Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 20: Battle of the Oldest and Youngest Brothers

With the civilian’s safely hidden away the military began fortifying the capital. Men piled large sand bags in holes throughout the wall to prevent any small foes entering right away. Anti-demon weapons were being handed out to the men, and arrows to the archers. The King had already reached out to surrounding nations for aid. The kingdom to the west called Fangforn was mobilizing it’s Calvary to our aid. Sadly though they wouldn’t arrive till this afternoon.

“The Grandmaster from the Holy Regana Empire said it’s forces stationed nearby will be here by 9.”, I said, “We have to hold out till then.”

Looking at the King he was visibly distressed.

“Why haven’t asked the dwarves for help?”, I asked, “A small kingdom of them live in those mountains. If we got their help they could trap the enemy against the walls.”

“I will not ask for their help!!”, he said, “I would rather see-”

“See you people slaughtered like animals!!”, I snapped slamming my hands on the desk.

The generals, the Queen, and other members of the family all looked at me.

“My eldest brother is a cruel man!”, I said, “Your wife, and daughters will be nothing, but a small sip for him!”

“Watch your mouth!”, he snapped.

“Are you going to let your ego possibly lead your family into slavery!!”, I retorted, “You have nine thousand men here. At best I can kill my brother, but it won’t be an easy feat. That leaves your men, which are mainly archers, to fight them in close quarter combat. If you don’t hold the line everyone in this room is as good as dead! I read what happened to the Kingdom of Stardom that once was the pride of the elves!! Your people refused help from both humans, dwarves, and every other race…that country was wiped out in less than a week!”

Trembling he knew I was right. Looking at his family he nodded firmly with resolve.

“Bring me the Messenger Mirror.”, he said.

Bowing the servants fetched the mirror. Opening a channel with the dwarves the King started to ask for help when the Dwarf King started laughing. It appeared as though he had no intention of helping. Seeing this I stepped in to set him straight.

“The elves need your help whether you like it or not! If they fall it will be your country next!”, I said.

“Our walls will hold out against them.”, he retorted.

“So what you’re saying is you are afraid to fight?”, I said with a smile, “Call me surprised, but I thought elves were supposed to be the one’s afraid of a fight. For a dwarf to walk away when the enemy is at his front door…what a coward.”

The elves almost went off on me when the Dwarf King beat them to it.

“Are you calling me a coward!!”, he said enraged.

“The enemy which has laid waste to several of your countries is just outside your door. For a dwarf I thought family was the most important thing they had. Are you saying that now that a strong opponent comes you shy away from the fight?”, I said narrowing my eyes.

“That’s it!!”, he said smashing the ground with his hammer, “Round up the men, and ready the Battle Wagons!! We are going to show this punk what dwarves can really do!!”

Cutting the channel the King looked at me.

“You did that on purpose.”, he said.

“Like it didn’t make you feel good how bad I harassed him.”, I teased.

The mood lightened quite a bit afterwards. A raven came by later stating the dwarves were sending their army of five thousand to join this fight. Hearing this the King was relieved. Now with the dwarves coming we only needed to hold out for an hour. Watching the sunrise we saw the army on the horizon. By the time 7am came the enemy was outside the gates. Sending an envoy we rode out to meet them.

Even though demon’s are considered savages we still follow military standards. We still gave our enemies a chance to surrender as spilling blood needlessly was something we wanted to avoid. Though we were always making new soldiers it takes time to train them.

Meeting up was my half-brother Rongarth followed by his two generals, and the Elf King with his General and Me. Sitting down to talk Rongarth spotted me immediately. Being part Mountain Giant he stood close to twelve feet tall at the shoulders. His brute strength was said to be on par with a lesser dragon so he was quite the foe to beat.

“So, you turned traitor on us.”, he said.

“I don’t want to hear it from the filth that killed my mother!”, I snarled, “I at least wasn’t beat in battle so badly that I made my family believe I was dead.”

Both of us glared at each other leaving the four others to sweat things out. When we released our bloodlust the others relaxed, and the short exchange of words ended. Neither side had an intention of backing down so I made a suggestion.

“As things stand you, and I will be battling it out.”, I said looking at Rongarth, “I think it best if we settle this before the main fight. Both of us know that no matter what if we fight during the battle will do more friendly fire than damage to the enemy.”

Before his generals could complain he agree.

“I already lost enough men in the last battle.”, he said standing up.

Knowing what was about to happen the remaining people on both sides sprinted out of the area. His army also backed away as they knew things would get ugly if they were to close. Taking our spot in the open area a brief few moments passed before we launched ourselves at each other. Activating my demon form our fists connected with each other’s faces. The resulting shockwave created a massive crater in the ground. Soldiers who hadn’t moved away far enough were blasted away before we continued launching blows at one another.

Leaping back I launched a volley of Fireballs, and Iceballs at him sliding him back a few feet. Being part Mountain Giant Rongarth was unable to use most magics. The only magic he could use was Body Reinforcement Magic. Using his magic he ran through the barrage driving his fist at my chest. Side stepping it I went to throw him with the momentum, but he launched his knee into my shoulder. The blow sent me flying across the ground till I caught myself. My shoulder was in a bad way now after that being on the edge of being broken. Enraged I drew my sword, and used my superior speed to dodge his next blow. Sliding behind with all the strength I had I launched an upward slash across his back.

Squirting blood from the wound he stumbled forward in disbelief I had managed to cut him. Taking advantage of this I launched a series of power slashes cutting him to ribbons easily. Things were going well till he called out to his men to bring someone forward. Not paying a bit of attention to this I went in for the kill.

“If I die so do they.”, he barked.

Looking into the enemy I saw Bellclair bound in rope. In disbelief I failed to register my half-brothers fist which sent me flying.

“What are you doing here!?”, I asked her struggling to stand.

“We weren’t going to let you fight alone!”, she said.

Seeing the other women tied up I froze in shock. I couldn’t protect them, and fight Rongarth at the same time. Before I could react I received a blow to the chest smashing me into the ground.

“JACOB!!”, the women screamed.

That last blow had done it. Unable to pick myself up Rongarth grabbed my hoisting me into the air. Not able to do a thing I received blow after blow into the gut. The women wailed watching me take the beating. Satisfied he dropped me onto the ground walking towards the women.

“I wonder what the women you like are like in bed?”, he said with a dirty smile, “I am sure they will make excellent playthings till I get home.”

My body was broken, but my anger remained there. Feeling power well up from the depths of my heart I managed to move my arms.

“Oh my! Is this one a concubine? She smells like she is starting to become a mother! We can’t have my weak half-brother reproducing his weak genes, can we?”, he said reaching for Charolette.

Seeing this my body started heating up as my anger started pouring out.

“Not again…I won’t let you take the one’s I love again…”, I said shakily standing up.

Something was definetly off as his men started backing away. Their eyes filled with terror just looking at me. Looking back my half-brother froze turning pale.

“No…you can’t be…that old fool died long ago!! You can’t be his son!! It isn’t possible!!”, he said.

“I don’t give a damn whose son I am! No one touches my women, and lives to tell about it!!”, I shouted.

The area surrounding my erupted in pure black flames incinerating everything they touched. Releasing my lovers the soldiers attempted to flee, but were engulfed by the flames. Charging me Rongarth swung his fist towards me, but I smacked it away like a child’s hand. Driving my fist into his gut the pressure wave blew the earth away behind him. Feeling several of his bones crack.

“You murdered my mother!!”, I said slamming my knee into his head.

Blood started pouring from his face due to the hit.

“Next you, and the others treated me like trash!!”, I yelled smashing my fist into his throat.

Falling to his knees gasping for air he looked at me in terror. Staring him down I released every ounce of bloodlust I had.

“Now you have the balls to try, and sate your lust on my women!! You will learn through death not to take what I love from me!!”, I said as a white light enveloped my right fist.

Swinging it at his chest I used the most powerful Holy spell my mother taught me.

“Remember Jacob, the only way to truly get rid of a higher demon is to use this magic. I tried using it against your father, but I wasn’t strong enough. You will be strong enough to use it when you are older.”, my mother said to me as a child.

“HOLY CRESCENT HAMMER!!!”, I said smashing my fist into his chest.

White cracks started forming over his body as he let out a bloodcurtling howl. Once his body was covered in cracks he exploded in a flash of cleansing light. Slowly turning to his former army all of them bowed their heads to the ground. Even the werewolf sisters prostrated themselves on the ground.

“There is no need for that.”, I said in a soft tone, “You both are my concubines.”

“Sir…no your majesty!”, they said, “We are honored to be your concubines, but we must show our respect to the King.”

Arriving on the scene the dwarves, and the human army were shocked to find the demon army bowing their heads. One of the mages teleported the Grandmaster to the site to see for himself. Looking at me he smiled brightly before laughing.

“Leave it to that woman to do the impossible!!”, he said.

“Grandmaster, what do you mean? Isn’t that boy the son of our enemy?”, they asked.

“No, his mother must have lied to keep him safe.”, he said pointing at me, “Do those wings, scales, and tail look like the current Demon King?”

“No, they look like the former…”, the commander said before freezing cold, “…that can’t be!! We heard he was killed soon after being overthrown!!”

“That old bastard must have gone into hiding after switching with a body double.”, he retorted, “To think she would go to such great lengths to give us a fighting chance.”

“What do you mean?”, the commander asked.

“Being the former Demon King’s son makes him the rightful heir to the throne!”, the Grandmaster said, “As such we can end this war if we can get him to the capital!!”

The men hearing this started cheering loudly with excitement. Meanwhile down with everyone else I ordered the soldiers to lay down their arms. Quickly doing so I told them to match to the village after giving them the location.

“Any of you cause problems I will deal with you personally.”, I said narrowing my eyes.

A loud *gulp* ran through the men who promptly marched for the mountain. With the battle over I sighed with relief before feeling the embrace of the people I loved. In their loving embrace I passed out from my injuries. Smiling they laid me down on the soft ground taking turns stroking my hair as I rested on Bellclair’s lap.

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