The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 1: Here, and Now

Four years ago I was brought here to fight an enemy that previously hadn’t been a problem for me. Ripped from my home on Earth I found myself in the world of Greater Haven. Currently at war with an interdimensional race called the Decay the races of this world were locked in constant fighting. Summoning myself, and several others to this world the people hoped we would stand with them. Everyone, but myself had agreed to help them. Choosing to do my own thing I left the kingdom without a care. Having the power of Jack-of-All at my disposal I was easily able to manufacture things from earth here after a bit of experimenting. Making myself a motorcycle, and a Winchester Lever Action Rifle I left in a hurry.

My main concern was that they wouldn’t let me go easily, and my assumption was correct. Not more than a week after my departure from the capital I already had assassins making attempts to knock me out. The first attempt was very plain to see without even needing magic. When a beautiful woman walks up to you asking to share a drink with you it’s almost guaranteed to be a trap. Allowing her to think I was tricked we went up to my room, and acted like a gentleman letting her in first. Closing the door behind us I hit her behind the head with a glass bottle. Tying her up with her hands visible I strapped her to the wall before patting her down. Finding several weapons, and poisons intended to immobilize me I laid them on display next to the bed on the floor.

Coming around a short while afterwards she found herself trapped like a rat. Getting information out of her using some less than friendly means I disposed of her. Anyone that would prohibit the life that I sought I deemed a threat, and as such I would kill them. I kept this opinion till I ended up running into very…special people. The fifth, and eighth person who assaulted me were just poor women who were trying to provide for their families. Hearing their stories I handed them some money I had earned that would help our their siblings. The night before I left the towns I met them in some way, or another I woke with them in my bed. The first girl’s name was Amber, and she belonged to a small tribe of beastman called Sacred Foxes.

Having five golden tails, blonde hair, and normally in a priestess garb she decided to stick with me against my will. Stating that she wasn’t some kind of hooker she said I had to take responsiblity for my actions. Demanding that she be allowed to travel with me I reluctantly gave in to her. Figuring it would be nice to have a companion every night, and that I really did need to own up to it I gave my permission. Making a side car for her we traveled together till we ran into Almina.

Almina was a dark elf whose village I stayed at during a quest I took for a lower ranked noble in exchange for information. Beating her several times in a game of cards before she assaulted me she was completely wasted on alcohol. Due to her sluggish movements thanks to the enchanted wine it was easy to subdue her, but like her I had a bit too much to drink. I woke up the next morning with both women in my bed. This of course made Amber quite angry, and a fight broke out. Driving my fist into both of their heads I forcible made them backdown. Using the same excuse as Amber I accepted her without question, and made another side car for her as well.

Driving down the current road we were on with Amber on my right, and Almina on my left we were headed to an abandoned fortress from the last age. According to my research a legendary swordsman left his sword there before he died. If the information is correct my life could become quite easy as legend said that the sword had its own will thanks to the number of people’s blood that tainted it. Owning such an idea would mean living the easy life for me would be almost a guarantee.

“James, are we almost there yet?”, Amber asked, “These roads are becoming very bumpy, and uncomfortable.”

“Well if you can’t handle it go home!”, Almina retorted, “I will take care of him instead.”

“Like hell!”, Amber said, “I am the top dog in female faction of this group!”

The two of them engaged in such meaningless arguments on a daily basis still. Both did, however silence the arguing at night only to allow us to sleep. They were of course right though about the current travel arrangement. Having driven this bike for almost a million miles it was about time to think about a replacement. The issue was though about how I would go about making a new mode of transportation. The resources necessary to build a car were expensive to say the least, and very few places in the world had the tools I would need to build it.

Arriving at the fortress around nightfall Amber used her Light Magic to illuminate the surroundings as we searched the structure. Keeping her bow ready Almina kept a close eye on the surroundings in case there were monsters here. Following a crudely drawn map we followed the long passages towards our goal. Entering the already opened fault I hesitated to go further in.

“What’s wrong?”, Amber asked.

“If a legendary sword is here it is really badly guarded.”, I pointed out pulling out my rifle.

The three of us had gotten close enough over the months that we trusted each other almost as if we were one being. Pulling out her yo-yo like weapon called the Torment Wheels she started building up their speed. Almina being much more sensitive than us said we had company coming from all sides. Loading six round into the rifle, and one in the chamber I looked around for enemies. Running out of the dark a zombie ran at us only to have its head torn to shreds by the Torment Wheels. Using her heightened senses Almina started firing at undead hiding in the dark.

Giving the rifle a spin I pointed it with a single hand at an approaching skeleton. Blasting its core into dust I used the lever to eject the cartridge, and load another with quick spin. Rushing head first into the enemy we started looking for a spawner, or magic stone that would generate the undead. Blasting zombie in the head I looked back at Amber.

“Got any priestess spells you can use?”, I asked.

“Yes, but with this many I don’t have time to do the chant.”, she said.

Holstering my rifle I changed my class to a Fire Mage using Jack-of-All. That was the ability I got which allowed me to change my class into anything I wanted, but their were some drawbacks. Firstly, after switching classes the skill had a one hour cooldown time which meant I was stuck being a Fire Mage for the next hour at minimum. Secondly, I couldn’t learn master any class that I switched to no matter how much I try. For example, my Fire Magic was at Legendary Level, but I highest spells I could use were peerless. No matter how much effort I gave I just couldn’t use Legendary, or Master level spells. This carried over into every skill I had used thus far. There was one exception to this rule though for every ten thousand monsters, or Decay I killed I was able to choose a skill I wanted to master. This was great, but getting ten thousand kills wasn’t an easy task. Currently I had only mastered two classes: Blacksmith, and Engineer. Both of these two I change to without using Jack-of-All, but right now that wasn’t going to help me.

“Fire Storm!!”

A wall of flames encircled us before expanding outwards torching everything it touched. Shouting to Amber to use this chance she quickly formed a Holy Barrier around us that undead couldn’t cross. With relief we all leaned up against the wall catching our breath. Before I could get a word in the two women were already at it.

“I killed seventy!”, Amber boasted.

“Sadly, I got eighty-four!”, Almina said with a peace sign, “Looks like I get rights tonight!”

The conversation they were having was about who got to cuddle up in my arms this evening. Since I couldn’t sleep on my back comfortably they did daily competitions to see who got the privilege, in their minds, to sleep in my embrace. Frankly I didn’t care either way, but I couldn’t argue with them. Before the arguing began I quickly asked them both if they had seen the summoning device.

“No, I haven’t seen anything of the sort.”, Almina said.

“I think the sword might be the summoning item.”, Amber said.

Thinking back about how many people this sword was rumored to have killed it made sense. This gave us an issue though as well. If the sword was in fact the spawner it meant the sword was now a cursed blade. Since I was by all accounts summoned to be a Hero I felt using a cursed blade may have unwanted effects on me. Shelving the worry for now I suggested we keep moving. Reluctantly agreeing to it we set off again to the back of the vault.

Having the barrier up now the undead stayed away from us. Almina felt a couple were a bit to close on the walk so she took them out with arrows. Finally reaching the back we found the sword chained down in a rock within it sheath. As we entered the immediate we felt a chill run down our spines.

“Who dares disturb my slumber!”, a ghostly figure of a knight said appearing in front of us.

“I am James, and these are my two companions. We come seeking the Lightspeed Katana for my personal use in fighting enemies of the free people.”, I said.

“A Fire Mage wielding a sword?”, he laughed, “I have never heard of such a stupid…”

Changing my job to Blacksmith his expression changed. Examining me closely with his pale white eyes he spoke again.

“A user of Jack-of-All.”, he said as if confirming something, “Only a person from another world can use it so you must be a summoned hero like me.”

“You were a summoned hero?”, I asked.

“The time difference between this place, and our home must be different.”, he said sitting down on a crumbling wooden seat, “Tell me boy, what year was it when you were summoned here.”

“First of all I am twenty-five!”, I said with a sigh, “To answer your question it was 2030 when I was brought here.”

“Well over two hundred years have passed then since my sailing days.”, he said, “I was once a pirate you see. A mutiny on my ship lead to my untimely demise until at the last second I appeared here.”

“Wait…then that sword is a cutlass not a katana?”, I asked.

“Yes, you are correct. The swords name is Deathbringer, and it was the sword I used back home.”, he said, “I went through many hardships in this world, but that sword stuck with me the whole time. It was there for all twenty weddings I had without a single complaint. I almost handed it off to my children when the country turned against us. Sadly, none of my children were fighters just merchants, and scholars. Being as such I sealed the sword here before they killed me not more than thirty feet from this spot with my family.”

Hearing how he died I felt kind of bad for him. Asking him where his family was he said that until he chose someone to wield the sword he couldn’t join them in heaven. The past few centuries he had hoped someone would come, but no one ever showed up. Angered by this he started summoning undead to try, and get people’s attention. With us here now, and me being a fellow summoned hero he reluctantly handed the sword over.

“Now mind that she is very special lady. She won’t take kindly to you ignoring her.”, he said handing me the sword.

Thinking that it was typical he vanished thanking me for releasing him. With a sword in hand I decided that we should tackle a very important task.

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