The Dragon God and the Girl – Chapter 1: The Summoning

In a world full of magic, science, and myth many races thrive, and fall. The beings that watch over the mortals are divided among three groups. The Gods, the Demons, and the Neutrals all who reside outside the realm mortals call reality. Having watched the world from the other side I have seen the downfall of many a race. Being seven billion years in age I am the oldest among all the three groups of which I am apart of the Neutrals. Though I am called Dracon the Dragon God of Destruction I have never manifested myself in the mortals realm. Satisfied simply watching them murder each other I have remained this way since the original God made me.

Around a few hundred years ago the mortal races started dabbling in summoning arts as a new field of magic. At first they were only able to bring lesser creatures into their world. Forging contracts with them those individuals gain immense power from their partners. Though if one was unable to meet the demands of the summoned being they would be completely devoured till not even a soul was left. A breakthrough for them happen a mere fifty years ago allowing people to summon even powerful beings like us via a special magic tool. Having deities like myself appear in their realm the balance of power shifted almost overnight. New nations formed around these people, and those unable to fight where forced into submission.

Watching from my home my anger raged against those deities who were destroying the world that I was happy to just watch. One day though I felt something calling me from the mortal realm. Seizing this chance to annihilate the bastards destroying my view I decided to answer the call. Emerging in a cloud of smoke, and fire I saw the young one who summoned me. Standing at a small five foot tall this innocent looking girl of blue eyes looked like she was about to soil herself. Glaring at her from behind were others with lesser summoned beings. Sensing my gaze all the summoned beings prostrated themselves on the ground much to their masters dislike.

“What kind of stupid beast did you summon? A troll maybe, or maybe even a small dragon?”, a red-headed girl mocked, “Always going to be bug, aren’t you Sillica?”

The young girl was sobbing as she looked into the cloud.

“Hush your mouth, Mordred!”, the teacher said, “All students here are equal according to school rules!”

“I am allowed to mock a lesser…”, she started to say.


The light in the room darkened as the student body backed up. Emerging from the cloud my black void scales glimmered in the pale light. Glaring at the girl with my fiery red eyes she fell to the ground unconscious.

“My word!!!”, the teacher said, “What are you!?”

“I am Dracon the Dragon God of Destruction.”, I replied, “Someone called me from my slumber, and I came to meet said person. I believe this girl Sillica to be the one who called out to me, yes?”

Nodding her head I lowered my head to look at her. Everyone was too afraid to move even an inch. Since she wasn’t going to speak I did so instead.

“I believe that in order to summon a beast you require an offering, yes?”, I said, “So what do you bring me the oldest remain deity?”

“I…I…I didn’t think a deity would be my summoned partner…”, she said nervously, “I didn’t prepare for someone of your caliber to show up here.”

Thinking that it made sense to assume one may only ever see a lesser to midlevel summoned being I understood.

“Very well…”, I said.

“Please…please don’t eat me…I have something I must do, and I need your help to do so!”, she said bowing her head.

Thinking that if I did kill her I would be sent back I decided to be merciful.

“As summoning a deity such as myself is a rare occurrence I will let the offering slide for this moment. I will remain your partner for three months time, and at that point you will present me a fitting offering…or you shall die.”, I said.

Bowing her head she agreed to the terms. The cloud disappeared as I was now completely in the mortal realm. As I knew maintaining this form would make movement through mortal structures difficult I changed my form with magic. A bright light surrounded me as I took the form of a human I saw when they first came to be. With jet black hair, golden-yellow eyes, and pale tan skin I stood six-foot tall. In this form all of my powers were still contained within me, but at a much higher density. This meant my physical strength, and other aspects were greater than in my original form.

Still in shock of my change I told Sillica that I wanted to make her life a bit easier by not destroying everything as I walked. Thanking me from behind her covered eyes she pointed at me. Looking around, and then at myself I found one key difference. The mortals wore clothing, and I didn’t. Making myself black dragon hide boots, and pants with a white undershirt I thought of what else I might like. Making a red dragon scale coat I adjusted the sizes to make things fit better. Sighing with relief Sillica asked that I keep my clothes on. With a nodded we joined the other summoner’s who were leaving the summoning field.

Entering a large building made previously by the Alvia I followed Sillica to her classroom. Seeing the other summon beings heading elsewhere Sillica turned to speak with me. Apparently according to school rules summoned beings weren’t allowed in the classrooms. Seeing as how I looked human I had hoped they would allow it, but they didn’t. The instructor told me I wasn’t allowed in so I asked to visit the library. Having no issue with it I was granted access to the library.

“Mortals are such a pain sometimes.”, I muttered flipping through different history books.

As I read I began to notice that some parts of their history weren’t recorded correctly. In some case important battles were completely erased from history all together. Realizing that humans were extremely self-serving I realized history books should be avoided. Instead of history books I decided to examine mythological books. In these books humans, and other races tried to determine things about the world that just didn’t add up to them. One such existence was a water dragon named Nuri that lived in a lake nearby. I knew for a fact there was a dragon there, but she was incredibly shy around others. This being the case whenever she did come up from the depths she caused people to be afraid of her. With no hard evidence to prove she lived there people called her a myth.

Flipping through the pages I stumbled on a section written about me. As the book had been covered in dust I knew no one had read it in quite sometime. According to the mortals I was an existence to be feared. Believing that I had made appearances before in the world the attributed my appearance to a sign of calamity. In addition, in most religions I was regarded as a Demon of sorts. My face twitched in anger because some idiot thought of me as a Demon. Other various made up facts were things like I ate only virgin women, drank the blood of slaughtered mortals, and I made merry with any mortal I saw fit.

Having been around as long as I have not once have I ever had an interest in mating with other deities nor have I slept with mortals. Unlike my associates I had not a single blood relative to speak of. The closest I had was other dragons due to me being a dragon. With a sigh I closed the book, and put it away. Noticing the librarian gaze on me I looked over at her. The twin pigtail women was quite curvy for a single woman. Curious as to why I asked her without much care.

“To ask a women such a question…how forward of you…”, she said with a red face.

“I haven’t the slightest interest in being your partner. I am simply curious as to why you are single. From all my years watching the world experience as told me someone with your looks should be receiving requests daily.”, I said.

“I have a thing against men that stare at my chest the first we meet.”, she said, “Out of all the men who have spoken to me you are the fourth to speak to me while looking at my face. Most men talk to my chest which upsets me to no end.”

“Fair enough.”, I said, “So till you find a man who looks you in the face the majority of the time you won’t settle down. That is a good moral to have I think. I have watch many a woman throw herself at passing Heroes to live a life of ease. You are to be commended for your determination.”

“For some reason I feel hurt when you say that…”, she said with a pouting face.

“So was there something you wanted?”, I asked.

“Yes!”, she said with a sparkling smile, “As a researcher coming meeting the top-level deity is quite an honor.”

“For the record I am the oldest, but by no means was I the first.”, I said, “The one who created us in a being that I couldn’t compare too. Traveling through the streams of life that flow between the worlds is where she makes her home. After creating us she left us to fend for ourselves.”

“I see I see!”, she said writing the information down, “So about your previous visits to the world. How has the world changed?”

“This is my first time in this plane of existence.”, I stated, “The being you believed to me was a High Summoned Dragon called Dralax the Destroyer. A few foolish people in the time of this world have summoned him to wipe enemies out for them. For me he would be nothing to destroy.”

“Then about the form you appeared in. Why does it look similar to him?”, she asked.

“For argument sake he looks more like me as I was here before him.”, I said, “The form you saw was just the form I took as to not destroy the plains. My true form extends nearly twenty miles, and my wing span is close to thirty tip to tip.”

Dropping her paper and pen she looked at me in shock.

“That is huge!!”, she said, “You must be the largest dragon to every have existed.”

“Yes, and I am still growing by roughly three hundred feet every one of your mortal years.”, I said.

“Amazing!!”, she said picking up her tools to continue writing.

“So do you have offspring then back in your realm?”, she asked.

“None.”, I said.

“Interesting. Do you foresee an interest in any of us?”, she asked.

“Having spent my entire time watching this world closely I can safely say I know each mortal race well.”, I said.

“Does that mean yes, or no?”, she asked to clarify.

“Yes, I could see myself doing so as I like this world quite a bit. The issue lays in the fact that most of you mortals don’t deserve my trust. Answering question is acceptable, but asking for help, granting you power, or even wealth will end poorly for you.”

“To clarify what kind of help do you mean?”, she asked.

“I assume you know of the nations that have been at war with each other now for a few years. Each of those nations in lead by a summoner who made a contract with a deity like me. Asking me for help in raising your nation’s status through violence will make me devour you completely. I have sat back, and watched races destroy one another before so I will continue to do so.”, I said.

“If one of the other deities shows up would you fight them?”, she asked.

“Yes, coming here to play around is unforgivable.”, I said, “I responded to Sillica’s request to send the other deities home.”

“I see. Well lunch is about to start so I must be going. Will you be here tomorrow to speak too?”, she asked.

“Unless I am given permission to enter the classroom I will be here.”, I said.

Running off without saying goodbye she vanished in the maze of bookshelves. Returning to Sillica’s classroom I found the poor girl covered in different liquids. Peeking into the classroom the students had apparently been doing chemistry work. Scrubbing her hair hard she was crying as parts of her hair fell out. Walking over to her I removed the liquids, and repaired her hair. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but as her summoned partner I thought it was required. Thanking me while hanging her head we went to the lunchroom where she sat at a table with a few of her friends.

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