Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 18: Rebuilding a Home From the Ground Up

The next morning the deed was discovered thanks to my oversight of making the servants keep it a secret. Sitting through breakfast with eyes staring me down I quickly brought up today’s plans.

“Alright, the citizens are going to need means to make money.”, I said, “I am thinking blacksmithing, a general store, and fixing up the inn are good places to start.”

“…broke the inn with your patty cake last night…”, Ursela mumbled.

With a cramped smile I shook my head. I explained that it was easier to repair this inn than make a new one. It was a logical decision as building a structure this big would take some time to construct.

“Very well.”, Bellclair said, “As such I assume we will be building our own home here?”

“Correct, I already have some…”, I started to say.

“We have already drawn up some plans.”, Myrida said handing me their sketches.

Looking it over I liked what I saw till I realized my name wasn’t assigned to any of the rooms. Bringing this point up Auburn explained where I would be by pointing at a small doghouse outside the home. Twitching a bit I realized this wasn’t going to end anytime soon.

“Listen! I made the call so we are going with it!”, I said narrowing my eyes, “I am the man of this house, and I am the leader of this city. My decisions are as good as law!”

Looking at me the women started laughing which ticked me off.

“You may make the rules for the town folk, but you aren’t our master or husband.”, Ursela said, “We don’t need to listen to you.”

Forming a smile I played on her words.

“Then by that right you have no room to be angry at me. Afterall I didn’t cheat on you as I am not your husband.”, I said with a smirk.

The four women looked at me as sparks flew between us. This was my first real conflict with the women so it was really strange for me. Before things got ugly Charolette, and Stelle stepped in.

“Now let’s be reasonable…”, Stelle said, “This is nothing to start a fight over.”

“You’re right…it isn’t…”, they said, “He has to make the decision on exactly what we are to him!”

“Don’t just drop this on me!!”, I snapped, “Up till we took the guard job things were quite smooth. I don’t see why we can’t continue on the way we have been.”

“Women have needs just like men do!!”, Myrida said, “While you are satisfying yours we haven’t gotten anything.”

“Well what do you want?”, I asked, “Originally we didn’t share a bed, and now we do.”

“It was a given that we would express our interest in you like that!”, Ursela said.

“Just spell it out for me! If you haven’t noticed aside from my mother I have no experience understanding women!!!”, I said, “You don’t come with information so I can keep you happy!”

“We want dates, holding hands, flirting, and other things like that!!”, Myrida demanded.

Hearing that from her caught me off guard. I always thought of her as the shy type, but this changed my outlook on her. When she wanted to she could be very aggressive.

“Also we want to be treated like women not your companions!!”, they snapped, “We want the same treatment Charolette gets at night!!”

“I can budge on everything, but the last request!”, I said crossing my arms, “I have always viewed you each as marriage material, and thus haven’t touched you out of respect for tradition.”

“To hell with tradition!!”, they snapped grabbing my collar, “We are already fine with it so just do it already!!”

Taken back by them I thought about it for a moment.

“My mother was right…I should’ve been more careful about keeping things equal…”, I thought.

With a sigh I caved easily. Truth be told the last few weeks I have had the urge to sate my lust with them. I was just to nervous because I didn’t want to take advantage of them. Not reading their emotions was what ended up getting me into this situation. Looking at them with defeat I told them if they let it go I would do it this evening.

“…really..?”, they asked.

“If it gets you to not be angry at me anymore I will do it…”, I said, “However, I will use protection. Charolette is staying here so it is alright for her.”

“Fair enough.”, Bellclair said, “We can accept that given our want to travel as well.”

Charolette seemed excited about it, but I wasn’t. Even though I was a demon I felt like I was going to hell for this. Satisfied now they handed me the secondary plans they drew up with a massive master bedroom. Looking at the measurements the room could easily fit three hundred people comfortably. Gasping at the scale of it I asked what they were thinking.

“It is obvious that as a man with great power women will want to be yours. Every powerful knows this so may as well be prepared for the future.”, Bellclair said.

“…I think there has been a mistake…I may be powerful, but three hundred…that is ridiculous.”, I said.

“How many does your father have?”, Auburn asked.

“That is different!!”, I said, “He keeps much more than that because he will use his women till they die! I am not that cruel, and want to cherish the one’s I hold dear.”

Smiling the women at the tabled seemed to nod happily. I wasn’t sure, but I felt like I was being tested.

“As the next King you can only have twelve legal wives.”, Bellclair said, “It is an unspoken rule so please keep that in mind. That being said though there is no limit on your harem size.”

“…”, I replied.

“The Habar of Isgaber for example has well over five hundred women in his.”, Bellclair said, “He took women in from the neighboring country of Travannia during their purge. The form leader there believe they had to many females so he has half his population killed, chased off, or sold into slavery.”

“…over five hundred…”, I thought, “I would surely die from that many…”

“I think it safe to assume you will have one to four hundred in yours.”, Ursela said.

Not wanting to think about it I quickly changed the subject to construction. Understanding the current priorities the women split up to help manage the projects. Since Myrida wasn’t going to be able to help with construction that much I had her discuss irrigation with the farms for their crops. She happily accepted the task, and had one of the servants escort her to them. With them running around I decided to look for the hot springs that was supposed to be around here.

“It was this town, right?”, I thought, “Since this is the mountains I assumed it would be like this at each village.”

Walking around I eventually did find the hot spring, but was very disappointed. The pool of water was only ankle-deep, and wide enough to hold fifteen people. I had no idea how this place was making money like this. Using Earth Magic I made the pool deeper, and wider to accommodate more people. Waiting for the pool to fill I realized it was taking forever.

The water that filled this pool came out of a cliff face so I thought if I made the hole bigger more water would come out. Sadly, it didn’t make any more water come out. It ended up making a small waterfall though which was a nice treat.

“You stupid hot spring!!”, I said launching an explosion spell at the cliff.

Hitting the hole the earth shook for a moment before the water started gushing out. Just as I was about to celebrate a rock was launched from the hole smashing me in the face. Not amused at all I was about ready to level the cliff when I heard people approaching. Walking out of the changing room the werewolf sisters came walking out. When our eyes met the elder sister, and I froze in place. The younger sister ran into the pool to soak leaving us alone.

The sisters were covered in soft grey fur aside from their human faces, palms, and bottom of their feet. The elder sister had a knock out rack that had been hidden away in her work uniform. Seeing her beautiful body, and red face I almost let my instincts take over. I was fortunate though because she quickly covered up releasing my gaze. Spinning around I began to panic.

“This is bad…if the other citizens find out what happen this is going to ruin my good image. They will label me a peeping tom, and I won’t hear the end of it.”, I thought.

Before I could apologize she bowed her head asking for forgiveness. When I asked why she gave me a startling response.

“You had to see such an ugly body!”, she said.

“…say what!?”, I said in shock looking at her.

“Being sixteen years of age, and not being married!! I must be quite ugly so I have to apologize!!”, she said.

“Didn’t you say you were younger or older before?”, I said confused caught in the moment.

“If I did I did so to escape harm!”, she said.

“Why would a sixteen year old need to be married?”, I asked.

“Being part demon means we have quite a long lifespan, but we only have a short window to have offspring. Till we are about ninety we can have kids easily. After that it becomes almost impossible.”, she said, “Given that we can live to be 1,200 years old it is a short time period.”

“You are beautiful though!”, I said, “I can’t believe that you think you are ugly.”

“…you think I am beautiful..?”, she asked shyly.

“Both of you are beautiful from the way you smile to the way you treat others. Any man would be lucky to marry either of you.”, I said.

There was a few moments of silences before a warm rack was pressed against my back. Looking back she was hiding her face from my view.

“You mean it? If I offered myself to you you’d take me as a concubine?”, she asked, “I know I am not worth taking an official wife spot, but I would be more than happy as a concubine.”

Before I could respond I felt something on my lap. Her younger sister was already going to work. Pulling her off me I asked her what she was doing.

“An eight year old girl shouldn’t be doing things like that!”, I said in shock.

Being in my twenties this was beyond awkward. The others were close to my age so I was fine with them. For a child to start acting like them was beyond uncomfortable.

“I am thirteen!!”, she said, “I am old enough to be married!!”

Unlike humans other races reached maturity at different ages. For example Auburn being over one hundred would make you think she is wise, but her mental age is only that of a teenager. For beastmen they reach their maturity for marriage around ten years of age. At that time they are strong as an adult human giving them an edge early on. This was a double-edged sword though. Due to this rapid maturity rate they generally died around fifty years of age. These two being half-bloods meant that they got the rapid maturity of a beastman while getting the longevity of a demon.

“Listen, you are still to young to engage in adult things like this.”, I said.

“No!”, she said firmly, “I am able to make babies so you will do your job, and help me with it!”

“The heck logic is that!”, I said, “Your sister is one thing as she is mature enough to handle it. I have my doubts that you are thirteen given that you are no bigger than an eight year old.”

“Sadly my sister stopped growing at around that time.”, her older sister explained, “She really is thirteen turning fourteen in less than a month.”

Taking my eyes off her was a mistake. In the brief moment I looked away she broke free of my grip, and return to servicing me. Realizing this I asked where she learned how to do this.

“That is partially my fault…I was made to service a few customers at the inn before. I think she picked it up from watching me.”, her sister said.

Unable to take my words back I gave up. After receiving permission from her older sister I took both of them in the hot springs. It felt wrong till I got a closer look, and realized she we as developed as Charolette. Wagging their tails happily they received me. Having sisters share me was quite an experience.

Both of them kept going till they were stuffed. Kissing them both I made sure they were alright. The older sister taught the younger many things. She even taught her how to beg for even though it was her first time doing it. As we sat back relaxing I told them something important.

“So how long are you going to keep the act up?”, I asked.

The two of them looked at me.

“What do you mean?”, they asked.

“That crest above your naval…that family was wiped out nearly four hundred years ago.”, I said looking at them, “There is no way you are both 16 and 13.”

Backing away I used my magic to keep with in place.

“You aren’t spies so I assume you have your reasons for keeping quiet.”, I said, “Whether you tell me or not means little. You are my concubines so I expect an answer soon with your real age.”

Looking at each other they nodded in agreement.

“If we tell you you won’t harm us, right?”, they asked.

Squeezing butts I pulled into my arms. Confident I was with them they told me their story about how their family was destroyed by my father before he became Demon King.

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