The Dragon God and the Girl – Chapter 2: The Girl Who Lost it All

Sitting at the table with a few friends off in the corner of the lunchroom Sillica started crying. Today, as I was told, was the same as ever for her. Coming to class to was pushed into the pond in front of the school. Before summoning me one of the students hit her with a fireball while the teacher wasn’t looking. During class students pelted her with different bottles of chemicals at her. One of her friends thanked me for cleaning her off as a few of those chemicals would have started melting her flesh. Silently sitting at the table I watched her friends comfort her.

“Sillica, your time will come. With your partner no one will pick on you once they know who he is.”, her big breast blonde haired friend said.

“They know who he is, and won’t do a thing when he is around. In class though they can still pelt me, torment me, and take my stuff.”, Sillica said, “Unlike you Sandy I don’t have anyone to rely on in class…”

“Come on, Sillica. You have us in some of your classes at least. We will always have your back.”, her black-haired male friend said, “Isn’t that right, Peter?”

“Of course, John!”, the fat brown-haired male said, “All of us are outcasts, and need to stick together!”

Looking at Sandy I asked her a question.

“This boy said something about being outcast. Why do you think of yourselves as outcasts?”, I asked.

Lowering their gazes John answered for the group.

“All of us are the lowest rank nobles in the kingdom.”, he said, “Sillica has it particularly hard…if not for the headmasters interference she wouldn’t be here.”

“Why?”, I asked.

Looking at Sillica she said she would tell me this evening. As the food arrived I was provided a normal student meal. Looking at everyone elses food mine stood out. Having a nice cut of lamb, potatoes, and a glass of water the four children had a bowl of grits and bread. Hearing snickering coming from the kitchen staff I snapped my fingers. Using my magic their food became exactly like mine. Shocked they looked at me who was smiling.

“Go ahead, and eat. If what you say is true none of the students will come here to bother you.”, I said taking a bite of my lamb.

As far as food went it was mediocre at best compared to my normal meals. From the other side I had always wanted to try food here, and now that I was sampling it I was upset. Finishing our meal the students returned to class. Parting from Sillica I decided to see just how bad the treatment was. Using invisibility I sat in on the next class which was basic attack magic. As the teacher wrote spells on the chalkboard the red-head from this morning was about to launch a spell at Sillica. Analyzing the magic signature I discovered it was going to be static shock spell. With a snap of my fingers I bounced the spell back hitting the red-head.

Blowing away all of her paperwork, and with her hair out like a puffball the class started laughing. Failing to understand what happen she could only look at her wand wondering if something had broken. After a stern scolding from the teacher class continued. When the practical training part of the class started only John joined her. Practicing ice magic she appeared to be relaxed. Looking at John I could sense he had something else in mind. Watching him casually glance at Sillica’s small breasts, and butt I figured he had an interest in her. Having no interest in interrupting the mating dance he was doing I was about to leave when I spotted something on his desk. As the students were busy no one noticed me.

In the small storage compartment of the desk I found that the boy had a note inside. Casually reading it I discovered the boys secret agenda. Apparently he was the son of an Associate Baron who, being the fourth son, had no chance of staying a noble after graduation. In reading the note a certain noble had approached him with a deal. Be getting close to Sillica if he could ruin her image he would be allowed to marry into a viscount’s family. Having accepted the job this note was today’s information he had gathered. Seeing this all with my magic, and having proof I silently slipped down to the training floor.

Lightly icing the floor when he stepped forwards he fell flat on his face. Leaving the classroom through the window I paided a visit to the other friends of hers. Searching Sandy’s room I determined that she was truly Sillica’s friend wanting only to see her happy. Peter was a different story all together. Unlike John he was the second son of a Baron meaning his status was guaranteed. He was overweight, and was picked on by everyone around him. Having made friends with these three he had only allowed them to see part of himself. Making a magic copy of John’s note I slipped it back into his desk before class ended.

I decided not to bring it up yet as I was only just getting to know Sillica. Telling her now she would simply think I was lying to her. When the school day ended I followed Sillica back to her dorm room like all the summoned beings did. Twenty feet by ten feet I realized just how small this place was. For her it might be big, but to me this was a bit tight. Cleaning herself with magic I gave her some privacy, and when she finished we sat down for a chat.

“So then, are you going to tell me about yourself?”, I asked.

“Yes…”, she said.

Her story started out with her grandfather who is currently the Minister of War here in Avelia. He had only one child a woman named Lily whom he cherished dearly. Things went smoothly in the household till a certain commoner involved himself with Lily. The two fell in love, and secretly planned to runaway together. Hearing this plan the Minister put a stop to it right away. Throwing the man in jail for false charges he was killed when he tried to “escape” the guards. Thinking the whole thing was over he came to find out his precious daughter was with child. Begging her to get rid of the child she refused. When Sillica was born Lily cherished her like nothing before.

As word got around the upper ranks people were starting to threaten the Minister by saying they would expose his daughter as a whore. If the King judged him to be of poor character he would lose his job, and so ripped Sillica from her mother. Fighting back against her father Lily desperately tried to get her back, but ended up being silenced by him. Putting her in a coma he let her stay thus till even now in the hope that she will forget Sillica.

Thrown out from the Ministers home she was passed around like a bad omen till Sandy’s family took her in. Raised to be like a sister to Sandy since her mother was unable to have more kids the two girls naturally became close. Hearing all the poor girl had gone through I felt bad for her. Patting her head gently I told that things would get better now. Forcing a smile she agreed looking me in the eyes. As she was about to climb into bed a knock came from the door. Opening the door several guards entered the room.

“The Minister of War has ordered you be taken in for questioning.”, the guards said reaching for Sillica.

Blocking their path I blew them back with Wind Magic.

“Let’s see the warrant!”, I said, “I know your laws, and you can’t touch her without a warrant.”

Not paying me a bit of attention the men drew their swords, and attacked me. Before they got near me the blades bent backwards as if they didn’t want to touch me. Confused the guards switched to using their fists. The biggest of them hit me in the gut as hard as he could. Not even feeling a tickle I dropped him sinking him a foot into the floor. Seeing this guards stopped completely. Telling Sillica to look away I decided to get answers out of the men. Arriving a short time afterwards the teaching staff found the guards begging for mercy at my feet. Covered in blood, piss, and spit they spilled the information I wanted them to in front of the staff.


Seeing that some of his own guards were harassing a student the headmaster burst into the room grabbing the men by the collar.


Throwing them out of the room he instructed the chemistry teacher to extract the information from them. Bowing his head with a devilish smile the teacher hauled the guards away with an evil laugh. Looking at the headmaster myself I asked if the teacher could be trusted.

“He is my younger brother, and only enjoys things involving chemistry. As I hold the keys to his funding he behaves himself which earns him quite a lot of gold.”, he said, “More importantly I am surprised you didn’t kill them instantly.”

“Necromancy is such a nasty bit of business, and shouldn’t be practiced where people sleep. Bad things happen to those who don’t respect the arts.”, I said with a smile.

“Very true!”, he said with a grin, “By the way Professor Roland said you wished to join in on Sillica’s class, correct?”

“Having witnessed history myself, and watched your magic’s build from the ground up I wanted to see how your races recorded it.”, I said.

“Ah, that’s right. You are one of the few deities that showed interest in mortals.”, he said, “I am sure you could teach a class of your own. If you don’t mind teaching when a teacher is ill I will permit your entry into her classes.”

“Consider it a deal then.”, I said shaking his hand.

Leaving the room with a pleasant smile I said something to him before he left.

“The item you want is in the library furthest case to the west third book from the left on the fifth shelf.”, I said.

Turning to look at me he smiled the ear to ear. Running off like a child he ran to the library to retrieve an item he lost thirty years prior. Having watched him during his early years as a researcher I remembered he left his treasured wand in a book by mistake. Returning the book, and go through at least twenty more before he realized he lost it he had been looking for it ever since. Doing me a favor I gave him one in return.

With the excitement for the night over with Sillica went to sleep soundly while I slept on the sofa in her room. It wasn’t the most comfortable place to sleep, but it was sufficient.

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