Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 17: Village of Hate

Leaving the inn at first light we went to hitch up the horses. Opening the stable we found our horses were nowhere to be found, and our wagon destroyed. All of us were irritated by this as this was a little uncalled for on their part. With nothing to fix the wagon we decided to continue on foot till we got off the mountain. As we cleared the stable area a large crowd of villagers surrounded us. Putting Myrida in the center the rest of us took defensive positions ready for a fight.

Black sparks danced across the ground as Ursela prepared a volley of spells. Charolette, Bellclair, and Stelle each placed their hands on their swords prepped for quick drawing. Auburn produced several small fireballs making them float above our heads in the air. Myrida from the center of the formation prepared her Aqua Blade’s in case we did fight them. I looked the villagers over trying to spot the elder to speak with him. Instead of finding him he found me. Walking through the crowd he came to the front of the group.

“The female knight will suffer for her actions against our children. She will receive the full extent we are allow…death.”, he said.

“Not happening…had you raised the children right they wouldn’t have become bandits. She did what normal person would’ve, and killed them. It was a quick death without suffering.”, I said.

“I am sorry you see it that way, but they died by her hand!”, he said, “Capture them!”

When the crowd moved Ursela fired her lightning frying several elves. The now dead smoking elves fell to the ground silently. Our swordwomen drew their blades, and danced through their ranks. The untrained villagers were no match for them so the villagers attempted to flee. Auburn didn’t let them get far before her magic collided with them burning them alive. Those who slipped past the swordwomen Myrida sliced to bits by extending her Aqua Blade’s. I remained still staring the elder in the eyes. When they villagers had been beaten the women joined around me. Covered in blood I found that each of them were very attractive. To a demon like myself it was like the icing on the cake.

“Any last words?”, I asked, “We don’t take kindly to those who would do us harm.”

Nodding to Bellclair with a blazing fast sword draw the elders head fell to the ground. With no one around now I asked Auburn what the remaining villagers would do.

“What remaining villagers?”, she said puzzled, “This was all of them.”

Counting the houses, and then the number of bodies it didn’t add up. Even if everyone lived in their own homes their was still forty percent of the homes left. Bring this to her attention she explained that most of the houses were empty as many of the villagers had gone off to the war.

“That is more than likely why they wanted to kill Bellclair. They wanted the children to help keep the population going.”, she said, “The elves that live in these mountains aren’t normal. Something about the air here makes them think less logically. I must apologize for not telling you.”

“Why aren’t you affected?”, I asked.

Producing an amulet from around her neck she said the amulet kept impurities out of her body. With a chuckle all of us stored our weapons away before making a decision. It was decided that since no one was left in town we would take the necessary items we needed from the ghost town. Splitting up we searched the town thoroughly for money, clothing, food, and other supplies we may need. Meeting back up at the inn the only thing they brought back was some ore I didn’t expect to find out here.

“What are you guys holding Tritianite for?”, I asked.

“Tritianite?”, they asked.

“Yes, it is almost as strong as Orichalcum. The difference is that it cancels out light magic’s which doesn’t both demon’s as we use dark magic’s.”, I said, “Almost all of the demon troops wear armor made of it.”

“Is that why we had to develop new magics to fight them with?”, Bellclair asked.

“Most likely. It is strange though that the elves would build in a place with Tritianite in the area. Non-demons that live near deposits tend to go mentally insane. It is considered a magical element after all.”, I said looking it over.

“Enough to drive a village insane?”, they asked.

“Not this many, but it would could make evil choices easier to make.”, I said.

“Why don’t we feel weird then?”, Ursela asked.

“You are a curse human so you have a natural immunity to it. As for the other’s you can thank the fact you are traveling with me. Your bodies have built up a small immunity to its energy as I give off a similar aura all the time.”, I said, “A small piece like this won’t harm you, but touching the main source would certainly affect you.”

Nodding they quickly tossed the ore away not wanting to risk it. As the women made makeshift wheels for the wagon I went to examine the area. Normally elves would never make a mistake like touching Tritianite as they should sense its dark energy. Following the energy waves I made my way to a small cave on the outskirts of town. Feeling the dark aura coming from the entrance I knew I had to be in the right place.

“This energy is far more potent than other veins I have been too.”, I thought walking inside.

Looking around on the inside of the cave I realized just how much ore was here. Giving a rough estimate I assumed an army of ten thousand men would only use a fraction of the total ore. Going further back I started hearing voices of elves. Thinking some of the villagers may have hidden here I drew my sword. Coming around a bend in the back of the cave I found four elf women spread out naked. These four women though where fair white skinned like the villagers. The four women were blue with jet black hair, and red slatted eyes. I instantly knew what had happened to them after seeing this condition before.

“You didn’t ingest the metal…”, I said.

“Yes, we did just that. Now we look like demons!!”, they said not minding their current state.

“My word the elves in these mountains are so stupid!”, I snapped, “Didn’t you sense the aura the metal gives off!!”

“Yes, but we were forced to ingest it by some of the villagers! With the food supply running short they hoped it would kill us.”, they said, “Sadly we didn’t die, but turned into monsters!!”

“No, you didn’t turn into monsters. This is just your body’s way of trying to preserve you. Normally if an elf allowed it they could become a Twist Elf after ingesting the metal.”, I said.

A Twisted Elf was an elf who dabbled into the black arts. Similar to a cursed human they possess the ability to uses dark arts. Informing the women there was no cure now they asked how to lose their current states.

“One of two ways. Either you do a ritual sacrifice to activate the condition of becoming a Twisted Elf, or you forge a contract with a demon. Being women I am sure I need not tell you what they want.”, I said.

With no knowledge of the ritual they were stuck with one option. Knowing that I was a demon because I was unaffected by the ore they asked to forge a contract.

“That only works with lower demons.”, I said, “I am a higher demon meaning I can’t forge contracts like that. The best I can do is draw the poison out daily till you perform the ritual.”

Knowing the price the four of them got to work. Drawing out the poison magic aura out of them they serviced me. After having my way with each they swore loyalty to me which allowed me to mark them as my property. Seeing the mark they continued their servicing which didn’t end till they were mine in mind, and body. With this complete I clothed them with Tritianite Clothes I made using magic. Seeing their pale blue skin against pitch black cloth I grabbed their butts out of gut reaction.

“Master, we can continue servicing you.”, they said.

“No need to push yourselves. I can tell you are exhausted so we can call it a day.”, I said patting their heads.

The five of us returned to inn where some very angry women were waiting. Before they went off I gave them a rundown of what had happened. By the time I finished their mood hadn’t changed.

“Mister I don’t want more women in the wagon!”, they snapped.

“Hush it!”, I said, “They won’t be coming with us. We are going to make a base here for two reason. One, to guarantee that no more elves get exposed to the Tritianite here, and two which is to make weapons here.”

“Why would we do that? Only demons can wield them.”, Bellclair said.

“Exactly, the half-bloods can live here unaffected. They can use the ore without fear since they are part demon.”, I said, “I am sure the elves won’t mind as they can’t use this land anyways.”

“So what, make this your own small city for half-bloods?”, Ursela said.

“Exactly! Here they won’t be bothered by the war, or by other races. If they keep the doors closed the world will remain outside.”, I said.

Laying out my plans they seemed to approve the idea. It would take several weeks to do it, but we could do this without much work. The downside was we wouldn’t make it to the end of the continent in time to be back here. Hearing this the women said it was alright for the time being to head for the coast to see the outlying island. Happy that they were onboard I brought the half-blood’s here to see their new home.

“Are we really going to be safe here?”, the group leader asked.

“I will remain here during the construction, and help set up defenses for the city.”, I said reassuring them, “Besides no other race besides ours can handle the Tritianite ore.”

Knowing this fact they seemed excited to have a place to call home. While the men went about constructing the first few additional homes I helped the women start growing much-needed crops. The area was tainted by the ore so normal farming techniques wouldn’t work here, however we knew how to work around this to great effect. Thanks to speeding up plant growth we grew several months of food by the day’s end. Putting the crops away in a cold cellar we ate to celebrate the occasion. Families decided on houses before the guards were assigned to watch the town. As they had no armor, or weapons I put a barrier around town to protect us tonight.

“Why don’t you do that every night so we can sleep!?”, the women complained.

“It’s a hassle to set up, and you need a certain number of people around to cast it.”, I said, “Other barrier spells can be broken with enough force, but this one won’t. Sadly you need at least fifty allies to cast it.”

“Why?”, Ursela asked taking notes.

“Each person gives a really small amount of magic to maintain it. With our current number it would take more energy to sneeze than what you would give to the barrier.”, I said.

Nodding with satisfaction we prepared to settle in for the night. Taking my servants, and Charolette back to the innkeeper quarters I released all my stress from the day on them. Like animals in heat they made resistance even when I spanked Charolette for her slip up this morning. While we had our fun the women complained about my lust.

“He is no different from the other princes…”, they said.

Walking up to them the older sister werewolf shook her head.

“No, he is far more gentle than them. If he was like them we would her painful screams, and bloodcurtling howls from them.”, she said with a shiver, “They find pleasure in tearing women apart before raping them. My mother…she met her end by the fourth prince who displayed her body like a trophy in our town square.”

“I thought your parents died in captivity?”, Myrida said.

“Our adopted one’s, yes.”, she replied, “Our biological parents were killed. My father for being a human, and my mother for breeding with a human.”

Taking back their words they looked at the window laughing their heads off.

“What’s so funny?”, she asked.

“In a few months that will be us.”, Myrida said, “I can’t wait for him to embrace me like man would a woman.”

With that the women went to our room for the night, and waited for me. I finished up soon afterwards letting the women finish off their urges. Before tucking them in Charolette made a request of me.

“Please…make me a cursed human like Ursela. I want to be closer to the man I love.”, she said straddling me.

Grabbing her soft curvy hips I smiled at her. This woman was definetly my type without question, and her asking me to make her a curse human was quite a generous offer. The thing was I didn’t want her to do it for me. It should be a decision she makes outside her feelings for me. Once the change happens there is no going back.

“Charolette, you are a beautiful woman. There is no need to become a cursed human because you are more than strong enough as you are.”, I said.

Pressing my hand’s to her breast she looks me softly in the eyes.

“I never wanted to be an adventurer. My former husband collected quite a bit of debt so I was forced to work to pay it off.”, she said, “Now I have a chance to be a mother like I always wanted to be so please allow me this. Any children we have will be healthier if I am a cursed human.”

Grinding her hips her body said she truly wanted this. With a sigh I let my magic flow through her body. Telling her not to fight it she allowed herself to be overcome by darkness to be reborn. Emerging from the swirling magic her now jet black hair fell to her waist. Her body now much firmer in the right places welcomed me. She looked her body over with her new green slatted eyes.

“Why am I so different?”, she asked noticing her she had a forked tail.

“Ursela practiced dark arts to become a curse human. You on the other hand were changed by a demon.”, I said, “You take on more demon characteristics this way.”

Her mark was a small just above her naval. Removing my protection I started moving in her.

“What are you doing?!”, she asked in shock.

“If you want to remain home as a mother I will allow it. Your happiness is just as important as everyone else’s.”, I said.

The body of hers that was made with my magic gladly accepted me giving me all the pleasures I wanted. Ramming her till she was stuffed I stroked her body gently sending shivers down her spine. As I pulled out she looked disappointed, but satisfied with things, Kissing her goodnight she fell asleep on the bed with the servants while I returned to the room.

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