The Dragon God and the Girl – Chapter 4: Family Matters

While I was settling into life here in the mortal world things were busy at the capital. Word of my arrival spread like wildfire among nobles of all ranks. Of course no one knew of my doings at the school yet. Sitting in his office Sillica’s grandfather sat reading the report.

“Damn that brat!!”, he snapped, “She will ruin me if the Dragon God of Destruction partners with her.”

Throwing the report on the floor he spat around a flurry of curse words. Regretting his decision not to kill her he had to think of away to get rid of her. Killing her was out of the question as no one dared upset a deity. His only hope was that Sillica would screw up the contract, and get herself killed. Not wanting to put all his eggs in one basket he called in his assistant.

“Bring me everything we have on the family that took Sillica in. There has to be something we can use to leverage them into pulling her out of the spotlight.”, he said.

Nodding the assistant ran out, and grabbed all the papers they had on them. Sitting down his team spent an entire afternoon searching till everything came to dead ends. Turning next to her classmates he looked closely at the two boys. Peter’s family was directly related to the Minister of Finance so he wasn’t an option. John, however was a target he could use. He had quite a lot of skeletons in his closet, and so did his family. Using a boy she trusted he felt he could cause her to regret summoning a deity.

“Get in contact with the boy through our spy network. Instruct them not to harm her in any way as the Dragon God will more than likely rampage if we do. Let the boy do the hurting for us.”, he said with a twisted smile.

That next evening John received a visitor he wasn’t expecting. Sitting on his bed a women dressed in all black sat patiently waiting for him.

“Hello there, John.”, she said behind a black mask.

“Who are you…”, he said.

“The Minister of War has need of your services.”, she said presenting her assets to him.

Gulping he attempted to hide his interest in her.

“No need to be shy. For doing a small job for the Minister he will reward you handsomely.”, she said, “Perhaps maybe a second wife, or concubine?”

Hearing the offer he looked over at her.

“Can you give me a few details? Nothing that would force me to do the work though.”, he said.

“You already know about the deity at your school. The Minister simply doesn’t want him to destroy part of the nation. Ending the contract with him is the safest option.”, she said.

“So you want me to get Sillica to send him back?”, he said, “That would kill her though!”

“Not if she cancels it before the three months are up.”, she reminded him.

“I guess so…”, he said, “She really enjoys having him around though.”

Pressing her jugs on him he could say no more.

“So will you do it?”, she asked, “All we need you to do is either make her end the contract, or make her fail.”

Pushed to the limit he caved giving his word that he would derail the contract one way, or another. Thanking him with a kiss on the cheek she slipped out the window into the night. Sneaking around the school she attempted to flee, but ran into me. Stopping dead in her tracks she panicked. Drawing her blade out of instinct she swung it at me. Grabbing her wrist I glared at her.

“You do realize that trying to keep a secret from a dragon is nearly impossible. We can hear a mouse sneeze three miles away.”, I said.

“Would she believe you over a dear friend!”, she snapped.

“Certainly not, but…that doesn’t save you now does it.”, I said showing my teeth, “The food so far at the establishment has been quite bland. I have never eaten human before, and you certainly have enough meat on you to be a snack.”

Turning white she tried to scream. Covering her mouth she tried to bite my hand. Instead of leaving bite marks she chipped her tooth. Taking us far away with teleportation I released her.

“You simply can’t take a joke can you. You are far to rotten for my taste.”, I said.

Hearing footsteps approach a swarm of goblins appeared. Reacting as any human would she went for her weapons only to find she was completely disarmed. Looking back at me she found her weapons in my hands. Dawning on her why I brought her she attempted to flee. The goblins snagged her with ropes pulling her to the ground.

“Listen well goblins. You aren’t allowed to kill her for three years. Anything aside from killing her, however is fair game.”, I said with a cruel smile.

“WAIT! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE WITH THEM!!”, she screamed as she was being dragged away.

“You should have known that one day your actions would comeback to haunt you.”, I said, “How many daughters of nobles have you sold to trolls, orcs, and kobolds? Think of this as a bit of payback on their behalf. I sure you will have wonderful offspring.”

Teleporting away before she could say more I ate the weapons hoping they may taste better. Being poisoned the blades tasted like crap so I gave up on having a decent meal. Returning to the room Sillica asked where I went too. Telling her I went for a stroll, and ran into the headmaster. She accepted the story without issue thankfully. Not quite sure how to approach the topic I decided to wait for her to fall asleep before going to see Sandy. Teleporting outside her room I knocked on the door as human custom dictated. Opening the door she seemed surprised to see me.

Sitting down in her room I handed over the documents I obtained. With a disgusted expression she handed them back to me. Complaining about John being such a manwhore I asked her for the best course of action. Shaking her head she simply said that if she told her Sillica would think she had an interest in John. If I told her though she would think it was because I hated him.

“Either way you have to help her when the time comes. When she finds out that the boy she has had a crush on for three years is using her…I don’t think her heart will last.”, Sandy said.

“I understand.”, I said, “Thanking you for the advice.”

Walking towards the door I looked back at her.

“You also should spend more time with Peter.”, I said with a smile.

Turning bright red she hid her face pretending not to know what I was talking about.

“You forget that I have watched countless humans over the course of my life.”, I said, “I happened to be watching you follow the boy as he tends to the flowers, and gardens here at the school. If you like him then you should tell him outright before it becomes to late.”

“I will do it on my terms!!”, she said lightly pounding her fists on my back.

Looking at her small Death Eagle perched by her bed it seemed to find the scene quite funny. Leaving her for the night I returned to the room silently. The next morning I followed Sandy’s advice, and didn’t bring it up. When I asked about today’s classes she said that on the three-day weekends students generally took job requests from teachers for extra credit. I had the choice of joining them, or going to the library. For today I decided to tag along with the team of four on a task to gather Extraction Plants. Used for medical purposes the plant is used for extracting venom from the body.

Heading to the nearby forest I decided to let them find the plants themselves. Staying at the back of the group with the other summoned beings we watched the four of them fumble around till they gave up. Sitting down on a log they ate their packed lunches in silence. Having asked the Death Eagle if anything nearby tasted good he said nothing around here would suit my taste. Manifesting my normal meal I began eating a human sized portion of how I imagined lamb chops would taste.

“You can make food!!”, John said surprised.

“Yes…”, I replied.

Finishing their meals quickly the four of them continued searching the woods. After another hour of failed searching the called together a meeting. Looking to me for advice they asked how to deal with the current situation. With a snap of my finger a pile of the plants appeared in front of them.

“Where were they?!”, they said dropping to their knees in disbelief.

“They grow near water…did you not read the fine print on the job posting?”, I asked.

The four of them didn’t respond so I took that as a yes. With a sigh I shook my head in disbelief. Putting the plants in a bag we returned to the school to get their extra credit. Telling me I was free the rest of the day Sillica went off with her friends to study. Apparently having me around made the group feel stupid. It was never my intent to do so, but it came across that way.

Walking into the library I found the place empty. Figuring that even teaching staff would take the days off I casually read different legends comparing them to my knowledge. Finding quite a lot of similarities just with different names I figured the original authors found the true story to boring. Beefing the story up I thought they must have done so to make money. Closing the last of the books for the night I returned to the room only to find Peter, and Sandy standing outside.

“What are both of you doing?”, I asked in a low voice.

“John asked Sillica out!”, Peter said with excitement.

Looking at Sandy she had mixed emotions on the whole thing. When our eyes met she shock her head. She tried to tell Sillica previously about the information just before John asked her out. Not believing a word of it Sillica told Sandy I must have made the information up. Hearing the girls childish reaction to me I was disappointed in her. Showing Peter the information he knew Sandy, and I weren’t lying. Sillica was just being to stubborn to believe it.

“She said that you are to sleep in the stable tonight with the other summoned beings.”, Peter said cautiously.

“Haha!”, I laughed, “I will see you in two days. There are things I have to attend to in other places around the world.”

Walking away casually I teleported out of the school before changing into my medium-sized form. Taking flight into the night I had one goal in the two-day period. Meet with one of the other Neutral deities, and discuss our plans. Flying to the seafaring Kingdom of Aquaria I landed in the courtyard a few hours later. Sensing my presence the Dragon God of Bounty came out to greet me.

“Well call me impressed.”, he said, “Getting out of your own little world to visit this one. What brought you here?”

“I came to speak with you.”, I said, “I know you are aware of the current situation.”

Nodding he told me everything about the coming wars that the larger kingdoms want to wage. Currently in a land grabbing frenzy both of us knew the Demon, and God factions were pushing this on the mortals.

“Did you have something in mind?”, he asked.

“Need I explain my title.”, I said with a grin.

“I thought you were against destroying part of this world?”, he asked.

“I am, but if I don’t act now more of this world will be destroyed.”, I said.

“This is true.”, he said, “What do you need me for? My powers won’t be of use to you in fighting.”

Being summoned by a seven-year old boy his power was quite limited. Not only that his power only helped grow food, and increase the catch from the sea.

“I wanted your input on this. You are the second oldest after all.”, I said.

Thinking about it for a moment he looked at me with a serious expression.

“I think destroying the largest military might on this continent will suffice to scare others from starting a war…ecspecially among our kind.”, he said.

“I agree, however I can’t act till something happens. No need to cause my summoner any unneeded issues.”, I said.

“So that’s how you ended up here.”, he replied with a chuckle, “The one who always said he wouldn’t answer a summoner finally did so. How many did you deny before?”

“Twelve before her.”, I said, “At those times I wasn’t needed here, but now I am so I answered the call.”

Explaining the circumstances to him he shook his head. Telling me I need to be more understanding for her I took the advice to heart. Being the Dragon God of Bounty humans regularly communicated with him so he had a better understanding than I. Thanking him for the advice I asked to stay here for a spell. Asking his summoner no one had a complaint so long as I didn’t wreck anything. Changing into our human forms my old friend showed me to the guest room as we discussed various things.

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