The Dragon God and the Girl – Chapter 5: The Trouble with Mortals

Staying with my friend for four days discussing various plans I parted ways with him late on the fourth night. Taking my time to return I showed up the next morning. Casually walking into the breakfast hall before the students got up I got my meal. The professors, and headmaster were eating their meals so I decided to join them. Sitting down at their table they bid me a good morning. Returning the courteous I decided to share the information I had on the upcoming trouble.

“So you think they will more than likely come here…”, the headmaster said, “It makes the most sense as the children of many nobles come here, and your summoner resides here.”

“If things do come to pass it will be in the next two months.”, I said, “I can’t foresee the future so I can’t tell you that.”

“As a deity you aren’t all-knowing?”, he asked.

“I only know what I have seen, and heard.”, I said, “The ones who can see the future, present, and past are in a separate place than us. It was set up so to avoid any abuse we might cause with them.”

“I understand. Some of you are quite naughty, and make our lives hell.”, he joked.

“You, and ours…haha!”, I laughed.

Finishing my breakfast the headmaster told me I should go find Sillica as she had been worried about me. Thanking him for the heads up I went to her room, and knocked on the door. Opening the door Sillica was surprised to see me. Immediately after the surprise came the anger for disappearing on her. Apologizing I told her I spent time with a friend on the southern end of the continent.

“A female I assume.”, she said crossing her arms.

“No, the second oldest of our kind the Dragon God of Bounty.”, I said.

“Oh…so you went to see that little boys summoned deity. That makes sense.”, she said nodding, “Was there something you need to speak with him about?”

Letting me in the room I found John packing up books for his classes. Keeping my mouth shut I didn’t utter another word. When he was gone I continued my explanation. Shaking her head again she didn’t believe something like an invasion was going to happen. Not caring anymore I decided to leave for the library. Running after me she wanted to know where I was going.

“The library. Just like the first day I will be in there doing research.”, I said.

“What about class?”, she asked.

“I apparently embarrass you, and would get in your boyfriends way. See you this evening.”, I said.

“It’s not like that!!”, she said stomping her foot.

“Really? Who was told to sleep in the stable like an animal? I was simply telling you the truth of the matter. If you can’t trust your summoned partner why bother summoning me?”, I said walking away, “If you can’t trust me why should I put trust in you that you won’t abuse my power?”

Leaving her in the hallway I decided to put the advice I had received on the back burner. With my mind spoken I spent my day relaxing in the library learning about various events I missed while napping, or missed because I hadn’t watched it happen because I was focused elsewhere. Around lunchtime Sandy came in looking for me waving her over she demanded to know why I wasn’t eating lunch with Sillica.

“Unlike most summon beings, and mortals I only require a single meal a day. I was eating with you to make her happy. If she has a boyfriend now I am only needed as a summoned being.”, I said.

“You are her friend though, right?”, she asked.

“Of course. If she needed my help I would help her as per the summoning contract.”, I said.

“What if it was outside the contract?”, she asked.

“Depends on what the issue was.”, I replied turning the page.

“What is that supposed to mean?!”, she snapped.

“Did you know others have tried summoning me before at the Altar of Dragons?”, I said looking at her, “Each mortal came from the brink of despair asking for my help. Do you know what each of them had in common? All of them wanted me to wipe out half the world, and so I refused them.”

“She isn’t like that!”, Sandy said.

“How would I know?”, I said with a calm voice, “I can only read what is on someone’s mind. If she hides her intentions in the depths of her mind I can’t read it. You say she doesn’t want that, but she has yet to tell me why she summoned me. What does she want me to do as her summoned being? Am I just her to be her support? Am I here to help win her fame, and glory, or maybe even free her mother from her prison? I haven’t told anything, and I fail to see why you mortals can’t understand that I am acting on little information. I know the very basic information on you, and not much else. My gaze was focused on research being done in the far east for your entire lives pretty much.”

She was about to shout again, but then realized asking me for something without telling me what you want will get her nowhere. Leaving the room I returned to my books about other deity summoning sites. My plan was to remove these sites to prevent the deity realm, and the mortal realm from touching each other. That would prevent future deities from coming here to damage the world. Getting only a few pages in Sillica came down with John, Peter, and Sandy. Sitting at the table with me they looked at them book I was reading. Unable to read the language they quickly gave up.

“So you want to know what I want from you?”, Sillica said.

“Yes, I think as the summoned being I am entitled to know that much.”, I said.

Taking a deep breath she explained her plan. She wanted to become a very strong adventurer to gain a lower noble rank. Once she had it she would gain favor enough to free her mother, and spend their days together. Asking if there was anything else I respectfully nodded thanking her for telling me.

“So what do you think?”, Peter said.

“I think I am the wrong guy for the job.”, I said picking up the book again, “I am the Dragon God of Destruction not the God of Victory. While the power I have would get you what you want it sounds like once you get your mother back I am useless to you.”

Quickly realizing her mistake she clarified that I would be welcome in her home. John playing along said I would make an excellent supervisor for children. Narrowing my eyes the room darkened.

“I am not a babysitter nor a nanny…”, I said with snarl.

“Sorry…”, he said shrinking back into his seat.

“Please don’t treat John so badly.”, Sillica said, “Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean…”

Footsteps could be heard coming into the library. Entering the room the surprise my friend had prepared arrived. Tracking down the bride to be for the young John proved to  be difficult as I had no authority per say in other nations. I was lucky that the bride was in my friends country. It was simple for him to get her sent here without an issue.

“Darling!!”, the crystal haired girl said grabbing his hand, “I am glad the prince of my nation is making our engagement permanent.”

Silence filled the room as Sillica stood up looking at her.

“There must be some mistake. He is my boyfriend.”, she said defensively.

Backing away I grabbed his shoulder firmly.

“Now would be a great time to be honest, boy. The spy that paid you a visit a few nights back is in a terrible shape right now. Would you like to be next for trying to play my summoner?!”, I said showing my teeth.

“John, what is saying. I know he has said it before, but why are you acting so weird. Who is this woman?”, Sillica asked.

“Is this the woman you had to mess with in order to marry me?!”, the other women said.

“Mess with!?”, Sillica said looking at John nervously.

“Sillica…I had to do it…I love Veronica not you…”, he said confessing, “In exchange for reporting your actions to the Minister he would arrange my marriage to Veronica. Then a few nights back I received another offer to ruin your relationship with Dracon. If I did that…”

Standing up, and slapping him across the face Sandy finished his sentence.

“You would get a second women, right?”, she said shaking her head.

“…yes…”, he said hanging his head in shame.

Tears started flowing down Sillica’s face as her heart broke. Before anyone could stop her she fled the room crying her eyes out. Looking at me in disgust Sandy asked why I was being so cruel.

“What would have happened if she failed the summoning trail because of this man? She would die no matter what!”, I snapped, “I am not such evil person as to not do whatever I can to ensure my summoner doesn’t die!”

“Wait…you did this so she wouldn’t die?”, Sandy said.

“I tried showing her the facts, you tried showing her the facts, and I even called her out on it.”, I said, “What other option did I have to show her that he was using her?! She was living in a fantasy land thinking that it would be as simple as becoming a noble, and saving her mother. Do you think her grandfather would let her live long enough?”

Reality finally set in for Sandy. Sillica had, since coming to live with her, lived a sheltered life. This was the first taste Sillica had ever had of the real world without Sandy’s parents sugar-coating it. Her parents had always made any issues that came her way seem like it wasn’t a big deal. She now realized that had done more harm than good as now it took rubbing her face in the issue to make her realize that Sandy, and I hadn’t been lying. Looking at me she retracted her words coming to terms with the fact that after Sillica turned eighteen all the protection Sandy’s family had given her would disappear. If she couldn’t get into the guild she would become nothing more than a peasant on the street.

Decking the boy in the face I promptly left after Sillica leaving Sandy, and Peter to deal with the two unwelcome people. Knocking on the bedroom door I could hear Sillica crying into her pillow. Teleporting inside I sat on the bed as she cried painfully tears of sadness. Stroking her hair gently like I had been instructed I sat there awkwardly. A short while afterwards Sillica looked up at me.

“You aren’t…”, she said, “Lying to me about wanting to be my summoning partner, right?”

“I don’t remember saying anything like that…”, I thought to myself.

As I couldn’t say that I chose a much smoother line to calm her.

“So long as you can provide me with a suitable offering in two month, and three weeks yes.”, I said with a smile, “I would however like to make a few suggestions to you.”

“What suggestions do you have?”, she asked looking at me.

“Your plan for the future. I agree being an adventurer is the best option for you, however that is where my agreement with you ends.”, I said.

“Is something wrong with becoming a lower ranked noble?”, she asked.

“Without a husband you will be at the mercy of the other families. Not to mention your grandfather will not readily release your mother.”, I said.

“Then what should I do?”, she asked.

“Are you attached to this country, or are you attached to Sandy and her family?”, I asked.

“I stay here for my mother, and Sandy.”, she said firmly.

“Very well. My best suggestion is finish school, rescue your mother, and become an Adventurer with her. If you do it that way the guild can intervene for you giving you some protection from the Minister.”, I said, “I have comrades in a few countries we can register in that have no political ties here. That means the Minister would have to establish ties before demanding anything. At that point things would be extremely expensive for him to pursue the matter.”

Sitting up, and looking at me she asked me if I truly thought it would work. I said that the two of us could easily pull it off. Smiling she agreed to that plan which would be easier on her. Pulling her back to reality I reminded her though that we had an upcoming war to worry about. At the same time I told her we could use it to our advantage.

“How so?”, she asked believing me now.

“Who will be buried in paperwork at the castle if a war breaks out?”, I asked with a smile.

“My grandfather, but how does”, she started to say before it hit her, “He won’t be home to guard my mother! If we rescue her at that time we could slip in without issue, and save her!”

“Exactly. The professors, and headmaster already know about the impending conflict. They are taking steps to have defenses in place so if we make the rescue quick we can return to end the fight.”, I said.

“Why does it sound like you have something in mind afterwards?”, she asked.

“I do. Tartora the God of Chaos is the one responsible for pushing this war on the enemy. There is only one way to end their suffering, and I know you understand what that means.”, I said.

Nodding her head she gave me permission to do what I needed to so long as I didn’t cause unneeded blood shed. She knew that the other deity would die, and the royal family would die as the first prince is the summoner of the deity. Outside of that she wanted me to spare as many people as I could.

“Very well. I will do as you have asked.”, I said patting her head.

Smiling happily we spent the rest of the night making plans for the rescue. Seeing her smiling happily I noticed Sandy give me a thumbs up from outside the door.

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