Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 7: The Hassle of Multiple Companions

As we walked into the guild I was promptly summoned by the Guildmaster. Taking a seat in the office both of sighed in frustration.

“That old man!!”, Rovald said, “Making it damn near impossible to keep the spotlight off you!! Now your stuck with his granddaughter as an escort.”

“Can the Empire really afford to keep a high-ranking knight with me?”, I asked, “It seems like it would upset the Emperor.”

“He persuaded the Emperor like a sly fox. Simply put she is a reward for your effort in slaying the Behemoth.”, Rovald said covering his face in frustration.

“…what…”, I said with a blank expression.

“He is basically marrying his granddaughter to you…”, Rovald said.

The image of that man smiling in triumph crossed my mind. If he was here right now I’d deck him. He must be trying to keep me here against my will by using a pretty girl. Unfortunately for him my father, and brothers had women around them all the time so I was immune to his tactic. So long as I don’t touch her sexually I would be safe from being stuck here.

“That asshole…”, I said.

“Well, I kind of don’t blame him. She was engaged to another noble before being assigned to you. Since the King backed the Grandmaster her engagement was cancelled.”, Rovald said.

“Why is that good? Was the noble an ass?”, I asked.

“Unfaithful, whore, womanizer, and more names are what they use to describe him.”, Rovald said.

“I see. Well then what do I do?”, I asked.

“You are stuck with her for now. Just don’t do anything stupid to her, and you will be fine.”, he said.

“Oh by the way, did the guild gather up the bones from the Behemoth?”, I asked.

“Didn’t you?”, he asked.

“No, I didn’t. When I last checked they were gone.”, I said.

We both looked at each other for a moment.

“You are sure you killed him?”, Rovald asked.

“The knights confirmed it.”, I said, “He might not have been alone though…”

“You thinking black magic may be tied into the corpse disappearing?”, he asked.

“It is definitely a strong possibility.”, I said, “If they brought him back as an undead things could get ugly.”

“Agreed, I will put out a request for A ranks to keep an eye out for the body.”, he said writing a memo to himself, “Now then please bring your companions in.”

Nodding I promptly brought them to him where he prompted Ursela, and I to F rank adventurers for our work. Thanking him we handed him our guild cards so he could rank us up. Thinking that was it he stopped us before we got out the door.

“There is a request for the three of you to complete.”, he said.

“A request?”, I said a bit confused.

“This is a bit of pain…”, he said, “The King has personally requested that you escort the ambassador, Jackson Rutu, back to his country. He is from the frozen country of Windurfall, and is expected back home within four months.”

“Where is that country located?”, I asked.

“Roughly…two thousand miles to the south.”, Rovald said.

“…I like it here just fine…”, I said.

“Sadly it has been decided…by your companions.”, Rovald said.

Looking at the two women I narrowed my eyes.

“How did that happen?”, I asked with a hint of anger.

“Well…”, Ursela said.

“While we were fighting someone came to the room, and said things through the door. To get rid of them we said yes not thinking about it.”, Bellclair said.

“We didn’t realize what we agreed to till a sealed envelope arrived this morning.”, Ursela said.

Starting to twitch a bit I forced a smile.

“And you didn’t tell me at breakfast…why?!”, I said on the edge of exploding.

“…we forgot to tell you…”, they said backing away.

“We are going to have a talk after this…”, I said cracking my knuckles.

Both women started backing towards the door. They knew they were in trouble, and were attempting to flee.

“What are you so afraid of?”, I asked.

“Please no blood on my office floor.”, Rovald said.

Grabbing the women by their clothing I dragged them back to the inn. I spent the next few hours teaching the two of them the error of their ways. When I walked out of the room the Grandmaster, and Rovald were standing outside. Both were worried I had killed them so they quickly pushed passed me to check on both of them. They found both women crouched in the corner covering their ears. When they men snapped them out of their safe place the women embraced both of them.

“He is a monster!”, they said.

“What did he do!?”, Rovald asked in a panic.

“We have been stuck in a lecture for three hours!!”, they said.

Both men stopped, and their faces glazed over.

“That’s…why…”, the Grandmaster said.

“Yes, Grandpa his lectures are so stupid! I’d rather listen to your lectures because they are less boring.”, Bellclair said.

His face cramped up, and in unison both men drove their fists into the heads of the girls.

“YOU MORONS!!!”, they snapped.

“What did we do?”, the girls asked.

“We thought he was going to murder you!”, the men snapped covering their faces.

Walking out they thanked me for not killing the women. Before leaving the Grandmaster apologized for his granddaughter’s stupidity.

“By the way, a little bird told me you have interest in me marrying Bellclair.”, I said.

“Yes.”, he said.

“Not happening!”, I said, “I am not marrying into politics! I had enough of back home.”

“Do you find her unattractive?”, he asked.

“My father, and siblings had beautiful women around them daily…I am not trying to be hurtful, but she is average among the women I have seen.”, I said, “She is pretty don’t get me wrong, but she isn’t my type.”

“Well what is your type?”, he asked.

“Hmm…”, I said, “I like unique, friendly, and beautiful women.”

“She is friendly, and beautiful though…”, he said.

“She is like every other knight though.”, I said, “How is that unique?”

He nodded realizing nothing stood out about her.

“Do you not want her to travel with you?”, he asked.

“I am fine with her traveling with us, but I will not marry her.”, I said.

“I see…”, he said looking at his granddaughter, “What do you make of it?”

“If he doesn’t intend to marry me I either have to give up on a family, or I have to marry someone else.”, she said.

Nodding in agreement the Grandmaster, and his granddaughter left to speak in private for a bit. Rovald came over to me while they were talking.

“Not very blunt at you…”, he said.

“No point in sugar coating it.”, I said, “Besides I am not a noble, and therefore have no right to marry her.”

“But you’re the son of the priestess!”, he said.

“She was supposed to remain without child, but my father didn’t allow that. All of you say I would be welcomed with open arms even though I am the Demon King’s son. You need to wake up, and realize that the younger generation isn’t like you. If given the chance I am sure I would have people after my head.”, I said.

“You don’t know that though.”, Rovald said.

“You can’t guarantee that I will live though, can you?”, I stated.

With a sigh he nodded realizing that it really could go either way. Keeping my identity a secret was the most important thing at this point in time. After waiting a few minutes the Grandmaster returned to the room.

“My granddaughter has chosen to remain here in the capital.”, he said.

“Very well.”, I said bowing my head slightly, “I wish her the best of luck finding the right man for her.

Nodding he left the room with Rovald leaving Ursela, and I alone. Closing the door I looked back at Ursela who looked at me with pitiful eyes.

“Am I just a collectible to you?”, she asked.

“Of course not!”, I said with a sigh, “I had to say something to get rid of them.”

“Then what is the real reason you didn’t want her?”, she asked.

“Think about it…what happened to my mother when her guards were killed?”, I said.

“This is different though.”, she said.

“She is of noble birth, a woman of honor, and above all someone of absolute faith. My family is drawn to women like that so she’d be a prime target for…unspeakable things.”, I said, “I am not the strongest in my family except in intelligence. My half brothers, and my father are far stronger, more magically inclined, and have more men at their disposal. The me now has you to fight by my side so while we can hold our own in most cases we would only last a few minutes against my siblings.”

“Are they that strong?”, she asked.

“In my demon form I can hold my own, but I can only hold it for fifteen.”, I said, “After using it the full amount of time it effectively drops me to human levels.”

“Can’t you train yourself to use it longer?”, she asked.

“I have tried both physically, and magically. I only reach this point after going at it with my brother after he attempted to push himself on a former friend. I later came to  find out she worked for him so I should have just left things alone.”, I said.

“So your anger caused it to spike?”, she asked.

“I am assuming so, but I don’t want to test it.”, I said, “The first time I was out cold for at least two days.”

“I see. I guess not having a noble with us is the best idea.”, she said realizing I was doing it for Bellclair’s sake.

Nodding with satisfaction Ursela said she needed to buy female items. Not wanting to know I sent her off to get them. I stayed in the room reading a book till that woman showed up again.

“Still a loner I see.”, she said popping out of the shadows.

“I tend not to trust people who are suspicious.”, I said, “I also don’t trust assholes, bitches, and liars. All of those match you perfectly. Now get out!”

“I don’t follow your orders.”, she said.

Activating my demon form the surrounding area when dark.

“I don’t think you heard me correctly. I want you gone you heartless wench!”, I said looking at her with my pitch black eyes with small red silts, “You kiss the feet of my filthy brothers, and father. Take your slutty body out of my presence at once…”

A black bolt of lightning appeared in my hand. Red sparks danced across the floor like fireflies.

“This is the only chance you get before I spread your body across the continent.”, I said narrowing my eyes.

“You wouldn’t dare in this human city!”, she said nervously.

Pointing my right index finger at her I gave her an evil smile.

“I have no real family here in this place. The only people who talk to me is my slave, and my mother’s friends. Her friends only speak to me because of my mother. With nothing to hold me back I will gladly allow a few hundred to die if I get rid of your ugly mug…”, I said.

As more sparks started flying she knew I was serious.

“I didn’t want to lie to you. I am a slave, and have to follow my master’s orders!”, she said tearing up.

“Yes, but he didn’t restrict you from handing me a note with your real identity.”, I said, “Instead I came to find you making love to him on my bed! I hate women like you, and I always will. When I get my hands on my second brother I will slaughter him like the dog he is. The bastard will die slowly as I burn his body to a crisp!”

Rubbing her arm she nodded looking at me with tearful eyes.

“I will be waiting for you till….”, she started to say.

Before she finished her words I sent a bolt straight through her heart. Using a metal spike that I made out of the floor the bolt ran straight into the ground rendering it harmless after passing through her. Blood started pouring out of her mouth as she started crying more.

“…why…”, she said weakly.

“I have no need for my brothers play toys.”, I said, “Besides I know you are lying through your teeth.”

Collapsing to her knees unable to stand she looked up at me.

“I love you though…”, she said reaching out to me.

Slowly her hand started disappearing from the black flames I was letting off.

“I don’t need to hear your lies any longer. Die knowing my brothers will join you shortly.”, I said watching her disappear.

“Please…wait…”, she said in a panic.

For a brief moment I saw her true heartfelt emotions for me, but I rejected them. Completely turning her to ash I blew her out the window. Having removed her as a threat I relaxed releasing my demon state. Sitting back in my chair I sighed with relief before Ursela returned.

“Thank you.”, she said holding her supplies to her chest.

Nodding we clocked out for the night passing out in bed.

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