The Dragon God and the Girl – Chapter 3: Student Life

The next morning Sillica woke me up for breakfast. Never having been a morning person I was slow to get up. Sitting down at the meal table her friends greeted her. Turning to me Sandy said hello.

“…good morning…”, I said with a yawn.

“Are you still tired?”, Sandy asked.

“When you’re a deity time is irrelevant. So I could take a nap for a thousand years, and not miss much.”, I said.

“You realize that is a long time for us, right?”, she said with a sigh.

“Yes, that is why I refer to all of you that live on this side as mortals. The oldest among you is only three million years old, and that young man barely does anything now.”, I said.

“There is a human that old?!”, the four of them said.

“No, he is a half elf named…was it Darren, or Jason? Whatever the name was he doesn’t move around much at all. Spends all his time sleeping, and thinking.”, I said, “In a few years he will pass from old age anyways.”

“That’s a bit harsh.”, Peter said.

“The man has been cheating death by using Blood Magic. It was going to catch up with him eventually.”, I said.

Eating our meals peacefully the group broke up for class. Sitting next to Sillica her classmates hesitated on throwing things during the first class of today which was science.

“Alright, who can tell me why mythril is such a great material for a magic wielder?”, the professor asked.

Raising her hand the red-headed girl answer.

“Due to its magical properties it allows magic to be transmitted much more effectively than other materials!”, she said with a smug grin.

“That is correct. Dracon, is there anything you want to add as a being far older than us?”, the professor asked.

“Mythril degrades overtime, and effectively becomes the magic that you mortals use. The reason mythril is so effective is because the degeneration process of its magic particles is much more stable than other metals. There are a few better suited metals, but very few races can access them. Only one can even do anything with them thanks to their bodies containing trace amounts of the metals.”, I said.

“What are you saying?”, the red head asked.

“I am saying the dwarves have an immunity to the negative effects the metals have. If say a human, or elf consumed even a sliver their bodies would start shutting down from magic poisoning.”, I said, “Dwarves were made from the earth giving the earth like properties. One of those is that their magic matches the earth magic it gives off normally. Elves, humans, and other races bodies came from the sky, or water. As such you have those properties, and are vulnerable to the slightest change in the earth.”

The professor eagerly wrote everything I said down. When I asked why she said that currently research was being down in the field, and my insight would help push research forward. Not happy with the attention Sillica would get if the research proved anything she waited for the teacher to turn around. Throwing a tailismen at Sillica I used wind magic to change the air flow. Hitting the chalkboard it cause it to shatter. Turning around the only one with a talisman was her.

“Go to the headmasters office at once! Destroying school property is a suspendable offense!”, the professor said.

Leaving the class with her head hung low-class continue normal. Towards the end of class the professor started discussing various theories regarding how beings are selected in summoning magic. Before she could get to far into it the bell sounded marking the end of class. Heading to the next class room we sat down for chemistry class.

“Sillica, isn’t chemistry supposed to be next class?”, I asked.

“The academy is set up so students can take whatever classes they want whenever they want.”, she explain, “I could take science, and chemistry only if I so choose too. Taking a variety of classes is how I plan on making myself well-rounded for jobs in the future.”

“I see.”, I said.

Laying my head down I tuned out the lecture. As the class went one I started to smell something. Looking around at the tables since it was lab time I looked for the source of the odor. Spotting the source on the other side of the room I grabbed the vile before they did something horribly wrong.

“What are you doing?”, the professor asked.

“You three, did you follow the instructions to the letter, or just mess about?”, I asked.

“It shouldn’t matter, right?”, they said.

“It does matter because if the first part of the mixture doesn’t crystalized you will make poison gas by adding the next part.”, I said.

“No, it…”, they started to say.

Before they finished the professor smacked them on the head with a roll of paper.

“How many times must I tell you three morons to read the instructions!! Dracon is right, if you had added the saline solution you could have poisoned all of us terrible.”, the professor said, “Do the steps again…BY THE INSTRUCTION!!”

Nodding they followed the instructions with the professor watching over their shoulders. Sitting back down Sillica looked at me in shock.

“You certainly know quite a lot.”, she said.

“I watched it all created in the beginning.”, I said, “I don’t claim to know everything when it comes to mortals, but if it’s the world I certainly do.”

“Could you help me with my experiment then?”, she asked politely.

“Very well.”, I said looking at her project.

Reading the title I immediately told her to pick a different one.

“What’s wrong with it?”, she asked.

“Do you intend to use it?”, I asked.

“Yes, why do you ask?”, she said.

“You know you need a special magic tool to use the Artificial Alchemist Stone, right?”, I asked.

“You can use it without it, right?”, she said, “I heard many people have done so in a pinch.”

“And what do they all have in common?”, I asked.

Not knowing what I informed using the stone without the right tool would cause the destruction of the limb holding it. Displaying several images with recall magic she quickly choose a different project. Switching to Artificial Blood I worked with her on making it, and improved the process for her. At the end of class the professor examined our work.

“My goodness!”, he said, “This would fetch top dollar from researchers. Any normal mage would take it for real blood. I am giving you a one hundred percent on this, and bonus if you can give me the changes you did in writing.”

Smiling brightly she said she would do so. Thanking me several times over I told her that it was perfectly fine. Leaving this class we went Practical Attack Magic class next. Sitting next to Sandy, John, Peter, and Sillica they intently listened to the lecture. Finding this quite boring I almost fell asleep. Before I did though the instructor called me to the main floor. Coming down to him he wanted me to display some of my lesser attack magics.

“Lethal, Non-Lethal, or Creation?”, I asked.

“As I love my family please Non-Lethal.”, she said.

Manifesting a black sword I made a small cut in the air. At first nothing happen, but then a massive tear appeared. Sucking small bits of debris in I shut it with a snap of my finger.

“What was that?!”, some of the students asked.

“Banishing Tear. It is a low-level void spell meant for defense against ranged attacks. One can use it as offensive magic if used in the proper manner.”, I said.

“How so?!”, the teacher asked.

“Stand still.”, I said.

Doing the spell again towards him he smiled with a smug expression. Before he could laugh he collapsed with a confused expression.

“Temporarily separating the link between your soul, and physical body you can render an opponent powerless.”, I said, “No matter what you do you can’t move, can you?”

With no response from the teacher I ended the spell. Snapping back to reality she was confused why he was on the floor. With a bright red face she sent me back to my seat. Allowing the students to practice the instructor wanted to duel me. Getting ready she launched a flurry of wind spells at me. Dispelling them easily I used sound waves to render her unconscious again.

“…mortals can certainly be idiots…”, I mumbled.

Taking my seat again class went by without a hitch. Stopping for lunch we sat down at the usual table, and were served the correct meals after a stare down with the chef. After our meal Sillica decided to take Physical Training. Wanting to be able to use like her father she was desperately training in swordplay. Watching the other students none of them were outstanding. It was to be understood though as very few had yet to reach eighteen.

The instructor asked me to spar with him to motivate the students. Making a sword out of magic we started dancing across the field. Having watch many swordsmen previously I used the techniques I had seen. Though I had never practiced them I was good enough to push him back easily. Sweat pouring from the instructors face he eventually gave up from exhaustion.

“Sillica, you should have him teach you. He is far better than myself, and as your partner it would be good bonding time.”, he said.

With a red face she said she would take it into consideration. The final class of the day she chose was Summoning Training. This class was set aside to allow students the chance to become attune with their summoned monsters. Normally this meant sparring against others, eating a meal, or even reading to their summoned being. Sitting down off by ourselves she started twiddling around with her thumbs.

“I mean no disrespect, but why take this class?”, I asked.

“Because…as your partner I need to get to know you.”, she said, “So could you tell me about yourself?”

Looking at her I leaned back in the grass. Recalling all of my first three hundred years she listened intently. When I got to the part of where mortals first entered this realm the bell rang sounding the end of the day. Getting up to head to the dining hall for my first evening meal in this realm as we walked into the dining hall the atmosphere was completely different. The normally bratty red-head was acting all chummy with everyone.At this point even the outcasts were allowed into the normal student body. Before I could ask what was going on students I hadn’t seen before showed up.

The few students in line for their meals were thrown out-of-the-way by the new bloods. ordering the most expensive meals on the menu the food was going quickly. Looking back at all of Sillica’s classmates none of them looked at them instead choosing to look down at the floor. Taking up a third of the dining hall after ordering their meals still none of the students moved an inch. I asked why the students didn’t move, and unexpectedly red-head answered me.

“Those are the students from Dragon Class.”, she said.

“Okay? You make it sound like I should know about that.”, I said.

“They are the top students in the school. Their families are either foreign nobles, or hold high-ranking positions in the government.”, John said, “Count, and up….”

“What is the highest noble rank among you?”, I asked.

“One of us is the fourth son of a Viscount, but it doesn’t hold much strength when you’re not the first or second son.”, Peter said.

Shaking my head in disbelief I walked up to the counter. Trying to stop me Sillica watched nervously as I went to order. Seeing me up to order one of the Dragon Class students walked over to me with her male friends. Speaking to me while I was placing my order the woman got impatient.

“Excuse me!”, she said, “Ignoring the second daughter of Earl Gustav is quite a bad idea.”

“Interrupting people when they are ordering their food is against etiquette, is it not? If you wish to speak allow me the courteous to finish ordering.”, I retorted.

Keeping silent as I called her out for breaking noble conduct I finished my order. Turning around I greeted her with all due respect.

“Can I help you?”, I asked.

Sillica, and her classmates gasped hearing me say that.

“You have a pair for not addressing me properly.”, she said.

“You have a pair as well interrupting me, mortal. You should naturally sense what I am…if you have common sense that is…”, I said narrowing my eyes.

“You must be a foreigner…”, she said with a cramped expression, “I will let the comment slid as I am merciful.”

“You are so kind, my lady!”, the men said kissing up to her.

“Normally students who are, but leeches on the nobility wait till we have eaten before ordering their meals.”, she said gesturing to Sillica’s classmates, “Therefore if you return to the group we will overlook this.”

“Piss off…”, I said shaking my head, “Two thirds of the dining hall is open, and I am hungry. Why don’t you kindly finish your meal in peace like a normal noble? Do the important nobles have nothing, but make time to harass the lower nobles? Mortals are certainly interesting at times, but in this case it is quite annoying.”

Clenching her fist she ordered her summoned being to attack me. Hearing the sound of wings flapping on the balcony a high ranked dragon appeared.

“What human is disturbing you, my lady? I will tear them too…”, he started to say before spotting me.

When our eyes met he immediately silenced himself. Dropping his head to the ground in submission the woman got angry at the dragon.

“Get up, and show this man what happens when people disrespect me!”, she ordered.

“I can’t…my lady…that is the Dragon God that all dragons fear. If I fight him I will be killed in seconds!!”, he whimpered.

“Dragon…God…”, she said with a pale expression.

The whole Dragon class turned white from fear looking at me.

Manifesting my smaller dragon form in the room some of the nobles pissed themselves. Shaking nervously the woman fell on her backside scooting towards her partner. Begging on her behalf the dragon pleaded for her life.

“Merciful God of Destruction please spare my summoner!!”, he said bowing his head.

“I will let it slide this time…if she foolishly insults me again…”, I said glaring at them with my fiery red eyes.

The temperature in the room suddenly increased dramatically. Metal objects started melting as did clothing.

“I will not hesitate to burn her soul to nothing.”, I said.

Bowing her head asking forgiveness she swore not to say a word to me in anger again. Lowering the temperature to normal I resumed my human form this time clothed. Grabbing my meal I sat among Sillica, and her stunned classmates.

“Now, I understand showing them respect by allowing them to go first.”, I said, “However after they have been served and seated you can get your meals, and eat peacefully in the other two-thirds of the dining area.”

Looking hesitantly around the students still didn’t move.

“If they cause a fuss with your families I will personally have a word with their parents…”, I said, “They can find out themselves what the wrath of the Dragon God of Destruction feels like.”

Hearing a gulp run through the Dragon class the woman from before spoke up.

“Yes, that arrangement will work for us!”, she said, “So long as there is a difference in our treatment none of us shall complain!”

Having been given permission Sillica, and her classmates got their meals without a peep from the Dragon class. Sitting separate from them no issues occurred which kept things peaceful.

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