Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 9: Encounter of the Dangerous Kind

Walking back into the room Ursela sat up half asleep. As usual she wasn’t wearing any clothing something about being constrictive. With a sigh I told her good morning as I walked into the bathroom to wash my face.

“What was that loud noise?”, she asked stretching out.

“Some idiots being idiots.”, I said, “Also…please put some clothes on.”

“What’s it matter you are my master after all. It not like you couldn’t order me to strip anyways.”, she said with a shrug.

“Our guest might not appreciate your nudity though…”, I said pointing to the bed.

Peeking out from the sheets was the mermaid I brought back last night. When both of their eyes met their faces turned bright red. Before I could do anything Ursela grabbed some clothing, and rushed into the bathroom with me. Slamming the door she got ready as I explained everything to her. When we came out Ursela was fine with her joining us even though it wasn’t her call to make. Ursela lent her some clothes till we got her some new ones. Before leaving the room I asked for the mermaids name.

“I am Myrida.”, she said meekly.

Nodding we introduced ourselves before going down to eat. No one in the dining hall paid us any mind thanks to the incident earlier. After eating a filling breakfast we promptly left the inn to get both women clothes. Just buying one person clothes might get me killed after all.

“By the way, did you ever open that box the Grandmaster gave us?”, Ursela asked.

Before leaving the inn back in the capital we were given a box of things by the innkeeper. The Grandmaster had left it as a proper prize for slaying the Behemoth. I hadn’t opened it yet so I asked Ursela to hand me the box. Opening it I discovered we had been paid twenty gold for a reward, and had half of a Transmission Stone. This was a prized item in every military so to give it to me was a big deal. Putting it to my I ear I called out mentally to the other end.

“Yes?”, the Grandmaster replied.

“Why give me something so important?”, I asked.

“Bellclair wanted you to have it.”, he said with a chuckle.

“…I see…”, I said, “By the way I met a young women here, and was wondering if maybe you could give me some background about her.”

“…is she a possible marriage candidate?”, he asked.

“At this point in time I am just trying to help her nothing more.”, I said.

“If that is all I will help you. What can you tell me about her situation?”, he asked.

I gave him a brief summary of everything while the two of them shopped for clothing. I was fortunate to find a stall that sold wheel chairs. Ursela was able to push her around leaving me to speak with the Grandmaster. After I finished telling him everything I knew he flipped through his documents looking for something. A few minutes passed before her spoke again.

“Three weeks back the local lord of that town requested we dispatch knights out to help remove a large number of aquatic monsters.”, he said, “I sent a squad of knights, but by the time they arrived several people had already died. A lesser noble in the area lost his daughter, and blamed one of her friends who was there when she was attacked. According to my reports the poor girl suffered quite a bit, but we were asked not to interfere with local issues aside from the monsters.”

“I see. I hope you have no intention of telling me not to get involved.”, I said with a grin.

“I have no control over any adventurers.”, he said understanding my intention, “However, Bellclair has a better claim for your hand than that girl does.”

Of course I knew he was going to throw that out there so I spilled the beans.

“Listen, I turned her down for her own safety. If she got captured travel with me my disgusting family won’t hesitate to abuse her like my mother. Please don’t make this any more difficult than it needs to be.”, I said.

“Is that why?”, he said with relief, “All knights know that it is always a possibility that they could become sexual slaves.”

“Still though she deserves not to have that happen to her. She is a nice, sweet girl who wants a family. Being a half demon I don’t want her to suffer because of me.”, I said.

I felt someone tap on my shoulder so I spun around. Behind me was Bellclair, and the Grandmaster. Dropping the stone my jaw almost fell off my face.

“What are you guys doing here!”, I said in a panic.

“Bellclair insisted on coming after you.”, he teased.

“Grandpa!!”, she said hitting him.

“What? You heard him didn’t you? I would say you stand a very good chance if you stay with him long enough.”, he said pushing his granddaughter.

Nodding in agreement she asked to rejoin my party. With nothing going to stop her now I agreed much to her joy. She ran off to join the other two women in the store while the Grandmaster, and I discussed something important to me.

“Listen, if I see someone in trouble I am going to help them regardless of what others may want.”, I said, “I apologize in advance if I make things difficult for you.”

“Your mother was no different.”, he said with a loud laugh, “Always helping other countries when she could regardless if they were our allies or not. Her being a priestess meant no one could complain. Raising your voice against who she healed was like going against the church.”

“I won’t have their backing though…”, I said.

“True, but you will have my backing. I have enough connections in the church that if you are doing good works most people won’t say anything.”, he said patting me on the back, “Now if you will excuse me I have witnessed a certain ambassador sexually assaulting some locals. I need to have a word with him for my granddaughters sake.”

With a grin he disappeared as a very upset Ursela appeared.

“What is that bitch doing here!!”, she said.

Following after her was Bellclair who was pushing Myrida around. The two of them seemed to get along just fine. Ursela liked Myrida, but was still on the war path against Bellclair. The three women started discussing things as we moved to the next store since nothing suited them. Before we walked into the next store some local guardsmen approached us. Judging by Myrida’s reaction they were some of the people who had hurt her. Instructing both women to fall back with me they knew we were going to have to fight.

“How do you want to handle this?”, Ursela and Bellclair asked.

“They harmed Myrida so I have no issue making their lives horrible.”, I said with a smile.

“What’s the acceptable limit…”, Bellclair said cracking her knuckles.

“Anything, but killing them.”, I said.

Black sparks danced from Ursela as an evil grin grew on her face. Bellclair smiled placing her hand on the hilt of her sword. Both women were itching for a fight which put me at ease. I was worried that they would talk me out of it, but it was nice to see they were ready to fight alongside me. The two women remained behind forming a delta formation with me at the front. Both of them kept track of their surroundings as the men drew near.

“Halt!”, they said.

“How can we help you?”, I asked.

“That young women with you. She is a wanted criminal, and should be turned over to us.”, the guards said.

“Funny thing about that…where is the warrant for her arrest? The way you are looking at her I fear for her safety.”, I said placing my hand on my hilt.

“We don’t need a warrant for her!”, they said.

“If memory serves you do. No warrant no arrest.”, I said, “If you want we can take up with the Grandmaster of Knights from the capital. Would you like to speak to him about this?”

They slowly reached for their weapons.

“No need to be ridiculous about things. She means nothing to you so there is no harm in handing her over to us.”, they said spreading out.

“You five men look like wolves stalking a piece of meat. As a gentleman I will not hand a beautiful woman over to you. The other two women are off-limits as well.”, I said.

The three women smiled while Myrida turned bright red from my compliment hiding her face. The guard given up on peacefully taking her rushed us. A black bolt of lightning darted past me hitting two of the guards. The kick back from the lightning sent the two crashing into one of the shops. Bellclair dashed past me clashing with the guards head on. Unable to keep up with her speed they were quickly disarmed, and unconscious on the ground. The remaining guard was pinned to the ground under my heel.

“Now then, where was that warrant?”, I asked.

When he didn’t respond I smiled at him.

“A guard trying to take advantage of his position?!”, I said with a hint of sarcasm, “What is punishment for that?”

“I believe it is ten years jail time.”, Bellclair said dragging her two over.

“I have heard sometimes it can be even twenty years if they have beaten an innocent civilian.”, Ursela said dragging her guards over.

Looking at the guard I brought Myrida over. Tying the men up we hauled them over to the Grandmaster who was grinning ear to ear. Upon hear our sarcastic retelling of the story he played along with us.

“My word! To think this cities finest would take advantage of an innocent young woman! As the Grandmaster in charge of protecting the King I can’t allow you to go unpunished. I am sure my men will love to hear the treatment of others I have heard you assaulting.”, he said snapping his fingers.

Two centaurs appeared with angry expressions. The guards froze over in fear as they were dragged off into the barracks. According to the Grandmaster those guards had apparently assault those men’s grandmother for money. Hearing that that they got to beat the men senseless made them more than happy to go along with our plan. The shouts from the now former guards made all of us quite happy.

“So how did your meeting go?”, I asked.

“Oh!”, he said with an evil smile, “The ambassador took full responsiblity for his actions, and paid for all the damage he caused. Those poor single women he assaulted will be taken care of as well.”

“He agreed to that?”, Ursela said.

“After some persuasion he saw the error of his ways, and decided to give back to those he harmed.”, he replied.

Satisfied he returned to his office while we returned to our shopping trip. The rest of the day went by peacefully, and the women enjoyed themselves. I enjoy their smiles till I realized six gold flew out of my coin purse like moths. In the end I was happy to see they smiling so I let the price go, and enjoyed my time with them. That night though another fight broke out forcing me to sleep on the couch again. From that moment on I made sure to get a room with two beds.

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