Seventh Son of the Demon Lord – Chapter 10: Port Town Entertainment

The next day the Storm Brigade invited me, and the men from Noble Cause to go out with them. Not quite sure what they were aiming for we left the women behind to follow them. As we drew closer to our destination it hit us like an iron carriage.

“A WHORE HOUSE!!!”, we said looking at the brothers.

“Yeah! We all need to unwind from the stress of daily life.”, they said pulling us in.

The three married men wanted nothing to do with this place, but all of us were pulled inside. The three married men wanted to leave because their wives would be upset with them. I was slightly curious, but no more than that. Really all I wanted to know was why this place had so many women. Just walking into this place was enough to tell me that only my dad’s harem had more women in one place.

“Come on guys!”, the Storm Brigade said grabbing two women each. 

Nervously the men let themselves get pulled in by the women. I casually brush those attracted to me due to their smell. Most smelt like piss, alcohol, or semen which was disgusting. Looking around I spotted someone I recognized from the academy. She was a succubus in disguise currently as a human. Her job if I remembered correctly was internal policing. Graduating two years before me I was surprised to see her here. Sitting down at her table she glared at me.

“Don’t remember me?”, I said looking into her eyes.

“Humans shouldn’t be able to come over here.”, she said irritated.

“I am not human…former classmate.”, I said with a grin.

Looking at me for a moment her face lost its color.

“What is the seventh prince doing out here…”, she said nervously.

“Former prince now.”, I corrected her, “I disowned the title, and left the country.”

“I see.”, she said still on edge.

“So what brings internal police to a human city?”, I asked.

She looked hesitant to speak about it so I changed my method of approach.

“I am traveling with a knight, a mermaid, and a cursed human to become strong enough to beat my father, and brothers. You being here must mean you defected to the moderate faction.”, I said with a smile.

Currently the demon’s were divided into two groups. The radical faction wants complete domination of the other races. They want demons to rule over the world completely without exception. The moderate faction wants peace between the races. This group is mainly made of half bloods like myself who just want to fit, and have normal lifes. They are tired of all this fighting the the pure bloods want.

“Are you truly no longer with the radical faction?”, she asked.

“I was never a part of it to begin with. You know exactly the kind if treatment my mother got.”, I said narrowing my eyes, “Why would I want to be part of them?!”

Nodding she understood my point, and relaxed.

“Yes, I defected to the moderate faction. My human father died protecting my mother, and I.”, she said clenching her fists, “He always tried to make us happy no matter the cost to him. When he died my mother passed soon after from heartache.”

“I understand the sentiment.”, I said.

“Those of us in the moderate faction are looking for the true heir to the throne.”, she said, “Before the war was about to end a while back your stupid father overthrew the former king. According to our intelligence he had a son with an important human being, but never got to see his son.”

“I heard about that from my siblings.”, I said, “I wonder what kind of man he is. If he is for peace I would gladly help him overthrow my father.”

“I will hold you to that.”, she said with a smile.

Ordering us both a beer we relaxed for a moment when a thought crossed my mind.

“Maybe you could help me with something.”, I said.

“Needing to let loose?”, she teased.

“No, do you know of any necromancers operating in this country.”, I asked.

“What strength are we looking at?”, she inquired.

“Someone powerful enough to bring back, and control a behemoth.”, I said.

“Hmm…”, she said thinking, “I can only think of a handful, but none stupid enough to raise a behemoth. Why do you ask?”

“The King sent one after me, and I killed it. The burnt remains were never recovered, and no bone ash could be found.”, I said, “Meaning a necromancer has the body.”

Looking at me in shock something seemed to bother her. When I asked what was wrong she said a large undisclosed shipment left just before the monsters went nuts in the lake. Both of us realized it may be connected.

“Why would they frenzy though?”, I asked her.

“The smell may have driven them crazy…if the ship was lost in the lake…”, she said looking at me.

“Whenever that crate gives way those monsters will make a beeline for the shore!!”, I said slamming my bottle on the table.

“Shit, I have to let the refugee demons know about this. They aren’t in any condition to fight the monsters!”, she said in a panic.

“The humans won’t be either!”, I said, “I will inform my human contacts.”

Handing me a telepathy stone she disappeared into the back while I grabbed the men. We hiked it back with the men in a sour mood.

“We don’t have time for that!! The body from the behemoth I killed is in the lake!!”, I said dragging the men.

“So what?!”, Storm Brigade complained.

Stopping I glared at them.

“The aquatic monsters will flee once the crate spills his body completely in the lake.”, I said calmly, “If that happens…where will they go?”

“Well on shore of course…”, they replied realizing the danger now.

With everyone on the same page we burst into the inn grabbing our gear. Storm Brigade started spreading the word at once to other adventurers. They in turn grabbed their gear heading for the lake. I went to the room to explain the situation to the women. Myrida turned pale when she heard the incoming threat.

“I want all three of you to stay here.”, I said, “The monsters are most likely going to use the sewers to get into town as well. Myrida, and the locals can’t fight them alone.”

“Can’t you just blow up the lake?”, Ursela said getting her gear on.

“No, that will destroy the city with the tidal wave it will create.”, I said throwing my coat on.

Nodding with disappointment the three women agreed to remain here. With that settled I took off towards the lake. As I arrived adventurers were already piling sandbags for defensive measures. Meeting up with the Grandmaster he confirmed my assumption.

“We caught a group of smugglers who transported the body. They crashed into the rocks spilling their cargo into the lake.”, he said with a tense expression, “I have already confirmed the ferryman who went out to clear the monsters are dead. One of my knights pulled a few of their bodies out of the water.”

“This is bad…”, I said, “The sewers empty into the lake, and we don’t have the manpower to watch the sewers while keeping them back on the beach.”

“I know…”, he said, “We requested aid from the city across the lake, but they are under siege as well.”

“Have we began evacuation of the civilians?”, I asked.

“Yes, but we have only moved maybe three percent of the total population.”, he said, “Could your demon form handle this?”

“For fifteen minutes, and that’s it.”, I said, “If I get to crazy with my magic I could seriously damage the town, or worse.”

“I understand.”, he said, “It would also expose your identity.”

“Exactly.”, I said, “So now it is just hold them off till we can get to the body.”

“Exactly, but the problem is there is easily two million in this lake.”, he said.

“THE HELL MAN!!!!”, I said in shock, “What do you think this is a ghost town? Why would you guys let that many live so close to a major city like that?!”

“We didn’t know it had gotten that bad.”, he said, “Had we know we would have gotten rid of all the monsters sooner.”

We almost continued bickering till we heard a watchman yell out.

“I can see a massive wave of monsters incoming. Their number is easily more than ten thousand.”

Adventurers, guards, and knights all took positions readying their weapons. Looking at two thousand men I realized just how folly this fight was. I had a choice to make because these people were going to die. Knowing how it felt to lose a parent I didn’t want their children to suffer. My mother would have given her life for these people, and so I must defend them as well. Grabbing his shoulder I looked him in the eyes.

“Listen, my companions may need protection after this…”, I said biting my lip, “I will handle the monsters coming towards the beach. Take your men, and handle the ones in the sewers.”

“You can’t handle that many yourself!”, he said.

“If I use my demon form I can. Promise me you will see to my companions safety. I am sure some of the men will attempt to kill them.”, I said with a serious expression.

“I give you my word no one will touch them.”, he said before ordering his men to retreat.

The surrounding people thought he was crazy till I transformed into my demon form. Everyones blood froze over seeing me as attempted to flee in terror.

“If you flee now these monsters will slay your families!”, I said, “Fight like honest men, and stand your ground! I will handle the ones on the beach. Follow the Grandmaster’s orders immediately!!!”

The men darted off back into town while the knights eyed me carefully.

“Leave him be!”, the Grandmaster said, “He is the son of our captured priestess!! Any of you harm him I will have your head!!”

Hearing that I was her son they dropped their hostility, and retreated to protect the civilians. Free from any possible friendly fire I launched a barrage of heat waves at the incoming monsters. The sudden temperature difference blew the monsters back allowing me to us, Dragonic Red Lightning. This particular spell arcs across water losing no voltage at all. The downside is that there is no control over who it hits.

In droves the monsters exploded from the inside out as the lightning superheated their insides. Before long the numbers had dwindled to nothing. With them gone I immediately went to retrieve the body. Pulling it to the surface it was clear a necromancer had attempted to ressurect him. Various organs had been placed in the body suggesting the necromancer wanted to make the risen creature stronger. 

“That sick son of a bitch!”, I thought carrying my comrade to the beach.

Closing his eyes again I completely incinerated his body for good. Leaping into town I found the men locked in combat with the monsters. Drawing my sword I crashed into several of them. I danced through the crowd helping where I could till I reached my limit. Teleporting into my room at the inn I collapsed onto the bed panting heavily.

My three companions rushed over to me to check my current state. I gave them a weak smile before passing out completely from exhaustion. Smiling at me they rearranged me on the bed, and placed a cool towel on my head. The Grandmaster and a few knights burst into the room finding me on the bed.

“Is he alright?”, they asked.

“Yes, just exhausted so please be quite.”, Bellclair said with a warm smile.

The knight’s nodded, and returned to combat. The women inquired about the fighting outside before the Grandmaster left.

“We will pul through thanks to him.”, he said, “Demons hiding in the city are also helping in the fight so I think there will be a big city meeting tomorrow.”

The women smiled thanking him as he ran out to lead the men. In total fifty men were lost in the fight with four hundred injured. All together we killed around 120,000 those aquatic monsters. Between that, and removing the body from the lake the monsters retreated in the depths. With the threat quelled here the Grandmaster lead seven hundred men across the lake to aid the other city.

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