Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 6: Behemoth

Early the next day the remaining adventurers, knights, and city guards formed a defensive line outside the city. Using military knowledge I constructed Ursela, and I a decent bunker using Earth magic. The adventurers thought I was crazy, but the professional knights recognized my approach. They followed my example, and placed archers inside. 

The bunker gave added protection to both parties because like Ursela the archers were distance fighters. They would be sitting ducks in the event that the Beohemoth charged them. Having a bunker meant it would be extremely difficult to attack them. With our distance fighters taken care of we waited till around noon. In the distance a cloud of dust appeared.

“Enemy sighted!!”, one of the knights shouted.

Using the spell Foresight I looked ahead at the Behemoth. Seeing his face I knew who he was. It wasn’t the one I thought it be, but it was fine. His name Rogartha, and in the academy he was ranked third overall in his unit. I had mock fought him before so I knew this would be over quickly. As a child he had been quite daring, and as such he had experienced his share of injuries. I decided to use this information against him.

“Commander, have you men stand back. I can end this quickly without having to worry about friendly fire.”, I said.

“Very well. If you are going to do that please do it a bit further ahead. Doing it this close to town accidents might happen.”, he said.

Nodding I leapt forward clearing several yards before touching down again. Running towards him I brought the spell I wanted to use to mind.

“Commander, what the hell is that man!”, one of the knights said watching me, “None of our knights move that fast!”

“Keep quiet! I want to see how he performs.”, the Knight Commander said.

As I put at least half a mile between the knights, and me I waited for him to arrive. When he did he stopped a few feet from me.

“Rogartha…you must be here for me…”, I said.

“Yes…King has told me…bring you to him.”, he said.

“I don’t intend to go quietly…Rogartha, you remember how this went last time. I don’t want to kill you if I can. Please return home, and tell him I am not coming home.”, I said.

“Me can’t…order have be followed…”, he said readying himself.

“Very well. I will fight you, and give you an honorable death like I know you want.”, I said drawing my sword.

Behemoth’s were warriors down to their bones. They wanted nothing more than to die an honorable death at the hands of a worthy enemy. Anyone they deemed to weak they kill without mercy. After a few seconds the fighting began.

Leaping back I launched several narrow metal spikes I had made while waiting for him. The small sized, and needle like tips easily peirced his skin. Not slowed at all he charged forward at me. Enhancing my sword with Earth Magic I smashed into his ankle. In the surrounding area a loud snap sound could be heard. 

The startled knights thought I had been hit, and charged forward. They stopped though when he collapsed onto the ground. Taking advantaged of an old injury of his he collapsed as his ankle gave way. This only happened because I side swiped him. Hitting the ground with a thud the spike went clean through his body.

“I am sorry…friend.”, I said placing my hand on his back, “…Thunder…”

A massive bolt of lightning dropped from the sky. The moment it hit him it raced to the metal spikes frying his nervous system instantly. When a few minutes went by I stopped the spell. Turning the body over I closed his eyes, and said a small prayer. After that I broke his horns of as was the victors right. I set his body ablaze afterwards before returning to the knights.

When I got back to them all of them were in shock. Climbing out of the bunkers the remaining knights, and Ursela ran over to see the horns.

“My word!!”, the Knight Commander said, “You wiped the floor with him!!”

Lying through my teeth I said, “Your knights had already done quite a number on him before he got here. It would have been harder without them.”

“I understand.”, he said suspiciously, “I want a word with you, your slave, and the guildmaster.”

With a cramped smile I nodded, and followed him back to the guild. Sitting down with Ursela the Knight Commander grilled me hard.

“You aren’t human, are you?”, he said narrowing his eyes, “No matter how strong you are a Behemoth doesn’t just stop, and talk to you. You knew it didn’t you! Did you bring that thing here to assault the city?!”

Before I could answer the guild master stepped in. He made the knight swear an oath never to reveal the information he was about to learn. After pledging the oath I told him everything up till we arrived here a few hours ago.

“I see. Knowing that it makes complete sense why you killed him so easily.”, he said.

“If had been the top Behemoth it have been a different story.”, I said.

“Agreed.”, he said, “So what will you do then? You have claim to your mother’s former position. She took the priestess knowledge to the grave with her.”

“No, she taught me everything before she died. I have everything memorized to the last technique.”, I said.

“Well then you should take her place.”, he said.

“If the public found out the Empire had a half blooded demon as the priest…what do you think would happen?”, I asked.

Thinking for a moment he agreed it was a bad idea. With a sigh he then came up with another idea.

“Why not become a knight then?”, he asked.

“Too much red tape for my taste.”, I said.

“You should at least meet with our Grandmaster. Rovald must have already told you he knew your mother.”, the commander said.

“Yes, if that could be arranged I would appreciate it.”, I said, “Ursela, and I are staying at the Giant Dwarf Inn.”

“Very well. I take it I can share your information with the Grandmaster?”, he asked.

“Yes, make sure you don’t tell him more than I am her son.”, I said, “I will tell him myself.”

Nodding the commander shook my hand before leaving. With a sigh Ursela, and I left back to our room at the inn. After a relaxing bath we were about to go to bed when our room door burst in.

“WHERE IS HE?!”, an elderly man said with excitement.

Before I could react I found myself being hugged by a bear of a man. His strength put some of the men in my former unit to shame. Looking at him I figured he was at least in his mid to late sixties. Breaking free from his grasp I asked who he was.

“Ah!”, he said, “Putting the cart before the horse, sorry. I am the Grandmaster of the Knights Order, and a close friend of your mother’s.”

“Oh, the commander made short work telling you.”, I said.

“Where is your mother, and who is this women?”, he asked looking at Ursela.

Motioning for him to take a seat I fixed the door with magic. Ursela went to bed while I told the full story to him. His facial expression darkened while I mentioned my mother. At the very end I showed him the pendant my mother left me. Holding it gently he started to tear up.

“I told your mother not to go, but she insisted on being part of the fight.”, he said, “Had I not fallen ill a few days before I could have protected her.”

“Don’t blame yourself. If you were a close friend then you should know she wouldn’t like that.”, I said.

“You’re right.”, he said, “I apologize it is just hard to know what happened to her.”

Nodding the old man clapped his hand, and a woman dressed in knight’s armor appeared from outside. Her long silvery hair, and vivid green eyes caught my interest. She had an air of authority around giving me only one impression.

“Granddaughter?”, I asked.

“Yes, I am assigning my granddaughter to your care. Moving forward people in authority will try to use you. You learned her skill’s, and magic’s so you are extremely important to the country.”, he said.

“I mean no disrespect, but I have no intention becoming a weapon for you. My mother suffered greatly for it, and I don’t want the same fate.”, I said.

“I understand. Either way my granddaughter will be coming with you.”, he said.

Looking at her she wasn’t to upset about staying with us. When I pressed him to forget about it he shook his head.

“Nonsense boy! I will not allow my dear friend’s son get captured by that bastard! My granddaughter is a brave soul, and is one of the best knights I have under my leadership.”, he said.

“But…”, I said.

“Do you find her lacking?”, he asked with a grin.

“Come again!”, I said wide eyed.

He broke out into a laugh before patting me on the shoulder. Leaving the room he gave his granddaughter the thumbs up. I wasn’t sure what that meant so I just dropped it. Looking at the granddaughter she bowed slightly to me.

“My name is Bellclair. I will be accompaning you on your journey’s from now on.”, she said.

“…thank you.”, I said.

“…suck up…”, Ursela muttered under her breath.

Bellclair looked at her with a cramped smile.

“What was that?”, she asked irritated.

“You heard me! I called you a suck up!”, Ursela said with a sassy face.

The two women went at it like cats, and so I got my own room for the night. Getting a good rest I went to check on the two women. Opening the door I found the two women wrestling half naked shouting at one another. Spotting me they quickly stopped.

“Listen…if you girls need some alone time I will go out on a job.”, I said closing the door.

I managed to close the door before they started shouting that it was a misunderstanding. Sitting down to eat in the small dining room the women joined me a few moments later. Sitting down at my table I decided to tease them a bit.

“I am glad to see you guys are getting along. Next time you girls feel the need to tussle in the sheets…please lock the door.”, I said sipping my coffee.

Both women stopped eating, and glared at me. They didn’t find the humor in my joke at all. Both promptly said that I had misunderstood the situation. Pressing them any more might prove fatal so I acknowledged my misunderstanding. Satisfied we ate breakfast before heading to the guild.

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