The Dragon God and the Girl – Chapter 7: The Quest for The Lost Armor Part 2

“So you can remember my name, old man.”, she said nervously.

“Of course I wouldn’t forget the creature who have tried to swindle many a deity.”, I said, “I would have thought after the God of War cast you out that you would have died.”

“The man did a number on me. I won’t ever be the powerful again no matter what I do.”, she said, “After that I haven’t been able to deny a summoner, and thus I decided to kill my fifth summoner so this torment will stop.”

“Why? Have you finally realized you need to settle down like the others of your race?”, I said, “The humans have wiped out those who refused to settle down.”

“As if I would submit to a human male!!”, she said looking at me, “You have been around far longer than me, and seen what humans, and the other races have done to my race!! How many of my people have been turned into the play things of a noble!? I watched countless numbers of them hope that their summoner would treat them nicely. Sadly I watched that only happen maybe three out of every ten summons!”

Hearing the three students ask what she meant I brought them over. Sitting on the floor they asked Morgonia what she was talking about. To their knowledge succubus had always pursued all the races as food. Shaking her head adamantly she explained that succubus used to be allies of the mortal races.

“We walked side by side with mainly humans. My father was King of the Automana Empire, and my mother the former queen walked beside him always.”, she said, “Three thousand years ago when the empire fell the conquerors saw us a threat, and branded us demons. Fleeing the slaughter those that were captured were torn apart looking for weaknesses in us.”

Tearing up she hid her face from everyone.

“My mother was among those who died…”, she said, “Swearing my revenge on those humans I sought the help of the deities. Selling myself to their lust I never got my wish granted, and instead became their play toy. Only the Dragon Gods did not lay a hand on me. Dracon made sure that those under him didn’t lay a hand on me on me in pity of my situation.”

Looking at me Sillica asked if that was true. Nodding my head to confirm this she seemed happy about it. Asking her how she managed to be thrown out by the God of War she gave her story. Tricking him into a session in bed she tried to ask for one of his war weapons as payment. After smacking her around a bit he ran her through with one of his weapons. Dragging her outside for another session of abuse in front of the other deities I rescued her.

Running the deity through with one of claws he threw Morgonia into the mortal realm before I killed him. The Second Deity War broke as a result, and within three thousand years I made the Gods submit, and forbade them from bringing any mortal beings into our realm again. As a warning a killed the God of War, and took his divinity as my own. Leaving Morgonia to her own fate I returned to my space, and resumed watching the world.

“Wounded from the encountered with the God of War I returned to my home existence to find what was left of my race.”, she said, “I became the rightful ruler, and took my place among my kind. Over the years I have watched my people dwindle to nearly extinct. Only a small handful of us remain the rest can’t be called succubus anymore. They have become toys for the mortals of this world spreading their legs on demand. How could we call those poor souls alive anymore…”

“We had no idea things were that way.”, Sandy said, “I am sorry to hear that about your people.”

Sniffling she thanked them still hiding her face. Asking her what she intended to do now she said that if I asked it of her she would return home. Resuming my human form I told her she was allowed to remain if she could help us with something.

“Dracon!!”, Sillica said puffing her cheeks, “What are you thinking!!”

“She would be able to sneak inside the Minister of War’s home quite easily, right?”, I asked pointing this out.

Realizing I had no sexual interest in her, or something Sillica relaxed. If that was the only reason she had no problem with it. Agreeing to it she tagged along with us to the treasure room.

“Was there something you came here for?”, she asked.

“Yes”, Sandy said handing her the job request, “We were asked to bring this back for our headmaster.”

Reading the description she made the same face I had given previously.

“Did you warn them what it is?”, she asked me.

“No, I warned them to pick a different job. They decided to do the job against my suggestion.”, I stated.

“Why are you both against the job?”, Sandy asked.

Shivering both of us said they would see when we got to the treasure room. The three of them were going to be in for a shock. Reaching for the handle both Morgonia, and I took several steps back. Opening the door there on an armor stand was the armor…the Battle Bikini of Greater Lust. It took a moment for it to register with them, but when it did they screamed.

“What is that!!”, Sillica said stumbling back.

“Two thousand years ago a certain emperor commissioned a special outfit made for his favorite wife.”, I said looking away, “According to its maker if a woman were to wear it the experience would be something on par with a heavenly experience.”

Looking at me Sillica narrowed her eyes.

“You didn’t happen to watch…did you…”, she said with a cold expression.

“I make a habit of not watching mortals during the mating sessions.”, I stated firmly.

“Good!”, she said with a warm smile.

Looking at me Morgonia said something unnecessary.

“She was going to kill you if you had seen another woman naked.”, she said, “You are hers after all.”

“Come again?”, I asked.

Before Morgonia could repeat herself Sillica beat her over the head. Scolding her for speaking out of line she smacked Morgonia several times till she swore not to repeat anything like her previous comment. Watching the Queen of Succubus get smacked around by a female human was quite entertaining. After the quarrel ended Peter was made to grab the armor. Quickly throwing it into the bag given to them for the quest we quickly returned to the surface. Now nighttime again we sat down for a meal with Morgonia among us.

As for the sleeping arrangements the women decided that Morgonia would sleep opposite of me, and Peter. The two of them would act like barriers in case she made a move on us. Telling them the precaution was unwarranted they paid me no mind. Giving her a sleeping bag, a pillow, and a set of pajamas Peter, and I waited for them to change.

“My word!!”, Sandy said, “Your chest is bigger than mine!!”

“Please stop rubbing them!!”, Morgonia said with a hint of enjoyment.

“Sandy, the boys are outside! What if they decide to sneak a peek?!”, Sillica said.

“If they do we will roast them alive.”, Sandy said matter-of-factly.

“That may work against the boy, but Dracon won’t even flinch.”, Morgonia said, “The old man is really tough!”

With a low snarl from me the three of them stopped clowning around, and got changed. Giving us permission to enter we found our sleeping arrangement had changed. Instead of two guys, two girls, and Morgonia in that order they changed it to girl, boy, girl boy, girl. I was sentenced to sleep between Morgonia, and Sillica while Peter was set to be snuggled by Sandy again. Whether she would admit it or not was another thing entirely.

Laying down for the night the temperature dropped quite a bit. As the season was slowly turning to fall weather this was to be expected. What was the unexpected was Sillica, and Morgonia cuddling around me like their lives depended on it. Asking why I was being crowded Sillica said that it was because I felt really warm. Morgonia said the same thing so they told me to shut up, and suck it up. As the women smiled in their sleep Peter, and I were in an uncomfortable situation.

Peter was faced with the most difficult choice a human male has. To take advantage of the situation, and get his happiness taken care of, or to bear with it and hold out for morning. I was placed in the spot of not being able to get comfortable with two women limiting my movement. The next morning Peter, and I were running on a few hours of sleep. Having taken the wiser path he didn’t feel Sandy up during the night, and instead chose to stay awake to prevent any horrible accident during the night. Packing up our gear before first light I flew all of us back to the school in time for breakfast.

Seeing Morgonia with us it was expected that the male students were glued to her with their eyes. Stern girlfriends quickly reprimanded their boyfriends for such lecherous behaviour. Leaving the three students to give the headmaster the armor Morgonia, and I went to the library. Given that throughout the school day this place was always empty I figured she would be comfortable here. Looking around Morgonia started giggling.

“This is quite fitting for you.”, she said, “Back in the Deity Realm your space was very much like this. Books as far as the eye could see all written by you.”

“I wrote everything I saw down so I wouldn’t forget anything. Even us dragons can forget things.”, I said picking up a book.

“Don’t you know all of this information in here?”, she said, “These topics are all things you have an interest in, right?”

Taking a seat across from me she waited for my answer.

“I can’t see everything at once. There are events in history I missed due to my interests lying elsewhere.”, I said.

“I see.”, she said picking up a book as well, “May as well learn some things about the humans. I may find a way to exclude us from the summoning spell.”

“That isn’t possible. It is all, or nothing.”, I said.

Setting her book down she looked at me confused. Explaining to her how the process worked she finally learned how summoning came to be. If by chance or accident a very famous magical researcher discovered a unique gem stone in the Spineridge Mountains. Bringing it back for research he learned through trial, and error that the gem could be used as a catalyst to open holes in the fabric of space to reach other races. Taking advantage of this he brought several races to this realm to discuss topics with. Over the course of his life several of them became his wives, and the rest he returned home. Had this been the end of the summoning research things would have been fine.

A few years after his death the King learned of his research, and seized all of his notes. Forcing his craftsmen, and magicians to make it possible for nobles to summon creatures they added more steps into the original plans. Making the summoned beings into slave upon sealing the contract the King spread this around to the nobles of his kingdom. Over time it spread around the world bring rise to the summoners we know today.

“So your saying the catalyst they use now is linked back to the original stone?”, she asked.

“Yes, that is exactly correct. The only way to stop summonings from happening is to destroy the gem.”, I said.

“Why haven’t any freed summoned beings done so then?”, she asked.

“The Kingdom that started this fell many ages ago. All the written documents surrounding the gem, and the research have been lost to time.”, I said, “None of the deities cared much about it so we don’t even know. It was until recently they found a way to summon us so before that we didn’t care.”

“So finding the ruins of the former capital would be the best solution.”, she said, “After that destroying the gem would solve our problems.”

“No, for those here they would remain in the realm. We deities can ascend back to our realm without issue.”, I said.

“How fortunate…”, she said with a sigh, “So why did you agree to come to the mortal realm?”

Giving her the same story as I have told everyone else she nodded understanding the feeling. She had already seen the calling cards of war in the surrounding nations. Looking at me she suggested something quite outrageous.

“Why not go back into the past to fix this?”, she asked, “You could stop all of the summoning’s from ever happening.”

“While this is true some races genuinely like being with their summoners.”, I said, “I have to take them into consideration.”

Nodding she sighed picking another book up. Around noon Sillica came running into the library with Sandy. Both of them looked very distressed about something. Asking what was wrong they told me that we needed to leave.

“What the heck is wrong?”, I asked.

“The capital…it has been taken over!!”, Sillica said, “News just reached us that a summoner appeared in the capital bringing a Demon cover in smoke like you with him.”

Narrowing my eyes I knew exactly who it was. Looking at Morgonia I told her that we were heading to the capital.

“What!! We need to go the other direction!!”, Sandy said.

“No, the Demon you are speaking of is similar only in the ash that covers him.”, I said, “He is a deity from the Demon Faction named Von the Demon of Despair. If left unchecked he will destroy this nation in a single night.”

“We can flee though!”, Sandy said, “He is weaker than you so he shouldn’t bother with us.”

“Yes, but one important person is still in the capital.”, I said looking at Sillica.

Sillica’s mother was still being held in the capital, and would die if nothing was done. Agreeing with me Sillica begged Sandy to let her come with me to the capital. Sandy agreed saying she was coming with us as well. With that settled the four of us took off to the former capital to do battle with Von.

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