Legend of the Eighth Unwanted Hero – Chapter 8: Grudge Match

“I understand you are angry about being thrown out of the window…”, she said rubbing her arm, “Can’t we just move…”

“You threw me into a lake late at night in forty degree weather!! I damn near froze to death in the forest that night!!”, I said, “How the Hell do you move past people attempting to kill you?”

She didn’t have an answer for that response so there was an uncomfortable silence that followed. The young girl broke free from the crowd, and latched on to my leg. When the soldier moved to grab her two fireballs appeared on my hands.

“You touch her, and I will leave nothing but ashes…”, I said in a cold voice.

The men stopped their advances, and backed off slowly. The little girl watched them back away while hiding her face. She apparently felt safer with me than in the group. I picked her up, and cradled her in my arm. Her big smile said she was enjoy the attention although it was ill-timed.

“You value her life?”, the red knight asked.

I pointed my finger at the knight shaking my head.

“I value the life of every child here. Let me be clear you harm them I will kill every soldier from here to the castle!”, I threatened, “This fight is between you and me.”

I handed the girl back to her mother, and returned to my spot. Looking at her she decided to make a suggestion.

“If you come with us I give you my word we will let them go.”, she said.

“So you can tell slavers exactly where they live? Not a chance!”, I said, “Even if YOU didn’t the soldiers could easily tell slavers for a cut of the sale.”

“You have to work with me a bit here.”, she said resting her hand on her sword.

“I don’t think you quite get it.”, I said resting my hand on my sword, “Only one of us is going to get our way. As it stands you out number me forty to one, and basically have the villagers at sword point. If you don’t back off I will fight you, and beat you come hell or high water.”

“Someone is being extremely confident.”, she said with a smug grin.

I looked at the soldiers, and cast a fire spell from a video I played as a kid.

“Azurian Sky!”, I said snapping my fingers.

No one had heard of the spell before so as small, blue, snowflake sized fires fell from the sky they didn’t react. Once the soldiers were touched by the fireflakes as I decided to call them their bodies became engulfed by blue flames. They soldier screamed in agony trying desperately to put the fires out. Water evaporated when they got near, rolling on the ground caused the flames to burn hotter, and simply standing still didn’t help. Seeing her men suffer she dove for cover. The villagers were afraid of being consumed by the flames which made me laugh.

“The spell only works on people I see as a threat.”, I said to calm their nerves.

When a few of them were touched by the fireflakes, and didn’t catch fire they relaxed. By the time the spell wore off the Army was reduced to ashes leaving just the Red Knight. Crawling out from cover she looked around at the ash piles.

“Why do you kill your own kind?”, she asked.

“Don’t pull that crap with me! These people have every right to be treated equally to humans! They live and breathe just the same as you, and I so don’t pull race into this!”, I snapped, “And for argument sake those of summoned from Earth aren’t normal humans so we have our race if your want to be technical.”

She clicked her tongue drawing her sword.

“You’re not making this easy.”, she said.

“Cry me a river!”, I said drawing my sword, “It’s a shame to kill a beautiful woman, but we can’t agree on this.”

After a breath moment of silence both of us leapt at each other launching powerful slashes at one another. At first her swordmanship was definitely better than mine. As time went on though my leveling up caught up to her skill, and we became evenly matched. Now the fighting came down to stamina which I was already low on after traveling here.

The flurry of blades, and dodges were becoming blurred together as the fight dragged on. It was becoming apparent to me I was going to lose this fight of strength so I decided to play on my strengths. Using Earth magic to slide my body like a rock leaving a slingshot I slammed into making an opening for myself. I reached out for the hilt of her sword casting a close quarter combat fire spell I used in another video game.

“Burning Fingers!”, I said casting the spell.

This spell engulfed my hand in flames reaching temperatures of nearly three thousand degrees Celsius. This spell didn’t burn me, but the same couldn’t be said of her. The moment I touched the hilt it melted like butter as did her gauntlet. Her skin started to bubble instantly causing her to scream out in pain. Without a weapon she was defenseless…or so I thought. Pointing her fingers at the group fireballs started appearing. I had no choice now so I ended the battle.

I took the hand with the active spell, and rammed it into her skull. A few seconds of struggling, and then she went limp. Her brain incinerated I deactivated the spell gasping for air as I attempted to catch my breath. My body was covered in cuts from our fight, and I was thoroughly exhausted. The weakness due to blood loss, and being tired caught up to me all at once. I passed out there on the ground fading into black.

When I came to the sun was coming up over the horizon filling the room with light. The room looked familiar to me till I realized it was the room I stayed in previously. Feeling a small person in my bed I discovered the young girl curled up in a ball. She appeared to be sleeping soundly so I didn’t wake her. As I attempted to go back to sleep four small children peeked their heads. Casually looking at them they shout, with excitement, that I was awake.

I heard a few people running around upstairs then a thump coming down the stairs. The door flung open as Sara flew through the air landing on me.

“Son of…”, I said in pain, “Some of us are injured you…”

Before I could finish my sentence I was being passionately kissed. She was being extremely aggressive given her children were present. The young child that was asleep in my bed was cranky due to her rough awakening.

“Momma go away! It’s to early to be up.”, she said snuggling in close to me.

As Sara continued kissing me several villagers popped their heads in grinning ear to ear. I sighed as Sara nuzzled into my neck with a smile. Looking at Sebitas I asked how long I had been out.

“Four days.”, he said, “The little ones have been checking on you every five minutes or so.”

“And this?”, I asked motioning to the one asleep on my bed.

“She has refused to leave you since we brought you here.”, he replied.

Nodding I gently stroked her hair causing her ears to twitch. She started smiling as her eyes opened to see who was doing it. When she saw I was awake she shoved her mother off me, and went in for a cuddle.

“You’re awake!!”, she said with excitement.

“Yes I am.”, I said with a smile.

She continued hugging me for a few minutes before suggesting we eat breakfast. I nodded in agreement so we walked upstairs to eat. Insisting on helping me cook together we made eggs, and toast. When I went to sit down to eat she slid her plate over hopping onto my lap. It was a bit weird, but it was fine with me.

We ate our meal peacefully together enjoying the morning sun. After we I ate I went back downstairs. Unsurprisingly she followed me back to my room. Sara was waiting for me, but was quickly drawn to the sight of her daughter.
“What are you doing?”, Sara asked her.

“Following Papa.”, she said with a smile.

Her mother gave a cramped expression.

“Dear your mother wants some alone time with him.”, she said.

“No! Last time he left because of it!”, she snapped stomping her feet.

They argued back, and forth several time before the young girl would allow it. She gave us thirty minutes before returning. Once she was out of sight I was pulled into the room. Sara shut the door before stripping down.

“Hey now listen!”, I said before being pushed on the bed.

“No talking for the next thirty minutes!”, she said before doing naughty things with me.

When things calmed down she was sound asleep on the bed. She must have been exhausted because she lasted one time. After playing catcher she passed out next to me. I covered her up also deciding to go back to bed. An hour or so later a soft knock at the door asked if things were okay. Informing her things were fine, and that I wasn’t leaving anytime soon was enough to satisfy her. She ran off to play with her siblings leaving us alone.

Now that we had done the deed I felt calm enough to touch her. Running my hands over hee supple curves was enough to make her shiver. Cupping her breasts I heard a small giggle come from her. I picked her right leg which made her start wagging. Getting smacked several times by it I started stroking her tail. As I did she scooted in closer to me with a pleasant smile. Apparently having her tail stroked felt really nice for some reason. As I had no tail I couldn’t fully understand her happiness. Once I had finished we both got up to go about our daily lives.

“This was just a one time thing.”, she said, “It was a thank you for taking care of my daughter the way you did. I have already found a husband like you suggested so I apologize if there is any misunderstanding.”

Once again I had been tricked, but I was still planning on leaving. This time though I was going to make sure I wasn’t followed. So late that night I left without a sound after giving her a goodnight kiss on the forehead. I said my farewell to Sebitas, and his family before heading off into the forest bound for town once again.

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