Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 5: Rank Up Incoming!!

The next weeks flew by in no time at all. Ursela and I down graded inn’s to cut back on spending. Nothing worthy of a rank up had appeared on the board. In fact, most jobs on the board were jobs that had been there for a while. No new jobs had shown up in the board in weeks, and the adventurers were upset about this.

“In the name of the Emperor why aren’t nee jobs coming in!!!”, one man shouted.

“I apologize for the inconvience…”, Rovald said, “There is currently an…issue the Empire is attempting to fix. When the issue is resolved we will resume normal out of city jobs.”

“How are we supposed to live on only a few coppers a job!!!”, the adventurers yelled.

“Please understand we don’t want any unnecessary deaths on our hands.”, Rovald said trying to calm things down.

“We are some of the best adventurers in town!!”, a Rank B team claimed, “We can handle the problem!”

A group of knights walked into the guild hall. Blocking off the request board the commander began speaking.

“If you feel that your team can fight a Beohemoth please do so. I have lost several squads of men trying to stop it, and didn’t even scratch it.”, he said.

The adventurer team quickly sat down with pale expressions. Hearing that it was a Beohemoth I sighed with frustration.

“What’s wrong?”, Ursela asked.

“…I may know him…”, I said.

She gave me a blank expression.

“Beohemoth’s trained at the academy I attended, and I made connectioms with a lot of them.”, I said.

“Then tell him to stop!”, she said in a low voice.

“If he has been ordered here nothing I can say will stop him.”, I said, “If we do have to fight one aim just behind the ears.”

“Why?”, she asked.

“As you may know Beohemoth’s have excellent hearing. This is due to their specialized ears, but because of that that area of the skull is easy to break through.”, I said.

“If that is true why haven’t the knights tried to hit one there?”, she asked.

Looking I her I smiled ear to ear.

“Do you know anyone crazy enough to attempt something like that with only a hope, and a prayer?”, I asked, “That is a lot of angry muscle, and teeth to get past.”

“I guess you’re right.”, she said.

Looking back at the knights they announced all of us had bedn conscripted into the military till the Beohemoth was stopped. Parties started complaining about it because they wouldn’t get paid. Apparently the Holy Regana Empire believed conscripts should be thankful that they get to join the military. Some men started walking to the door when the commander spoke up.

“Anyone attempting to flee will be imprisoned for ninety days, and then forced into the military.”, he said, “In addition, your gear will be confiscated for war funds.”

The declaration didn’t end well. Some lower ranked parties immediately started rioting, but we sat at our table calmly. As the knights hauled off the rowdy groups all that remained was the B ranked team, a few C ranks, a F rank, and us.

“So it seems that you lot will go willingly?”, the commander asked.

Speaking on a logical I spoke up.

“Even if we wanted to flee the only accessable path this time of year is to the north. Mostly that is the same direction as the Beohemoth so it makes sense to stay together as a group.”, I stated.

“You are new, aren’t you?”, he said looking me over, “Your attitude says you are confident in your fighting strenght.”

“That I am.”, I said.

“Is it because of the Cursed Woman in your company?”, he asked.

“No, I have fought a Beohemoth before.”, I said.

The remaining adventurers looked at me in shock.

“If that is true you must know the dangerous bit about them.”, he said testing me.

“When backed into a corner they can alter their skin to blend into the enviroment.”, I said, “If that happens one would need a tracker in their team to find it before it got away.”

Nodding with satisfaction he smiled at me.

“So you weren’t lying then. Only people who have fought them would know that.”, he said, “The Behemoth you fought preciously where was its weak point?”

“The same as every Behemoth, right behind the ears.”, I said.

Explaining everything to the group everyones confidence increased substantially. With eageness to get the fight over we all hurried to complete preparations for the fight. According to the commander it would arrive sometime midday tomorrow. While the knights, and other adventurers did their preparations we went to the general store.

“What are we buying?”, Ursela asked.

“We need lube.”, I said.

“I beg your pardon!”, Ursela said.

She looked at me with a bright red face. It took me a second to understand her panic. When it hit me I turned bright red as well.

“Not for that idiot!”, I snapped, “It is for use against the Behemoth.”

“In what way?”, she asked confused.

“We will use it to trip it up. It will be easy to kill if its movement is sealed.”, I said.

“I understand.”, she said still not convinced.

With a sigh we bought the lube, and called it a day. Ursela complained about not prepping more, but I ignored it. No matter what we did nothing would change in a day. In addition, any straining work would exhaust us completely for the fight tomorrow.

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