, I said.

“Like us?”, Almina asked.

“No…”, I said with a shiver, “They are lethal on occasion. I genuinely think the King is even afraid of them.”

“Oh.”, they said looking at Hesta.

“Oh come on now!”, she said with a warm smile, “I am not that bad.”

Waving her hand playfully at me.

“So then the reason for Helen’s disappearance?”, I asked.

“She ran away…”, Hesta said holding her temper back.

“And Carmilla?”, I said.

“Simply tripped down the stairs.”, she said with a twitch.

“Also Pamula?”, I said.

“That bitch had it coming!”, she snapped, “Trying to sneak into your room when she knew you were mine! Not my fault she refused to listen, and ended up tripping…”

“Into a kitchen knife?”, I reminded.

Almina, and Amber turned pale listening to this conversation.

“She must have planned to threaten you with it to get into your bed.”, Hesta said as her left eye twitched.

Looking at the other two they quickly nodded understanding my warning.

“Hesta, I believe in treating my partners equally. Of course spoiling you will be of your taste, but please don’t push the number system on them.”, I said.

“Very well.”, Hesta said with a firm nodded, “If the treatment is the same for the three of us I won’t complain.”

Both of the other women let out a sigh of relief. As the three of them got to know each other the Queen entered with her personal body guards. Dismissing them she acted completely noble like till they locked the door. In the blink of an eye her personality shifted as dove onto my lap. Almina, and Amber damn near fell over in shock.

“What is this! Another one!”, they said.

“No, my mother doesn’t have an interest in marrying him…I think. She enjoys the comfortable life here.”, Hesta explained in a low voice, “This is her way of ensuring none of my fathers men are listening in.”

After a few minutes without a peep from anyone she straightened herself again. Setting normally in her comfortable seat she turn to me.

“How is my dear friend Sapphire, and her two daughter?”, she asked, “I haven’t seen them in so long.”

“All of them are doing well, and enjoying their freedom. Sapphire talks about her late husband quite a bit, but she seems to have come to terms with it.”, I said, “Her daughters are the same.”

“I see. Hopefully when my husband leaves the throne they can come out from hiding.”, she said with a sigh, “The man is a pig trying to sate his lust on the remaining royal family of Flamoria.”

“I don’t see what you find so nice about him.”, I said, “Frankly, he is an asshole.”

“I know that, but I have grown to like my standard of living.”, she said with a smile, “Word has it you have spent quality time with a few noble widows. They say you are quite the animal. Maybe if he were to kick the bucket you could be my partner.”

“And deal with those shitty Heroes, no thanks.”, I laughed.

Discussing various topics like her dear friend, the war, and the state of the kingdom she kept everything in her head. Thanking me for the information she turned to her daughter Hesta.

“I am giving you free rein on how you chose to live your life with him.”, she said, “You are young enough to do your own thing, and adapt to the standard of living.”

Asking what she was talking about the Queen listed off all the benefits she got from her position. As ninety-seven percent of it was my usual standard I quickly tried to silence Almina, and Amber. Sadly this failed due to my timing.

“That doesn’t sound to different from how we live.”, Amber said, “I mean we don’t have a massive hot bath, but a small cosy one is usually how we roll.”

Before the Queen got any ideas I quickly thanked the Queen, and started to leave. Not making it to the door before a pen knife passed millimeters from my ear I stopped moving. Looking back the Queen narrowed her eyes.

“That is strange. You told the other noblewomen that you camped out almost every night.”, she said, “That wasn’t a lie, was it?”

“That was just shy of three years ago before I had started earning a lot of money.”, I said, “Now it is the usual standard with only a few nights out camping.”

Reaching for the door again she ordered me to stop. Summoning a scribe she had several letters sent off to various widows around the capital. I started sweating bullets realizing the cat was out of the bag. Looking at me Amber, Almina, and Hesta asked why I was so nervous.

“Well…when your a low ranked adventurer, and you need decent jobs”, I said scratching my head, “generally you look on the job board. I was fortunate to be a Hero so I used that to meet many potential clients. Doing that for six months the clients started making…offers. Seeing as I was a loner at the time I kinda accepted of course.”

The three of them gave me blank expressions. I really knew I was in the doghouse now, and I wanted to run. Before I could various nobles arrived each kissing me on the cheek. The whole time I was getting angry stares from my companions. Sitting down the Queen informed the seven women of the change in living standards for me. Looking at me I knew what was coming. With their current standard of living match my current one the widows started making offers. All of them being extremely close friends they held nothing back.

With the news now shared with them they all wanted to join me. Thinking that none of them would be much use in a fight I hesitated. Sensing this the Queen understood the reason why, and assisted me.

“Ladies, he has a mission to complete right now. Taking any of you with him would be a liability. None of you have combat experience so you would only slow him down.”, she said.

Hearing her loud, and clear the noblewomen understood that. Looking at me they asked what my plans were after retaking part of Flamoria. Explaining that I wanted to bring peace to the world as soon as possible so I could retire they all laughed. Telling them that once I could retire the goal was to make a harem they nodded in agreement. Turning to me they said they wanted in the harem when I retired. Looking at the three girls they didn’t mind as they expected it.

“Now let us be clear. We only want in for the companionship. Living with you is another thing entirely.”, they said.

Stopping my approval seeking I shook my head. Telling them that wouldn’t work the atmosphere tensed up. Feeling an impending fight coming the three girls quickly left. Looking at the women they sighed shaking their heads.

“Your women can’t seem to take a joke.”, they laughed, “Our new husband’s wouldn’t want us leaving them.”

“You could have told the three of them that.”, I said.

“So could you.”, they laughed.

“Yeah, but I wanted to see their reaction.”, I said with a smile, “Anyways did you need me for anything else. It is a long trip back here from the frontlines.”

Asking to speak to me in private the Queen stepped into the private reading room with me. Shutting the door she stole my lips running her fingers along my chest. Looking me in the eyes she leaned against my chest with a warm smile.

“I don’t think I can hold this up forever.”, she said, “I wasn’t ever cut out for being Queen. Had all the Queen’s before me not passed as a result of accidents I could’ve been by your side. Everytime I see you my heart feels like its going to be ripped out. I reject that pig every time he lays a hand on me. My heart belongs to you alone, my love.”

The whole situation here at the castle was a bit of a mess. Thanks to the king being a complete man whore he ended up with many children. Those who were fortunate enough not to be killed almost immediately after informing him were forced to marry him. Having already executed several wives for attempting to leave him she was one of only four remaining Queens. Having been raped by him she hated his guts, but had to keep her act up for her daughter. It was weird having both mother, and daughter in love with me in a sense. I didn’t mind though given the circumstances.

Wrapping her in my arms I held her tightly as I stroked her hair. Kissing me several times she was basically begging at this point. Kissing her forehead I promised to take her away from here after taking back the land the continent badly needed. She adamantly shook her head in displeasure saying she would leave today with me. Trying to tell her that it would cause her, and Hesta many problems she still insisted on it. Getting the impression if I fought anymore I may end up getting stabbed I gave in. With a big smile she pulled her small bag up to me.

“You already made your mind up when you heard I was back in town…”, I said with a chuckle.

“Yes, you left so suddenly last time leaving Hesta and I feeling so lonely. When we heard you were back we both packed in secret.”, she said, “We were both adamant about not being left behind. I have work diligently to become a mage that can assist you with common things like laundry, cooking, cleaning, and even basic combat magic.”

Smiling I put her things in the magic bag. Walking back out to the study her friends were all smiling at her. Telling her to go be happy she thanked them for their understanding before waving them goodbye. Leaving the room the three girls saw the Queen with me, and were a bit confused. Telling them that she would explain on the way they agreed to keep silent. Walking into the throne room for only a few minutes we heard a lot of shouting from the now former Queen, and something getting thrown across the room. Stepping out with a pleasant smile she walked towards the exit. Peeking inside the room I found the King hiding behind his throne with the former Queen’s crown embedded into his throne. By his expression I knew he had definitely ped his pants.

Running after the girls I found Susan explaining things to the three of them. Hearing her story the three girls broke into tears hugging her tightly. I could see they readily accepted her into the group so we continued on to the vehicle. Along the way they all asked if I had anyone else right now that may want in the harem. Thinking about it most of the other women were just friends who wanted to let loose for once. Nothing really came from it so I knew they wouldn’t ask. Informing the four of them that I had no one else in the running right now they smiled.

“So it will be just us four then?”, Amber said.

“Should be unless someone else joins the group in our travels.”, I said.

Nodding we loaded up into the van, and set off for the border. Surprisingly the King hadn’t sent any men after us. I guessed he really didn’t care much for her as she openly turned him down almost nightly. Watching the scenery fly by with sparkling eyes the girls pointed out things that interested them. Looking at them from the rearview mirror I was content to see all of them smilingly happily. It would be a day or so before we would arrive so I decided to take it easy for once.

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