Sevventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 15: Setting Out Without A Plan

Having received her blessing from her family Auburn left with us back to the inn. Adding her to my room the innkeeper grew a dirty grin on his face.

“Say one word, and this place will need a new owner.”, I said in a monotone voice with a straight face.

Nodding he kept his mouth shut. Dropping her luggage off we went to the guild to register her. Giddy as a school girl she looked the card over on the way back. We walked in the front door of the inn when Storm Brigade called us over.

“Oh my!!”, the three men said eyeing Auburn, “She is quite the catch.”

“Thanks…”, I said with a forced smile, “So what did you want?”

“It’s about the job.”, the eldest man said, “The job has been cancelled due to our client being thrown in jail.”

“Say what now?”, Bellclair said.

“He more or less was caught forcing himself on a woman…the captain of the guards wife…”, he said with a coarse laugh.

All of us stopped smiling hearing who he messed with. He was lucky it was only prison because a normal citizen would have been killed on the spot. In disbelief of the man’s stupidity I asked about payment for our work.

“The guild isn’t going to pay us…apparently we were also supposed to make sure his urges didn’t lead to this.”, they said, “Nowhere on the damn paperwork did it say we were responsible for that!! All we were supposed to do was prevent him from dying due to bandits, assassins, and angry citizens. Nowhere did it say we were responsible for making sure he didn’t sleep with anyone. Had we known that I am sure none of us would have taken the job.”

Not getting paid for our work sucked so my plan was to immediately return to the Empire. The women suggested we continue on our route at our pace to meet more potential allies in achieving my goal. Since we had several months before needing to be back for the rescue mission I agreed. Before returning to our room I asked how the other teams took the news.

“Horribly!!”, they said, “Due to unforseen expenditures the assholes from the former nobles group abandoned their youngest sister here, and broke the party up. The stupid lovers decided to celebrate not having to travel with the ambassador anymore…”

“Why is that bad?”, I asked.

Pointing over their shoulders I noticed several tall bottles of alcohol stacked up on the bar. The couple was separated, and flirting with other people. I was a bit surprised, but the three women weren’t.

“You could tell by the way she walked had another man offered her some she would have accepted it.”, Ursela said.

“I caught a glimpse of her undergarmets…she is a slut!”, Bellclaire said.

“She has been with my father before.”, Myrida said.

We all looked at Myrida to make sure she was serious. Confirming she was we almost hurled. Thanking the men for the information we returned to the room. With everyone downstairs we decided to skip our meal, and just relax. Deciding to take a bath first the women took a bath together while I napped on the bed. Falling asleep quickly I didn’t wake up till the next morning.

“Oh shit I was tired…”, I thought opening my eyes.

Looking around the women were fast asleep naked again. This habit of theirs was quite interesting in my view. Not being restricted I looked them over carefully with a naughty smile. Each of them were stunning women in their own right, but the fact only I got to see this made it extra special. As I was looking at them I realized that the four of them were smiling. I was caught red-handed, and waited for a lecture, but it never came.

“Why are you covering your face?”, Bellclair said in a slightly angry tone.

Looking at the women they appeared ready to deck me for some reason. In a panic I spilled the beans without thinking before covering my mouth. I knew better than to give my gut reaction to women as under normal circumstances it led to a painful punishment. This time though I didn’t get beaten instead the women smiled which confused the hell out of me. When I asked them why were smiling they simply said it was a secret. Not understanding what they meant I dropped the topic.

“So other than heading south what is the plan?”, I asked.

The four women looked at each other as none of them had thought that far in advance. My suggestion was to find another job at the guild hall for us to do along the way. Something like delivering a package, locating a lost person, or even map making. All of us agreed though that we wouldn’t take another escort job. Looking at the two responsible they swore to keep their fighting to a minimum moving forward.

“As long as she recognizes who has first place it will be fine.”, Ursela said.

“Maybe if someone realized their status in our group they would realize they were dead last.”, Bellclair said.

We hadn’t been awake more than ten minutes, and they were already at it. Suggesting we get a move on we ate breakfast, and made a beeline to the guild hall. As we looked over the job board Auburn noticed someone watching us. All of looked towards the entryway, and found the abandoned sister peeking at us.

“…please…not now…I just added another one to my group…the number of females is already to high.”, I thought, “I am already getting out voted on everything…”

The women left to speak with her while I chose a job for us. Being just above the bottom of the barrel meant jobs weren’t easily found in the category we wanted. Just as I was about to give up I found a job that sounded easy enough.

“Deliver a personal letter to a nobleman in a country a few weeks south of here…sounds right up our alley.”, I said to myself, “This time I want a guarantee though we will get paid for our work, and not have it cancelled again.”

Turning to the receptionist the women waved me over. With no enthusiasm I walked over waiting to hear the news.

“The four of us have agreed to take her on till she can find another team.”, Auburn said.

“…sure…why not…”, I said pretending to care.

Not sold on my act Ursela asked what was wrong.

“I am outnumbered four to one currently.”, I said leaning on the door frame, “I don’t want to fall any further into powerlessness than I already am…”

“Man up!!”, they said patting me on the back with a smile.

The five of them began discussing arrangements for travel after they agreed to take the job. Walking to the counter I took the job, and received the letter.

“Is there a timeframe on delivery?”, I asked.

“No, there is no time limit.”, he said.

“Can I get that in writing please…? My last job got canned so I want so guarantee I will get paid this time.”, I said.

Nodding he wrote up the requirements, and signed it with the guild seal. Having this meant I had proof to get paid so long as everything was met. Casting a protection spell on the envelope I put it in my breast pocket. Joining the women we checked out of the inn, and hit the road. On our way out of town we found the former happily married couple walking out of the city building. Both looked pissed, and stomped away from each other. Acting like nothing happen she boarded our wagon like she owned it.

“Son of a bitch…”, I thought hanging my head low, “…I must have been cursed somehow to be put through this. Since when do I attract such problem people…”

Traveling down the main road I listened to the women chat in the wagon. I began to realize being the only male sucked in this situation. If I was their lover it wouldn’t be to bad, but I didn’t want to press that issue. The next best thing in my mind was getting a male pet to keep around for my sanity. I dreaded the thought of all six women hitting their monthly cycle at once. Instead of being the Demon King I would become the Cowering King.

“I wonder what kind of pet would make the most sense…”, I said to myself, “A dog, or a cat? Maybe a bird of some sort would be better. No, the temperature swing from traveling would kill a bird.”

I ran through the list of pets one could own in my head, but discovered only a few could tolerate our traveling. In the next major town I told myself I would look for a pet to save myself from dying of women. Pulling into a small village for the night we booked two rooms. One room for the sister, and former married woman to share. The other was for the rest of us to share as usual. Raising no complaints I was relieved they didn’t press us to share a room. The next morning we set off again continuing on the main road.

“So Auburn, how long will it take us to make the border?”, I asked.

“If memory serves it should be a weeks time before we reach it. The road is straight now, but when we reach the Foglet Mountains the path becomes extremely curvy.”, she explained, “We should reach the base of the mountains today.”

Looking to the horizon it certainly appeared we would make the mountain by then. As the hours rolled by the discussions started getting worse in the back of the wagon. Originally the discussions were about food, and drink to start with. As time went on though the married woman started bitching about her former husband. Every little thing that pissed her off she told the women. Frankly I didn’t care, but was forced to listen because I couldn’t tune her out.

“He had such a small package…he never satisfied me enough to let me even think about kids.”, she said, “Those other men I met in the bar though…mmmm they were delicious.”

“God…I am gonna hurl…”, I thought to myself, “I really don’t want to hear about other men’s packages. It is just really not something I enjoy thinking about.”

“I let them have their way with me using condom magic.”, she said, “Popping babies out of this woman will cost you a pretty gold coin.”

“Like anyone would pay for it…”, I thought.

The other women were bright red thinking about it.

“You…you…you are a whore…”, the sister said, “Allowing anyone to mount you.”

“Listen darling. When you are begging for a man to satisfy you you will do anything to get it. I have almost reached that point, but never quite enough. The Storm Brigade wanted to have a group…”, she started saying.

“ENOUGH!!”, I snapped, “I don’t want to know about it! Please change the subject to something else…”

Looking at me the women were surprised I was listening in. With nothing else really going on it should’ve been understood that I would be listening. Following my request they started talking about clothing which was fine. As the sunset we reached the village at the base of the mountain, and booked separate rooms again. The four women, and the sister left to shop for clothing leaving the whore with me. It was uncomfortable as hell so I tried to ignore it.

“You know I haven’t slept with a demon before.”, she said.

“Good to know…there are plenty in these mountains you can meet.”, I said.

She relaxed in the lounge area opening her legs. I made the poor mistake of longing which got me an eyeful of her exposed self. Frozen in shock for a moment she smiled at me.

“You are welcome to it.”, she said with a wink.

Stopping to think like most men wouldn’t I weighed the options in front of me.

“If I accept I am more than likely going to hear it from everyone. Turning it away will give her ammo to label me as gay.”, I thought, “Also, I have to remember more women will get thrust on me thanks to my status. Letting loose ever once in a while would certainly help keep my sanity.”

Deciding to accept I went to her room, and dominated her. Halfway through she said to deactivate my spell which I gave her a firm no in response. Letting loose was one thing having children was another. Having made a mess of her I made her swear not to say anything to the other women by placing a curse on her.

“Even think of telling them you will drop dead. That means any form of communication to convey that to anyone.”, I said, “I don’t want to get lectured about this.”

“As it stands I am the only one being dominated so as your personal stress reliever I wouldn’t want to lost it anyways.”, she said displaying herself like a trophy.

Having taken the edge off I felt relaxed now so after confirming they weren’t in the building I spilled out of the room. Taking a quick shower I walked out to find that the women had returned. Seeing that I had taken a shower they asked if the inn had a tub.

“No clue. There wasn’t one in the men’s bathing area.”, I said.

Nodding they grabbed their hygiene items, and went to bathe. Returning an hour later they seemed more relax than usual. When I asked about it they said the women’s side had a hot spring on site. Hearing that I was glad they got to enjoy themselves before starting the trek across the mountains.

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