Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 4: First Job of the Former Prince

Settling things with Ursela we returned to the guild to get her registered. Unlike me she had no letter so she started out at the bottom…Grass Rank. I almost broke out laughing, but she glared at me. Since it was a two-man team, and I was Stone Rank we were allowed to take Stone Level Requests which…were extremely stupid.

“Collect Heartgrass…”, I said reading the board.

“This one sounds good.”, Ursela said pointing to a request.

“Farm hand needed. Prefer female as male bull hates men….”, I said before turning to the smug looking witch, “How about the slime that eats clothing?”

“I am not an exhibitionist.”, she said with an upset expression, “You are such a lecherous man.”

“No one wants to see that part of you!”, I snapped.

“So you say. Many a man has climbed into bed with me.”, she said.

“Even more of a reason not to see you naked.”, I said, “I don’t want to go blind just yet.”

Glaring at me she wanted to smack me, but being my slave she couldn’t which frustrated her. Continuing to search the board we found a job we agreed on. The job was to eliminate a pack of imps in the abandoned part of town. Women had gone missing so the job had slightly better pay than normal. Accepting the job we both immediately headed to the area in question. Being thankful that Ursela had kept clothing in a pocket dimension, like me, no money was spent on gear for her.

Arriving on the scene I used Wind magic to track the imps. As I waited to pick up the scent Ursela asked me something.

“So being the Demon King’s son can’t you order them to hand the women over to you?”, she asked.

Looking back at her I gave her a “your an idiot” expression.

“Do you see a crown on my head?”, I asked, “And just because my dad’s the Demon King doesn’t mean he controls every monster in the world.”

“Oh, I see.”, she said.

“Also, I order you to never refer to my father or mother in any manner except in our personal room.”, I said.

“Understood.”, she said.

Waiting a few minutes I picked up their scent, and made our way following the scent. Weaving through buildings we eventually found the group of imps in a rundown building. Looking at me for guidance I came up with a plan.

“Smoking them out will be the best option.”, I said, “Going in head first will only put our necks on the line.”

“I understand.”, she said.

Sealing the front, and rear entrances she started using Fire magic to force smoke into the building. It took a few minutes before the imps started pouring out of the building. Putting Lightning magic around the blade it was simple task of slicing them to ribbons. When they stopped coming out I called Ursela over.

“This was to easy…”, she said with a sigh.

“We are to powerful for a job like what did you think would happen?”, I replied.

Shrugging it off we used Wind magic to clear out the smoke. Once the smoke was cleared away we went inside to look for survivors. Searching the building carefully we ended up finding four women. They were a mess after everything the imps put them through. Kneeling down to them I wanted to speak to them.

“I know this will be difficult, but do you want to return to your families?”, I asked.

“What do you mean?”, Ursela said surprised, “I am sure they would want too…”

The women grabbed my arms, and with pleading eyes asked me to kill them. In disbelief Ursela asked them why they would chose death. It was obvious she didn’t understand the mental trama that the women had endured.

“Please…we don’t want to suffer anymore…”, they said showimg their stomachs.

I had been told having an imps child was one of the most painful experiences a women could endure. Nodding I readied myself to kill them quickly, and as pain free as possible. Before I cast the spell Ursela tried to stop me. Ordering her to not interfere I prepared myself.

“Sub Zero!”, I said casting the spell.

Their bodies started freezing solid painlessly. A smile floated to their faces as the pain gradually faded. Before completely freezing they thanked me. Freezing their smiles in ice Ursela started laying into me.

“Even I am not that heartless! Those women didn’t understand what was going to happen to them!”, she said, “Magic could have healed their bodies!!”

“SHUT UP!!”, I snapped, “Have you seen what happens to those forced to have lesser demon children!! At best they would walked away physically drained, and mentally scarred. Worst case they would be crippled, and never be mentally sane again!!”

Heeding my words she backed off a bit.

“I saw many women enter the castle, and leave like a sack of meat.”, I said, “My mother was one of the few that kept it together…even she though had a physical toll taken on her.”

“Haven’t there been other half bloods like you though?”, she asked.

“Yes, but the father were demons my size. Out of my family I am the shortest by a foot, and the slimest by easily three hundred pounds.”, I said, “Smaller demons than me generally make multiple offspring at once causing the mother extreme pain as they claw their way out.”

Shivering thinking about it I looked at her.

“You need to realize that you are able to use a fraction of Demon magic, but know almost nothing about them. Your life here was easy compared to those on my side.”, I said.

“Didn’t you ever take a woman?”, she asked.

“Never, my mother would have been ashamed of me if I even considered it.”, I said.

“She means a lot to you, doesn’t she?”, she said.

Nodding I stored the bodies in my pocket dimension before returning to the guild hall. Taking this time to speak to the guild master I presented the bodies to him. Explaining the situation to him he understood my decision completely. Summoning the families the mothers wept for their daughters while father’s thanked holding back their tears. I knew it was hard on all of them so after excusing myself I returned to the counter.

“The families wished to chip in a bit extra for allowing their daughters a peaceful end.”, the receptionist said.

“I have to politely decline.”, I said only accepting the original seven copper reward, “I am sure the family will want to bury their daughters, and I know it can be quite expensive. If they won’t accept it then please put it towards the funeral via other means.”

Nodding the receptionist put the money back. Ursela and I returned to the inn for the night to relax after having to put them down. After I left Rovald came to see the receptionist.

“Did he accept the money?”, he asked.

Sliding over two silver coins he pocketed the money with a grin.

“He is her son alright. You shouldn’t have bet against him.”, he chuckled.

“Just because he is the priestess son doesn’t mean he is the same.”, she argued.

“Well he inherited her attitude, and her good heart.”, he said, “Make sure the money is put to good use for the families.”

Nodding the receptionist pulled out another item for him. It was a small letter from a friend of his that arrived while we had been meeting.

“So Sam finally wrote back…damn old man!”, he chuckled opening the letter.

Inside was written important classified information that was between guildmasters. With a serious expression he called the the receptionist to his now empty office. Once everyone was in his office a grave expression appeared on his face.

“Sam’s guild hall has been wiped out…”, he said.

“WHAT!!”, the receptionists said in a panic.

“It seems a Beohemoth has broken through an unguarded part of the frontline. Currently three cities have been destroyed, and it is headed this way.”, he said.

“Why is it coming here!?”, they said.

A Beohemoth was a beast standing fourteen feet tall at the shoulder. It is told by humans that they are strong enough to crush coal into diamonds. Their powerful bodies, thick skin, and idiot intelligence level made with tough for humans to kill. I on the other hand could kill it easily, but it would blow my cover wide open.

“I am afraid the Emperor may have committed a taboo.”, he said, “I assume you know that the tomb of the first emperor was opened recently?”

“Yes?”, they said.

“He was killed using an Ancient Demon weapon, and when the tomb was open it called it’s current owner…”, he said, “Sam believes that the Beohemoth is simply a errand boy for the Demon King.”

“We should halt all missions in the north then!”, the receptionist’s said.

“Yes, and put out a kill order for the beast. Only A ranks, and higher can take the mission…personally I would rather have a S rank do it as it bested even Sam.”, Rovald said.

Saluting him the receptionists scrambled to get things moving. After they left he sighed with relief. It was true that the first emperor died via a cursed sword, but the owner died years ago. The real reason it was coming here was because of me. I had no way of knowing this though as I had offically cut all communications with demons. 

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