Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 11: Coming Together

The next day I awoke in a comfy bed with sun pouring into the room. Stretching out I almost forgot where I was. When a soft sensation touched my arm I froze. Looking to my left Ursela was sound asleep, and on my right Bellclair was sound asleep. Trying to wriggle my way out I felt something on my waist. Looking down under the sheets I found Myrida sound asleep.

All three women were naked as was I making me think something had happened. Thinking they might have taken advantage of me while I was asleep ran through my mind. Pretending like I saw nothing I tried to fake being asleep till Myrida opened her eyes.

“You’re awake!!”, she said sliding up my waist.

The sensation damn near gave me a heart attack. Sensing this she smiled attempting to give me a kiss. Before she could two hands reached out, and held her back.

“Listen Myrida…”, Bellclair said with a cramped smile, “We agreed not to cheat!”

“My thoughts exactly!”, Ursela said.

“Just once won’t hurt anyone…”, she said shyly.

“Absolutely not!!”, the other two said.

Trying to get comfortable the three women turned to look at me. This time they weren’t smiling at all.

“So…”, Ursela said, “Who was the succubus that stopped by last night?”

I froze over realizing I had been found out. Hearing shouts from the men in Noble Cause I knew the girls told their women as well. The three women pushed the topic so I was honest with them. Telling them what I knew they relaxed.

“So she isn’t your lover?”, Myrida asked.

“No, just a former classmate.”, I said.

“No chance of that changing, right?”, Bellclair said.

“Yes, there is no chance of that changing. Well…on my end it won’t change.”, I said.

The three of them smiled so I started to relax before receiving a blow from each of them. Leaping out of bed I looked at them in shock.

“What was that for?!”, I asked rubbing my face.

“Cheating.”, they replied.

“What do you mean cheating!?”, I said, “I am a single man. How is that cheating!?”

“It just is!”, they responded.

Not understanding what was going on I just gave up. Women were to confusing in my mind.

“Did the battle end well?”, I asked.

“We won, but had a few casualties.”, Bellclair said.

Nodding with a sad expression I laid back in bed. I knew it was impossible to win without someone dying, but it didn’t mean it was alright. Before I sunk into unhappiness Myrida changed the topic.

“How about we get something to eat?”, she asked.

I was hungry anyways so I agreed to the idea. We got dressed, and went to eat in the dining area. As we sat down to eat it appeared everyone was quite lively. For the first time I saw demons having fun with humans. I knew that they were half bloods, but it was nice to things change. Asking the innkeeper what was going on apparently the local lord came out after the attack, and said his wife was a Doppelganger. That plus my defense of the city, and the other halfbloods assisting the locals was enough to earn their place in the local populace.

I was shocked to discover that more demon/human couples lived here than I originally thought. Both parties looked relieved to be out in public together. It made me happy to see it, but of course not everyone in town liked the change. Older folk complained about the couples, but strangely not me.

“Why am I being left alone?”, I whispered to Bellclair.

“Grandfather made sure it was well-known about your family origin. The church officially recognizes you as her child.”, she said.

“All that in one night?!”, I said.

“You have been out for two days.”, she said with a smile.

“What! I thought I was out just a night.”, I said.

“Nope.”, Ursela said with a grin, “Myrida was worried the whole time you were unconscious. She slept in bed with you the whole time refusing to part from you.”

Looking at Myrida she was bright red hiding her face shyly. Patting her on the head I thanked her for being concerned about me. She smiled at me before throwing a jab at Ursela.

“She refused to eat, or leave the room till you woke up.”, Myrida said pointing at her, “She even refused to let other healers touch you.”

“Enough!”, Ursela said with a bright red face.

Bellclair started giggling at them which made both of them mad. Turning on her they blew her cover.

“Who was the one that removed her clothes to keep him war?”, Ursela said.

“I believe someone even said they would die without him.”, Myrida said.

“Hush it!”, she said.

Patting Bellclaire, and Ursela on the head I thanked all three of them. It was very nice of them to be so worried about me, but it was a bit weird. The extent they went to was fair beyond comrade, or best friend. I thought they were beautiful, but wasn’t sure if I loved them. With a sigh I asked what the plan was today.

“Grandfather wanted to speak to you when you awoke.”, Bellclair said.

“Alright, let’s go see the old man.”, I said with a sigh.

Walking over to the knight barracks we found the knights in their morning routine. The men called out to my companions who quickly shot them a nasty glance. The knights shrugged it off returning to their training. Sitting down in the Grandmasters office he congratulated me for my hard work.

“Thanks to you no civilians were killed.”, he said shaking my hand, “The local lord wanted me to thank you personally.”

“You can tell him I wish him luck keeping the new-found peace.”, I said with a chuckle.

He smiled at me for a moment before turning serious.

“Now then…”, he said, “After it came out what caused the event the locals have backed off on your companion Myrida.”

Looking at her I smiled with joy for her.

“Isn’t that good?”, I asked him.

“Normally yes, but this time no.”, he said, “Her parents want her back….”

The thought those asshole wanted her back made me sick to my stomach. After what they did to her I wanted to kill them. Looking at me Myrida smiled pleasantly.

“I have no intention of going back. I found the m-PERSON I want to be with. He won’t abandon me, or harm me like they did.”, Myrida said with a red face.

Smiling the Grandmaster nodded in agreement.

“If it were my choice to make I would allow it…but it isn’t my choice.”, he said with a frown.

“What are you saying?”, I asked, “They kicked her out, injured her, and claimed they didn’t want her. I am not about to hand her over to anyone!!!”

Myrida turn even brighter red after I said that. She nodded while smiling like a giddy child. The other two women looked at me questioningly.

“The same goes for both of you.”, I said, “Unless you want to leave on your own accord I won’t part from you.”

Both women nodded satisfied.

“These women are so needy…”, I thought to myself.

Returning my gaze to the Grandmaster he sighed.

“You will have to take it up with her parents.”, he said motioning to the next room, “They have been showing up everyday since the event.”

Looking at the women they seemed reluctant to see them. It was understandable given everything that had happened. With a sigh we went to see her parents in the other room. Opening the door we found both of her parents sitting in wheelchairs with their care taking staff in tow. Turning them to face us the staff left the room.

“My precious baby daughter!!”, her father said stretching his arms out.

Following her husband the mother stretched out towards her daughter. Myrida and the other women gave them disgusted looks. The atmosphere when cold after that making me want to leave.

“Jacob, can we leave?”, Ursela asked, “I don’t think Myrida, or any of our group wants to be here.”

“I second the motion.”, Bellclair said.

We started to leave when Myrida’s father cut us off.

“If you want to leave that is fine. Myrida stays here with her family.”, he said.

“I am not stay father!!”, Myrida snapped, “I am no longer your property. You disowned me, and left me for dead on the streets. Why would I return to a place where I will be abandoned without a care? With this man, and his companions I will always be cherished!”

“It isn’t your call to make!!”, he father snapped, “You will be married off to a local noble to increase our holdings.”

Looking back at him I shot him a nasty glare.

“She stays with me…if you pursue this any further I won’t guarantee that I won’t give you the same treatment you gave her…”, I said.

“You wouldn’t dare human!”, her parents said.

Spinning around I revealed my demon form causing them to freeze in place.

“I am only half human…don’t think beating the hell out of scum like you is beneath me.”, I said.

Her parents hesitated for a moment so I pressed further.

“I will not hand her over as she has already shared my bed.”, I claimed, “Therefore any dreams of expanding your grasp through her are non-existent.”

“Is this true, Myrida!?”, her parents asked in a panic.

“It is as he said. All three of us have shared his bed before, and after the fighting.”, she said with a red face.

“How scandalous!!”, her parents said.

Turning around I gave them a goofy grin.

“Both of you haven’t shared a bed in over three years!”, I said, “My former status gave me access to information about all the nobles in every kingdom on this continent. You being a husband should be ashamed of having slept with nearly every dignitary that has visited your home…gender not being a barrier…”

Her father immediately looked the other way with a guilty expression.

“I mean no offense to your taste in partners, but cheating is cheating!”, I laughed, “As for the mother using your body to gain favors from merchants is quite low. I swear I even heard some adventurers saying they shared your bed. Something about as loose as a squeaky floor board?”

Her mother looked away as well. Realizing both of her parents were disgusting abusers, and all around scumbags she looked away.

“Now then…since I have this information, and proof to back it up maybe you understand what needs to happen.”, I said with a grin, “I expect no favors, money, or fame from you. All that I ask is that you leave your daughter alone from now on. If you keep to this the information will magically disappear from me, and you can go on with your lives.”

With no hesitation both her parents agreed, and we parted ways. Walking back into the Grandmasters office all the knights present were on the brink of peeing themselves. Apparently they found it hilarious how I handled the situation, and congratulated me.

“You are definitely your mother’s son!”, the Grandmaster said, “She did the same thing to a High Priest, and the former Queen. To think her son would use the same underhanded technique to get things done is marvelous.”

“I am not sure whether that was an insult or a compliment. Either way we must get ready for our trip across the lake…”, I said with a grim expression.

“Why so sad?”, he asked.

“On the other side of the Lake Country is an elven kingdom…let’s say my family hasn’t always been so nice to elves they capture…”, I said with a pale expression.

“I think they take every race to their beds.”, the Grandmaster said.

“Oh no!”, I said shaking my head, “The women yes…the men not so much. I am sure you have seen an increase in goblins as of late…”

“Yes, actually there have been quite a large number of them now a days. For some reason most are magically incline…”, he said before a thought crossed his mind, “…you aren’t saying they use the men like prized stallions….are you?”

With a slight nodded he pulled out a map.

Seeing as how the third prince from that nation went missing lets find you another route…”, he said beading sweat.

“It’s the only safe route currently.”, I said, “If memory serves a large group of goblins, trolls, and half trolls took a small dwarven country over. That would’ve have been the only other route.”

“You mean the Dwarves of the Abyss? Yes, you are correct in that they were wiped out.”, he said, “The only other route is by sea, but this time of year is far to dangerous to send you by sea.”

“Very well…do you happen to have a cloaking necklace?”, I asked, “It may be enough to fool the kingdom guards.”

Nodding he made preparations for me to receive the necklace. The following day we headed out across the lake bound for the elven country of Neustar.

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