Seventh Son of the Demon King – Chapter 1: Life of a Prince

I was born a half blood demon to a female human. She was once the pride of the Holy Regana Empire, but was captured during a battle with my father…the Demon King. As a means to humiliate the priestess he raped her until I came about. After that she was left to care for me as my father had no time for a child. My mother raised me the best she could given the circumstances, but in the end my half blood would be the cause of many issues for me.

When I was five, and able to hold a short sword I was put into training to be a soldier. As I was carted away it would be the last time I would she my mother alive. A few days after my departure she was executed by my oldest half-brother, Prince Rongarth. He felt keeping her around as my father’s plaything was unnecessary so he killed her for him, and sent me her head to mock me. Being the Demon King’s seventh son the best I could hope for was to become a mid ranking officer, or a lesser noble. Being a half blood meant that it would take an enormous amount of work to reach that point, however I had no intention of doing so.

In the stories my mother told me as a child there was always a Hero who rose up from among the people to fight the Demon King. Currently demons, and the rest of the world’s races were lock in a stalemate. They had been this way for nearly twenty years now, and both sides were showing no signs of budging. Since I was considered garbage by most demons I decided to take my chances on the other side. I hadn’t told anyone this as I would surely be killed if I ever spoke about it.

Years flew by as my training increased as did my strength, and magic powers. Being a priestess child I was blessed with amazing magic far surpassing my demon brethren. Normally a demon could only use Dark Magic, but I being a half blood could use other races magics without much issue. It was difficult to learn as I had no proper teacher, but I was able to master the basics. By the time I reached the age of seventeen I had climbed my way to the top of the academy becoming the leader of the students.

It wasn’t an easy feat by any means. I had killed several other students in hand to hand combat, in contests of magic, and in mock battle tactics. Through it all I managed to meet a wonderful demoness from a mid ranking noble house. She was the only person at the academy that actually gave me a run for my money. When graduation came for the class I had started thinking that I may stay in the demon realm till I discovered a startling secret. The woman I thought was my equal turned out to be nothing more than my father’s top assassin. Thinking I might flee to the other side he had her keep watch over me till graduation.

“You have done well to reach this far.”, she said with an evil smile, “I am sure your father will be proud of you. I have a message from him for you. You are to return home once the graduation ceremony has finished. A carriage will be waiting for you at the front gate of the academy.”

The thought of having to deal with my brothers was unbearable. Being a half blood I only stood six-foot tall, and looked almost completely human aside from one trait. In extremely anger I was able to manifest my demon form, but only for a short time roughly fifteen minutes or so. My half brothers on the other hand stood seven feet tall or more, and looked exactly like their wretched mothers. It was safe to say that in a looks contest I would win, but in overall physical strength my half brothers would win hands down.

Once the ceremony concluded, and I had returned home I was forced into royal clothing. After a once over by the butler I was thrown into the throne room where five of my half brothers were already bowing to father. Taking after their example I bowed my head respectfully.

“Raise your heads. All six of you are my son’s, and you need not stand on ceremony with me.”, father said.

Raising our heads father began telling us of the current situation.

“As you may well know there has been a stalemate for some time now on all our fronts.”, he said, “However as of a week ago that stalemate broke…in our defeat. Our Southern lines fell with your eldest brother leading them. He died at the hands of the enemy commander who promptly started advancing. Currently they are laying siege the first line of defence past the form frontline.”

“That idiot!!”, my second brother said, “We told him he should have taken back up!!!”

“Silence!!”, father said in anger, “Your brother has died in combat, and deserves the respect owed to a warrior.”

“My apologies father!”, he said pressing his head to the floor.

“Now then…I have decided to bring you six here to work together to remedy this problem.”, father said, “I have complete faith in…”

“Pardon my interruption father, but why is he here?”, my third brother said looking at me.

“Why would he not be here?”, father said narrowing his eyes, “He is your brother regardless if he is a half blood. His work ethic, and hard-won top marks at the military academy should be noted…none of you managed to top your class at the academy.”

“He is part human though!!”, my fourth brother said, “He could easily turn his back on us if…”

“SILENCE!!!”, father said as his dark aura filled the room, “I will not have you speak about any of your brothers like that! None of you are pure bloods in the first place!! All of you are part something, and then part demon. Just because he looks human doesn’t make him any less than you!!”

“I am sorry father!!”, the second, third, and fourth brother said smashing their heads into the ground.

After a bit more information on the issue at hand we were dismissed, and told we would be given positions in the morning. Upon returning to my old room I ripped my clothes off in anger. Whether they said it or not my brothers thought of me as nothing more than garbage. On the inside I was happy to hear my eldest brother died, but for appearance sake I wore a distressed look to please my family.

“Those damn fools…”, I thought, “Our eldest brother was the strongest among the seven of us, and my brothers believe they can do better on their own.”

With a sigh I took a bath before getting ready for bed. As I was changing I sensed someone watching me. Knowing who it was I decided to act normally.

“Spying on a member of the royal family can be a dangerous crime, Florvania.”, I said looking to the shadows, “If I brought this up with father I doubt he would be pleased. Watching my movements is one thing, but watching me bathe is another thing entirely.”

Emerging out of the shadows my once close friend appeared. Wearing her jet black suit of armor she strolled over to me in a flirtatious manner.

“Now now no need to be cranky about it.”, she said.

“Get out of my room.”, I said, “I know well that my brothers placed guards around the perimeter outside my room. It should suffice for my father that I wouldn’t be able to leave even if I wanted too.”

“I am not here on the King’s orders.”, she said, “I am your friend.”

I laughed when she said a friend. The thought that she still believed to hold some sway over me was fool hardy at best.

“You think I believe you?”, I mocked, “How many years did you lie to my face, and sell me out? Thinking about all the times I was beaten up by others because they found out I had something they wanted…it was you wasn’t it? The only thing I managed to keep safe from those rotten students was the pendant my mother left me.”

“I had no choice I was just following orders!”, she argued.

“Had no choice? After telling me exactly why you were so close to me you grinned like a giddy child. It was like you were mocking me for not noticing sooner.”, I said putting my robe on.

“I didn’t mean to give you that impression.”, she said, “I…”

Before she could continue I spun around, and ripped the cloth from just behind her right shoulder. There plain as day was the mark of my second brother which meant she was his servant, and property. It was common practice for the royal family to mark their servants, and property to take ownership of them. Quickly hiding the mark she lowered her head in shame.

“I did my homework after you told me what you were doing on behalf of my father…”, I said, “I knew full well my brother kept his ear to the ground on all my brothers including me, and father took advantage of it.”

“I didn’t mean too…”


She immediately vanished into the shadows, and her presence vanished from the area. The next day, just as father said, we were officially given jobs within the military. Assuming my eldest brothers position my second brother became the commander of the military with my third, and fourth brother as his commanders. My fifth brother was put in charge of managing the finance aspect of the military since he excelled in math. My sixth brother was put in charge of supplies, and keeping the army in the best condition possible. I was left with the worst job out of the bunch…keeping the peace at home.

In times of hardships it was common for the general public to start rioting for food, water, and for loved ones to return home. I was put in the crappy position of having to deal with them. With snickers my brothers left the room happy as could be. Clenching my fist I turned to leave the room, but father ordered me to stay. Before uttering another word to me he ordered everyone out of the room aside from me. When the room was clear father put a barrier up to block unwelcome ears from listening in on us.

“You don’t seem happy with your position. It is an important…”, he started to say.

“Pardon my saying so Your Highness, but from the military standpoint it is the worst job imaginable. I will have to deal with rowdy people, and in some cases execute them.”, I said, “I know full well what it feels like to lose loved ones just as the people do. Whether my half brothers asked you to or not it is mocking gesture.”

“You don’t need to refer to me like that.”, he said, “You are my son after all.”

“…your son you say?…where were you the first five years of my life?…where were you when my mother was executed like a dog?…where was this oh so amazing father that showed any presence when I achieved unreachable goals at the academy…not once did I get a letter from you…”, I said clenching my fists, “…the only parent I have is the woman who raised me…”

“Son, try to understand…”

“Understand what! That I am an embarrassment to you, and that you sent me away because of it?”, I snapped, “Understand that you sent spies to watch me in the academy because you thought your son would flee.”

“Yes, I know what your mother told you about the other side. It isn’t a place for demons like us.”, he said.

“US!?! Like you said before I am human first, and demon second!”, I snarled, “If I had the chance I would have left this country a long time ago!! I have nothing here, but a horrible life!! At least on the other side I could possibly have a normal life away from you, and my brother’s petty games!!”

“Arman, I sent you away because you weren’t ready to deal with your brothers. In the state you were you would have died.”, he said.

“LIKE I CARE!!”, I snapped entering my demon form, “You didn’t give a damn about mother, and you don’t about me! Mother told me exactly how she ended up giving birth to me!! She was just a conquest for you that ended up making me!!”

He went to smack me, but I intercepted the blow casually tossing him away. In this state I far surpassed my family, but it only lasted fifteen minutes. The other thing that should be noted is I can only manifest it once a day.

“I am done with this…”, I said removing my royal emblems and tossing them at father, “I hereby denounce my claim to the royal family, and choose a path of exile. In accordance with demon law you can’t reject this as was put in place by great-grandfather.”

Before I listened to my father I teleported myself out of the throne room to the edge of the current frontlines. Exchanging my clothes for rags I fled across the border into the human country of Regis.

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