Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 19: The Story of Two Sisters

“First of all, did you know that we were lying about our age?”, the older sister asked.

“Of course.”, I said with a lying smile.

Actually I had no idea till I saw the crest.

“It is as you say. Our family was wiped out nearly four hundred years ago.”, she said, “Back then we were one of the most important families on the Eastern edge of the demon country. The power my father wielded thanks to his military achievements was amazing.”

“Like my sister said our father was amazing, and our mother was just as amazing in her own way. She was a renowned chef making some of the countries best recipes through trial, and error.”, the younger sister said.

“We thought the good days would never end, but then came an up and coming leader…your father.”, they said.

Thinking back around that time my father was making waves in the military. He was achieving things thought impossible for a foot soldier so the former King promoted him to captain within months of joining the military.

“Our father being a general wanted to meet him so he invited him over for dinner.”, they said shivering, “The whole dinner whenever my father would look away he would glare at our mother. She was in disguise as a Doppelganger, but he must have known she was a human.”

After leaving dinner that night my father brought the issue to their father’s attention. Realizing the lie had been found out he tried to cover it up. The result was my father turn on him, and revealed the secret to the public. At the time it wasn’t an issue so the public didn’t complain. Seeing that it wasn’t working out like he planned he decided to take other means to get his results. After returning from a short vacation the family returned home to find that their entire staff had been murdered.

Calling for the military police to investigate they came to the conclusion that the general had killed them. Knowing there had to be a mistake he asked for what proof they had of it. Refusing to share with him he realized that the police were already under my father’s control. The public now outraged that a human helped killed seven demons demanded for their execution. Playing on the public’s hearts my father pleaded for the two sisters lives leaving their brothers to die with their family. Driven by emotions the public allowed them to be spared before burning the rest of the family at the stake.

Forced to watch their family burn both girls tried to jump into the flames, but my father had other plans. Out of the publics eye he sold the sisters off for money to a wanted vampire named Kirman who was wanted for the murder of over forty people. Keeping the sister’s as blood bags he used them to his delight for several years. Eventually their human blood became tainted, and they became werewolf vampire hybrids. Taking advantage of their superior strength they killed their master indirectly, and fled to the human countries. Unwelcome among them they moved to the elf countries where they were enslaved till I came along.

“So then you are immortal then.”, I said.

“Yes, we haven’t aged since we were tainted.”, the elder sister said.

“Why then would you settle on me…the son of the one who brought you misery?”, I asked.

“You don’t smell like him.”, they said, “We have smelled the other princes, and they smell like him. You, however smell different like the former king.”

“That’s impossible. Everyone knows that he killed the previous king sixty years ago.”, I said, “I am only twenty-three. The gap is just to large for that to be true. Besides the former king was a Dragon Demon I don’t have those traits.”

“Yes, you do!”, they said firmly, “The former king looked just like you when he took the throne. Even your demon form looks similar.”

“Like I said it is impossible. He died years before my birth.”, I said, “There is no way I am his son. My mother was forced to have me by the current Demon King.”

“We think otherwise, but we will drop it.”, they said.

Nodding I asked how old they really are physically not by the passage of time.

“My younger sister Ruu is sixteen years of age physically. Due to a magic accident her growth was permanently stunned leaving her like this.”, the elder sister said.

“Helena is right.”, Ruu said, “I was messing with my father’s work as a child, and poured a special organic growth inhibitor on myself. By the time my father stopped the process it was determined I was only able to have children, and regenerate from injuries. Any growth on my chest, or height was eliminated by the inhibitor.”

“Ah, I see. That is why they put warning labels on everything…because of people like you.”, I teased.

Ruu didn’t find it funny, but Helena did.

“So what about you?”, I asked.

“Nineteen.”, she said.

Grabbing their butts firmly one last time I told them that they were my women now, and that they would be living with the rest of us. Nodding they left the spring to get dressed. Returning to the heart of town I looked around for any signs of plumbing, aqueduct’s, or a well since I was thirsty. Thoroughly searching the city I realized that there was no water at all to be found. They had the hot spring water, but it really wasn’t safe to drink. The irrigation water on the other side of town was safe, but for people living on the west side of town it was an inconvenience.

“Maybe making aqueducts would be a good idea.”, I thought.

Stopping to see Myrida I discussed my idea which piqued her interest. Laying out a map of the town we decided to make five wells in town connected via aqueducts. Each well would be centrally in each part of the town. The north, east, south, west, and center of the city would get a well. The next hurled was grading the aquaducts to let water flow naturally. From the east the aquaducts would curve north, and south while going straight into the center of town. After filling those wells the water would continue flowing into the west well. Once that was full we would divert it into a spillway to get rid of the excess water.

“I think that is a good plan.”, we said nodding, “We will need to ensure the aqueducts are sealed to keep debris out.”

Myrida would handle all of the construction for the system if we would dig the wells out. Giving her the thumbs up I gather some men, and we began digging the wells. We worked late into the evening, but we managed to finish all the wells. We lined them with hand cut stone, and waterproof mortar. Satisfied we got out of the well to celebrate together. Before I even got a mug I was dragged to the hot spring by my compan…I mean fiance’s.

Told to wash up I did so with my heart pounding like crazy. The excitement was starting to make me dizzy. Once I was clean I joined them in the mixed bath. Sliding into the bath I looked around at the jaw dropping women surrounding me. Looking at them they were nervous as well about this. I barely got my mouth open before I was tackled by them. My read on the situation was horrible. I thought they were nervous, but they were actually waiting for me to give the go ahead. As I enjoyed their company things got very aggressive between them. Even though each had gone once the fighting broke out over who was the number one wife.

The concubines paid no mind as they weren’t concerned with it. So long as they were taken care of, and any children that they may about they were happy. After being in the water for so long I was extremely dizzy. When they demanded I tell them who was number one I passed out. Walking up a short time later I found myself surrounded by everyone who were fast asleep. Covering them up with blankets I left to walk around for a little bit. As I walked around the edge of town I noticed many small fires moving at the base of the mountain.

“They aren’t after us…they already passed the trail up here.”, I thought.

Using magic I enhanced my vision to get a better look. When the people came into view my blood ran cold. Marching along the base of the mountain were men serving my eldest half-brother. Not understanding what they were doing here I tried to make sense of it. Looking around in the sea of men I spotted him…my half-brother.

“HOW!?”, I screamed in my head, “My whole family thinks he is dead!”

Realizing the trouble facing the elves I made a beeline for the women. Throwing the door open the women jumped in fright. Seeing me they calmed down till they saw the sweat pouring from my forehead. When they asked what was wrong I broke the news. Shaking her head Bellclair swore she witnessed him fall in battle.

“Well men bearing his mark march at the foot of the mountain. They are headed for the capital of this nation.”, I said.

“Father!?”, Auburn said in a panic.

“We don’t have time to screw around with this. I am going to warn them immediately. I leave the defense of the town to you. Once they have been warned I will return immediately. Wake the citizens immediately, but no torches are to be lit. We don’t need to draw unnecessary attention to the people.”, I said.

Everyone nodded without complaint. Picking up my telepathy stone I reached out to the Grandmaster.

“He is what!?”, he said in shock.

“You heard me! He is marching a small army to the elf capital. He has roughly twelve thousand men at his disposal.”, I said, “If the allied nations have any men stationed nearby they need to be ready. At their current pace they will reach the capital by dawn.”

“Alright. We have an emergency detachment of five thousand men a few hours from the capital. I will have them set out at top speed for reinforcements.”, he said.

Cutting communications I made sure the women, and children were hidden away in case a part of the army came here. The men readied their weapons, and would patrol the area for safety. I told them to remain in the barrier as hopefully they shouldn’t see them. Nodding I teleported to the elf king’s castle. Running into his room I threw the doors open. Sitting up in his bed he looked at me in surprise.

“My daughter make a move on you?”, he laughed.

“Now isn’t the time! You have a large army headed for your capital!!”, I said, “You need to get ready now, or your capital will be set ablaze.”

Looking at me his face tensed up. Knowing I wasn’t joking he threw on his robe, and followed me to his planning room. Calling his generals at once we gathered within fifteen minutes. Using foresight the elves confirmed I wasn’t lying. Seeing my half-brother leading them they turned pale.

“You worry about the soldiers I will handle my sibling.”, I said clenching my fist.

“Do you have the resolve to-“, the generals asked before feeling my bloodlust.

“The bastard killed my mother…I have no hesitation in killing him.”, I said as black aura poured off my body.

“What of my daughter?”, the King asked.

“She, and the others are safe in the mountains. We found an abandoned village, and turned it into a settlement for half-bloods. I have a barrier around town keeping them safe.”, I said, “Right now you need to worry about your defenses. I swear on my life I won’t let them touch a hair on her head.”

Nodding firmly the King ordered a state of emergency. Alarm bells sounded around town letting people know to head for the shelter of underground bunkers. The army sprung into action calling in all of the surrounding villages to avoid any civilian casualties…hopefully. With things in progress here I return to my settlement to see how things were doing. On arrival the guards informed me that army went pass without any issues. Relieved to hear that I told them that they should remain alert in case we find any deserters that come our way.

“Sir, what should we do in the event some do come here?”, the guards asked.

“I leave it to your judgement. If you can’t decided lock them up in anti-magic chains. I will deal with them at a later time.”, I said, “Charolette, please bring me my coat, and sword.”

Looking at me the citizen’s were in shock. My women immediately voiced their concerns about this, but my mind was made up. Depending on my older brother’s state the Elf King may win, however I wasn’t going to chance it. Bringing me my weapon, and coat I put them on. Before I left the women tugged on my arms.

“…you better come back…”, they said, “…or we will hate you for the rest of our lives…”

With a warm smile I kissed each of them on the lips promising to return to them.

“When I get back I expect a warm bath, warm food, and some relaxation time with my girls.”, I said, “That is something worth fighting for.”

Smiling at me they hugged me tightly before sending me off with tear filled eyes. After one last goodbye I returned to the elf capital preparing to fight my eldest brother.

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