Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 3: Ancient Weapons

Receiving direction from the receptionist I made my way down the street to an arms dealer she recommend. It was a small hole in the wall shop called Forgotten Weapons, and it was run by an elderly couple in their mid sixties. The outside appearance was nothing grand by any stretch. The building had red wooden siding with broken windows on the third floor of the building. Walking inside the smell of mold, and mildew was overpowering almost making me sick. Walking to the sword area the elderly male owner approached me.

“Good afternoon, sonny.”, he said, “Welcome to the Forgotten Weapons. I am Regan, and this is my wife Doris.”

He motioned back to his smiling wife tending the counter. Returning to the arrangement of swords he started asking me what I wanted in a sword. I explained that I wanted a sword that was good for magic users, and had great durability. Telling him that I was hoping to become a great adventurer he smiled listening to my excitement.

“Well then these weapons here will be no good.”, he said, “These are meant for those who choose the path of a warrior not a spellsword. Over here is where you will want to look.”

Further down towards the end of the sword section that appeared to be much more delicate like a rapier. Swords like that were far to difficult for me to wield, but searching through the swords I found one that stood out from the others. A wooden sword with a slightly curved blade was hidden amongst the normal swords. Seeing that it caught my interest the elderly couple watched me carefully. Picking it up carefully it seemed like this sword was far deadlier than it appeared.

A few practice swings in I was convinced it was no ordinary sword, and turned to the elderly man for an explanation. Seeing the big smile on his face he gave me the history of the sword.

“That is the Lazy General’s Sword.”, he said.

“Lazy General?”, I asked.

“He was a great man from several centuries ago. It is said that if he could avoid fighting he did so in a manner that put his enemies at a disadvantage. If such means weren’t possible he would simply fortify his location, and wait for an opportunity to strike the enemy.”, he said.

“Why did he carry a wooden sword though?”, I asked.

“It is made from a special type of wood called an Everwood.”, he explained, “The tree is extremely rare only four are known to exist still.”

“What is special about the tree?”, I asked, “It seems to accept my magic very easily with no resistance to speak of.”

“That’s because it is known by the elves at the Celestial Tree. Once a year the leaves on the tree’s beginning to simmer many colors mimicking the Southern Lights.”, he explained, “The tree channel all kinds of magic to cause this reaction, and therefore is extremely magic friendly to anyone who wields a weapon made from it.”

“Why don’t more spellswords use it then?”, I asked.

“Simply because it looks ridiculous.”, the elderly man shrugged, “There is no maintenance to speak of, and it can channel magic better than any metal. You would think these qualities would make it a sought after weapon, but no it isn’t. People wielding wooden swords into battle are seen as cowards even though a skilled swordsman could cut through dragon scales with that sword.”

“Whether or not it can do that matters little to me.”, I said, “The fact it can cut metal is more than enough for me. Did the Lazy General happen to have armor that went with the sword.”

“The general didn’t wear armor instead chosing simple to wear a long trench coat.”, he said, “He said wearing armor was a waste of time as it really only slowed you down, and forced you to carry unnecessary weight.”

“This trench coat must have some special enchantments on it for him to just wear that into battle.”, I said.

“It is made of Crystal Dragon Hide.”, he said receiving the coat from his wife.

Using a demon spell to confirm that they weren’t lying I put it on. Crystal Dragons are known to be able to survive in almost any environment. They are able to do this thanks to a special characteristic of their skin. Due to their diet of eating metal ore their bodies gain the special attributes that the ore’s possess. Being immune to cold, heat, and most magic attacks they are feared for their strength, but are killable given the proper weapons are used.

“Alright I will…wait…why is the hide turning white?”, I asked.

After putting the coat on the coat changed to pure white startling me for a moment. My puzzled expression made the owner laugh a little.

“The hide adapts to the wearers personality.”, he said, “In this case your personality is pure at heart with no corruption to speak of.”

Nodding with the puzzled look still I purchased the items for ten silver. After thanking them I placed the sword on my hip, and left the building. After I disappeared from sight the elderly couple smiled closing the shop down.

“To think the son of the Demon King would be the one to pick out the sword.”, the elderly man, “After five generation we can finally close the shop, and die in peace.”

“I think you over sold your own story dear.”, his wife said, “Saying that lie about your armor. You were just to lazy to carry armor so you wore that coat instead to keep your men happy.”

“Quiet you naggy women.”, he laughed.

Like a thief in the night the shop owners disappeared from everyone’s minds in town. The two had remained alive solely to pass the sword, and coat down to someone able to use them to their full potential like the Lazy General had. With their job complete the couple passed on to the next life with no regrets in each other’s loving arms. After leaving the shop I walked around town looking for a place to stay the night. Finding a place called the White Stallion I booked a room for three nights with meals included for five silver. Sitting down for lunch I listened in on some of the mens conversations.

“You hear that the frontlines having been making headway into demon territory.”, someone said.

“Yeah, I heard that a runaway slave exposed a spy. The General Ron managed to force the information out of the bastard, and we are now on a winning streak.”, his table mate said.

Currently demons controlled seventy percent of the world with the capital laying far to the north. Giving that information to the general won’t get him far, but it proved useful enough to gain control of another seven hundred miles of land that people desperately needed. This had lifted the moods of free people of the world. The next table over had more important information than that though.

“I hear the slave trader has new stock in!”, a greasy old man said, “Maybe we could get a hottie to be our slave.”

“Shut up, old man!”, one of his companions said, “You only want one to fuck her, don’t you?”

“So what? I am not as young as you lads are!”, he protested.

“If we are getting one she has to be useful for more than just your pleasure!”, his companion stated, “We can have her haul our loot around as she will be unable to disobey or steal from us.”

I had forgotten about the slave system entirely during my time at the academy. It was forbidden to have servants there so it had completely slipped my mind. Slaves were generally criminals, and people who couldn’t afford to pay their taxes. They were bound by a special magic that made them like puppets for their masters. This fact made them ideal for building a party with as they couldn’t betray you no matter what. Since I would need to make a party eventually I decided to investigate the slave market in the morning. I figured that in the middle of the day the market would be too full to get a good view of the slaves.

After eating my meal I went to my room to relax for the rest of the day. The long wagon ride here had taken a lot out of me, and as I was on the verge of passing out from exhaustion I sensed a familiar presence in my room. Drawing my sword quickly I stopped just shy of cutting through her neck. There before me stood my second brother’s spy.

“What does a spy want with me?”, I asked, “I am renounced my claim to the throne, and according to law can’t be pursued by my family for at least five years under penalty of death.”

“Your father wants you to return home.”, she said, “Your third brother fell at Gallows Hill, and currently our forces are losing.”

“Your forces not mine!”, I corrected her, “I don’t have a side in the war.”

“Does loyalty mean nothing to you?”, she asked.

“I wouldn’t bring up loyalty as someone who betrayed my trust.”, I said, “Playing that car will get you nowhere with me.”

“I apologized already for that!”, she protested.

“You may have, but I didn’t forget your betrayal.”, I replied, “I denounced the throne making it no longer my problem, and making them no longer my family.”

Sparks started flying from my blade as I glared at her.

“…now get out of my sight wench…”, I said.

She vanished into the shadows, and her presence disappeared. Putting an anti-demon barrier up I fell asleep on my bed. Normally a demon couldn’t handle sleeping in this barrier, but being a half blooded human I was fine. It just gave me a mild irritation which wasn’t to bad. When first light appeared the next day I deactivated the barrier, and promptly left to get breakfast. After eating I quickly went to market to see the slave trader.

Currently in the capital there were several different slave trading companies that did business in the market. There were a few high-class slave traders, but you had to be a noble or an A rank adventurer to enter them. Meeting with a slaver who had just opened for the day I went into his store to look at his stock. Not seeing anyone that caught my eye I thanked him for his time before leaving. This process continued till I met with the last slaver who dealt with unusual slaves considered dangerous to most other people.

As I was being shown around I sensed a killer presence that piqued my interest. Looking around I spotted a young girl roughly sixteen years of age sitting in a cage. She had a curse mark over both eyes in the shape of a scythe. Her violet hair, and yellow cat-like eyes for some reason made me at ease which confused me. It must be the familiar energy she was giving off that calmed me down. Human’s that committed the taboo of using demon magic became marked with symbols that could appear anywhere on the body. In her case for now it was just over her eyes.

“A thousand pardons, but this woman is quite dangerous. While it wasn’t her fault her last master died from exposure to her demonic aura. He had a heart attack when he attempted to thrust himself on her.”, he said.

With a busty chest like she had, and a slim body I could see why a man would she her as a lover. I had no intentions at this time to make her one, but instead could use her special magic gift to help me increase my rank.

“How much?”, I asked.

“Did you not hear me?!”, he asked in a panic.

“If you still have her she must have a price.”, I reminded him.

“Ten silver.”, he said.

Paying him the money she was signed over to me, and we promptly left the shop. Returning to the inn I paid the three silver extra to have her added to my room. After that we went to my room where her aura started leaking out. She showed no emotion on her face most likely due to her use of demon magic. Quickly making her a charm I placed it around her neck sealing her demonic aura. Realizing the pressure had disappeared she looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“Why did you bring me here? Are you not going to ply your lust on me?”, she asked.

“I brought you here to make that charm. I can’t have you killing normal citizens just walking by.”, I said.

“How did you get the knowledge to make the charm?”, she asked.

“I am…a half blooded demon.”, I explained, “My mother was a captured slave to a demon, and I came about from it.”

“I see.”, she said, “Why did you buy me if you have no intention of sleeping with me?”

“If I wanted that I could go to the red light district.”, I said, “In this case, I need a partner to adventure with to rank up. Figuring no one would complain about my aura with you around, and your skill set with magic it just made sense.”

“I see.”, she said, “Very well , my lord.”

Shaking my head I instructed her to call me Jacob.

“Very well, Jacob. My name is Ursela the former Black Witch of Forlorn Forest.”, she said bowing her head.

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