The Dragon God and the Girl – Chapter 6: The Quest for The Lost Armor Part 1

As the week drew to a close, and the weekend arrived Sandy, Sillica, and Peter all wanted to go on another quest. This time wanting to go for something difficult they chose a rather peculiar job. Selecting a posting from the headmaster they quickly showed it to me. The reward was three hundred bonus points which was why they wanted to go. Reading the description my face cramped. Suggesting we pick another one they were adamant about going.

“Fine. Just remember that I warned you.”, I said.

“That’s fine!”, they laughed.

The request was simple enough. We were to go to a defeated dungeon roughly a day away, and retrieve a set of armor for the headmaster. Stating that it would increase one’s magic, and fighting ability he asked a student to fetch it. Accepting the quest we went outside where the three of them looked at me. Asking what they were waiting for I was told they were waiting for me to give them a lift.

“Hold on here!”, I said, “I am not a beast of burden. My summoner is one thing, but the other two are completely out of the question.”

“Please.”, Sillica said with big cow eyes.

“Only for this quest…”, I said rubbing my forehead.

Changing into my dragon form the three of them climbed on, and we were off. Sandy’s Death Eagle flew beside me barely keeping up at my lowest flight speed, and Peter’s small Knowledge Mouse rode on his shoulder. A Knowledge Mouse was a special kind of rodent. Not only was it one of only a few rodents who could use magic it could also share its sight with its master. It was the ultimate spy for any would be assassin, or foreign spy.

Arriving two hours later we set up base camp outside the dungeon. Having its core destroyed a few decades before this place now sat abandoned. A few monsters still reside here, but not enough to overwhelm the three of them. After getting everything the way they wanted I was asked for suggestions on fighting in the dungeon.

“…I watched important events in history not dungeon exploring…”, I said with a sigh, “As such I have no knowledge of them other than their structure.”

“I see.”, Sillica said, “It would make you really overpowered if you knew everything.”

Tugging on my arm she asked to go exploring. Looking at me with pleading eyes she kept tugging on arm. Sandy said that Peter, and her would hold the camp down while we explored the surroundings. Agreeing to go I was pulled into the forest to look around. As we walked Sillica suggested we find wild edibles to eat. Agreeing to that we looked for mushrooms, fruit, and wild berries.

Watching her excitedly looking around it seemed like her world was at peace. Glad that she could smile happily again we gathered enough items to make a hardy meal. Coming back to came Peter, and Sandy were smiling ear to ear at us. Not understanding why I didn’t bother to ask as the Dragon God of Bounty warned me not to in these situations. As the three of them made dinner I kept my eye on the forest.

A few creatures who would normally bother adventurers approached camp. With a low rumble from me they spotted me. Backing off they gave us a wide berth not wanting a fight. Sitting down to eat the food was the same as usual. Sliding me a piece of pie Sillica watched me with bated breath. Nervously taking a bite I found the pie to be delicious. It wasn’t the best food I have had in my lifetime, but for a mortal this food was quite good.

“What berries did you use in this?”, I asked.

“Sandy’s grandma taught me to make pie using blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries mixed together.”, she said fidgeting around, “Do you not like it?”

“No, this is the best food I have eaten since coming here to this world.”, I said with a smile, “Whatever you did to make this is amazing.”

Turning red she smiled looking at the ground. Sandy leaned over, and tried to tell me something. Pulling her back Sillica scolded her for trying to say something that shouldn’t be said. Not quite sure what she was going to say I paid them no heed. Simply enjoying the pie I filled my human sized stomach to the brim. Satisfied I felt quite tired so I asked them about the sleeping situation as I saw only one tent.

“Is sharing a tent no good?”, the two girls asked.

“Listen, if both of you become adventurers don’t ever share a tent with someone you can’t trust completely.”, I said, “I have seen bad things happen to women who shared a tent with strangers. Normally they end up broken from the experience.”

Not quite getting it I had to be blunt with them.

“They were sexually assaulted.”, I said.

“OH!”, they said, “We trust both of you though.”

Looking at Peter he seemed alright with it so I consented. Content with the safety of just having me around they felt we didn’t need a night watch. Agreeing with them I went to sleep happy, and only woke up twice through the night. Both times were due to pesky monsters that had no danger sense. Stepping out of the tent I would release a huge amount of killing intent that made them hesitate. Before they could react I slaughtered them painlessly. Disposing of the body both times I quickly went back to bed happy.

The next morning we rose at dawn only to find Sandy had been snuggling with Peter in her sleep. Sillica was poking her cheek while I left the tent. While I was getting the fire started again I heard a scream, and watched Peter get knocked out of the tent. Looking at me confused by what had just occurred he asked what happened. Explaining the situation he still didn’t see how he was responsible for it.

“As a wise man once said to a group of young men. If a man and a woman get in a fight it will always be the mans fault even if it truly wasn’t”, I told him.

“That’s stupid!!”, he said shaking his head.

“What’s ironic is that the man had twelve wives, and before he was married could never see that the twelve of them were in love with him.”, I said, “They nearly beat him to death before he realized it.”

Shivering Peter shook his head. Not wanting to end up like that he swore to keep his eye out. Saying this he failed to realize the person who had snuggled up with him was in love with him. Joining us a few minutes later Sandy was beet red while Sillica was teasing her. In spite of the protest last night Sandy was going to say something again before her mouth was covered by Sillica. After having a warm meal the plan was to head into the defeated dungeon.

Carrying their weapons in hand I lead the way keeping an illumination spell going for everyone. Wandering through the endless number of passages we eventually found our way to the second level. Reaching this point we started to encounter more monsters than anticipated. Peter used his mace to bash a few skeletons around while the women focused on using holy magic to cleanse the zombies. Leaving the smaller ones to them I handled the larger Undead Thrall Trolls that came into the room. Easily catching the closest ones club I crushed it like a tomato. Pulling it forwarded I blasted it with a Fire Blast charring the body to almost nothing. Severing the heads of the remaining three I burned their bodies away.

Watching the others fight against their opponents I sat on the sidelines. Wanting them to learn the hard way I would only interfere should something become life threatening. Finishing off their opponents the three were quite winded. Looking at me they asked why I hadn’t helped.

“You won’t get much experience points if I help you.”, I said, “You need to learn how to be more efficient in how you use your energy, and magic.”

Pouting Sillica said I should be more gentleman like, and help her when she needs it. Unimpressed with her use of that old gimmick I decided to ignore her again for a bit. Continuing into the depths of the dungeon we encountered more monsters. With the three of them still winded I blew the enemies away with wind magic. As body parts went flying off in different directions the three looked like they were going to puke.

“Listen, you will have to learn to stomach this if you want to become adventurers. This happens regularly for them, and it isn’t always monsters that end up this way.”, I said as we continued forward.

Running up, and tugging on my arm Sillica smiled happily. Saying that she would get over it with me as her companion the two in the back started grinning. Continuing on we found our way to the third floor where the sub boss would have been in this dungeons case. As we walked the pathways the smile of blood became quite strong. Asking if other adventurers may have come here I shook my head.

“I would have smelled them if they had been here in the month on the surface.”, I said, “We are more likely dealing with either a hermit who made a lab here, or bandits. At certain times of the year the road nearby would be used by many merchants. This time of year though people don’t use the road.”

“So we may need to fight bandits?”, Sandy asked.

“If you go by the smell, no. We will fight whatever killed them.”, I said.

Coming around the bend we found the source of the smell. As expected the smell was coming from the corpse of dead bandits. The bodies looked mummified sucked dry of all life, but their internal organs remained now rotten. Looking at me I gave them my thoughts on the matter.

“A vampire or succubus did this.”, I said, “Peter stay close, and Sandy make sure he doesn’t wander. If it was a succubus she will try to hypnotize him.”

“I got it!”, she said.

Continuing passed the bodies into their former hideout. Inside we the loot that was supposed to get them through the following months. Gathering the gold, and other valuables we stored them in Sandy’s item bag. Finding a rather nice staff I handed it to Sillica. Looking at me she asked why I was giving it to her as she already had a wand.

“You are better suited for a staff not a wand.”, I said, “A staff will give you much better accuracy, and this one is reinforced with special runes to strengthen the weapon. It could now be used as a club without fear of breaking it. If I swung it the staff would still break.”

Laughing she nodded in agreement. Walking through the former sub boss room we proceeded to the boss room. Walking down the narrow staircase we enter a very large room. Fifty feet wide, and a one hundred deep the room was meant for a very large creature. Now though it was home to a very small, but dangerous creature. Sitting on a self-made throne a black winged succubus sat across the throne. Looking over at us a face I knew well smiled at us. With her soulless violet eyes she licked her lips savoring the moment.

“For the ruler of the Dragon Gods to come here, and me without a proper dress. You will have to forgive finding me in this sorry state.”, she said, “One of the bandits summoned me. He is currently among the corpses I am sure you found.”

“What does she mean!?”, Sandy said getting close to me.

“Very few realize the inheritant danger of summoning. In very situations if the summoner mistakenly gives an order to the summoned being that would lead to the summoner’s death the summoned being can remain in the world.”, I said narrowing my eyes, “More than likely she tricked him into saying something like “Give me the night of my life.” If he gave that ordered his death would surely happen due to the nature of succubus.”

The three of the students stuck to me like glue.

“So you finally came down to a summoner.”, she said with a smile, “After denying several before her you chose her. I wonder what makes her so special? Maybe if I cut her open I can find the source of reason.”

Covering Sillica with my right arm the room started to heat up. Stepping forward the room started filling with black ash that sucked the energy from anything it touched. Telling the students to remain where they were I continued forwards. As I transformed into my mid-sized dragon form the succubus backstepped nervously. Careful not to touch the ash she backed herself into a corner. Crushing her throne under my right hand I glared at her through the cloud ash. As she saw my fiery blood-red eyes she curled up into a ball nervously.

“You have yet to learn your place in the food chain, haven’t you?”, I snarled, “Maybe killing you will teach you a lesson, Morgonia, Queen of the Succubus.”

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