Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 2: The Holy Regana Empire

“HALT!!”, a guardsman said as I approached the human encampment.

I didn’t know the layout of the human country so I thought the best thing to do was head to the human war camp. Hearing the guard I placed my hands up in the air showing I had no weapons. I stopped where I was till the guard told me to walk forward slowly. After removing my hood he saw that I was human to the best of his knowledge anyways.

“Why are you fleeing the demon lines?”, he asked handing me a silver goblet.

It was commonly known that shapeshifters had a weakness to silver. This goblet was meant to be some kind of test to ensure I was really human. Taking a swig of water with no changes the guard gave a sigh of relief. Setting the cup down I answered his question.

“I am looking to meet someone from the Holy Regana Empire.”, I said.

“Regana you say?”, the guard said looking at his companion, “Ever heard of them.”

“Yeah you idiot!! Their commander is one of the generals leading the charge.”, his buddy said, “Before we can let you see him though we will have to ensure you aren’t carrying any weapons.”

After a thorough search the guards were satisfied enough to have a servant take me to the commanders tent. As I walked into the tent the commander immediately noticed me. The commander was an older man in his mid fifties with a gray beard, and bald head.

“Everyone out of the tent!”, he snapped to his officers.

Bowing his head the servant left with the officers leaving just the commander, and me in the tent.

“Do you by chance know a woman named Fransicia?”, he asked.

“Yes, she was my mother.”, I said showing him the pendant.

After taking a look at it tears started forming around his eyes. Looking at me he smiled patting me on the shoulder.

“You look just like her, you know.”, he said, “When she was captured at the Battle of Burning Mountain our country mourned her loss.”

My mother, before being captured, was a beautiful woman with brown hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could cure almost anyones sadness. That all changed though when my father got his hands on her. By the time I met her the beauty she once had been fading away. I had inherited everything from her which made me relieved. I had no trace of my father outside my demon form so I tried to limit my use of it.

I told him of everything that had transpired after my mothers capture. As the story went on his face became sadder as he heard of the suffering she endured. When I got up to the part of my denouncing the throne the general was satisfied with everything. Patting my shoulder he gave me a warm smile.

“My father was the one who helped bring your mother up to the point of priestess. He was a Holy Knight of the Grand Order whose duty is to protect the King, and royal family.”, he said, “You being her son will bring hope to our people.”

“I wouldn’t count on that…”, I said showing him my demon flames, “I am only half human at best to most people.”

“You had no control over your circumstances boy.”, he said, “You look, act, and give off the aura of a human. They will care not of your birth, but of the person who brought you into this world.”

“That is a double-edged sword though…while I am Priestess Fransicia’s son I am also the son of your greatest enemy.”, I said, “I think it best for my mother’s memory that few learn the truth of what became of her…”

Holding the pendant close to my heart the commander smiled nodding his head. He knew in his heart that it would only harm the country more if they knew she was made to have the Demon King’s son. He asked what I had planned next so I told him my plan.

“I want a normal life away from this fighting.”, I said, “Mother always told me that if I ever got away that I should become an adventurer. She said that one day I may gain companions strong enough that together we could kill my father.”

“So you hold no attachment to that part of your family?”, he asked.

Pulling out paperwork from a pocket dimension I controlled I laid out some classified documents. As the seventh prince I had the ability to get these documents so I decided the current alliance could use these papers. Flipping through the pages he found troop deployment, status of major military projects, and most importantly supply lines.

“This information will help save thousands of lives on our side!”, he said standing up, “How could we possibly pay you for such valuable documents!?”

“Help me become an adventurer, and tell no one of my identity.”, I said, “My mother named me Jacob so please refer to me as that.”

“I understand. Calling you by your demon name wouldn’t make things easy for you.”, he laughed, “Very well you have my full support in your endeavors.”

Thanking him he immediately called a gathering with all the commanders present on the front lines. He gave them a run down of the information I gave him saying he had caught a spy prowling around camp. The sudden influx of information boasted the general’s confidence in their fight, and gave them a goal to set their sights on. They now knew that a direct assault on the forts they were laying siege to wouldn’t pan out. Instead they set their eyes on nearby supply lines to weaken the enemy forces.

The commanders noticing me asked the general who I was. With a hardy laugh he said that I was a distant relative of his that had been captured several months prior. He told them I had escaped, and ratted the spy out. In exchange for my help he was going to send me back to his country to become an adventurer as a reward. The other commanders thought it was a cheap reward, but I told them that a monetary reward would only cause me issues in the long run. Thinking about bandits, murders, and other criminals they understood a money reward would only put my life at risk. As it cost no one any money the commanders fully backed my request.

As the commanders planned out their strategy the general took me to the supply depot. There he got me setup on the next wagon back to the Holy Regana Empire before giving me a hug. With tears in his eyes he thanked me for the information.

“I am glad you turned out like your mother.”, he said, “It is nice to see that her smile my live on through you.”

Waving me off I began the three-week journey back to the capital, Revgarden. The place was a mecca of trade, and business. With a population of roughly three million people it was no surprise it took awhile to get anywhere. Arriving at the guild hall I parted from the wagon, and walked inside to see the Guild Master. Handing a receptionist my letter of introduction I was immediately taken to the Guild Master. Walking into his office I was greeted by a five foot tall man where rounded glasses. Judging by his appearance I would have taken for a merchant not an adventurer. Taking a seat in front of his desk he introduced himself as Rovald.

“The way that old man Ron talks about you in the letter you’d think you were a Hero.”, he said, “He gave me the rundown of your situation so please don’t worry. Both of us go way back to when your mother was a priestess in training. As someone who knew her I will not share your identity with anyone.”

“Thank you.”, I said with a small bow.

“Seeing as the caliber you come from I think a normal examine will only cause your reputation harm.”, he said pulling a card out of his desk, “Therefore I will skip your examine, and making you a Stone Level adventurer.”

“Pardon my ignorance, but in the demon world there wasn’t an adventurers guild. You will have to explain the system to me.”, I said.

“Alright, to become an adventurer you have to earn some fame first. In your case giving that information to the military has earn you way more fame than most adventurers can dream of. As such I am making you the highest level unofficial adventurer I can. From Stone Level ranks convert to letter ranks beginning at G rank. The ranks go up to A rank were the only way up is by achieving things a normal person simply couldn’t. After A rank comes S rank, SS rank, and then XXX rank. Please don’t misunderstand XXX rank have nothing to do with the sexual theme you may associate it with. People of that caliber are forbidden from getting into small fights as one swing could level a medium size city.”

“So just completing quests is enough to rise through the ranks?”, I asked.

“Yes, but tasks become more difficult as the rank increases. It should be understood I know you are much closer to an S rank adventurer, but putting you there straight away would make you stand out far too much.”, he said, “Coming here with a recommendation from the military top brass no one can argue the rank I gave you.”

“I see. I appreciate the foresight in your decision.”, I said thanking him again, “One last thing…how does your money system work?”

“Do demons not have a money system?”, he asked.

“I went from living with my mother to military school. I had reason to learn our money system as it meant little when you are training to be a soldier.”, I pointed out.

“Fair enough.”, he said, “The money system starts out a copper coin.”

Placing a copper coin on the desk he then produced a silver coin.

“One hundred copper coins equals one silver coin.”, he said, “Fifty silver coins makes a gold coin. From twenty-five gold coins you can get one white gold coin.”

“Anything higher than that?”, I asked.

“Ten white gold coins makes a platinum coin, and five of those equals a King’s Rose Gold Coin.”, he said, “It should be noted that those coins only work in nobleman stores. Anywhere else will reject them as they don’t keep change on hand for that level of coin. It is safe to say that you should stick to nothing higher than gold.”

“What is the average working man salary just as a reference?”, I asked

“The average man makes anywhere from ten to twenty silver a year in the capital. In rural places the salary is less as things are cheaper there.”, he said handing me a small sack of coins, “Ron asked me to give you six gold coins to help you get started on your journey. I wish you the best of luck, and please…try not to kill people too much.”

“Is it because I am part demon?”, I asked.

“No, your mother had one hell of temper. One of the old priest’s tried sneaking a peek at her, and end up having his balls smashed by her.”, he said with a shiver, “No one peeked at her again.”

I started laughing as it sounded like something my mother would do. With a firm handshake we parted ways as I left the guild hall in search of a weapons and armor shop.

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