The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 2: The Project of a Lifetime

Spending the night outside the fort we then left early the next morning. On our trip south I had Amber update the map we had drawn from a map we found in the fortress. Though it was old it was still accurate. The nations of this world had been to busy with fighting the Decay to worry about land grabbing. Having never used an electronic device before I was surprised she was able to use my computer tablet to such great effect. I was fortunate to have been holding many of my electronic devices when I was summoned here. One of those, User Pro 7, which Amber was drawing on was my personal tablet machine I used for college. Now it had a more important purpose, and that was to keep an updated map of the world for us. We could have just snapped a picture of the original, but it looked like simply touching it would cause it to fall apart.

“What do you think?”, Amber asked, “I still haven’t learned how to write your language very well, but I hope it will work for you.”

World Map
Current as of the year 587 of the fifth era.

“You even managed to put a caption in it!”, I said impressed, “Good job. It will help to know the last date we updated it.”

Smiling with excitement she thanked me for the compliment. Seeing many nations without names I asked if the map had names. Stating that when she tried getting a better look her breath ripped parts to pieces she hung her head in defeat. Telling her it was alright I told her it was still nice to have. As neither of them traveled much I wasn’t going to bother asking if they knew other nations names.

“So where are we going?”, Almina asked.

“To the Iron Mountains.”, I said looking at the map, “A few months back when we in the Outback Mountains I heard of a certain group of dwarves that may help us build better transport.”

“You think those moles will help us?!”, Almina said in disgust.

“The other races blacksmiths aren’t as good as the dwarves, and that is a fact.”, I stated, “As such we are going to them for help.”

“Fine…”, she said still unhappy about it.

Currently in the upper part of the Kingdom of Atlas we were about three days away by wagon from the border. Luckily for us though this motorbike moved much faster than any wagon was going too. Running the bike at top speed we reached the border in half that time. During our traveling the women decided to relax for once, and enjoy the scenery. Crossing the border without issues we made our way to the nearest village for directions. Pulling into town we drew quite a lot of attention.

As I was the only one in the world with a motorbike it was to be expected no one had ever seen one. The normal routine began right away as both women stuck to me like glue. Trying their best to give the impression that I was spoken for permanently they stared down any unwelcome advances. With a sigh I guided us into the inn to book a room for the night. Smiling at us as we walked in the Centaur innkeeper asked how long we were staying.

“Just the night.”, I said, “I also had a question for you.”

“Yes?”, she asked expectantly.

“You wouldn’t happen to…”, I managed to say before she cut me off.

“Of course!”, she said.

“Uh…I didn’t even finish my question.”, I said.

“No worries, I get the message one hundred percent.”, she said handing us our room key.

Not quite sure what was going on the three of us went to our room. Setting our things down both women suggested we split up to do research on these dwarves as the innkeeper appeared to be an idiot. Agreeing that it would be the most efficient I told them I would take the bar. The last time one of them took the bar a few men got a bit frisky, and needless to say they found a bullet lodged in their heads when I came to get the girls. Without a peep from them they gave their permission. Leaving the inn to speak to people around town I went downstairs to the bar. Before I could enter though I was pulled to the side by the innkeeper.

“Yes?”, I asked in a daze.

“Follow me!”, she said pulling me along.

Not understanding the situation I found myself in her room at the inn. Taking my clothing off before I voice my opinion I heard something break inside my jacket. Taking a quick look I discovered the special love potion the two girls normal took for our evenings was smashed. Coming to the realization that the potions effects were causing this miscommunication I tried to explain, but she was to far gone. Rubbing her front against me she lifted her skirt for me.

“Why am I the one that has to carry this crap…”, I thought, “Why can’t it stay in the magic bag all the time!? This is the second time this has happened. A rock or something must have broken it on the road.”

As Almina, and Amber were already my lovers the potion only heightened the fun. For anyone else the potion was like a sexual magnet. I previously brought up the issue of me carrying it, but the two women protested it saying they wanted it available at a moments notice. Now for the second time I was having a woman wanting to satisfy me without realizing it. The last time it happened things almost got ugly had the womans husband not shown up. Helping me pry her off me I explained the accident, and apologized. As he used it with his wife he understood letting me off without any trouble. This time though she had no ring which meant no one was coming to help me.

As I had no way out I decided to have some fun. Normally in my world this would have been a fantasy so the fact that it was real made the bad feeling dissipate. Taking me like it was race day she excitedly welcomed me like it was normal. Meeting my advances by pushing back she started panting. My sadist side started to show as forcefully grabbed her giant rack to use as hand holds. She started moaning loudly so I stole her lips to keep the noise down. Enjoying this experience she became like putty in my hands. After a few times she fell on to her bed exhausted.

“Now then, can I ask you my question now?”, I asked.

“Please do!”, she said getting excited.

Explaining to her the group I was looking for she informed me that they were in the next town over. She also informed me that to get in you need special passes that only officials could hand out. Learning this important fact I asked if there were any local officials that could get me the passes. Before I finished the sentence she informed me that her uncle who was the local sheriff could give me the passes. Asking her politely to ask on my behalf she readily agreed to it.

“For my master, anything I can help you with I will do so.”, she said.

“Wow! Hang on there! Where did the master thing come from!”, I said in a panic.

Long story short it was her way of calling me her secret partner. Taking us a few steps ahead in the proper procedure meant that she felt naughty for breaking the rules. As such she claim it was my manliness that did it, but I knew it was the potion. Happily putting our clothes on I kept my eyes on those wonderfully soft air bags of hers. Seeing my gaze she teased me a bit before saying that it would have to wait till later. Slipping out her window I snuck into the bar to gather more information. A few hours later the girls returned with the same information I had. Telling them about a favor being called into get us the passes the girls were surprised.

“How did you manage that?”, they asked.

Setting the broken bottle on the nightstand they got the point. Telling them that the potion had to stay in the magic bag from now on they agreed. Settling in for the night it wasn’t until the next morning that the innkeeper told us she had our passes. While the two girls were off doing our supply shopping I made merry with the innkeeper again due to this being the last day in town. Getting a little rough with her she started acting like a spoiled child. Halfway through pounding her into submission a knock came on the door.

“Dear, are you alright?”, a female voice said.

“Shit…its my aunt!”, she said in a low voice.

Calling out for her again the innkeeper said she was just feeling a bit tired. As I heard the door handle start to raddle I did what most men would do…braced for the incoming lecture. Just before the door opened the innkeeper ran forward, and peeked her head out.

“I am sorry aunty, but my room is a mess right now. It is kind of embarrassing to show you.”, she said.

Taking advantage of this I switched my class to Assassin, and slipped away unnoticed. When her aunt burst in thinking she had caught someone with her daughter she found the room empty. Secretly the innkeeper was a bit disappointed, but understood the situation. Running to the stable I loaded up our belongings as I waited for the two girls to arrive. Doing some routine maintenance after switching to Blacksmith I managed to fix up the suspension enough to hopefully get us by till we reached the city.

“Alright, we got everything ready for the trip.”, Almina said showing me the three bags of food they had.

“Did you get the passes?”, Amber asked.

Showing them the passes I passed them each one just to be safe. Storing the supplies in our magic bag we left town at a relaxed pace. With the motorbike taking us along at a smooth speed we reached our destination in a few hours. Flashing our passes at the gate we gained entrance without issue. Asking for direction to the blacksmith shop the guard gladly gave us directions. Driving down the main street we stumbled across the blacksmith shop we wanted, Hammer Forgeworks. Parking outside the three of us walked into the shop.

The shop was full of all sort of high-end equipment meant for only the most wealthy patrons. Walking up to the counter I rang the bell as the girls looked all the gear over. With all the quests we had gone on we could easily afford this equipment, but in reality our equipment was Legendary rank thanks to me. Since I made them the women refused to use any other equipment. Something about trusting only my handy work completely, and cherishing the gifts I gave them. Honestly had they asked for newer equipment I wouldn’t have minded.

“Yes, how can I help you?”, a dwarf man said appearing from the back.

“I have a custom order I would like to request.”, I said handing him the detailed drawing of an armored personnel carrier I designed.

Opening the prints his face tensed up immediately.

“The resources for such a job…”, he muttered.

“I have all the material, but only a few places in the world can mold the metals.”, I said, “As such I came to your shop.”

“Some of this is far beyond what we can do.”, he said looking at me.

“If you have the tools I will do it.”, I said with a smile.

“Confident now aren’t we?”, he asked, “A mere human couldn’t possible match dwarven quality…”

Placing their weapons on the counter the girls told him to examine them. Taking a close look his face lost all color. Running his hand over the weapons like they were holy objects he looked at me.

“You made these!?”, he said, “Pardon my rudeness! Most humans are all talk, but you certainly have the proof to back your talk. My boys would be more than happy to work alongside you.”

Thanking him for his hospitality I had the girls find us a place to stay while I went with him to meet the smiths.

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