Legend of The Eighth Unwanted Hero – Chapter 14: A Thousand Firey Suns

“How did you end up like this?”, I asked the young girl.

I was giving her a much-needed bath as she refused to be more than a few feet from me. In addition, if I was out of her sight she would start throwing a fit. I was relieved to find she had no serious injuries, but that meant the blood belonged to someone else…maybe her family.

“Two days after you left a man in black armor showed up with armed men. People ran around scared trying to get away. Momma tried to hide us, but they found us…they took Momma away from me! My sisters and brother were taken too, and…and…”, she said tearing up.

It was obvious the experience scared her horribly. She lost her family, and had been all alone for over a month. I patted her softly which made her relax. With her clean now I dried her off, and put some comfy clothes on her. After her first decent meal in a long time she fell asleep holding my hand tightly.

“Are you really her father?”, they asked.

“She just calls me that.”, I said, “I stayed at her village for a while after saving them from werewolves. I had a one night fling with her mother as a thank you after one of the Empire Hero’s showed up. Nothing happened after that just a sad goodbye as I left all of them behind. I had hoped the Empire would follow me, but…it is obvious my hopes were in vain.”

The women nodded looking at her sleeping peacefully holding my arm. Fauna was asleep on my chest sound asleep as well. The two women climbed in bed next to me before we fell asleep soundly. The next morning I woke up to two small children poking my cheek.

“I am not a wild animal you know.”, I said yawning.

They giggled as they continued poking my cheeks till their laughter woke up the two women. Looking over at the two little ones they started laughing at my situation. We got up for the day with a new plan of attack. Going overseas now wouldn’t sit well with me as the child’s family needed saved. Thing was tracking them down was going to be difficult not to mention the travel time getting back to the town three days walk from the village. While the kids ate I discussed things with Garmella, and Esmeralda.

“It is two weeks to get to that area from here. Had we not taken that job we would have missed her completely.”, Esmeralda said pointing on a map, “We could get the help of a mage who knows teleportation magic.”

“Where do you find one of those?”, I asked.

“Well…they are mostly all in the military.”, Esmeralda said.

Asking for their help was out of the question given the nature of the work. I looked at Garmella since she seemed to have more to say on that topic.

“Well if your skill allows you to use a spell after being shown it just once why not check out the docks. If a package is too big to load they have to use teleportation magic to get it on the ships.”, she pointed out.

As I hadn’t thought of that I gave her a kiss on the cheek as a reward. She smiled rubbing her cheek thrilled to have received a kiss. Esmeralda looked at me like I was dead if she didn’t get one so…I gave her one as well. We finished our breakfast quickly so we could get to the docks. We packed our things, checked out, and made our way to the docks hoping to spot a mage using the magic we wanted. The port was huge easily housing two hundred ships currently making this task a tall order.

Garmella suggested we check with the harbor master for information. Taking her suggestion I informed him that I was interested in honing my skills by watching a full-fledged mage work. Thinking he may earn some extra cash by helping me out he told me where to go. Thanking him we went to the end of the dock to see the only teleporter on the dock this morning work. One glance was all I needed before, “Transport Magic Learned”, appeared in my view.

“Ok…now what?”, I thought.

I had everyone join hands attempting to use the magic the way I thought it was used. Imagining the small town I casted Teleport praying for the best. Opening my eyes due to a temperature change I realized it had worked.

“Damn!”, the two women said, “Your skill is really handy!!”

“I know.”, I said with a smile.

Having arrived in town we immediately started walking around together. The two little ones sat on my shoulder while the two women walked next to me. The four of them kept their eyes peeled for anyone who would attempt to reach out to me. I kept my eyes out for any questionable strangers. As we got into the center of town I took the kids off my shoulder, and held them in my chest.

“Is something wrong, Papa?”, the girls asked.

“Please don’t look.”, I said calmly.

Lining the city building were the corpses of the villagers. I recognized some of them which made me feel sick. They put on display like trophies showing all nonhumans they weren’t welcome. Looking to the courtyard area I saw children chain to small posts in the ground. When they saw me their faces immediately lit up with hope. Those of them with tails started wagging them crying tears of relief. We ran over to them to speak about the current situation. As we got to them they started talking over one another so I had to quite them down.

“Where are the adults?”, I asked letting the young girl and Fauna go.

They gestured to the city building, and then to the whorehouse.

“Those who fought back…”, the kids said hanging their heads.

I patted their heads smiling at them trying to ease their worries. Then I melted away their chains freeing them from their bondage. They were given strict orders to stay by one of the three of us for their safety. They all surrounded me not paying any attention to Garmella and Esmeralda. When we got to the whorehouse I told the kids to wait her with the women.

“Papa, we want to come with you!”, the two little girls said.

“…the mothers in here…they won’t want you children seeing them because…the men that come here usually do very mean things to the women.”, I said trying to explain things to them.

They understood enough to wait in hiding for me to return. Taking a deep breath I calmly walked into the whorehouse where the scent of beer hit me like a truck. The majority of the men were piss drunk spending all their money on women. Before I even got four steps in I felt the soft sensation I couldn’t mistake. Looking behind me I saw a beaten, bruised Sara who was barely able to walk. As her grip weakened I spun around to catch her.

“Are you alright? Is there anyone else here?”, I asked.

“No, everyone else is either dead from abuse or has been sold off to customers.”, she said coughing.

I flicked the owner a gold coin with a wink. She nodded throwing me a key back.

“Here isn’t the place to talk.”, I said picking her up.

I carried her up the stairs to the room number associated with the key. We went inside to chat while having something to drink.

“How did you know to come back?”, she asked.

“Your youngest daughter caught me attention in Angora.”, I said, “She kept shouting out “PAPA” till I came over to her. Had she not said anything I would have completely missed her.”

“I see.”, she said hugging me tightly, “She threw a huge fit after you left. We had to stop her from chasing after you again.”

“So what happened to that man you met?”, I asked.

“…he is the one who sold the village out.”, she said clenching her fist, “He thought he was getting paid, but instead the Hero ran him through with his sword. After that he killed Sebitas and his family in front of all of us. The whole time this was happening Resabeth kept calling out hoping you were going to save all of us. The Hero eventually got tired of her, and smacked her into one of the buildings. When he walked up to her I jumped on her taking the majority of the blows.”

I hugged her tightly consoling her for everything she had been through. She started choking up holding me tightly.

“Everyday I wake up looking at me babies chained up like animals! I watch the locals throw things at them, and even feed them spoiled food. If any of the women attempted to run to their children they were dragged back into this place to be punished.”, she said bawling her eyes out, “We have all been so worried thinking this would never end, but now we stand a chance. We can finally leave her, and return to a life of normality.”

“I wouldn’t say that just yet.”, I said, “The Black Knight Hero…where is he?”

“Why?…”, she asked, “You don’t intend to fight to fight him do you!”

“It was a given after seeing the state he Resabeth in.”, I said, “She was a mess when I found her, and she has refused to be more than 3 feet from me without going into a panic. Since I freed the kids they have been stuck to me like glue.”

“Where are they?!”, she asked in a panic.

“Nearby, why?”, I asked.

“The Hero is still in town!”, she said.

A few moments later I heard both little girls scream so I took off bursting through the window. As soon as the I saw the Knight I immediately drew my sword, and blasted him away from the children with Earth Magic. I glared at him letting off my killing intent on him. When some of the men attempted to flee the whorehouse I incinerated them into ashes.

“You have serious pissed me off, asshole.”, I said looking him in the eyes, “I am going to make sure you suffer for your crimes.”

“Crimes? What crimes did I commit? The nonhumans refused to tell me anything about where you went.”, he said with a chuckle, “They killed themselves basically.”

“I heard from very reliable sources that you killed dozens of them before even asking like this was a game!”, I snapped, “Sick Bastards like you are the reason I want nothing to do with the Empire! You sold your ethics, and moral standards to get the power you have!”

I picked a long piece of glass on the street looking at the Hero. With one spell I was about to ruin his day.

“Teleport.”, I said snapping my fingers.

In an instant the glass disappeared from my right hand.

“Ha! What do you intend to…”, he said before coughing up a large amount of blood, “The hell did you do!!”

“Simple idiot! I teleported the glass into your armor.”, I said.

“You have to have seen the inside of my armor though!”, he said looking down.

As he did he saw the glass firmly imbedded into his stomach. Confused by this I explained things to him in idiot terms.

“I teleported to a point I could visibly see yes, however how was I holding the glass.”, I asked.

“Horizontal…”, he said coughing up more blood.

“Correct! Which means it will arrive in the same manner I sent it.”, I said.

That’s when it hit him. Holding it horizontal I took advantage of that part, and attack him with it. The glass should have pierced his appendix, lower intestines, and kidney’s. He was basically a dead man walking now a few minutes away from death.

“Before you go though…I have a parting present for all of your friends in town. I will send all of you straight into the pits of Hell!”, I said starting to chant the strongest Fire Spell I knew.

My companions, the children, and Sara all huddled together trying to protect themselves. This spell wouldn’t harm them, but I was glad the kids weren’t watching.

“From the Fires of Creation I call about thy to have vengeance for those life cut short by villany and crime! Heed my prayer, and cleanse this land of their corruption by burning everything, even their souls, into ashes. May the wrath of the gods show these people the true power of Creation, and Destruction! Flame of a Thousand Suns!!!”, I said slamming my fist into the ground.

Immediately towering magic circles formed around the city in a cylinder shape. The townspeople started running scared, but their fates were sealed the Hero’s. High above in the upper atmosphere the same energies that gave birth to the world, according to science, erupted into an intense flame. The fire was so hot that even now miles away from it things were bursting into flames. As the white-hot flames descended on the town the Hero screamed at me.

“The others will hunt you down like the bastard you are!”, he said as his armor melted onto his skin.

“Pay back is a bitch ain’t it!”, I said watching him turn into a poof of smoke.

The fire engulfed everything burning animals, buildings, and people alike. Only those I mentally excluded were spared from the magic. As the spell collapsed the remaining village women came running over to their children. The tearful reunion warmed my heart as the four families that had survived showered each other with love. I walked back over to Sara and Resabeth to check on them. Sara had lost two of her kids in the murders that occurred in the village. She had Resabeth, the next oldest daughter, and her son. When I was in arm’s length before I could blink Sara was on my with her legs wrapped around my waist. She gave me several kisses on the lips running her hands down my back. Before it got any further Garmella, and Esmeralda pryed her off me telling her she was now third in line for that opportunity. This made the three women break into an argument which gave me a headache.

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