Legend of the Eighth Unwanted Hero – Chapter 9: City Life

After making the trip back to town I immediately went about looking for work. I had money from the red knight I killed, but it would only last so long. Walking back through the gate the guards asked where my slave was.

“I had given her away originally, but she followed me here anyways. I had to return her promptly after apologizing for the inconvenience.”, I said with a frustrated smile.

They laughed because of the whole thing before suggesting I check out the town work board for available jobs. Thanking them I walked off into town headed before the center where I could find the work board. As I approached I found a massive crowd of people looking over the board for jobs that suited their skills. While surveying the people I apparently had seen a theft because I learned pickpocketing from looking in the crowd. On closer inspection a small man no more than four-foot tall was taking coin purses left, and right.

“THIEF!!”, I shouted pointing the man out.

Caught red-handed the crowd looked at him who had their money. There was a massive brawl that broke out as money went flying everywhere. While the majority of the crowd was trying to get away with as many coins as possible I looked the board over. The job type I wanted was something quick, easy, and could earn me a lot of money. I found one that was looking for someone to remove a small goblin tribe that was located in the abandoned part of town. The job was right up my alley so I took the posting as I left the area.

Getting directions from locals I walked around aimlessly for a few hours before winding up in the abandoned city area. Heavily damaged buildings lined the streets on either side, and they appeared to be one gust of wind away from falling. Looking around I tried to find signs of goblin activity in the area. There was one major issue with it though…I had no experience tracking anything.

“So much for being an easy job.”, I thought walking the empty streets.

As the sun started to set I saw light from within a small building. Thinking it may be goblins I carefully approached peeking through a window. Inside were several goblins armed with makeshift spears, and swords. They appeared to be wearing some kind of bone armor, but I couldn’t be sure. Deciding it was best to search the area for guards I quietly slipped away. Sticking to the shadows I managed to find a few goblins who were sleeping on guard duty. One swift swing of my sword, and I lopped off the three of their heads.

The area was now secure so I thought coming in the back door was the safest bet. When I got near I saw something shiny running across the ground. On inspection I found it to be a tripwire so I chose to leave it alone. The next options was entering from the roof which is what I ended up doing. With the advantage of a high point of view I realized there were more of them than I thought.

“10…15…19…24.”, I thought to myself, “24 of these little guys…what a pain.”

Picking up a small rock next to me I threw it at the tripwire to distract some of the goblins. When they ran out the door looking for prey they were swiftly incinerated by several fireballs. With only four left inside I hopped in through a hole in the roof, and decapitated two of them when I landed with a spinning slash. When I approached the remaining two the started speaking.

“Please wait!!”, one of them said with a female tone.

Lowering my weapon I looked at them carefully. Close up I realized one of them looked different from the others. She had more human like features than her comrades which made me think she wasn’t a full-blooded goblin.

“You are a hybrid or mixed breed, right?”, I asked.

She nodded looking at the other goblin.

“Who is that?”, I asked.

“He is my father.”, she said proudly.

“So your mother was a human then.”, I said, “Listen I have nothing personal against any of you, but I have a job to do.”

The male goblin started speaking to her in a language I couldn’t understand. After a moment she translated for him.

“He asked what you intend to do with me.”, she said.

“I was only hired to kill goblins not half breeds.”, I said, “I am only after your dad. After that I will leave to receive my payment.”

She translated my words to him which he simply nodded at. He told her something else which she quickly translated.

“He wants to know if you will take me with you after you kill him.”, she said, “If you agree to it he will die without a fight.”

For a goblin to go that far for its offspring surprised me. My general understanding of goblins were that they were monsters. They raped women, killed men, and liked to steal from people anything they could get their hands on. Apparently my world had misjudged them which kind of made me happy. It was nice to see that not everything was the same as I read in my world.

“If that is the agreement he wants I will accept it.”, I replied, “Please tell him I will take good care of you, and promise not to sell you off.”

She translated my answer which made him smile. Laying down his arms I gave him a quick painless death. I gathered their ears as proof of killing them before returning to the girl.

“Alright then. I guess we should at least introduce ourselves. I am Ace, and I have a bit of a complicated life story. Suffice to say I am wanted in the Empire for certain reasons.”, I said with a cheesy grin.

“I am Garmella. As you already know I am half-goblin and half-human. My mother passed away a few years ago due to illness so it was just my father and I till we met the group you killed.”, she said with a sad expression, “Please take care of me from now on.”

I smiled patting her on the head. Since she looked human enough I suggested she wear her mother’s clothing if she had any. She nodded, and quickly changed in another room. When she came out she was wearing what I would consider a sundress which made me think her mom might not be from this world. With that taken care of we quickly headed off back to the city center to receive the reward for completing the mission. When I was asked about the girl I told them I found her wandering the abandon buildings. They let it go, and paid me the twelve silver coins for the job. I thanked before walking out of the city office.

“Is it just me or are the locals staring at me?”, Garmella said looking around.

I sensed a lot of different emotions from the surrounding people, and the one that stood out the most was lust. They were eyeing the green-skinned young woman, her thick black hair, and her average sized bust. For someone only five foot tall I guess they would be considered big, but Sara’s looked bigger. I pulled her close to me glaring at the men. Some of them tried to play top dog, but were quickly blown away by fireballs. We booked a room for the night, and ate some dinner.

A short time later we went to bed on a cramp twin sized mattress. We slept back to back because I had no intention of trying to make a move on her our very first night as a team. I had this aching question in the back of my mind so I quickly asked it.

“How old are you?”, I asked her.

“Did your parents not teach it isn’t proper to as a woman her age?”, she teased, “Either way I am twenty years old two weeks ago.”

My mind eased up knowing she wasn’t a minor which made everything okay in my mind. As I started to fall asleep he had a question of her own to ask me.

“Aren’t you going to make a move on me?”, she asked.

“Didn’t your parents tell you not to assume things about men?”, I laughed, “Either way I don’t force myself on women.”

She hit my shoulder with a sigh of disbelief, and then went to bed. I laughed quietly before following her into dreamland. The next morning when I woke up I found myself half off the bed with my face on the floor. My neck was stiff from sleeping like that so I did some stretches before turning to my bed partner. In the night she decided to take most of the bed from me so I decided to fight dirty. Grabbing the edge of the mattress I flipped her off the bed, and into the air. She hit the ground with a thud quickly waking up in a sour mood.

“What was that for?”, she asked.

“Someone decided my face was more comfortable on the floor…”, I said with a cramped smile.

“Oh…hehe sorry.”, she said taking off her pajamas.

“Hold the phone!! Warn a guy before you do that!!”, I said turning my back to her.

“Someone not like seeing a young maiden naked?”, she teased.

“What did your mother do for a living?”, I asked.

“She used to be an entertainer.”, she said getting changed.

“Go figure her daughter would act like one as well.”, I said sarcastically.

“Hey, you have every chance of using me to satisfy your male ego.”, she said finishing getting changed.

“When the woman comes offering to the man she is hiding something. If you are so good as you are insinuating then why don’t you have a husband?”, I asked.

She started acting strange which meant I was on to something. Pressing further I discovered none of the goblin men found her attractive so she hadn’t been with a man before. I patted her on the head because in my book that was a good thing.

“How so?”, she asked.

“That means you don’t have any sexual diseases. To me that is an important factor in finding a woman.”, I said finishing getting dressed.

We went downstairs, and checked out of the inn. Our goal now was to head further into the kingdom to seek out new adventures. I had no intention of being the worlds savior I just wanted to enjoy my life here. Since I lost my life on Earth I decided to live my life the way I wanted here. Garmella didn’t have an issue with it as she also wanted to travel the world.

We left town after getting directions to the next town, and buying supplies for the trip. When it was all said, and done we had only five silver coins left. The knights money was all gone so in the next town we definitely needed to find work. According to our directions it would be at least four days on foot to reach the next town. Both of us were up for it so for the next two days things went nicely…that is till we reached canyon country. The plains of the last town gave way into harsh desert which eventually ran into miles of canyons.

“My father said that bandits make their hideouts in places like these. We should be carefully.”, she said.

“So it is just like the Old West!”, I said with excitement, “This ought to be a blast kicking some bandit ass. So long as they don’t try to crush us to death we will be alright.”

At that time I had no way of know that we would gain another companion in our trip across the world. Sadly though it would be the beginning of none stop bickering, and arguing that would push me to the very limits a man can handle.

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